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Why are dominating women so sexy?

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Yukari armpit oh god

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Because you are a "ersub man" according to captcha.

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I wish yukari would beat me up...

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She wont beat you up.
But she will glorygap you and drown you in the dicks you so desire.

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Give me the chocolate, Yukari-sama.

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OI! don't post Yukarin lewd like that, i'm saving all these pictures as evidence of your filthy crime

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is it weird that I like this kind of character even though I don't have any desire to be dominated?

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how about a dominating loli?

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ara ara~

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I want a loli to make fun of me.

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This is better.

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stupid sexy yukari

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Why does she have a penis? Girls don't have a penis.

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Who says so? Have you ever confirmed it yourself?

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I want a loli to make fun of my penis size as well as someone like Yukari or Samus dominating me

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That would be nice.

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This thread is too lewd and not near the grace of Yukari I am reporting it immediately

If op wishes to make a clean refined sophisticated Yukari thread more fitting of her than i'll allow it

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Shut up, cherry boy.

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yukari is so sexy. i wouldnt mind if she kidnapped me and sexually abused me.

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Why won't you go away, back to /d/ or /h/?

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What's up with the porn?
Is OP from some subhuman board such as /a/?

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I love Yukari.

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That anatomy.

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>booru hashes
Hey OP, check this out:

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>booru hashes
it's called md5

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It's still a hash you sperglord.

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You know you've all had a dream where you went to bed weary and miserable after a bad day. Yukari, being herself, likes to use her gaps to view the mortal world. Seeing you so miserable touches her heart and she proceeds to gap into your bedroom wearing a skimpy outfit. As you rise in panic at an intruder, she puts her fingers to your lips and says "shhh" before a tender kiss. She gently makes love to you, washing away the negativity of the day, letting you fall asleep with your head resting on her bosom before getting up and returning through her gap, leaving you to wonder if it was all just a good dream.

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i'd rather have her throw me on the bed and rape me.

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I might try saying this out loud while masturbating.

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Because you are weak and pitiful and can't do anything on your own.

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I usually hate seeing submissive Reimu.

But if it's with Yukari topping, I'll accept.

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But I don't want any dicks...

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Not canon. Yukari wouldn't perform such vulgarities with chen nearby.

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You know, they kind of make a better pair, actually.

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Yukari is such a lovely classy woman. If you don't want her stepping on you then you need to rethink your priorities.

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I was expecting a classy, sensual thread from the OP. Instead all I found were vulgarities. You are not worthy of living Yukari.

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Yukari is lewd for Reimu.

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What do you mean?

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Par for the course for /jp/.

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Yukari is a pedo.

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My favorite trait in dominating women isn't so much the dominating part. In fact, the dominating thing can get frustrating or outright annoying depending on things, so I guess I am not much of a masochist.

However, dominating women makes it pretty apparent that they have desires of their own. A will shortly put.
It's really hard to imagine a two-way relationship with a meek woman who bends after your every whim or notion. Such a relationship feels empty.

In short, I like women with an ego. Cause then said ego can be pampered and cared for.
Of course, I am not fond of it being a one way street the other way around either, so if there is no room in her ego care for my ego, then it probably wouldn't work out either. But meek women who doesn't voice their own opinions are just hard to be with.

In a proper relationship your open up and share yourselves with your partner, and fill in on eachothers strengths and weaknesses. With that, both need to fill the other in on what they want.

A dominating woman is easy to be with on the notion that they are honest about their ego.
The only problem with a dominating woman is having her accept that one cannot/shouldn't always dominate. When you are on good enough terms to compromise with said type of woman though, everything should be great.

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>It's really hard to imagine a two-way relationship with a meek woman who bends after your every whim or notion.

3D women aren't like that. They are passive-agressive cunts. But I understand what you mean. You like women who know what they like and aren't affraid to let you know what she thinks, but considerate enough to know she isn't in the cencer of the universe. A balance that is rare to find (or nonexistant) in the real world.

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3d women are for gaylords.

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>A balance that is rare to find (or nonexistant) in the real world.
Pretty much.

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I'm not so sure.

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I'm not so sure.

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Boobs are too small.

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she looks fat. 3d is pretty gross.

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No, the proportions of 2D have warped your mind.

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hey fuck you buddy, 2d is fine.

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When you post pictures of thin Touhou who's waists/hips ratios are all wrong, and then call a real woman fat when she's nowhere near approaching overweight - yeah you really are seeing things distorted.

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File: 910 KB, 1024x768, Konachan.com - 51620 animal_ears blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_hair catgirl chen dress hat purple_eyes short_hair tail touhou umbrella yakumo_ran yakumo_yukari yellow_eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

^This. 2D is great, but You might need to back off a bit if you really thought that 3D cosplayer was just now was fat.

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You should of posted a more attractive woman. 2D will always be better dude they're drawings.

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>arguing over 2d vs 3d Yukari

Yukari is best Yukari, this truth is self-evident.

>> No.8905782


Learn to quote properly before you post again.

