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What would happen to your life if Yukari shifted the border of the existence of /jp/, making it inexistent?

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Why would my sweetheart do something like that?

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This is a worksafe board, *sshole.

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Nothing. /jp/ has lost most of its appeal to me.

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Looks like she left OP's border of being a faggot intact.

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If it turned non-existent then nobody would ever know what it was.

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Look at this faggot.

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Why is that?

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The only Yukari that's your "sweetheart" is the one in your fantasies.

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If Yukari has control over all borders, why doesn't she destroy the yukari in his dreams if it bothers her that much?

Answer: it doesn't bother. Yukari is, in fact, that anon's sweetheart.

Stop bullying happy couples!

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Because she doesn't care about something so trivial. She's lived for at least 1000 years and is amazingly intelligent, right? Surely she's put things into perspective by now. (I didn't though, so too bad)

Or, maybe she just doesn't know about it.

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Of course she knows. And she cares. She cares so much she does whatever anon-kun wants her to in his fantasies.

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That really rustled my jimmies.

But I guess, there is probably a nearly-infinitely-small chance of something like that happening. So I can't outright say it's impossible, even though it almost certainly is.

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Nah >>8922459 is right

She's a supernatural being of immeasurable, possibly godlike, power known to have lived over 1,000 years. Her "sweetheart" is not some autistic homo nerd from /jp/.

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Does she have ability to change already existing things, or just add and remove new things?
And would she be able to portal someone to Gensokyo?

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Theoretically speaking there could be an alternate universe in which that anon really does haave Yukari as his waifu. Theoretically speaking there could even be an alternate universe in another dimension in which that anon is actually real and Yukari is still his loyal waifu.

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If you've come this far, I'm sure you've heard of gap moe. Need I really say more? Just let anon-kun enjoy a romantic existance with his beloved and stop being jealous!

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nor would it be some normalfuck or even any man in gensokyo. I cant imagine her having interest in it, and romance with her would be very hard to pull off(in a story). granted it would be GLORIOUS if it was done well, but it would be very hard to do.

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>nor would it be some normalfuck

Obviously. That's my point. Yukari is centuries old and lives an illusory existence. She has no doubt experienced things that no human could ever comprehend. She invades the moon on a whim.

Not to mention she's a youkai, so her view of "love" and "sweethearts" is probably nothing like the human view, if she has one at all.

To Yukari pretty much everyone on Earth is going to be a "normalfag". How could you ever impress her? At most you'd be a novelty.

So basically "sweetheart" anon is projecting pathetic "romantic" ideals onto something from a reality where those ideals have no ground. Disrespectful to Yukari at best.

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He could always try to kill her. That's sure to give him an edge on all the other guys hitting on her.

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You all act like you know Yukari. Truth is, you don't. Guess who does? That's right: her sweetheart.

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To help you get out of this crap

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This Anon knows what he's talking about.

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No, he does not.

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I somewhat wish I had never read the prologue text files in the games.

At first I felt like I could some day go to gensokyo, but after reading them I knew it would be impossible.

oh quiet down and stop samefagging, its a hopeless one-sided relationship and you know it.

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Oh, are you butthurt because the real (see: canon) Yukari isn't compatible with your delusions of a deredere sweetheart waifu?

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>after reading them I knew it would be impossible

What do you mean?

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I'm not samefagging (also the pot's calling the kettle black, here >>8922540). I'm defending an anon's right to love. You're all just jealous of his close relationship to Yukari.

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Yukari possesses immense power and wisdom, surely she can look past the superficial shortcomings of that anon and see his pure and loving soul with which he truly loves her and only her?

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You're the same guy or just plane silly.

Gensokyo is hardly unique, I'm sure I read in one of the prologues or other articles that there were many other places like gensokyo.

Combine that with the fact that it it still occupies space and as such has a defined location, means that only people in japan are likely to end up there.

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That's my point. Who are we to question Yukari's will and an Anon's word?

