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This monkey subhuman fucking nigger walked by me today. He said something in his unintelligible nigger-babble. I lost it and called him what he was, a worthless nigger. told that fucker. I hate niggers so god damn much.

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to all the black american please no message
i have scared very much because of the news
violence and looting

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Serious response, for no damn good reason at all, here goes!

Jive-talkers are indeed sub-human, but then again what is the word "nigger," hmm? Slurred English. Whoever started slobbering "negro" as "nigger" was probably more poorly educated than the jive-talking counter-culture faggot that "walked past" you "today."

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I am black and I believe I speak English with a very neutral North American accent.

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Anime keeps me away from reality so much that I just heard about this travon martin guy.

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This comic and it's various edits never fail to make me laugh

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They're pretty funny. But this thread's still dumb.

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someone one japan-guide.com actually wrote that in their add

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dude, are you drunk?

oh fuck

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>nigger is slurred English
Slurred Spanish actually.
>Whoever started slobbering "negro" as "nigger" was probably more poorly educated

"In the Colonial America of 1619, John Rolfe used negars in describing the African slaves shipped to the Virginia colony.[5] Later American English spellings, neger and neggar, prevailed in a northern colony, New York under the Dutch, and in metropolitan Philadelphia’s Moravian and Pennsylvania Dutch communities; the African Burial Ground in New York City originally was known by the Dutch name "Begraafplaats van de Neger" (Cemetery of the Negro); an early US occurrence of neger in Rhode Island, dates from 1625. Nineteenth-century English (language) literature features usages of nigger without racist connotation, e.g. the Joseph Conrad novella The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' (1897)."

I also find it deeply ironic that Anglophones slurred the word so much that they ended up closer to Latin (niger-) than Hispanics (negro) or Francophones (nègre)

that said OP is a faggot

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umad nigger xD

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"Negro" is in the dictionary. The English dictionary. Look it up.

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So is "seppuku", I'm pretty sure. I don't see your point.

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Why haven't you made friends with people from Japan-guide anon?

>My name is Miko
>I'm 15 years,was born 1997.
>I am poor at English.
>I do my best now and am studying English.

>I love toho-project❤
>I also like comic and VOCALOID.
>Favorite bands are the Jinkaku-Radio and sekkenya.
>My hobby is drawing an illustration.

>I would like to make friends with the person with same hobby.
>I want pen friend.
>I am glad when age is a near person.

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Sanae thread?

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Why are you getting mad over a word? I'm black too and it doesn't bother me. Just learn to take it easy.

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>I am glad when age is a near person.

Go find one that says she wants a boyfriend older than her dad.

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shouldn't you be posting on /an/

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tell her ur 16, how the fuck is she going to know

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I'm not black, I'm autistic. Please be more understanding.

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To be honest I never knew that existed.

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Yeah, I'm sure you don't. Deleting my original post anyway so I don't accidentally set off the automatic ban bot if they decide to run it. Have fun with your shitposting thread.

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