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It's Friday night boys, what we drinking?

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it's 11am here
But tonight I'll drink whatever alcohol I find.

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It's 10:51AM

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Nothing...I have to start a part time job tomorrow that is weekends only. I can only get drunk on weekdays now.

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Alcohol is bad for your health, dude. Don't do it.

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The remainder of a bottle of kraken.

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It's actually quite good for you if you're sensible.

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You have no idea how bad this combination is.

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Dear god that mixture looks horrendous.

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That feel when asking your parents to buy you booze is embarrassing as HELL

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What if I want to fuck myself up?

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It tastes like a soggy ashtray.

or a kiss with a smoker; ashy, woody, and tastes like spit and desperation.

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I love you and want you to stay healthy.

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buy it yourself nerd

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Shut up you are not my mom

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I got a bottle of Southern Comfort to finish off.

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I bought some of that rum but I can't finish it. Even if I only drink a little, I feel sick after a few hours, and my brother reports the same phenomenon. Go for Myers's man.

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I am drinking coffee. I added a bit of chocolate powder.

OP might be in Taiwan judging by the bottle, it’s 11:25pm there now, 10:49pm when the thread was made.

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1:26AM here.
we're all in agreement, the best way to drink it is to scull it.
Jim beam works better with Aloe Vera drink.
well for a little while, then worse, then better.

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I had a second glass of that shit. WHY?!

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It takes some getting used to.

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Are these u2312hms or u2412ms? Also dust that shit off.

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all dat NEET living dust.

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yhe dust is all from the past week, I've been working on something

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Damn. Look at this gurl go.

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My camera is MIA at the moment, but I have some very local 180 Proof Limonchello.

It's a super strong, sugary folk liquor. It's like I'm in a western Gensokyo.

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You liking them?

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They're really nice. I have a 3rd that Dell gave me for free in the closet because I don't have a video card that can handle all those pixels.

They passed every one of these tests right out of the box.

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Why did they give you one for free?

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i'll just be drinking tea. alcohol is for peasants.

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Hope you suffocate in it, fucking prince.

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I think you're only supposed to gargle with Listerine.

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you can have a tea too though, it's not expensive and tastes much better than some fermented water created for failures and losers who can't deal with their own life.

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>fermented water
>only drinking to cope.

yup good luck with that.

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Recursion. Also adjusted drink mix for equal shittiness.

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You 14 or something, pussy?

Real men chug Listerine straight.

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I generally just swallow some yeast and then drink lots of sugary drinks.

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It was a special favor. Pic highly related. Let's move on from this derail.

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PLS TELL US!!! >__<

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cheap whiskey and dr. pepper

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Why do you buy sugary death if you don't have money?

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hey Taiwan bro, I'm drinking some badass 奶茶 right now.

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Nah, bra-dizzle. Just nicked down to the 24hour (in) convenience store and picked the most obscure piece of shit we could find.

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What do alcoholic drinks and status updates have to do with Otaku Culture?

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look at the posters...

and the moonrunes on the bottle.

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>Let's move on from this derail.
No I’m going to pursue it.
Is it common in the US for military to get free stuff or whatever because of respect? Does this happen in most countries?
Please explain. I live in a small country in western Europe and I’m not familiar with how far respect for military and such goes in countries that actually need to maintain a military for safety and stuff.

Please explain.

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It's called having fun. We're allowed to accept that this is a board filled with human beings and we can blow off some steam in the occasional off-topic thread.

Take it easy.

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Isn't that like 90+%? Do you at least water it down?

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Pretty sure drinking 90+% alcohol straight will kill you.

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Nope. Drinking a cup is no different than downing half a bottle of vodka at a time, and that hasn't killed me yet.

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So you take two sips and you’re completely wasted?
That doesn’t sound that nice.
I don’t drink hard liquor that often but when I buy a bottle of scotch or vodka or such, I drink it over the course of a night (evening to morning).

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What ale should I drink tonight, /jp/?
Getting bored of Newcastle Brown Ale and Hobgoblin.

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Drink 14W50. That's a top drop by any standard.

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I understand going to school makes EVERY WEEKEND seem more distant than it really is, but seriously?

Have some awesome on-topic blogging threads you can "blow some steam off" in!
>>>/r9k/2097728 (Post what you're drinking!)
>>>/r9k/1780673 (Where did my life go so wrong?)
>>>/r9k/2097147 (Social anxiety tips!)
>>>/r9k/2064842 (NEET general)
>>>/r9k/2080712 (What mental illness do you have?)
>>>/r9k/2093038 (DREEEEEAMS)
>>>/r9k/2065382 (Combination of all above)

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Only if you're chugging bottles of everclear.

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nuthing, I'm broke.
been thinking about doing my own sake, is it worth it?

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This all night every night until I can go to bed.

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You have too much time on your hands.

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>nuthing, I'm broke.
This, it's terrible.

Beer is the one thing that makes me wish I had a job. To think, I could have all the ale I wanted even if I just did some minimum wage work.

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>I understand going to school makes EVERY WEEKEND seem more distant than it really is,
TL Note: On /jp/, being a NEET is a status symbol, and implying posters go to school is a very crushing blow.

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Wait, they talk about stuff like that on there? Every time I go on there it's all "Hey bros, how do I fuck this bitch bro?"

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every board on 4chan is de facto amerikkkun time

although that doesn't mean we cant all be drinking at the same time~

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This. I think our NEET lifestyles and messed up sleep schedules work around it. I'm generally on here from 6PM GMT to about 7AM GMT because that's when /jp/ is most active (hello Ameribros!)

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homebrew bitch

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How the fuck else do you explain that warped sense of time? A weekend is not an occasion. Go talk about this on /r9k/. Please leave! Out!

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You're going to be so shocked when you have your first Christmas on /jp/.

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Dr Pepper, probably.

Or Reimu, can't decide.

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"Occasionally" does not mean "on special occasions".

Sorry that English isn't your first language, hope this helps though.

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You know what I meant.

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I actually had to double that it was already friday.

Guess that means I have to go to the liquor store today.
Hope they restocked stoli, otherwise it'll be russian standard again for me.

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Picked up some moderately priced single malt whiskey.

Time to get drunk and watch Hidamari Sketch.

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Time to drink, got some 12 year old Chivas Regal to enjoy.

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Strawberry milkshake.

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Gonna have some Kraken Rum with Dr. Pepper. That shit is really great.

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Please stop bumping your thread.

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Dr. Pepper every day, all day!

I've got to try that.

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Dr. Pepper tastes and smells so sticky.

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Dr Pepper makes me throw up. No idea why.

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6 bucks for 24 cans.

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I don't get how this day is different than any day? It's the same as any other day.

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A "please respond" works too.

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at least until it becomes a bannable forced meme like the other shit neo-jp spawned recently.

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It's already a retarded forced meme.

Bannable, that would be nice.

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I have a bottle of Apothic Red to finish off.

Although I have a severe migraine so I'm not sure alcohol is the best thing tonight.

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Just started in on a nice Zinfandel.

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“Dad, are you going shopping?”
“No, what do you want?”
“I-I was just wondering if you could get me some beer...”
“Well, when you get a job what about those things you were applying for did your psychiatrist say anything what you're going for some state allowance scheme what is that come back here I'm talking to you why don't you like questions...”

( ._.)

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I don't know what it is about that last sentence of yours but I had to reread it like 5 times to understand it.

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This is basically how I hear people talking at me.

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it's because there's no fucking punctuation

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Got me some cabaret sauvignon. Tastes like rat piss, but it feels good man.