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Why don't you own an onahole yet, /jp/?
I bought a 17 evolution a month ago and it's one of the best purchases of my life, even after having to pay customs. I am stupid for sticking so long to my bare hands.
I've concluded that my onahole is actually Yukarin's pussy (yes, it's in awesome condition considering she's > 1200 yo)
I'm pretty sure the onahole actually has a dimensional gap inside and my cock is penetrating her pussy in Gensokyo.
Thank you Yukarin for opening this sexy portal~

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Sounds like your imagination is doing more work than that piece of silicone...

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Because I would rather be used as a onahole instead of having one

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You truly are a perverted little boy, Anon. She is far too elegant and refined to do such crass things

I'm starting my new job on Monday. I think one of my first purchases is going to be an onahole

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Yukari is many things. A troll, a sage, the master of boundaries and the keeper or secret tantric techniques. But above all she is a refined lady.

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>17 evo
Enjoy having it fall apart.

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It's a magical piece of silicone...also, I feel so relaxed after cumming inside Yukarin...
Everything about this is refined, and born from love...

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It's not something to be proud of OP.


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I think I'd rather just get rid of the desire to masturbate, I'm down to less than once a week, even without aid of chemicals.

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Which rubber fuckhole is the best rubber fuckhole? I was thinking of buying a flip hole soon.

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Yukarin is my touhou too, I'm not at all surprised to see this onahole fantasy being shared by fellow Yukari anons.

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I'm sorry OP but your onahole has a dimensional gap to my butt

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SIEG HEIL /a/non

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I enjoy mine but I only use it once every few months. Too fucking lazy

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Don't start threads like these and EVER put Yukari in the asshole,next time use someone more fitting like Suwako or Sanae

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because I dont like to masturbate
Not in the sense of no desire or no enjoyment of the act
I dont want to do it though

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But aren't onaholes one use only?

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No, not at all.
They're one use if you don't clean them, sure. But they're multiple use and just as durable as western ones. The Japanese have some weird laws around saying that they work more than a few times.
With care they'll last.

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It's just a bother to me.

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Well I just got a new fetish get.
Not having my own interdimensional youkai pussy, but having my butt be a portal so I can be fucked and cummed inside by distant anons

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Its not the same for me as it is most /jp/sies I think, its not because its a bother either(well, it sort of is, but that hasnt put me off in the past.) I suppose I just want to be purer.

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Because pure maidens don't have penises!

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The next time I use my onahole, I'll imagine I'm cumming in another anon's ass.

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No, it's like that to me. I say it's a bother because I'd rather not do it, but I can't control my desire and end up doing it anyway.
It's not that I don't enjoy it, to be fair I don't really know why I don't like it, but I suppose it's because I want to be purer too.

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sexual desire isn't impure at all really, considering its the most basic instinct next to survival.

I don't like it either in the same way, I used to just avoid lewd things from touhou, but that wasn't working well so I'm just trying to stop all together, it always makes me feel so guilty when I slip and think of one of them in such a way.

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I am an informed customer! I know it has fall apart for some, but in most cases they had humongous dicks.. my cute average sized cock will not harm this. Also, theirs didn't have a portal to Yukarin's love hole...
Even if it breaks, I'll just buy it again. So far it seems to be able to withstand my cock just fine.
Also, if it breaks, I'll cum harder!

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Yukari can't be satisfied by a small penis!

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sexual desire is impure when its just lust, and thats only when you act on it or let it affect your demeanor or behavior. I feel the same about most animalistic instinct. Very recently my desires just...sort of...stopped, though, in a strange sort of way. I have sexual lust but its not very strong at all, compared to how its been before in the past. So I was ESPECIALLY ashamed of myself when I fell to them once when they werent even that strong Well, good luck, /jp/! I hope you do well, whether its the quest for money for an onahole, or to masturbate less!

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Quite the contrary actually, because her soft and pure pussy is so tight and adorable that a bigger penis would not feel good.
My penis is the perfect fit for her glove-like pussy, they were made for each other.
Yukarin may look well developed but her sweet spot between those legs is a bright pink miracle...

