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You've gotta help me /jp/.

Me mum discovered my piss bottle labyrinth under my bed and is now threatening to kick me out if I don't get rid of them. What the fuck do I do?

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why do you have a piss bottle labyrinth?

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Hide them better next time.

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>Me mum
horr whey aye m8 a nar wot ya mean its canny buzzin in the nix lyk well a reckon that bairns doesn't gan into the teck yersen and gan owa tha reet lark

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Actually one thing I'd recommend is hiding those collapsible water containers under the floor or something, and having piping going down to it. Then you put the pee into the hole in the floor and it goes into your reservoir.

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'ats a loada cunt innit?

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u wot m8

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Get a piss plant.

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Won't it harm the plant?

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No. The opposite, infact. Piss is full of nitrates and such.

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u wot mate

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Hey mate, I know what you mean. It's lame to piss yourself. I reckon that your parents don't go into your room and go over the reeking marks.
Or at least something close to that.

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squidy come back

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Thanks, that helps.

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>What the fuck do I do?

Pee on the fucking toilet like a normal person?

Seriously, What is the point of this thread? Is it neccesary to post this shit here? We don't give a fuck if you pee on bottles or not, that's pretty much your problem, keep it yours! Do you want a better word of advise? BE NORMAL.

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>on bottles
>on the toilet
Do you hate the word 'in' or something?

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