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Do you consider /jp/ the closest thing to a friend?

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/jp/ is just a place I go to shitpost. If it were a small country and I were the dictator of it I'd have you all sent to the gas chambers.

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Not really, you guys are kind of assholes.

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is that you hitler?

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Hitler never gassed anyone.

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/jp/ is the only friend I have.

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I love all the nice Anons on /jp/, you all brighten my day~

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yes but i am not gay so no sucking cocks or stuff!

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Hell no. If anything, it's my clogged toilet bowl.

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Hell no, I hate half of you faggots and if I ever I had the chance to meet any of you in real life I would beat the shit out of you just so I could hear you cry and squirm like the maggots you are.

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lol you n00bs think u kn0w me. Hitler's back, motherfuckers. Any Jews better hide their bikes, I decided to use r00dyp00z to capture them. They are excellent at stealing, I will give them that. Since I'm back from Hell, I think I'll start by bitchslapping that Tojo fucker with a grenade. Who fucking said that you could bomb the damn Americans so early! I had to suicide because of that!

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Get a load of this dweeb. Best check yourself, faggot.

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what the fuck is r00dypooz 0_o

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No. I have one friend left, he's probably the reason I'm still alive.

/jp/ gets second place. I love you /jp/.

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fuck you faggot i hate people love me but they love more each other
you are just like my parents, my ex-friends, my pet.

get out because i only want true love