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How do you feel about Kanako's divine body?

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I think it's divine

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Cute snake eyes and canon flatness. 7/10.

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She erects my onbashira.

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I want to feel it against mine

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I would give her the hug

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Divine indeed.

If she farted, would it be like a strong gust of wind?

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worst 2hu

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Classy lady.
Would give her a bouquet of flowers.

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The only 2hu that I'm constantly lusting for.

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Best touhou
Please stomp me

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That's not Kaguya

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wind god tempest farts
the would cause a hurricane.

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well she LOOKS like a FUCKIN WHORE

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I like how progressive she is and how she wants to bring Gensokyo into the future.

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You those losers from 12, right?

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This. For a being of faith she's very forward-thinking.

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She looks like a classy lady. The most conservatively dressed touhou.

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most unpopular 2hu

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Delicious Kanako

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alright someone feed me some gerber

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That doujin and artist are amazing. Need more futa Kanako with Sanae doujin.

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I know, right? I love Musashi-dou! I wish he did some old hag futafest

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Shy Kanako is as wonderful as it is unlikely.

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Didn't he hint that he might do that for his next doujin?
Pretty sure he did at the credits of the sanae one.

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She's got saggy tits and she's 2D. There's no excuse for that.

She's, like, 2D Pig Disgusting.

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I just read the translation and it seems he is very inclined to do it! I can't wait

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Feels good man

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As if Yukari would lay claim to just one man.

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I doubt she'd abide someone stealing her toys, either.

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Who cares, she could just summon up another.

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dose fucking lips

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The lack of lips is the worst characteristic of most animesque art

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Not true for me as much as I wish it was.

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Kanako lovers were sexually attracted to at least one of their teachers in high school.

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Hey look, that pathetic virgin is putting on a show again.

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Stop that slander of her family at once.

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Come on Kanako, keep showing off your body! Perhaps you might be able to catch up with everyone else if you did.

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Lying isn't good you know.

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I wish Kanao were my teacher

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Admit it, you'd jump right in there

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I wish Kanako vore my teacher if you catch my drift.

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whose virginity hasn't yuuka stolen

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Sorry, I actually don't care for vore at all. I just wanted to make that joke.

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No worries, I thought it was a typo.

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Why do they have a genesis? When exactly did they move to gensokyo? I always thought they were from around Maribel and Ranko's time.

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From the perspective of the picture it looks like you are going to body slam them

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I want to lick Kanako's everything.

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Not enough love compared to the other old hags
by love i mean doujin

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More Kanako.

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Kanako is flat as fuck dude, confirmed in ZUN works and RE confirmed in the new fanbook and sticky

she's the only one in the maid alliance with small tits

how does it feel Kanako fags? I told you about those moriya sluts I warned you

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I need a pic for that.

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Kanako is the purest maiden in the Moria shrine

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She's not flat in this picture. Look closely.

You can clearly see at least medium size boobs under her shirt.

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You talk as if that's hard, dude.

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I'll show you something that's hard

*whips it out*

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Whips what out?

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Y-You know... -"that"-!

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Wow, not only is she classy and nice, but extremely cute too.
I want to sleep while holding Kanako ;_;

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Snake Eyes are canon, POST SNAKE EYE'D KANAKO.

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It's truly a victory for good taste, and FAITH!

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I would fuck Kanako so hard her sweet pussy juice would fly out her mouth.

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Is she telling me she can punch me over TCP?

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She kinda looks like a dude.

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Her clothes are a bit baggy. But a dude? No.

She looks like someone's mother.

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You must know some pretty dudes

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Careful, Kanako.

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Kanako-sama is so manly and dreamy~

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>pretty dudes
Post pictures of your pretty dudes.

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She'd look a lot less intimidating if she were bald.

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Taking away the best part of her hair is never acceptable in my book

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All translations about about cumming inside.

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I wish to place my tongue between her sweaty smelly foot and her sandals and have her stand in it.

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There's a parent post, but it's not that.

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>Kanako is quite businesswoman-like with how she is gathering faith from both humans and youkai (Akyuu says it's the blue ocean strategy). Unlike the Hakurei shrine, there is always some business activities going on at the Moriya shrine

>Kanako's appearance is described as quite dashing. Apparently it's meant for pressuring her opponents. Akyuu also goes on about how many gods, being divine spirits, do not have corporeal forms. Many famous gods choose certain/fixed appearances because it is necessary for acquiring faith, since many humans don't like things that they can't see


Kanako is a dashing entrepeneur~

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>Unlike the Hakurei shrine, there is always some business activities going on at the Moriya shrine

No shit. Shes an actual god that lives at the shrine. Of course shes always going to be busy.

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I wish to be in that room. BBA touhous are one of my greatest weakness.

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How can snake eyes be so cute? Aren't they supposed to be sinister?

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Only in the west. You can thank christianity for that. Not sure if it is the same for the east though.

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What's the difference between snake and cat eyes? I mean, other than the fact that snakes has shit eyesight.

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Kanako makes Youkai mountain the best

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Snakes can be hella cute too

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Except, you know, snakes being one of humanity's primal fears or some shit.

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I know right. Snakes scare the shit out of me. It defiantly gives people a reason to not like snake eyes.

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Sounds like Christianity (Samael) as well.

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That's just a default setting, like babies being afraid of loud noises. It goes away with time and repeated masturbation.

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I'm still afraid of loud noises but not of snakes

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Christianity has nothing to do with innate mammalian fear of reptiles

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Thus spoke the Lord: "Thou shalt be scared of snakes."
-- Numbers 22:21

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My nephew has a snake toy and whenever someone wriggles it and makes a hissing noise in front of our 10-week-old puppy, it cowers in the corner.

Why is this?

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It's his penis.

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Mature Touhous are best touhous

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I love it when they get knocked off balance like that.

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>innate mammalian fear of reptiles
[citation needed]

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Dunno about mammalian, but I'm pretty sure it's prominent in primates.

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Yes they are my friend...yes they are...

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That's because you're autistic.

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Do japanese women like sumos?

O-or someone with a sumo esque build?

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no you fat lardass

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Silly things with silly hair

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I love Kanako-sama more than anyother Touhou. Shame she isn't that popular.

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Read this.

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Slutty eyes

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Why isn't anybody saying anything?

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Why are too busy drooling over your erotic body.

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Fuck sake. That sunset is giving me some nostalgia right now. Back when I was just a well lad and I was out side having fun with other kids and never had to worry about needing to get a job or a fear of poverty or anything.

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Sauce, please.

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Kamikaminoasobi. Contains a little bit of inflation, btw.

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You've got some nerve, calling a goddess erotic.

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Imagine Kanako offering you a dance

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