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So you're using Yasu's philosophy...

Well, fine. If that's how it is, I'll just let it go.

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One person mentions his gap youkai waifu and a load of anons get agressive. Is it claiming rights? Don't fine gentlemen compliment each other's taste when they share the same love interest? When did /jp/ stop taking it easy?

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Other people sharing your tastes means competition. So you not only have to win over your waifu, you have to do so while competing with many others trying to do the same.

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Ideas of romance in the love definition would likely be tired and silly to her, but if your implying romantic philosophy as opposed to hard rationalism is baseless for her..well...I disagree. Whimsy and acting on it is a form of romanticism, as with rationalism there is no reason to do it unless it has logical justification. That would drive her fucking insane, shes immortal and omnipotent. Though really, her thought process and philosophy would likely be something completely alien and otherly from anything we know. Shed sound like a rambling madman if she wrote it down, to us. Such is near omnicience, immortality, and omnipotence.

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I'm not sure what you mean, Anon. Of course there are many other places like Gensokyo. Secluded places where youkai live, because they no longer have any place in this world. It wouldn't make any sense if this wasn't true.

However, Gensokyo is not a location in the Japan that we know of. Our Japan's Yatsugatake is much smaller than Mt. Fuji, for example. But as for Gensokyo's Yatsugatake, that one is roughly the same size, or perhaps larger.

My theory is that it occupies the same spatial coordinates as the Yatsugatake mountain range, but it's sort of like a different plane of existence, or a different dimension. Like multiple layers of reality.

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/v/ pls go

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I feel something similar with my favorite character (I shall not use "waifu", it is too extreme) and others who share that character as a favorite.

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There's no such thing as an overly complicated thought. Anyone who actually cared could figure out the reason and rationale behind it - assuming there is any to being with, of course.

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I'm watching the new Louis Theroux documentary on autism. interesting AND /jp/ related.

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This is why I love you /jp/

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If you want to be simplistic then so be it. She acts like she does to have fun. Different people have different ways of having fun. You can't objectively state what it is exactly that Yukari likes or dislikes. For what we know she might like a /jp/ autist because she finds him somehow charming.

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If I were to wind up in Gensokyo, I wouldn't worry too much about wooing my favorite character. I'd just try to study magic and kill off anyone who I feel gets too close to succeeding.

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> Yukari of his fantasies.

Let's just assume for a moment that my Yukari is indeed one of my desilusions.
The real Yukari, being obviously a being far superior i'll gladly admit it, couldn't possibly be NOT aware of my current relationship with, let's assume again for simplicity, a small incarnation of herself.

If she was that mecontent about it, she would already have done something about this.
Yet i'm still here, having my perfect relationship with my sweetheart.

We can only draw 2 conclusions for it :
- She doesn't care, meaning that it's my right to have my lovely relationship with her small incarnation.
- She does care, meaning that it may even be possible that she actually wants to be my sweetheart.

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Whoops, mean to quote >>8922596.

Not quite what I meant. You said that her inner thoughts would sound like those of a rambling madman, and I said if anyone cared they could make sense out of them, assuming there was any sense to be found.

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Its not overly complicated. It would just appear so to us because its had so much time to evolve and mature. If she wrote a book on it, and dropped it off somewhere on earh...well, we couldnt know actually. It wouldnt be easy, but men could spend anywhere from "a pretty long while" to lifetimes studying it. If it wasnt deemed crazed ramblings for the reason I stated. Such is the gap between human knowledge, and, as I said, immortality with near omnicience and omnipotence.

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>For what we know she might like a /jp/ autist because she finds him somehow charming.

We Moe

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Now you're just being too humble about it. Don't deny yourself anon, or there's no reason for your contestable level of existence to begin with.

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I'd like to at least meet mine once and talk, or something ;_;

but I'd probably do the same, gensokyo seems like a fantastic place to be a hermit.

