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Yukari is a free spirit. No one can hold her down.

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Oh no, she's got to keep on moving

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Explains the open marriage.

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Yukari is an adult, she needs to stop being so childish.

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stupid sexy Yukari needs to stop being so sexy

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That... Is a really interesting picture. Its some really good art by itself

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If she gapped out from falling, wouldn't she still keep her momentum regardless of where she goes and go splat?

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She could just gap herself into Youmu for a soft landing.

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she could gap facing vertical to slow her down, and then gap to the ground at the apex.

or she could just gap into water or something soft

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I am now imagining Yukari splashing all over the ground
It's not pretty

It actually is.
I saw a kid die that way, he was all pretty lying there on the asphalt.
I also know a girl who is planning to die that way at about 40 years old, and I'm sure she will be pretty as hell doing so.

It's probably my favourite way to die. [/blogpost]

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It's not very pretty dude, unless you have a really twisted conception of what is pretty.

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Welcome to 4chan.

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best 2hu

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Cast in the name of god ye not gui... wait, wrong song.

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Yukari is a free spirit. No bra can hold her up.

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>she could gap facing vertical to slow her down, and then gap to the ground at the apex.

>or she could just gap into water or something soft


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She can fly, dammit

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I'll her soft gap, if you know what I mean.

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>exhentai found: 1

HA HA, time to fa... 非エロ. Well, time to read a heartwarming story