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Meiling Thread anyone?

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Shut up, China

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I like Meiling but just having some image thread about here I dont like

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Best SDM


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Why wont Sakuya just quit?

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Get this chink shit off my board.

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How do you think Meilin feels about the PRC?

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China is a proud supporter of the RoC.

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Haven't seen a Meiling thread in awhile. Regardless a Meiling thread pleases me. So who could beat Meiling in hand to hand combat? No danmaku involved or special abilities. Just strength and fighting skill?

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She probably adores it. Yet pines for the relaxation the RoC offers.

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China will grow larger

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Would Sakuya let Meiling make dinner?

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Probably Yuugi.

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Chinese food is hella good.

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Mao is the best waifu.

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China has big balls


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Definitely on strength alone yes. Still I'd like to think Yuugi wouldn't have it all her own way against Meiling however

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Best. Thread. Ever.

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Rong rive chairman Mao, komrad!

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Meiling would probably need to use some strategy too. I imagine it would be like those "kung fu master vs Giant western fighter" kind of fight where normal kicks and punches won't be enough.

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How much of a head start on learning the Chinese language do the Japanese have than a western person learning Chinese.

Assuming a typical Japanese person knows all of his Japanese how well can he read Chinese right off the bat?

I was always curious about this seeing as how there are several similarities in their languages.

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Please stop. Dont bring this in here.

I thoroughly love both Yuugi and Meiling and I dont want to see them being compared at who is better than what over whom.

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It's just a friendly spar

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Oh my, she got her own nose! Now that's fucking hardcore!

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She's one of the four devas, and Yuugi is friends with the Tengu and Kappa. Their race have probably practiced and honed their martial art knowledge with each other through the ages. Yuugi alone would no doubt beat China. Unless it's some fanon bullshit. However, China is very strong, but not strong enough to be top tier fighters like Suika and Yuugi.

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Better at coping with traditional Chinese than simplified, but still would only be comfortable with the general gist of a sentence.

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Are they good at martial arts too?I know that tengu are on the level of aikido masters.

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It's just a discussion about a friendly spar situation. There's no powerlevel comparing or whom is better than whom. Also I like both as well

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They're Sumo Gods.

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Meiling is said to have no weakness and basically is a well rounded youkai if I am not mistaken. Meiling is able to adapt to just about any situation with relative ease. Where as Yuugi is specialized in strength and may not be as readily capable of defending herself in every situation.

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I forgot to add that Yuugi would definitely beat Meiling in in pure physical strength but in other situations Meiling may have the upper hand.

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Thank you for posting my favorite touhou, guys.

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Holy shit that's lewd

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I don't know about Meiling, but Yuugi has a wealth of knowledge in terms of fighting for living or so many eras. Yuugi is not that simple.

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Isn't there a two part doujin based on Meiling'ss and Yuugi's past?

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Yes there is


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It's funny how everyone is on neutral terms with China.

Except Patchouli. She dislikes her.

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I forgot to take that into consideration actually. Yuugi has most likely been around for a long time and has picked up on a few things along the way giving her some good experience and technique along the way. But she may not be as disciplined as Meiling.

Trying to be as unbiased as possible since I love them both.

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Cheers anon

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Either way, I think Meiling would put up a good fight to Yuugi, even if she loses.

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>Picked up a a few things

She fought and lead armies in the Deva-Asura war along with Suika and Kasen...

And probably fought in many other wars.

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"Picked up a a few things" was lightly put

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do you like china with pants or without pants?

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With pants

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I keep hearing about this Deva-Asura War in relation to Suika and co. But what does it have to do with them? Could you tell me a bit about it?

I hope you're not taking "Deva of the Mountain" literally though... That's just the name of their group, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're Devas (though I guess it's possible that they are).

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...Oh. I guess my meiling folder is still on my laptop.

Here, have a sea cucumber instead.

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While it's nice to imagine what a fight between Yuugi and Meiling would be like, I seriously can't see any outcome other than Yuugi stomping a proverbial mudhole in Meiling's ass.

Though we still don't have any idea what kind of capabilities Meiling actually has outside of her profile blurbs and vague mentions in written works


Well, as far as Patche is concerned, Meiling is directly responsible for her losing all those books to Marisa. Even though it's been thoroughly established Meiling can't really stop her thanks to lolspellcards, that won't keep Patchouli for getting mad at her about it.



