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Anyone knows what crazy shit Alice can do with her Grimoure open?

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Anything but reviving her dead mom.

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Her Grimore was retconned. That book she has now is just a dictionary.

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Reconfags are bad so you are bad.

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Well at least I didn't fire the warp core at the away team... Again...

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Loli Alice was able to fight an EX Level battle.
Guess what healty Alice can do

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Sob uncontrollably.

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Bring back her mom

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Masturbate to Marisa and Patchy dolls

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You can use Alice on the EX stage in IN, you know.

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In Team with the bitch

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You can use solo characters in IN, you know

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still low tier

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Alice is high tier, actually.

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Fuck your shit up something fierce, thats what.

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What can she even do without her dolls?

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she can clean marisa's room

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I'm not sure if she even used dolls in the PC-98 games. But I never played the PC-98 games

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Drink tea

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see >>884149

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PMisS the dols are just for fun.

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Depends what tier you put Reimu and Marisa at.

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Alice is mid-tier.

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She's on the same tier as Marisa, I'd say. Reimu is god tier

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no, never was, never will be

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>>884170 delusional

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reimu is hax tier
Marisa is Cirno tier

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Except Marisa is actually strong

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She has the dolls in PC-98

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But Cirno is the storngest so yeah

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in spell card battles.

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The power of love can overcome anything

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Reimu is not hax tier

oh god i dont wanna get into this shitty argument about fantasy heaven again

fuck off

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No, because she's versatile.

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She is the hax to not be haxed is very hax

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Out of all Touhoues Alice is the best waifu.

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God Tier

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Fanon Alice is

Canon Alice...
Enjoy sleeping alone. Shes into endless magical research

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I think you have it backwards.

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no. Fanon made her lol useless moe blob

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Canon: Witch of Death
Fanon: sad Alice is sad

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I like to pretend that that fanon does not exist.

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there's no fanon

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enjoy your next to nonexistent character

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Are there any good not ronery Alice doujins? Preferably not Yandere

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Somewhere I read alice used 10% of her full power in PCB
Stage 3 Boss x10=Extra Stage Boss if she uses her full power?

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Yeah. She doesn't like to use her full power and instead tries to beat her enemies strategically. If she just brute forced everything she'd be EX tier.

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Alice doujins
[]Chasing Marisa's ass

Pick two.

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There's tsundere Alice doujins.

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There is a reason why marisas power with alice backup can go up to 10

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See >>884149

She whas EX in one game

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are there any straight Alice gets raped doujins?

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Alice always secretly wants it so no. In every rape doujin, she's either using those voodoo dolls to get people to fuck her or inviting people over her house to fuck her.

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If it looks like rape Im fine with it

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post some

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What a slut...

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From the filename it looks like you have the whole doujin, need upload.


Level order doesn't necessarily mean power level, even if it did she got beat in her EX level by Reimu and possibly others. Considering that Reimu, Marisa and Yuka all are stronger than they were I think the power gap is still about the same.

It's all theory craft in the end.

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Yeah, I knew that from Mokou being an EX boss even though her power level is the same as Kaguya's and Eirin is stronger than both of them. I guess by EX I just meant "strong".

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We have an Suika tier Oni for lvl 3 boss

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Can you summarize the plot?

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I haven't really played much of SA so I kind of forgot about her

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Alice gets raped. The last pages shows Alice looking at a straw effigy thing so she may have not actually been raped and actually wanted it

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Alice gets tied up, gets raped, the end.

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More like she wants to use the doll to get out of this rape?

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solid plot, sold

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Yea but shes just toying with you

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just like all high tier characters

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Ah but in the end it whas all part of Alice's plan to get sexed.

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ur a faget

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This image is appropriate for so many situations.

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Hey now that one whas actually rape Hina wasn't enjoying any of that shit.

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Yes she was. In Japan, rape is an activity enjoyed by all parties involved.

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They all got crushed, in the end. So it doesn't really matter

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She uses the book every time she fights as it's the source of her powers. So sayeth the mighty zun.

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At first they wanted to beat her up because she is a cursed bitch.
But cursebitch was fuckhot so they tried to torment her in a funnier way.

