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Which Touhou would you sleep with?

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please respond

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Sex is inevitable

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Patchouli, I would even shower for her.

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Patchouli. Cuddle.

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Nitori. I wonder how shed react.

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Ran or Sakuya. Ran would ask me to call her mommy, and Sakuya Big sis.

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I'll try my hardest to hide my erection
while secretly hoping she'll eventually see it and try to relieve me

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this is not "otaku culture" related
go make a thread about mangas, jpop or shit like that

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Kappas are our friends

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/jp/ isn't about otaku culture, go back to /a/

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Ran. No warmer bed on a cold Gensokyo night.

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I'd let her sleep in my bed while i sleep on the couch if you know what i mean.

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Okuu is warmer.

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No contest

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Dogs smell really nice.

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touhou is otaku culture

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I know they are, I didnt mean like that! Its just that shes really shy. I wonder if shed try to cuddle once I fell asleep, or get really embarassed if I tried to, or try herself while im awake and get embarassed, or try to sneak out of bed...etc etc.

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If you sleep with Okuu you wake up with slut cancer.

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If it's non-sexually any touhou would be welcome to sleep with me. Hiding the boner is gonna be an issue though

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Yeah, no.

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She is a cuddlemonster

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Momiji without a doubt.

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she's also a neet a nd probably smells like shit and is all greasy and disgusting

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her being smelly only turns me on even more

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Mama Ran; preferably during a very cold winter where we snuggle to keep warm.

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Enjoy being crushed and stabbed to death with her horn

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She should be more worried about my horn

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Without hesitation.

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She's moist

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theyre all missing a sock or shoe WHYY

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It's moe as HELL.

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I'm pretty sure none of them would get a boner from sleeping next to a guy like you.

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Why does it have to be only one if it's non-sexually? I want a slumber party.

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This anon got it right, also the fluffy tails.

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id get drunk with suika and fall asleep on top of her, or vice versa

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Yukarin of course

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May I sleep with the Black Cat of Ill Omen?

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She would open a gap while you were sleeping and you'd wake up inside an Oni gay bath house

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Cirno for the simple fact that she can keep me cool on those hot, humid and sticky August summer nights.

Think of the money I'll save on my AC bill.

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Okuu, I'd love to feel her wings rub against me as I cuddled with her...

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Ran, so it can lead to sex eventually.

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even better

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What about this made me think of whiskey in the jar

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why throw away your life so recklessly

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[x]Touch fluffy tail

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Shot with both barrels.

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with the best 2hou

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I just wish to stroke Remilia's hair until her scary dreams go away.

Your comment was cuter than the picture. Crazy!

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Just one, but I would imagine a friendly slumber party with almost any of them would be a lot of fun.

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Wow, it's like every part of this post is a troll.

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I'm going to try in a few hours to sleep with Patchy and confess my feelings

How do you guys think the best way would be to sneak into Remi's mansion to try to sleep with Patchy?

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dress up as reimu

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Swim the lake, then tunnel in through the basement.

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I'm a pretty good swimmer so that seems feasible. If I tunnel in too deeply though I might run into Flan.

I've got it!

I'm going to visit Reimu first and use donations as payment for her to give me a blueprint of the Mansion. It's foolproof.

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Pictures of Touhous in bed along with looking_at_viewer are the best, so heartwarming.

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Depends on my mood. Current mood:
Id fall asleep in the bamboo forest under a starry sky with mokou. Wed be clothed, and a few feet apart from each other, and wed each have a cigarette in our mouths, our hands behind our heads, or some position like that.

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I'm okay with that.

Ran would be fun to snuggle with in the winter, it'd be like being in a snuggie, only softer, fuzzier, and more motherly

Snuggly wuggly!

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Extra badass mokou, just for you /jp/

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Bitch in one hand. Fire in the other.

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I want to fall asleep with my head rested on Komachi's udders.

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I think Mokou'd be the type to sleep like this.
She's still pretty cool, though. Going youkai exterminating at 2 am.

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Probably. Not in the forest, as no walls, just bamboo. Id sleep a foot or so to the left wall or on the ground near her if it was in that case.

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I don't think she'd mind.
After all, she's been sleeping for almost 1400 years or so.

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But that's Patchy...