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Masturbating is bad for your health.

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Bad health is moe.

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It's only moe if it's vague like having a "weak body" or getting a mysterious illness every winter. Having a real disease with a name isn't moe at all.

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because you are clearly the authority on all things moe

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No, but I read in that book written by the guy who is.

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and what qualifications does a moe expert have?

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Maybe you've got some illness or one of your familiars and don't seem moe for you, but I tell ya it's moe as fuck.

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Has done 451+ moe things

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Who gives a fuck?

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I explicitly refute your prime assertion.

It helps prevent prostate cancer.

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I would have thought that a moe expert would be someone who has experienced the feeling of moe, rather than doing things that make others experience moe.

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Shut the fuck up, guys. Post worksafe touhous with liquids between their legs.

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I'm not sure whats up with futo skirt lift but i'm okay with it.

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Christianfag detected

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Prostate massage is even better though.

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I didn't find it. Maybe I dont have it?

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Try deeper.

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Masturbating is bad for your health because it increases the amount of time you'll live, so you'll have longer to fuck your body over.