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Which touhou smells the strongest?

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Sanae, she really reeks of some form of cleaner fluid/chlorine

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Sanae-san is a good girl she does not have such a lewd smell!

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>she really reeks of some form of cleaner fluid/chlorine
>lewd smell!

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you must be a little girl

semen smells like chlorine

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mine smells like pancake batter

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Considering the amount of alcohol and junkfood they eat, probably whichever one passed gas most recently smells the strongest

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There must be something wrong with your or your boyfriend's semen.

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Oh..Oh i see! i..I did not know that.

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What? Semen smells like semen.

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Bleach/chlorine/ajax is actually quite a common smell on semen.
The only way to change it around a little to my knowledge is eating a lot of fruit and stayng away from spicy food.

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as a person who has smelled lots of ajax and lots of semen, I can definitively say they do not smell the same.

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not him but mine smells like some form of cleaning fluid

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anuses you say?

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Mine kind of smells like piss after I cum and some of the resin is on my pantsu.

Though I do like spicy foods. I wish I did not have to give them up to have a better smelling semen ;_;

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Well semen does consist ammonia/chloride/citric acid and a lot of other things i no longer remember reading about in medclass.

A lot of vitamin C should improve the smell as well.

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You must be pretty lucky to have your semen smell like cleaning fluids.

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My semen smells like what can best be described as Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

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girls grow hair on their anuses?

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Not inside. But around it, of course some do.

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that's fucking disgusting.

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It's delicious. Dont knock it till you try it

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My semen also smells strongly and similarly to cleaning fluid. Although I've seen the diet that you're supposed to eat if you want good smelling/tasting semen and I must say I eat and drink everything you're NOT supposed to.

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Its fucking hot

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I eat a lot of bananas and sometimes grapes and strawberries but I dont think they help make your semen smell any better. At least I dont notice if they do or not

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I can't bring myself to be attracted to any sort of body hair, I thought only men grew anus hair and I'm very disturbed about this information.

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I am sorry that you feel that way anon.

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Girls also poop, in case you didn't know.

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Mine too-exactly like pancake batter. It's crazy. I love the smell of my own cum.

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I find hair on women to be rather attractive. Of course the hair must still be restrictive. Armpit, pubic, and anal body hair all have similar appeals to me as they retain the natural stink of a person which adds a musky appeal. Also female pubic hair is generally very very soft and pleasant to the touch.

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I like you

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ITT: Little girls who has experienced the taste and smell of semen

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"Hai~ In my hand please"

"Good boy~"

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oh god I am going to need to fap now after posting that

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She is the armpit maiden for a reason. I don't think maidens wear deodorant.

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Me too. I especially like nice, soft crotch hair, a little hair around the anus, and some armpit hair can be kinda sexy too.

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go be pregnant somewhere else betty

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Not using impact...

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