>> No.8905807

It wasn't me who posted it, though. I appreciate your opinion, but you are deluded to be quite frank. She's considerably attractive by normal people's standards, and you are calling her fat and unattractive.

>> No.8905818

Learn to shut the fuck up before posting again.

>> No.8905823

No he's right, you should leave.

>> No.8905828

Learn not to be a raging faggot before posting again.

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since when did /jp/ become so low to destroy a yukari thread by spreading 3d shit?

this is a sad day...

>> No.8905838

Wow her corset is really tight, it's fucked up her proportions entirely.

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Oh Jesus Christ shut up!

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if you fags want to talk about 3d go to another board or go into that idol thread.

>> No.8905864

Oh my, did she get elephantiasis in her hips?

>> No.8905883

No, but I got elephantiasis in my dick!

>> No.8905882

The hips are fine but her calves and face aren't.

>> No.8905890

I would like Yukari if more people drew her like that.

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I wonder when yukari will stop spying on Reimu taking a bath and just join her.

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>> No.8905907

You have it in your cache though, nerd.

>> No.8905912

That's true. Brb sudoku.

But seriously. Weird body proportions stand out for me. Other people seem to miss them or ignore them.

>> No.8905914

But then again, others don't have aspergers.

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SaBND artist did that?!

>> No.8905949

I'm like that too. I don't save most images as a result.
If I look at an image too long, I will find something wrong with it.

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What happens when two dominating women get together?

>> No.8905993

Wake up

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Dominating women are at their sexiest when the tables are turn back on them.

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There will never be a continuation ;_;

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It would be perfect if Yuuka would let out a big hot and musky one right on her face.

>> No.8906152

A beautiful fight for dominance. In bed. With lingerie.

>> No.8906179

You people are the exact mirror image of fujoshis. They take their favorite male characters and make them feminine then make them have sex. You take your favorite female characters then make them dominant and make them have sex.

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Yukari dominating Reimu is a must.

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Are you that same guy who posted (I think it was) Eirin in a thread a while back, and I replied with a picture of Freud, and someone else posted a picture of Jung?

If so, hi!

>> No.8906228


Do not lump Yukari fans in with those abominations, only a few shitposters in this thread claiming to be Yukari fans are doing this, Yukari threads used to be classy and refined much like Yukari herself, these secondaries have perverse her to be some BSMD queen for them.

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Indeed I am.


>> No.8906279

This is my fetish.

>> No.8906287

I don't have to make Yuugi dominant

>> No.8906302

I can imagine Yukari taking Reimu to some tentacle rape zone and setting her up with all these tentacles, watching the whole time. Reimu's angry and defiant the whole time.
Then Yukari stretches, yawns, and says she's going to go take a nap, and Reimu goes WHITE AS A SHEET.

>> No.8906307
File: 333 KB, 600x600, 1322717855269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8906318

But why?

>> No.8906316 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.53 MB, 1900x2200, c0788a0498e5d3b7d0eaa66a4e49fdeaa0d948dc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No you don't understand. Yukari has to be the one dominating Reimu not some damn tentacles.
That would defeat the purpose since its not her doing it.

>> No.8906329

I suppose.
What if she was the one manipulating the tentacles? Like, not just opening some portal to the tentacle zone and letting them go at it, but actually controlling them directly? Like that one Ran doujin.

>> No.8906352

he thinks white knighting will get him some free pussy from yukari.

>> No.8906370

It's been done already...
Enchantress' dance....7 I think?

>> No.8906387

Nah It has to be just her. If she wanted to dominate Reimu.
She would want to get her own hands dirty and not have any interruptions. Besides she could just go futa if she wanted to have more fun.

>> No.8906405

Very well. Gaps are enough.
How dominant are we talking here? Like outright rape or rough loving or what? How would Reimu fare when all's said and done? Would she still be herself?

>> No.8906448


Is that series translated into English?

>> No.8906463

You find dominant women sexy because you want to fuck your mother.

>> No.8906467
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>> No.8906481

Rough Loving. Reimu would be fine no mind break or anything of the sort.
Just a little frustration that Yukari had her way with her even though she liked it. Yukari being a futa would be a good to support her dominance. This pic is a good example.

>> No.8906488

Forgot link.

>> No.8906498


Oh stop it, that's your answer to everything!

>> No.8906505

Sounds good to me.
...how often does this sort of thing happen?

>> No.8906517

This is my favorite picture in the thread. It's probably pretty innocent, but if you look at it in a perverted and submissive frame of mind (thanks to this thread) she's quietly telling you to get on the ground in front of her.

>> No.8906535

But she is an indulgent enabling wuss so yeah

>> No.8906875
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>> No.8912645

bump of lust

>> No.8912675
File: 82 KB, 1024x576, [SubDESU-H]_Tsundere_Inran_Shoujo_Sukumi_-_01_[F0EB541B].mkv_snapshot_11.21_[2012.02.23_06.30.33].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8915725
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bump of desire