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Which touhou is the most gangsta?

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thug 4 life

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pic related

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Patchy listens to Hip Hop and stuff.

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A lot of people think she is gloomy but that isn't true!

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I listen to that song too much, mainly because Marisa's voice gives me a vigorous erection.

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It's patch-e


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i miss arc

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This. I think it's out of character for her, but it fits the video so well.

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Really? That's actually exactly how I envision her voice, kind of a rough boyish tone. Gods it sends shivers down my dick.

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I think her voice is too deep or old-sounding. I know what you mean though.

I liked her voice in The Memories of Phantasm:

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From the looks of it, any Touhou is gangsta if you put a cigarette in their mouth.

Be right back. Gonna buy a pack of smokes and live the thug life.

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that was a really good OVA, they really nailed Marisa I thought.

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I listen to it because Patchy's rapping is glorious.

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東方 4 life!

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yo nigg mafucka

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kid, either you are born gangsta, you are not gangsta at all

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that is some gansta shit!

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Fucking Star Wars reference.

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yo~ ma nigga

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that's CRAZY wwww

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shut up nerd i'll beat you up and take your money

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Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?

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obvious answer.

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If Cirno was OG Loc, who was Freddy?

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Uptown gangster...

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...vs underground gangsta

(although Alice is a little out of place in this, should have been Moku as the third here)

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The nigger touhou that's going to be in Touhou 14.

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Your out of place

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Great stuff! Do you have more?

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6kiss bitch
I'm that pretty bitch
All ya motherfuckers in that rap game don't know nothing about me nigga

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Straight outta Gensokyo, crazy motherfucker named Reimu
From the gang called Mikos With Attitudes
When I'm called off, I got a Yin-Yang Orb
Squeeze the trigger, and youkai are hauled off

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no idea what's the reference to it

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Supposed to be some really retarded pop song on the radio.

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Whoever the artist is, they should kill themselves.

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Bitch, learn to write cuatro.

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I thought it was funny

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did you make these sparky

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Arc made these you silly

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if eye can then eye whould

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Its funny because Arc is black

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oh, ok. I wish I knew who that was because he seems like a cool guy

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mee too eye want to learn w

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>he seems like a cool guy

Not sure if trolling or just new.

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File: 305 KB, 1104x813, flanKonachan.com - 93248 dress fairy group gun hakurei_reimu koakuma long_hair luna_child miko parody red_eyes star_sapphire sunny_milk touhou vampire weapon wings witch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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he's a local(/jp/) black homosexual who hunts for white/black/spic/chink cornholes to ravage them.

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why's Remilia is CJ?

is there any similiarities?

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eye say flan is CJ

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Sounds like the typical jpsie


Remi is the most gangsta 2hu

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hell yeah mother fucker

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did you know about the videos?

flan is kndl

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sez u, nerd

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Touhou XIV: The return of CJ

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What is Touhou?

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Ok homies, if i had to do a remake of one gangsta video clip from the 90's with MMD, which one should i choose ?

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it's a gang

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Grab your glock when you see 2hu
Call the cops when you see 2hu

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This is both hilarious and 100% accurate

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I could do Triumph, but without the bees part i'm afraid.

that's pretty cool, if i ever find a car like this i'll see

i'm waiting for more. I'm not going to promise i will make a video within a month but i'll keep them in mind.

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sup holmes


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Hahaha fucking brilliant

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word is born this is the saddest hood video ever

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I rather enjoyed this when they showed it at momocon.

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>Dat Ass Guy on top of a girl with dat ass. Mind=Blown.


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/jp/ - touhou gang

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this one is certainly the easiest to do in this thread, i guess i'll do this first, i will certainly post in another gangsta thread or making my own once i'm done with it
possible to do too, i'll keep this one in mind.

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Did you mean to post this?


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Ey, yo, all you faggot haters resenting, listen up, the old guard representing, bringing rhymes, dropping line after line, bitch I'm divine, gaze upon my visage, I bet you feel your eyes fryin'.

Kanako is the name, so you know who to blame for the shame you try so hard to ignore, well I've got much more in store, Faith is power, I lead like Eisenhower, you're like a rotting old flower, trampled by a a holy shower, peace.

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I want to see more Touhou graffiti...

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>Komachi back on the chapel stairs

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eye want too make some

eye live near a graffiti spot

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Threads like these are why I still go to /jp/
It is truly the only board that can take it easy


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this is soo gansta wwwww

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I always loved this video
probably not gangsta enough though.

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is fucking cool

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I would actually join a gang if they included Touhous in their pieces.

I would be a total wannabe gangster.

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So, are these real? And if so, Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? What was the reaction of people who saw thug4life graffiti covered by cute anime girls?

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>assuming it wasn't a thug4lyfe totally styling all over the place.

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ATCQ isn't gangster. At all

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I'd make some but I don't know any good graffiti spots near my area.

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Some kids use trucks, trains, signs and everything else. The world is your canvas

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Oh I'm not saying I'm not sure where to tag but what I meant was that I don't know any good areas where I can tag without having to worry about the police passing by.

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Where do you live? If in the suburbs, you can just find some fence somewhere. If you live in the city, just hope you won't get caught

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File: 646 KB, 1556x1101, 8218 - akemi_homura cardcaptor_sakura crossover kaname_madoka kero keroberos kinomoto_sakura kyuubey magical_girl mahou_shoujo miki_sayaka parody puella_magi_madoka_magica sakura_kyouko tomoe_mami yankee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Fuck da police

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What if I tag my own property then?

The only reason these chumps do it everywhere is because they're poor and don't own land.

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I live in the 'burbs and I have a middle school close to where I live where it does have a couple of good spots to tag at night. I just can't shake off the feeling that I'd get caught considering the amount of surveillance that goes on during the late hours with both the police and security guards.

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Any other place? Some choices are an old house no one lives in anymore, some old beat up looking fence, or the back of a store or building. Somewhere where tere isn't much security, but where people will still see.

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imma go tag my turf with a sweet mokou graffiti
dem niggas got nothing on me and my tuhus

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Many cities have walls specifically designated as public graffiti walls, where it's legal to paint whatever you want without fear of anal rape.

Just be content with the fact that these walls operate on the same principle as flockdraws, and that your kawaii 2hu piece might get dogged by some hood rat in a couple of days.

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