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• Yukari is a selfish and tyrannical leader but Ran recognises the value of allying with her (power). She feels guilty for letting Chen grow up in a dangerous household

• Yukari is kind to her "family" and Ran is happy to serve as a shikigami, especially knowing that Chen will be raised happy

• Yukari and Ran are postergirls for lesbian motherhood, showing that adoptive dykes can be good parents, especially if one of them is a fox

Which is it?

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Neither. Stop that fanon bullshit.

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I prefer the one where they are all a happy family

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3rd is bad because Ran is father.

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• Yukari doesn't give a shit about Ran and actually beats her when she does retarded things, and both Ran and Chen are just tools for her use.

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Grimsokyo is best gensokyo

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Ran and Chen, cute not pedo
but when Yukari and Ran are alone, they have intercourse like Lagomorpha.

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The real one is >>8899954

The one I prefer is a mix of OP's second and third options.

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Oh no, she's very concerned about her. She just believes that tough love is best love.

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Grandma, mother, and daughter. It's the only way I can see them now.

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This is how it's universally seen in the Japanese fandom.

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• Yukari is kind to her "family" and Ran is happy to serve as a shikigami, especially knowing that Chen will be raised happy

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Yukari is kind of a dick so I can't really see her as the "kind grandma" type.

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This picture sums up my feelings.

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She fits the "Old hag" type well. She's prefect as the role of grandmother. You can see it as

Yukari Adopts Ran>Ran Adopts Chen>Chen and her cats.

If you can't see Yukari as being "kind," then maybe "onibaba" mold fits her better.

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Also this

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Chen has the best life of anyone in Gensokyo ;_;

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Persian cat is the worst type of cat.

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>implying Touhou isn't wholly constituted of said "fanon bullshit"

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Chen is treated as part child, part pet and is encouraged to run around and try to find her own place in the world, learning things at her own pace until she becomes a suitable servant for Yukari. Ran is an adult so she can't get off that easily, but Yukari explicitly trusts Ran to maintain Gensokyo in her stead and that's a whole fucking lot of trust.

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Does anyone have the rest of this? Can't find on exhentai.

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Second option, naturally.

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It'd be easy to believe that if Yukari wasn't jabbing at Ran for her shikigami's "faulty programming"

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maybe because it was a parody edit?

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None of the three are quite correct.
Ran represents the overworked, adult middle class of Japan today who are caught simultaniously having to care for both their parents and their children.
Yukari is similar to many 60something retirees who seem to go through a second adolecense after retirement leaves them with no daily responsibilities. She sleeps too much, only works when she feels like it, and generally with the aim of having fun.

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Jesus Christ finally someone with the right analogy.

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And while Ran is working to support them all Yukari is spoiling Chen, and providing general bad examples

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