Too bad some curse kicked in so early...

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Hey you have any more by SOS?

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Yes. I do.

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Can I have them?

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brace for shitstorm

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Why someone would want to see my beautiful waifu get raped is beyond me

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No sir, I do not like it.
and I do not understand it, what the fuck are those bars for

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Not this time Jim

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potential, lol

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That's actually pretty accurate

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Yeah, but Aya is stronger than everyone combined.

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Alice should be on the same tier as Marisa. And I think Hina is stronger than tier 2.

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Sakuya has way more potential than marisa

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Yuka needs to go up to the top and Reimu needs a bit more I'd say and I think EX Keine is a bit too low.

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i like how patchoulis potential goes down due to asthma

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Nop grimoure open Alice goes up that much

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ITT : Opinions

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I mean, I'm pretty sure that Alice is as strong as Marisa without her grimoire

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Oh and fix Eirin

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eirin's potential should be higher

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You forgot to link >>884493

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I thought tewi was stronger than reisen

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Raise up EX Keine?

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lol no.
In fact, Reisen is the character that holds up danmaku the most.

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Raise up EX Keine?

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Butt hurt

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Raise Alice up a level

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I love how Chen goes all the way up to Yukari/Suika level.


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Last time, people were complaining and wanted Komachi to be stronger/as strong as Yuka...

Also, Lily White where?

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butt hurt because of what?

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How can you just ignore those delicious legs...?

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I agree completely.

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Over Eirin not being as powerful as you want

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I wasn't ignoring them, if you know what I mean

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Huh. I thought Keine was the shit.

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Normal Keine isn't.

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Fixing the fanboyism.

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Her slut levels are off the charts

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Why is Medicine as high up on the power chart as she is? She didn't seem very strong or important

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>Over Eirin not being as powerful as you want

Sorry, but I was just updated my old chart with some canon facts and Anons wishes. Actually, I wanted to do that months ago.

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Poison is effective against everybody.

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She's the real slut of Touhou, so you can't judge her until she pulls real action one day.

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I liked that doujin where Alice rapes Medicine.

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Poison is awesome, and she's on par with the Prismriver Sisters, which is where I would put her.

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I don't know, but Anon wanted her there.

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Uh, little more specific?

>> No.884677


I thought it was going to be guro, but futa is fine too.

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Now for the new ones.
Start the shit fest!!

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[Memoria] Ningyou Kakumei

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Brace for shitstorm over Yuka fanboyism.

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Ok now where do I put Iku?

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Why no one think of the fairies?

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go away corea

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Where's Yuka...well, she should be a bit low on base Youmu power, but reaching Remilia's lower.

>> No.884725

She talks with dragons, so above Yuka.

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He put her on par with Yukari and Suika.

>> No.884738

>>884722base Youmu power

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This comic says all about touhou powerlevels, also YUKA IS THE STRONGEST!

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don't tell me that thats all we got on her

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That man may be unpopular and shit, but Soft Yomu speaks the truth.

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Mima should be 2 squares lower of Suika, but higher.

>> No.884764

Keine at it again?

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Haha. That's great.

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Being an ambassador from the Dragon Palace is certainly a position of power.

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Bring her up a notch

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Since lvl6 places are given like candy, shouldn't the yama be comparable with Yuka?

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I'd put her up a bit more but I don't think she hits the border.
Need more input on that.
And Iku yes no what?

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This one is going to start a storm...

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I created that shit, so yeah.

>I'd put her up a bit more but I don't think she hits the border.
The chart needs an end. Somehow I think only the strongest, meaning the oni, should reach to border. (yukari's can simply end in a gap, and say lol fuck you, powerlevels)
>Need more input on that.
>And Iku yes no what?
I got the feeling that she fits well on Komachi level but think that's a bit to high.

Also I heard there were Tenshi powlvl discussions which I missed.

Not enough info on the new ones. Also where to put Spring?

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Who cares? It's only Spring

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Yes he is, on /jp/.

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You must be new here

>> No.884957

Also where to put Spring?
on 3?
And put Koakuma there too.

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