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I want Mama Ran to smother me with her big, delicious butt

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but she poops from there...

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But she's dirty

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not today she doesnt

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that feel when i'm missing an in-joke

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"But she poops from there," is a 4chan catchphrase used in response to pictures of buttocks or anuses.
"But she poops from there," "Not today you don't!" is from some stupid image macro featuring Giko from 2channel.

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Oh cool, I was wrong and those were SECONDARY ORIGINS.

Thank you >>8860052 for educating me in internet culture.

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That's what makes it so sexy~

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Ran is supposed to look like a teenager, she doesn't have a milf body.

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I don't mind both her tits and ass.

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Touhou needs a loli kyuubi.

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Arararara! I'm glad to see that people still think mommy has her good looks!

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W-what if Mama Ran had bad gas?

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Get out impostor. Mommy doesn't abuse exclamation mark.

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Mommy would take a Gas-X to alleviate it. I wouldn't want to do anything embarrassing.

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Ran, a fox youkai and a shikigami. Specifically a kitsune meaning she has 9 tails. This is the crux of the matter. This would make sitting on a toilet near impossible the normal way. Meaning she would have to sit in reverse on toilets. As a shikigami, she would also be averse to washing with water as well. Wiping would also be pretty difficult as her tails in the way. This would make cleaning up nightmarish for Ran. As well as expensive considering all the tail fur she would need to wash. Thinking about it, she would possibly be even less hygienic than Chen. Unwiped anus, tail closest to ass somewhat stained, doesn't bathe or shower. Thinking about it logically, she would be quite filthy. Especially her anus. And even if hair didn't grow on her anus, it would still most likely be covered in fallen off tail fur most of the time.

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How do you not know about this? I am quite curious because this is common knowledge in this day and age.

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I don't follow internet fads.

I only found out what Hampster Dance was a couple of years ago, despite being in my late teens (and an avid internet user) when the meme started.

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don't you talk like that about mai mama

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You're a faggot, go take a hike dumpass

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What if Ran has Yukari open a over her anus just before she has to poop? Or slightly inside her rectum, a inch or two past her anus? so she never has to truly poop?

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Ran gives me a Oedipus complex

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it would be very inconvenient to have to ask yukari every time she needs to take a shit. although it would make great material for a funny doujin.

or, she could make the gap slightly inside her anus always be open and connected to a toilet, or the moon capital, or whatever, so she never needs to go to the bathroom

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>or, she could make the gap slightly inside her anus always be open
what if someone finds the gap

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she could put it in a really inconvenient place to get at, like hundreds of meters in the air. although I suppose a bird might fly into it someday. but what are the chances of that?

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Yeah, being able to fly is really rare in the Touhou universe.

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you are now imagining a wandering fairy zooming through the gap and getting crammed somewhere tight and dark.

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I am now erect.

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You will never be struck by Rans poop from somewhere in the air ;_;

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Oh yeah? Well I got her frozen turd, you're all jealous

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Ran has the best butt.

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Are you implying that I would let that keep her from sitting on my face anyway? on sir this only makes it better

Ran is a shikigami and is supposed to be at least equal in power to her master, if she keeps practicing she'd could just learn to manipulate borders on her own without asking Yukari.

On a lewd note, I bet Ran has to sleep face down because of all those tails, that means she's already assuming the position ready for you at night...

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I dont know man.

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> bet Ran has to sleep face down because of all those tails

Ran must have a really rough face.

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>>But she's dirty

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Is this Ran?

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Imagine that lewd smell~

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It would smell of love and of course, fried tofu!