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Which Idol's butt do you want on your face the most?

Pic related, I want Takane to grind her ass all over my face and make me sniff her butthole.

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( ´_ゝ`)

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That butt looks big and ugly. I'd probably prefer nice tight butt possibly Makoto.

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>Takane's big butt

Fuck you, peasant.

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I'd like Hibiki's strongly perfumed, slightly damp, stubbly, gypsy butthole on my face. And even through the perfume you could smell her sphincter stink.

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Perfumed butthole. HHHehehe

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>>not liking all types of dat ass and all sizes of tits

Brings the best variety when it comes to fapping.

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When I can see the panty lines my dick gets extra happy.

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(Oh My God, Yayoi, look at her butt!)

I like Takane's butt and I cannot lie;
you other producers can't deny
that when an idol walks in with an itty-bitty waist
and a round thing in yo face you get

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This was a which butt do you prefer thread zunbar you blind bat.

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Now now let's not get butthurt over this

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The best butt has been posted everyone can go home now.

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>Makoto's tight little rear
>Better than Takane's big, healthy voluptuous round booty


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How do you even play idolm@ster?
don't you need an xbox for it?

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It's always butts with this guy.
stop talking about idol butts.
if you make one more thread about butts I am going to call you the buttm@ster.

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Doctor doctor can you tell me the news I got a BAD CASE OF LOVING BUTTS

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I can't imagine how good she'd smell after drinking in all that darkness.

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Probably like heaven; I wouldn't want her ass to ever leave my face

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congrats on the marriage

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What if you like both?

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I like both too, but big round butts are my favorite.

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Tight firm feels good in your hands blackie.

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It's also on PS3, PSP and DS.

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How does it feel to have same taste as a nigger?

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Takane big ugly booty will end up with wrinkled and looking like a monster as she ages. Nice tight firm butts will keep their form and nice shape as she gets older.

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How does it feel to be a faggot?

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The difference is my comment is true and your comment isn't. Stay mad.

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The difference is my comment is true and your comment isn't. Stay mad.

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>I prefer my asses to be like little boy's butts instead of healthy, curvaceous grown-up women's

gaylord detected

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All the asses here are lame.
this is an ass.

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I want to be shoved up Takane's butt headfirst

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i want the asshole, scat and fart shitposters to leave.

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Tetrodotoxin is an exception. Butts that big are normally gross.

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I would be the gayest gaylord since gay went to gay town to be able to grab Makoto's butt.

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That little flat thing can barely be called a butt.

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>guy asses
Except she is a girl. So that is the big hole in your shit logic. Nigger bubble butt lover.

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>says the guy posting loli with flat butt

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Bigger ass the wider the pussy.

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Except girls are supposed to have wide hips and big butts, which are feminine traits, man-trait lover.

Makoto is known for looking like a boy anyway, is this a confusing concept for you, my sexually confused friend? It's okay to be a big gay homosexual.

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I admitted to wanting to be gay for Makoto, what's the problem here friend?

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Have you even been outside? Few girls actually possess those qualities. And thin is the new in now. why do you think so many stick girls out there? Get with the times dude.

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You don't have those qualities unless you are a overweight landwhale like Christian Hendricks.

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>Have you even been outside?

I don't think you know where you are and would like to suggest that you go back to where you came from.

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Makoto's butt is a miracle of the universe.

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I forgot this is what you like.

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False dichotomy. Nice try

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Butt gets bigger after pregnancy and Makoto will be perfect then.

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You are buttdevastaed just admit it. My refined taste are so far above yours pleb.

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>Claims to be a butt aficionado
>prefers a lack of booty

This is a booty. Also, this is 2D, where butts can be made ideal, fucking 3dpd lover.

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Says the guy using the old argument you have to like women with big hips. We evolved past that nonsense.

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Not the same guy, jackass.


>Evolved past that nonsense
>evolved past having a preference for a certain body type
>aka: my tastes > your tastes

Fuck you bony-ass lover.

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>claiming fat booty is good
That shit only started because of nigger rap culture. You have no taste.

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Wrong. Big juicy asses are naturally sexy-they just have to be shaped right.

A lack of an ass is completely unappealing, I don't why you feel so special for enjoying it.