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Honestly I don't think I'd have too worry too much at first, giving me time to study. But I may eventually fuck up and someone would find out, which would be troublesome.

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earth, even.
thats horrible, and nobody dies in gensokyo anyway. Last I heard reimu and yukari drafted up some laws regarding human-youkai interaction that forbid killing on either side anyway.

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>human-youkai interaction
We'd all get there as humans, no?

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Ah apologies I didn't realise quite what you were saying.

I'm not so aggressive as that. I would like to just live peacefully

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yes. But the rules govern the residing youkai as well as humans. No youkai hunting, no human eating. Thats also why combat is done with "spellcards" and non-lethal danmaku. Since its backed by an omnipotent being and the most important person in gensokyo, nobody has any choice but to oblige by the rules, combat as well.

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>Last I heard reimu and yukari drafted up some laws regarding human-youkai interaction that forbid killing on either side anyway.
It's useless, Anon. It's all useless. The spell card rules are merely terms for a duel, and they are voluntary. You can choose to fight without using them, if you so desire.

Unless that's not what you mean.

Who are you aiming to kill off here? Those who get too close to succeeding in what? Wooing your favorite character? Are you just planning on killing any possible competition?

Find out about what?

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Anyone who gets too close to wooing my favorite character, and it just seems to me that if I keep trying to kill people long enough someone might see me hanging around.

Human-human interactions though. I wouldn't be eating them, just trying to keep them from my favorite.

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Hm. So they are, it seems. Though I shant revoke my statements regarding the laws against dining on humans, or hunting youkai, I havnt reason to believe those incorrect. And im almost certain that lethal magic is disallowed.

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Anon, im fairly certain gensokyo, like any civilized place, has laws against killing, not just between humans and youkai.

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Which is problematic, isn't it?

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Anti-murder laws tend to keep problems from arising. But you could definitly challenge any who were close to wooing your waifu in any sort of non lethal combat or duel, and fend them off.

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Citation needed.

The only things I've seen that could indicate anything of the sort, would be some things Akyuu wrote:

>Youkai attack humans for food. If the human population drops, youkai will face trouble as well.
>Originally, attacking humans was the point of the youkai's existence, but since the erection of the Great Barrier it's become dificult for them to do so, and they've had to find sources of food outside their normal choices. Consequently, the collective willpower of the youkai began to fall.

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>MFW everyone on /jp/ is being all beta.

Yukari would obviously only like strong men. Brb, fucking your waifu.

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Might I ask who your favorite is?

I might also mention, you think you'll be the only one training to prevent competition from getting to your favorite, perhaps you will be the hunted in the end.

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>There's no such thing as an overly complicated thought.

Let me reiterate: Yukari is a youkai. Her thought process is not human. Of course we can try to interpret her actions in a human way, but we should always be aware that we're viewing her through a biased lens.

Think of it this way: it is already a stretch to attribute human thoughts to domesticate animals like dogs and cats. Some people don't feel such animals can ever really "love" or "want" things, yet in normal conversation it is often said that dogs "love" their owners, or that cats "want" to sleep all day.

Go a little further out from domesticated animals: do bears, whales, and owls have humanlike thoughts?

Consider that these animals at least share our environment, not to mention the fact that we are all connected in an evolutionary sense. Yet we are still hesistant to allow that they think like us.

Then consider that youkai are mythical, alien, supernatural creatures, effectively MONSTERS from another world. You're telling me they're going to find a /jp/ autist "charming". Alright then.

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Only one anon mentioned Yukari.

You're right. I guess I don't actually need to kill anyone.

If we're both trying to keep other people away then it shouldn't be too problematic, at least at first. And I don't know if I should.

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>Yukari fags being delusional

Yukari can't do shit.

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I didn't say that. I said that an intelligent thought process could be understood regardless of its origins, unless those origins were quite literally insane.

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I see no problem in mentioning it, its not like I know who you are or anything.

