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There needs to be a game whose plot is this comic.

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Reimu with gap powers. Too much hax.

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Hasn't she had the gap between her sleeves since Touhou 6?

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I found Border of Phantasm to be a little tacky though, with everyone suddenly appearing with supplies to help.

Probably would've been better with some solid emotional build-up or something. That, and/or I just can't get into this doujin because the art style is crap.

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It's going to happen eventually. Yukari is going to die and shit is going to hit the fan when she does.

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It's not like ZUN's art is much better...

Anyway, the plot can be augmented and lengthened as appropriate for a game to make it epic and awesome.

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Goddamn I like the look on Reimu's face in the last panel.

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Reimu clearly likes older women.

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J-just drink the Hourai Elixir!

Yah! Then Gensokyo would be happy forever!

Marisa, Sakuya, Reimu... no one would die!

Happy Forever! Forever! FOREVER!

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So what would most fans speculate what would happen should the barrier crumble?

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What a scoop, gap demon and miko found to be gay.

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I get to rape Cirno.

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Shit go boom

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Complete sterilization of the entire area.

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"Oh ho why not..."

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We'll find nothing but a country bumpkin dressed like a witch and farm animals wearing silly hats.

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Those are very strange MEHREENS

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I like seeing these two together...

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Good pairing is good

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Screw the pairing, Yukari is good.

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Concealed the Conclusion is probably the closest thing that exists to this.

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I didn't get Border of Phantasm. Yukari disapears for no fucking reason, Reimu loses hope, people arive with shit to redo the barrier, everyone lives happily ever after.
Except Chen, who's left alone since aparently Ran also disapeared for no reason.
Plot is forced and makes no sense.

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