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I'm going to kick your ass faggot. You think you're tough? lets see how tough you are with a couple rounds from my .45 lodged in your skull. Kinda hard to talk shit when I've blown half your face off. You better watch yourself faggots, I work for the fucking CIA, if I want you dead, you are dead. Its that fucking simple. Watch your god damned fucking mouth. I have over 30 years military training, I would rip your spine out while raping your fucking mother up her dried up old skanky cunt. I would then proceed to bundle up what remains of your body and shove my 12 inch cock down your throat and skull fuck you till my cum oozes from every hole in your body. Watch your fucking back. I'm coming for you.

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She's becoming more like one of her godmothers.

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She's gonna become a snake wind god or something?

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I love this artist's style.

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Do you have any pictures that are like this, but with Marisa?

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Indeed, he draws the best eyes.

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Yes, but use iqdb to find the artist using the image you posted.

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IQDB doesn't find anything.

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Try OP image.

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Some of these pictures are kinda... sexual. I like it!

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Such a shame this artist doesn't have any recent pics of Reimu.

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Those are arousing, I don't know if they want to brutally rape me or just murder painfully, it also scares me although one without the other would be bland.

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I want to have sex with their eyes.

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Marisa's hair looks so soft, I bet it feels really good when cuddling and stuff. Not like coarse stupid boy hair.

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Eyes are great

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Too bad about those feet. Nobody's soles are that flat, it looks like she's wearing invisible shoes.

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Ginji is fucking awesome.

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This version of Sanae is superior.

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what are the names of the grimdark touhous?
there's Kumahina, Hatatan, Herange, Nuecha, サナエコチヤ, 鬱ほ... any others?

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Wake up, see this, what do?

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Hug her because I just had a nightmare about being spirit away by old hags.

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Kick her in the chest and push her off the bed asking how did you get a hold of my Sanae costume?

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that art style looks corruppted

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What's with the font rendering? You are making us look bad, dude.

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