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what keeps you awake at night /jp/?

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I live in an apartment with 3 other people so it really scares me to think that I didn't lock my door before going to sleep. As a result I usually lay in bed for about an hour, completely unable to sleep, before I get up and check the door to confirm that it is locked.

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forgetting to turn my swag off before i sleep and waking up with HELLa touhous on my dick

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stressful things i need to get done in real life

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Nothing. Takes less than 5 minutes to fall asleep usually.

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Knowing that I will wake up tomorrow. Alive.

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The sleep I had during the day.

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The fact that every time I lay down to sleep, my mind haunts me with constant reminders that I'm not on the correct path in life and have accomplished nothing. All my mistakes, even the tiny irrelevant ones, keep repeating in my mind and seep their way into every shaky fantasy of a better life I try to image to lull myself to sleep.


Also I totally sleep in all the time, so my circadian rhythm is way off.

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red bull

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Usually the lesbian couple living next door.
They make a lot of noise, be it music, arguing, or lewd things.

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The fact that I'm not a cute little girl
The fact that I don't have a cute twin sister
The fact that I will never rape a cute trap
The fact that I will never fuck a 2hu
The fact that I will never fall deeply in love with a real woman
The fact that I will never go to space
The fact that I will never be an edgy Byronic hero and go on adventures
The fact that there will never be a good multiplayer FPS or RTS again
The fact that I never once got to shake the Macho Man's hand and now I never will
The fact that I will never wrestle with Aniki
The fact that I will never be boss of this gym
The fact that /jp/ is so shitty

You know, typical stuff.

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A good dose of caffiene and having napped.

And diagnosable depression.

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Me wondering how the hell I'm not dead yet

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Procastination and self pitty.

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I dunno.. energy?

I'm more comfortable at night, as soon as daylight hits I get sleepy though. Fuck the sun, only good for reflecting off the moon.