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So where will Tenshi go?
In b4 shitstorm.

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Next to Suika, for being a .5 Final Boss

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It doesn't work that way.

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Yes it does

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Power levels are more than a little retarded, but I would think around V or VI. And why is Aya so low on that chart? She canonically beat just about everyone except Reimu in StB without shooting a single shot, right?

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This isn't a powerlevel chart, but a boss chart.

Now shut the fuck up.

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Iku is VI (not at the top do) and shes not the Final Boss.

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>>891309She canonically beat just about everyone except Reimu in StB without shooting a single shot, right?

So shes good at dogging thats it.

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What causes them to explode, then?

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shame about being photographed

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Aya's picture is on lvl 4 because she is a lvl 4 boss. Her bar goes upwards because "lol not trying" and why did you throw Alice out of her stage?

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Holding in farts.

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Slighly above Eirin

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What I'm thinking here

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looks ok I think

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But yeah Yugi...

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Aya is Phantasm tier

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Well shes toying with you in the game and suposibly comparable with Suika...

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It was mentiones somewhere that Ayas powerlevel is as great as Suikas.in terms of strength. She is in fact god-tier.

She only does show them for her own amusement though.

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if it was a boss chart wouldn't patchy be in EX too, and not Remi

this is a powerlevel chart

Aya is stronger, even though i don't like her, this is the truth

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It was Aya who remarked that Suika was simply the strongest youkai in all of Gensokyo. It was not said that SHE was comparable to Suika.

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She is ZUN-tier... and her EX form is the haxest

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Aya up to VI?

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Tewi - V
Eiki - EX

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So you're alright with someone using 'suposibly'?

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Aya is just fast. means she can be incerdible good in danmaku battles. when it comes down to real power she is fucked.
There is nothing she has to offer against undodgeable haxes like Yukaris, Sikis, Yukas kill by Flowers, Yuyukos...

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Aya should peek into at least halfway, if not to the top, of VI.

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The wind is her true power though, not just her speed.

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III up to ???

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4th edition

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Isn`t that gread of an ability.
low strenght
hax speed.
low hax

lets compare to other top tiers: (Remi)
high strenght
high speed
high hax

hax strenght
high speed
low hax minus one insta kill ability

HAX strenght
high speed
hax hax

hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax
hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax
hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax
hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax
hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax
hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax hax

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Wrong, in MoF she is just holding back, usually it was something to do getting a story for the news paper

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I normally place the characters portrays in their stage (except for Patchoule for some reason)... but this takes a lot of space

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I'm a big supporter of insanely overpowered Yuka, but putting her max over Flandre's max is a joke.

I would also put Eirin's average at least equivalent to, if not above, Komachi's average.

Also the chart's choice of Reimu picture is hilarious.

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Up to where Suika is she is part of the big 4 and from what we know from the game shes looking the part.

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Or maybe because she's Tenma's slut, and Tenma don't want none of his bitches showing they got a backbone, lest they get a pimpslap.

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Incoming PMisS copypasta:
>Aya Shameimaru is a crow tengu who is considered to be quite fast, even among other tengu.
fast.. nothing said about fastest.

>Her fan is a tool that allows her to summon wind; one sweep of the fan can blow over a house, two sweeps can blow over a large tree, and three sweeps can cause a traveler's cloak to fly away

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average != picture
average = (bar top + bar bottom)/2
so it's above Komachi's

>Also the chart's choice of Reimu picture is hilarious.
That was on purpose. I even flipped her face so she looks at Marisa

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I love that cloak thing. Cracks me up every time.

>She is generally the sort of youkai who we wish not to be opponent with, but if you do manage to cross her somehow her strength is practically unrivaled.

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unrivaled by Akyu tier humans

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According to Nitori in SA (AND NITORI IS NEVER WRONG), all the kappa and tengu on Youkai Mountain put together cannot match the single remaining oni, i.e. Suika. Yes, Aya is strong, but certainly nowhere near EX-tier.

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>high speed

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Yuka has high Youkai like abilities = strenght & speed & magic

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She's the slowest in PoFV, at least.

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Why the fuck is Ran so low?

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So is Remi in IN

>> No.891973

because she is just above gods

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What the hell are you talking about? IN Remi Solo's speeds are 6/3. She's the fastest solo character in the game.

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Her and Chen's bars connect with Yukari's because of the Shikigami hierarchy. If Ran does as Yukari says, she is as strong as Yukari. If Chen does as Ran commands, she is as strong as her master.


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Shes not slow in MS and KG

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I forgot then. who was the slowest there?

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Chen with Yukaris power... OH... FUCK...

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I just had the same thought... (kyuubi can't be only so weak lvl 5) and I think Alice's max is a little bit too high.

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Reimu, Yukari and Yuyuko have 4, 1. I don't have the Frameset.

