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Just got a second monitor, and this means I need a new desktop image, as I'm not exactly fond of the one I currently have (see image to left)


Desktop thread

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Whole board for this.

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I'm sure /w/ will be of far better assistance.
But eh, here's Moriya shrine.

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this has been my wallpaper for a very long time

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There is usually a touhou thread hanging about on /w/ most of the time.

If not, make one, if you book them, they will come.

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I wonder, what do you intend to use that second monitor for?

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browser is reserved for my 2nd favorite 2hu

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a second 16:9 monitor to compliment your first, perhaps?

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I use them to watchs LPs while browsing /jp/ because I'm a stain on humanity's existance.

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Unless you are a mad scientist or a mad picture/video editing master, I don't see what you can get out of complementing with more screens.

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Do you ever alt-tab or switch between windows/tabs in full screen? Imagine if you didn't even have to press buttons (because that's hard).

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After some time you get so used to it that you may as well have unlimited monitors. And you know this.
Do normal internet people really get dual screens just to save a few ALT+TABs? Honest question. If it's really like that, I'll just have to accept it, but it sounds stupid.

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the IRC client gets an entire monitor to itself, and is always visible.

It's amazing how useful that is.

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There are several reasons, one being watching chat programs while playing a full screen game. Another being watching a show while playing a game which isn't entirely exciting by itself.

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I don't even have multiple monitors, for the record. But it is useful. Look at tiling window managers and all the hype about Windows 7's Aero Snap I think it was called.

It's nice to have one screen for your normal, everyday business and a supplementary screen for persistent things you might want to check. This goes waaay back to mainframes and so on, when people would have a dedicated terminal for log output or whatever. /jp/ers may not be doing serious work, but it must be nice to look over and see what people have said on IRC, for example.

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Then why would you be playing it at all?
21st century at its best. Not that I ever do anything productive, but dual screens just for the sake of doubling your unproductiveness rate...

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Because /jp/ers are so productive to begin with.

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But this is ridiculous, it's like willingly multiplying your sloth. My single screen is more than enough to do nothing all day.
But well, to each his own.

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i would use dual while using program like Sony vegas pro for one screen or other software like FL studio, audacity etc and use the one screen for drag and drop, instead of reducing the window everytime

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Why listen to music while doing anything? Isn't music exciting enough by itself? I'm the kind of person who feels like sitting around watching a show is wasted time, and feels like playing minecraft just to build is wasted time. So If I put them together each being particularly mindless I'm actually paying attention pretty much the whole time. It may not make very much sense to you, but as someone who played MMOs for a good portion of his life, its worth it.

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I couldn't imagine playing an mmo without listening to a podcast.

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>more than enough to do nothing all day.
You can never do enough of nothing. Step up your game.

Eat, grow, decay, motherfucker.

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Most people listen to music as background noise. If I wanted to savour its taste or some idiomatic pretentious bullshite, I would go to a concert hall.

Right now my goal is to kill time in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible until I die. I ask nothing more, and if you disagree then perhaps you shouldn't be on /jp/ in the first place.

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Might as well turn this into a /jp/ desktop thread. We never have them, and they're looked down upon sometimes, but I'm curious.

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Read the last two words of the original post.

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It's not that it doesn't make sense. I can agree on the point that both playing some game and watching a show are a waste of time. But even when I can pay attention to both things "at the same time", I don't think doing that is less of a time waste.
Say I'm watching a not-really-interesting show. That's enough for making me "enjoy" (yeah, right) wasting time. Grinding a character on a MMORPG at the same time would be the same time waste.
Oh well.

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I'm not even sure what point you are trying to make anymore besides "My opinion is clearly the superior one and stands for all of /jp/"
I like to kill my time with escapism so games that leave me idly thinking are not welcome.


Everyone is different, I find it amusing. I get from your post though that you seem to find anything that is "wasted time" is not allowed. We would then have to find what you consider not wasted time, would that be something productive like programming or the like? What do you find fun? Etc.

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I offer you this one, OP.

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marisa is teh cutest <3

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That doesn't even look like her.

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My current wallpaper

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And this one.

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>all that rainmeter

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Read my post again. I never said you shouldn't waste time. I even said that I do nothing all day. Not that I'm proud of that, but this is /jp/ after all.
My point is that I can sink all my time in one time sink at a time. I honestly can't understand using two time sinks at the same time. If anything, you're only making the theoretical limit of the media you consume approach faster (not that you can reach it in five lifetimes)
I see it like this:
One monitor with Shit Show X: Time wasted while my attention is not focused on my shit life = 100%
Two monitors with Shit Show X plus Shit Korean MMO X: Time wasted while my attention is not focused on my shit life = 100%
And on the second case you have to but another monitor and pay for the power it consumes.