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She's good with kids!

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No pants. or undies

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What are some good Meiling-centric works?

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This is a very nice picture. Tint of pink in her shirt, pretty but tough face, and slender graceful legs. Very feminine and fitting of a good girl like Meiling. She's played off as a tomboy far too much.

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Deva as in "Deva of the Mountain" and Deva as in "those semidivine guys who hate the Asura supposedly for being evil but are generally jerks and no better than the Asura themselves" are completely different things. One has no bearing on the other.

I have no clue what Deva-Asura wars actually were but I'm fairly sure it involved Indra pissing his pants and making everything worse because he's a cowardly pansy, since that happens in every other Hindu myth.

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That girl's gonna wear her out.


There's actually been a significant rise in them being posted on Danbooru lately. There's what >>8876557 posted. Also


I'm a little too tired to think of any others off-hand.

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From the same storyteller as The Flower that Revolves with the Sun, a story about Yuuka and her daughter Yuka.

Another masterpiece origin story.

The Beauty of Scarlet.

No fanonshit. No yurishit. No ooc shit. Just taking canon, Meiling's missing past, Charismaing Remilia's charisma and making it into an interesting story.

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God damn it you got to it before me. Damn you.

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You're a tad slow, chap. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the story for what it was, as soon as I started thinking things over it all gets a bit messy.

First off why the actual fuck is Remilia tooling around what I can only assume is rural China?

If the martial art that Meiling knows is in fact tai chi quan, there's unfortunately no way for her to have learned it any earlier than sometime in the 1800s because it had been a secret of the Chen family for generations before then.

It also disregards one of the freakishly few established background facts of the SDM group, that Sakuya joined them while they were still in the Outside world.

But, as I said, I still enjoyed it.

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But the Devas did fight in important wars.

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heh my thoughts exactly

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Thats so damn rude of Remilia.

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Wow, they're acting like bros.

But I've seen enough to doubt.

It is from a yuri doujin? If it is, fuck it, secondary shit.

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O shut up.

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Yes, it's Yuri.

Too bad huh, since you gotta get buttfrustrated over silly shit like that you can't enjoy an otherwise good story.

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You don't have to be butthurt over my preferences. Unlike you, I'm not the yuri equivalent of a yaoi fangirl. Anyway, I assure you, I know I'm not missing out on anything good.

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I don't even know what to say. Other than how can you you be so fucking retarded?
Why even read Non H touhou doujin if the way you act is everything is secondary shit.

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I have select preferences over my doujin so that they're not too fanon, such as yuri. Yuri is always over the line. Anyway, don't be upset because I insulted your yurishit hobby.

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Yuri isnt my hobby. I like it but that doesn't mean I only exclusively enjoy that. Generalizing is a sign of how closed minded you really are. Unlike you I enjoy things and I plan to keep it that way.
By all means keep being the supreme badass primary you think you are .

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Welp this thread just got fucked by a really stupid argument.

Oh well.

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This was quite amazing. Leagues better than another Yuugi vs Meiling doujin I read a while ago. So much better.

I cried for them. I liked how that artist depicted Gensokyo. Even though I know it's not canon, my affection and respect for Yuugi and Meiling is even more. Thank you

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Wow, you're far stupider for responding to troll bait.

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Of course, didn't you look at who the artist was?!

>> No.8877043

I dont believe I am familiar with is other works. I most likely have read or seen some of them at one time but never looked at the authors name. I tend to do that with most things I read. Usually I just move on afterwords without thinking.

I'll have to keep him in mind for now one though.

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What's the story behind this picture?

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Is this lewd?

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Not the one who posted it, have no idea. Not popping up in any of the source searches either.


Not lewd at all, but I swear something isn't quite right with Meiling's anatomy there.

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What about this. Is this lewd?

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Shiny as fuck.

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Yes, much too lewd.

(That's ok sometimes though)

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Anyone else was pissed at this in Meiling's scenario?
Also, reported.

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I like lewd sometimes also.

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You mean how her entire scenario just ended up being meaningless with an ending that only further reinforced her status as a joke character?

