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Why are visual novels not popular in the Anglosphere?

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Better access to drugs.

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Dumbed down ``literature''.
Only subhuman third worlders and other SEA trash read those.

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who MILLS & BOON here

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What he said.

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Because reading is for gaylords.

Americunts would only read VN's for the porn and it takes too long for the payoff, they might as well just fap to vids or manga.

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You can say the exact thing for Europeans.

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Back to your trailer please

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You really don't leave the house, huh?

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There is no question why visual novels are not popular in the West. There is question why nobody reveals the full potential of VNs. Just imagine mix of good literature, nice interactive illustrations and music fitting to the mood. It would be truly new experience, much brighter and better than what can give common book. But none of serious authors use it. I never saw a visual novel which can be compared with "normal" literature and that's why I stopped reading it. VNs are still for shitty fantasy and "they attend the same school".

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vns are no different from

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Christine Love considers herself an "author". She is exactly the kind of person who would agree with what you are saying. Whether or not she pulled it off successfully with her feminist bullshite about Facebook and Coreans is for you to judge.

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exact same thing*

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different cultures. VNs are tailored to the japanese youth and/or to japanese sensibilities. while some people may be fond of them in the West, it doesn't mean it'll be popular. just compare with games tailored to western preferences/sensibilities and see how well they do in japan. it's the same case.

it really doesn't take a genius to discover that, so delete your shitty thread now

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I mean "real writers" not hipster feminist cunts.

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Skyrim was called "the best game of the year" by many Japanese developers

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developers are autists, they don't count.

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Japanese Western-media Otaku think Western games are great.
Western Japaense-media Otaku think Japanese games are great.

What else is new?

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elder scrolls has a long history in japan, due to the sheer amount of mods it has that caters to the japanese. you also might be interested in the Wizardry series history in Japan, it spawned a Japanese branch that creates entirely different games from the Western branch

also, once you are past a certain level of nerdyness, people basically find the same things cool no matter where they were born, granted it's not sexual. that's why Japanese like Skyrim and westerners like Demon Souls

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Yeah, Bethesda gives out good bribes.

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Oh shit.

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Bethesda is not a wealthy company. Skyrim is a major step up from previous elder scrolls games, though. Morrowind was just a mess. If there wasn't major support for user modification and a nude mod, the game would have flopped hard.

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There are plenty of Western games with literary pretensions these days. Much like VNs, they're poorly-written trash.

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also a major step up in casualising/dumbing down gaming mechanics.

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Cradle Song.

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These are the only books my mother has ever read.

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Your mother has HELLA taste.

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You know, it's funny how much these books have in common with VNs (and /jp/-favoured media in general).

Just as middle-aged housewives are escaping by reading some book about an identifiable young woman meeting a handsome man and having exciting romantic/sexual adventures, we are escaping by reading some VN about an identifiable young man meeting a beautiful bishojo and having exciting romantic/sexual adventures.

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I have no time for nonsense.

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Because they're fundamentally retarded when books, comic books and actual video games exist.

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Your stereotypical Anglosphere resident doesn't even read books.

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Because they're just as boring as normal books AND have annoying and wimpy chinese cartoon characters.

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For what little actual play time you get in a VN as compared to the forms of electronic media Americans are used to its insanely expensive.

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You realize Nips read less books than anyone else in the world, right?

Fucking idiot.

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This is why I think VNs should never go over $15 in the West. Sure, some of the longer ones might last you 20 hours or more. Many even have replay gimmicks like unlocking new routes. However, the typical Western consumer would rather spend their money on DVDs or books. VNs fill a sort of in-between niche that doesn't really exist here.

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>less books
lol check out this faggot being all, "LOL NIPZ!" because he thinks hes swag as hell but then he uses "less" for a countable noun like a twatmonger

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Ciatation needed.

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Tangentially related:

This never went anywhere, right?

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Its funny because it would make more sense with burgers as the y-axis

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Please add the jewish people to this chart, we are under-represented, I do not want to forced to take legal action against you and this board.

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But Jews aren't human.

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