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You cant know that she wouldnt or not. The very alien nature of her thought process does not let you make any such assumptions like that. Also, I tend to think youkai think more like humans than any other non-human entity. Somewhat close, but still not like us. The difference between youkai-human thought on the whole, my theory is, is about as alien as say...american culture to japanese, if both were to develop isolated from culture from the rest of the world. Again, all speculation. But I maintain we couldnt understand her thought process without study, but because of omnipotence and immortality.

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I'm honestly not quite sure why, but since you asked and there's no way to tell who I am when I leave this thread, Flandre.

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>unless those origins were quite literally insane.

the million-dollar answer

I'm not saying Yukari is insane, but she is both from a group of species that live off fear, and has lived for a fucking long time, it is a poor assumption to think you'd be able to figure out what goes on inside her head.

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Even quite literally insane thought processes can be understood, given enough time.

There is, usually, some logic behind it that contributes to the emotions involved. At least for humans, anyway. It may be different for youkai, though.

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I can see the reason for your concern over competition, good luck anon.

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I mean "literally insane" in the sense that it lacks any sense of origin or logical basis. If it has these it's easy enough to understand, and even if it doesn't, you'll figure it out eventually if you just watch for patterns and such.

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Given that you've displayed a willingness to murder for this, I have to respect you, Anon. Many humans are too whiny and pretentious to admit that there are people they want to kill, too, and that even they have circumstances where they would believe it is not wrong to murder.

>> No.8922742

>Can't do shit against the Yama
>Can't create universes like Shinki
>Power is based on lies

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What if Yukari really was Maribel? Wouldn't that mean that at one point she was human and could register human thoughts?

Crazier, because if she was Maribel, that means humans could potentially get her powers the same way, meaning more than one boundary user is totally possible.

You will never get to use gaps...

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those circumstances are incredibly rare. and of course there are people you want to kill at times, that doesnt make murder acceptable.

>> No.8922756

Under incredibly few circumstances can one adequately justify taking the life of another. This is not one of those circumstances.

>> No.8922762

Seems like the most reasonable choice to me. I guess I'm just a sore loser, then.

>> No.8922777

That is your opinion, Anon. All people live under different principles. Does that mean that one person is inherently right and the other is wrong? It's all subjective. The most you could say is that you, personally, can never accept such a thing. Which is fine.

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Maribel is Marisa, holy fuck why guys are so retarded.

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I and a majority of other people on this planet, freely killing others is not conducive to survival as a species so it bothers a great many people.

Its also really a thing of fairplay, but if he doesn't want to play fair than he's going to have to face the same as what he intends.

There's of course the eternal problem of whether or not even if he "succeeds" that it is all for nothing because she does not reciprocate his feelings.

I'll just stick with peace and quiet, I don't know how youkai really think so I can only say I wish to interact with my favorite occasionally, that'd be my paradise.

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What's the connection between them?

>> No.8922806

I think I'll be fine with that, as long as nobody else can win either.

>> No.8922821

Harsh, but I guess it makes sense

This whole conversation makes me feel guilty in all sorts of ways, to even slightly condone killing I think is horrible, and thinking this much about actually being there and whatnot.

>> No.8922927

Even if you condone some form of murder, that does not make you a psychopathic serial killer or something of the sort.

Humans everywhere have this strange notion that animals are less entitled to life simply because they do not think like we do. But, murder is just murder, you can't make some arbitrary exception like "it's not murder if it's justice" or "it's not murder if it's self-defense" or "it's not murder if they're not sentient."

In the same way, is it truly unreasonable to think that, for different individuals, there may be other "acceptable" circumstances for murder? Just one example is that humanity has all but destroyed nature, completely, and the majority of them are not in the least regretful of it. And, many youkai are deeply connected to nature, and therefore may feel that humans are the ones who are less entitled to life.