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>>891907 single remaining oni

No its any oni not just Suika

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Reimu, Yukari and Yuyuko are all tied at 4/1. Marisa is 6/2, Alice is 4/2, Sakuya is 4/3 and Youmu is 6/1.

>I think Alice's max is a little bit too high.

Go play MS.

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In Stage 2 PCB, Chen wasn't using Ran's power, hence why she has a low base rating. In PCB Extra, she was following Ran's commands, greatly increasing her power, yet Ran was disobeying Yukari, so her power was capped there. Let's assume Ran's rating is her natural level of strength without help from Yukari, okay?

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Kanako is one of the strongest end bosses, and should be higher.

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Suika is the single remaining Oni in gensokyo

They didn`t know about Yuugi back then.

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Kanako is the easiest Stage 6 Lunatic boss throughout all of the Windows games.

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I gave the TH10 bosses these generic power bars because of lack of information.
and I know you always want to boost the gods, just because they are gods.

>Go play MS.
I have and have been raped, but setting it higher than Flandre's or Yuka's?

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>They didn`t know about Yuugi back then.

She said that in front of Yugi.

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Fool knows nothing about lunatic Kaguya!

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back then when they tried to beat up Suika

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Chart is bullshit. Flan would crush Suika.

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Wasn't it just about SA dialo...

At least Yukari new back then.

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Alice's max in the original was lower than Yuka's max.

In the case of your chart, there is an inherent flaw in Yuka being lowered without Flandre being raised. Flandre is too low to begin with - she needs to be raised. Yuka = Open Grimoire Alice I can believe.

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Easy. That's why I never liked IN much, because it was too easy on lunatic. Easy for me anyways.

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Well if someone can live as gas, they can live as splatter as well.

>> No.892155

I think that GIF should have Cirno in it instead of Kaguya.

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Easy? /r/ Hourai Jewel Lunatic capture.

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Cirno should be the highest because she's tier ⑨

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She start at 3 you know.

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Alternatively, a Rising World Lunatic capture would do.

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moved several characters for diversification in the tops.
to bed now

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Even with Flandre > Yuka still not happening, I like this one a lot.

The only other complaint I'd have is not having Tenshi's max over Siki's max, since theoretically celestial status puts Tenshi above the whole life and death bureaucracy, regardless of how she attained it.

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What do you think your doing Shiki dosn't go up that much Dai is 9's mid boss so shes not that weak and whats with the non ZUN art.

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Hey anon whatcha think

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Back to dead, please.

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I see you're new to Touhou.
There isn't a tier low enough.

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Hourai Jewel is no big deal. I remember it was ZUN's typical movement memorization card.

Now Kanako's final Wind God card, that is ridiculous. The only thing it's missing is a little graphic and sound effect of ZUN laughing at the player. I'd consider a capture of this card far more impressive.

>> No.892421

Not quite right, looks too good for ZUN. I think it's the body proportions, they're not off enough.

>> No.892458


Scarlet Meister > Virtue of Wind God

Not to mention the rest of Kanako's cards are nothing special.

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If you put Suika as an extra, then you must put Tenshi as extra too

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no fuck off

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Aya isn't even the strongest Tengu, they have a King or something who's supposed to be the most powerful one.

Does anyone have that picture with all of the oldest yokai standing around looking dramatic? It has Yukari, Suika, the Tengu Lord looking like Mr. Karate, and some other ones.

>> No.892515


That's because he has the power of chauvanism.

Not even Yukari can stand up to Sandwich Sign "Get Back In the Kitchen, Bitch".

>> No.892529

>>892495Tengu Lord
The name is Lord Tenma
>some other ones
Shinki and one of the big 4 onis I think.

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Tenma is who you're looking for, and Aya is his bitch. Even Tenma doesn't compare to Suika in strength, so Aya certainly can't. Also, the Oni in this picture is Hoshiguma Douji. Yuugi's last name is Hoshiguma. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

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Aya's not Tenma's bitch, she's just holding back and playing Eirin to Temna's Kaguya!



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Go back to gaia.

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>Kilgamayan (18-1) !2BklmILFiE
Back to gaia faggot

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aya is actually the tengu queen. it will be revealed in TH12

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somebody post this shit in zun's blog and tell him to arrange it

>> No.892762

That's so wrong.
You should write it as :(

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Tewi is there, awesome.

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Well, she IS one of the wisest youkai around, so it's not surprising that she'd be considered a sage. That is, of course, assuming this is a visual representation of Akyu's PMiSS entry on the last sighting of Dragons in Gensokyo.

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> Well, she IS one of the wisest youkai around, so it's not surprising that she'd be considered a sage. That is, of course, assuming this is a visual representation of Akyu's PMiSS entry on the last sighting of Dragons in Gensokyo.

>so it's not surprising that she'd be considered a sage.

>considered a sage


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Wait, Tenma is weaker than Suika?


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