Yeah that was kinda irksome.

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Hu Jintao!!!

>> No.8880255

Am I missing something here? Areoyu guys talking about a doujin?

>> No.8880261

So I see you never played any games.

>> No.8880267

I have actually. I just was not sure if that was what you are talking about.

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Uh, no. That's one of the ending images from Meiling's scenario in Hisoutensoku.

>> No.8880284

Oh thats why. I dont play fighting games

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Ah, well. To sum it up, it was all a dream because Meiling fell asleep outside. Sakuya brings her into the Library, Patchouli and her talk a bit, then they smack Meiling awake and chuck her back outside.

>> No.8880321

And this Hisoutensoku is canon?

>> No.8880325

Yes, as well as SWR, IaMP and Aya games.

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Don't worry, at least you can enjoy all of Meiling's other canon appearances.

...Oh, wait. Those are all pretty awful too.

>> No.8880360

I guess ZUN just doesn't like Meiling.

>> No.8880375

I guess that make sense. If ZUN hates the west than he most likey hates chinese as well. All that taoism is just to save face.

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Oh don't be like that.

It's more a matter of underexposure than anything, really.

>> No.8880402

Hes worked with a white guy though. I don't think he hates westerners just rather be around his own people..

>> No.8880403

you mean by making a western style character playable and making a western style faction? Strange hate

>> No.8880431

It's a love-hate kind of thing.

>> No.8880434

I dont get it either. Hate has strange ways of being expressed but some argue that ZUN simply does not like the west.

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File: 320 KB, 959x695, hong meiling how about I jaoooo your shit blueboard_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.8880495

>Western-Eastern fantasy

Right. So he went out of his way to show his dislike of the west by adding elements of it all over the place.

How many goddamn blondes does Touhou have anyway?

>> No.8880506

Then why does he not knowledge his western fans like he does with his own people?

>> No.8880540

The guy prefers to acknowledge the local bars and breweries like goddamn Bacchus.

He is just a japanese guy making games, not an international celebrity. Get off his damn case.

>> No.8880558

And it is because of that the west gets the dick when it comes to equal content.

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違う 違うでしょう HONG MEI-LING! 中国じゃない。

>> No.8880636

Well one thing's for sure. According to Hisoutensoku Meiling really loves Gensokyo and would die protecting it.

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I love this artist meiling.

>> No.8880836

She's a fucking LOLMARYSUE XDDD

Shit tastes nigga. Beauty of Scarlet was better.

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Jolyne's missing mama was transported to Gensou.

It all makings freaking sense now.

But really, only the most beautiful and manliest of men for Hong Meiling.

>> No.8880884

So what? You people think everyone is a mary sue.

>> No.8881063


No, the author made her into a total mary sue. It's not Hong's fault. And completely fucked up most of the characters' personalities involved.

>> No.8881224

I fucking teared up at this page. I think I found my most favoritist thing ever, forever.

>> No.8881235



Don't you already like Touhou?"

>> No.8881241

Ah I see. Well it wasn't that bad of a read.

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Meirin is an awesome Touhou. Her patterns are (obviously) very colorful and gorgeous. People throw around the word "mary sue" for characters they don't like. ZUN is a literary genius but he isn't a thirteen-year-old girl writing a fanfiction.

>> No.8881307


Meiling isn't a fucking sue. No one is calling her, as she is in canon, a sue.

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>> No.8881447

Meiling is probably one of the few touhous that wouldn't try and eat me or beat me up or tell me to go away.

>> No.8881461
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If Meiling was a butler instead of a gate guard would you still like her?

>> No.8881470

That's a stupid question.

>> No.8881488
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Kind og meh, on the other hand a maid...

>> No.8881493

She probably wouldn't be able to sleep as often if she were a butler which would make her more agitated and have a negative effect on her personality.

>> No.8882241
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Shou' nuff. That's one of the few nice bits of character development we got out of it at least.


I have to agree, the artist takes it a little too far with uh, I guess "propping her up" would be the way to put it. Too bad too, his stuff isn't half-bad otherwise.


He was only saying it about that one particular artist's take.


Can I just have Meiling in a suit but still a Gate Guard? That'd be nice...

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