This is just one of the ways in which youkai may think differently than the majority of humans, and in such a case, it may be very difficult for these humans to understand their thoughts. They may not want to understand. They may simply decide that these youkai are a great threat and need to be exterminated. In this case, who is in the wrong? It's not exactly so easy and clear-cut as that.

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I was talking about humans killing humans for no better reason than for love rivalry, while is not uncommon, isn't really excusable. I'm not saying that there's some set-in-stone moral or rule against it, nor did I even mention youkai to begin with. Its just not something someone should be so easily willing to do, that is what defines a psychopath, at least among humans.

>> No.8922952

Very interesting, if a bit of a blend of semantics and philosophy. I wonder how the humans and youkai of gensokyo get along. I still believe you all overestimate the difference between human-youkai thought though.

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I'd be ultimately helping, you see. Few humans would ever want to be immortal, so they will die eventually. I'd just be doing it at a time when they can be happy.

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I see great evil in the act of carelessly robbing an individual of whatever experiences they may of had in the remainder of their lifetime had you not killed them, this is my primary reason to detest murder, moreso since you're the same species and as such understand better.

Do not say that you'd be helping, you are just plain wrong on that one, that is nothing more than something you only convince yourself of.

>> No.8922992

But then they die happy instead of miserable, and I get rid of someone who was winning. We both win.

>> No.8923005

Again I say that you are wrong and that it is nothing more than something to help convince no one but yourself.

Remember this, there may not be a final judgement in this world, but there is in gensokyo, and you won't escape it with weak excuses.

>> No.8923011

Well then in that case, fine. The situation as presented involves people dying because I don't like to lose, is that more acceptable to you? Because that's all I'll give you.

>> No.8923023

Well then simply remember that as it is a competition, there is plenty chance that you could just as well lose.

My only issue was with your justification, it was silly. Past that I see no problems, but there's still judgement in the end, and you'll still have to worry about that.

>> No.8923030

I wouldn't worry though. Never worry about anything. Time spent worrying about losing is time wasted in preventing it, I guess.

>> No.8923043

What I mean to say is use it as a last resort, other's may not have the same level of devotion or determination and may not require such an extreme measure, use your head anon.

>> No.8923053

Okay. I'll try to remember negotiation and scare tactics before attempted murder if it ever comes up. Does that make you feel better?

>> No.8923059

Its your sake and that of your competitors, not mine, anon.

>> No.8923104

So you're saying what it yukari made /jp/ disappear completely from the face of the earth and the minds of its inhabitants.

How the hell would I know, I'd probably have found some other anonymous site or similar.

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I just wanted to know how do you think your life would be if /jp/ didn't exist, but I guess some people took the topic in another direction. That's fine, too. Everyone likes the queen of Gensokyo.

>> No.8923352

Not much different, I'm was in to this sort of stuff long before I came to /jp/, I can't imagine much different, perhaps I would have more quickly gone down the path of isolation, dunno.

>> No.8923450

But that's the thing, Anon.

Why do people kill? Isn't it because they see something as being more important than the life of another person? Nobody ever said anything about simply assigning 0 worth to anyone's life. Even I, who have very little faith in humanity, do see some amount of worth in the life of a human. I'm not an idealist by any means, but still not a psychopath.

Most people don't even think about this though. They just call 99% of murderers "psychopaths" when in fact, most of them are probably not anything of the sort. I guess people are just too scared to think properly. Or maybe they're scared OF thinking properly. Maybe they just believe that human lives are worth more than absolutely anything else in existence, I don't know.

Regardless... The point is that, if this Anon loves Flandre to the point that he would be willing to sacrifice anyone's life for that love, doesn't that demand respect?

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Most of /jp/ would just go back to /a/ and /v/, I'd assume, since it seems like that's where most of this generation's posters spend their time anyway.

>> No.8923487

The discussion has run its course.

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GLORIOUS yukari art

>> No.8923941

Probably go back to chilling at /sp/ Gamethreads are fun