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Buy. Buy another monitor, not but another monitor.

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I see the point you are making now and I understand your concern. However I particularly am not as concerned, one of these monitors was free and the power it consumes isn't terribly much. If I look at my backlog of things I am anticipating to play it is rather large taking more free time than I possibly have. It's not something I use all the time but when it is lost I do feel rather disabled with the amount of space I'm left with especially when I'm pretty busy with many windows open.

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Now please delete your thread. You haven't even tried to make it /jp/ related.

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Pls post more Touhou wallpapers

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b-but, another monitor...

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Don't call it 2hu.

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please post more touhou wallpapers.
I'm going to a LAN tomorrow and need to pimp my desktop

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>not 1200

Why would anyone do that?

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It's a shitty resize.
The real image is too large to post.

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>desktop shortcuts
>files saved to desktop
>saving .torrent files instead of just storing them in the TEMP folder


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Haven't actually used this one in a while, but it's still my favorite wallpaper.

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Best 2hu.

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secondary overflow

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softest 2hu

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I spend a little time each day editing a couple of images for use for backgrounds.

I wish there was more scenic Touhou stuff I could actually use, at this rate I'll never get to 365 wallpapers

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/jp/ - ricer culture

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Yeah I meant to post this one >>8880184

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Torrents and anime are deleted after watching, I don't save them.

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I sit alone in my four-pointed room staring at candles dreaming of the people I dismantled.

I close my eyes and in the circles appears the images of sons of bitches that I murdered.

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it's a desktop thread but all i see here is a wallpaper dump

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wallpaper dump is more interesting than people wanking to how awesome their riced up linux system is, thats what always happens to desktop threads

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Rate my desktop guys

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LoD running, everything else redeemed

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>recycle bin
>recycling bin
>lord of destruction

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What a waste of disk space.

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These flowers have a name?

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Rate my desktop guys.

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To be honest, I've never played Minecraft. Is it any good if I'm not completely autistic?

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single player is boring. if you can find a decent server where people just play for fun, rather than making up hundreds of dumb rules and systems then it's fun.

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I'll pass then. I'm not too fond of playing multi-player.

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I watch anime while browsing 4chan, and when i don't, I'm usually maniacally rechecking my foobar and IRC. Two screens would be really useful for me.

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Going to disagree with this. Single player is fun if you're the kind of person who enjoys "playing with yourself" (lol masturbation). Think of games like Morrowind. Did you just get the strongest shit and kill everyone like some ADHD gamer weenie? Or did you take in the world and have fun exploring and customizing things even though it didn't really matter? If it's the latter, you will enjoy Minecraft.

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I'm scared of getting too autist by playing Minecraft so I haven't played it.
Also, I've heard(read) the engine is shitty and slow right now so I'll wait until I have a job for it.

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the bethesda landscapes are at least nice to look at (skyrim especially), can't say the same about minecraft.

no matter where you go, it's always the same stuff, and you can find everything you need for items under your feet.

even vanilla terraria is more fun for exploring, it has over 100x the content minecraft does.

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Minecraft is good both content wise and visually.

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Where do you guys get these nice 4chan skins?

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How can you type that with a straight face? You should be a comedian.

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Don't turn to the ricer side. You have four stylesheet options and they're all fine. If you need customization and widgets and all this WEB 2.0 ENTERPRISE BULLSHITE, there are plenty of imageboards just for that.

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Don't bother. They look like shit and are annoying as fuck once you actually get to using them. I tried one once and uninstalled it shortly after.

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My background is a photorgraph schoolgirl who has just disembarked from a bus in the snow.

I edited it so it would elegantly make a 16:9 desktop but it just didn't come out the way I wanted so I just settled for dark grey bars on the side.

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Get a load of these nerds.

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I really need a new wallpaper.

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How can you stomach the insipid blonde with the sad looking tits in the middle?

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wow you can even see their tits omg

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It's okay, she's a robutt.

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Good taste.

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Multi-monitor setups are best for the increase in screen real estate when working on a single thing. The ability to "multi-task" is a silly and mostly unnecessary benefit. I used to have 4 monitors but keeping things like music players/whatever open on the other screens when I never looked at them anyway was fucking stupid.

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I multitask fine on a single monitor.

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I multitasked fine on my 640x480 crt in like 1993 doesnt mean im doing it now n00b

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what kind of subhuman monkey only has one monitor

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Where the heck do you get 4chan skins like this?
That one site, userstyles or something, had lots of 4chan skins but there weren't many nice touhou ones.

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That's my point.

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Oh cool, thanks.

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I like mostly black backgrounds so the brightness doesn't bother my when I'm trying to sleep.

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that's some classy shit right there. switching from this to that.

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This is a screenshot of my desktop.
I have no icons or taskbar because autism.

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