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your post is both lewd hiding behind cute, stop that! Please at least dont use lewd terms like "pussy!"

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I don't think it's just because it's lust or animalistic(I have no problem with acting upon instincts)but no matter how I look at, I think it's impure, specially in the "otaku lifestyle".
I'll never procreate either, so it seems just like a needless luxury.

And I still fall prey to it everytime

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I think acting on instinct more than just a little bit is bad, when its just that. I think the reason I dont fap as much now is because I indulge more often in romantic stuff, like RRP in online games, interaction with my quasi-formed tulpa, and other such things. Thats sort of what I mean.

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Is there any onahole that has a "womb" end?

Like, you can see a womb being cummed inside?

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>It's not something to be proud of OP.
I'm living my life to the fullest! for very little money my quality of life has improved. Why wouldn't I do that?
Why would you masturbate in a way that causes less pleasure? you may think "this guy is a loser that can't get a girl so he has to resort to toys", but even if that is actually totally true, it's not like doing it with an onahole is going to lower my chances of fucking girls. Even super alpha males masturbate furiously on a constant basis. If I'm going to masturbate anyway, I'll do it in the best way possible.

Also, this onahole is curing me of internet induced homosexuality. I am masturbating to straight vaginal sex hentai with big breasted girls and enjoying it more than anything else. I didn't think that was possible anymore.

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I don't think there are any transparent ones, but there are opaque ones.
Well this one is kinda transparent

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You're a fucking autistic faggot. Did you even check my post as a whole? Now you've taken it out of context. Congrats faggot.

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I didn't watch that youtube video if that's what you're asking. Why would I watch a youtube video about onaholes? I only watch youtube videos featuring cute 2D characters.

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Also, I only scored about 23 in that autistic test, so I'm not very autistic at all.

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Okay, expain this picture then miss slutty miko.
Caught you red handed.

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This image is clearly shopped.

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No Sanae faggotry.

Because I don't really want to import such a thing, and I can make my own anyway.

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You guys realize these are drawings, right?

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My life doesn't make sense anymore

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The belly in which the main part design carried out stiffness, and the breast swollen for a while are disagreeable, and pussy is also very lovely.
Although a good material is adopted and a smooth feel and preeminent softness are combined, a smell peculiar to this material is a little worrisome.

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No shit Sherlock.

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you realize this is /jp/, right?

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The fuck are you talking about faggot
Say that to my face, not online, and see what happens

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Time, body resources, thought-processing better spent elsewhere. Knowing this, I still can't go 3 days without it, and that's with norepinephrine reuptake.

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But I ordered one like two weeks ago OP

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NEET days blur time for me. I cant tell how many days ive been with or without it. Its wierd and wonderful.

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i haven't bought one because my room is too small to hide one

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Which one is it??
Have you decided which Touhou will you fuck with it?

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It was some cheapo 9 dollar one to see if I like it over my hand. I haven't really thought about that. IT sounds very lewd.

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but if it's a cheap one, maybe it won't feel that good

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I'm Jewish and don't like the idea of spending money on a disposable method of masturbation. If they didn't only last 50 or so times, then I would consider making an investment. At the moment, the limited number of uses make them unattractive.

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She accdently fell on top of her while she was changing. At that moment, Suwako came in through the door announcing she was carrying ice cream for everyone. At that moment, sanae turned her head with a gluttonous look in her face, because she loves ice cream. Now stop saying or implying lewd things about Sanae.

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>It was some cheapo 9 dollar one

Cirno then.

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epic win

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I have a flip hole it's ok but I don't use it often.

if you think about it though you actually get less stimulation because your hand is touching plastic instead of COCK.

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lol ur funy

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/jp/ what onahole do you recommend? Is there a loli-looking one, or something like that?

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The 17 is part of a product line with quite a range of ages. You can get the 7 but I'm not sure if it's just the outside that looks like a 7 year old or the insides are modelled after it too.
I also saw one with two loli sisters that looked like small bodies, perfect for fairy fucking if you ask me, I don't know the name though

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Thanks for the help anon