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I'll kill you in real life if you ever question my superior taste in butts. I never said I love no butts, but a nice tight butt. You will perish under my quality taste.

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You're starting to sound like you like 3D. Are you on the right board?

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>tight butt
I think you mean
>flat, shapeless ass

You have shit taste, and aren't a true butt connoisseur.

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I feel the same way about flat chests. They are unappealing an un sexy. Alough a huge ass is fucking disgusting. Op pic is perfect.

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Stop this idiocy. You have not "evolved" past wanting a mate. You're not some transcendent being who has no more human desires. Stop pretending you are because it's gotten annoying.

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I'd take that over landwhales any day which was the point that was being made. Also get out 3dpig lover.
For example Jessica Alba>>>Christina Hendricks.

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But you are posting Makoto. 0/10 my jimmes remain unrustled.

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>Big round ass
>only possessed by landwhales

I see the derp doesn't fall far from the herp, fartcommander.

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People can be asexual what the fuck are you smoking numbnuts?

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This post is incredibly ironic.

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Where's NSJ when you need him?

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>People can be asexual
Yeah, no. That's what teenagers who've given up say.

>> No.8843325

Seriously? These 2D idiots have taken a joke to heart and actually believe the garbage they spout.

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That's because She is one of my favorite Idols and I think she is cute and lover her butt, I just think big asses are better than tight ones, and that an ass needs to be prominent and well-shaped to qualify as a proper ass. In short: A flat ass is not okay.

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There's no other choice

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>my jimmies remain unrusled

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Please just go back to /v/, or /a/, or wherever you came from. This board isn't for people like you.

>> No.8843331

Okay. Keep this facade up. I'm sure you're impressing your pals here who take /jp/ too seriously.

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I'm with this guy in liking tight butts and I always found it funny how the blacks I know criticize me for not liking the butts they like which are usually big and fat and ugly. Small, defined butts are the best.

Too big and no definition, would not bang.

I need to see those ass lines.

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Asexuality is a deviant trait that makes a person unfit for producing young-evolution selects for the ability to produce offspring. That kind of requires humans to be sexual, cause, you know, they can't produce by themselves.

Why do retards constantly use evolution in the wrong context? I bet you think evolution travels in one direction, too. You guys are no better than faggots that believe in the Rapture.

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Why not appreciate butts of all shapes and sizes?

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>implying Makoto has a small butt in that picture

Looks like producer has been feeding something new to his girls.

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You have a very limited understanding of biology.

>> No.8843347


I don't want to impress anyone. I just want you to leave. I find your viewpoints offensive.

>> No.8843348

It was probably the wrong image to use.

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The only idol that I fap to is Mami

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I just want to crawl up in there and nibble on some corn

Also I don't think asexual people would be interested in female butts. And a 2d complex is far from asexual.

>> No.8843357


Then please tell me how asexuality could ever possibly be beneficial for an individual to pass on their genetic material, dumbass.

>> No.8843368

Because I only like small tight butts, I am sorry but that's just the way it is.

>> No.8843363


Why are you bumping this thread?

>> No.8843365

Well, I find your viewpoints offensive. You're talking out of your ass desperately trying to believe shit the shit you spout like "I'm asexual!" or "I don't need 3DPD! My .jpg collection's better!" Telling someone to go to x board isn't an argument. You have none.

>> No.8843371

>hating on dfc or flat butts aka you hate loli
You guys really need go to /b/ or something you don't belong here.

>> No.8843379

Ask politely and maybe I'll enlighten you. Don't be so proud of your ignorance.

>> No.8843385


Remember that I said individual, not a species or a group.

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>> No.8843392

The difference here is that you are a dumb cunt and therefore your opinions are invalid, and in any case you are probably not from the board since in that case you would have seen this argument hashed out (usually by retards from /sp/ or whoever else was actually dumb enough to be convinced to go raiding) many times before.

>> No.8843399


I never claimed any of what you're putting into my mouth - but your attitude further confirms your unsuitability for this board. I'm not sure what you're trying to find here; maybe a "cooler" version of /a/ or /v/ with a more mature userbase or something like that, but you're mistaken. /jp/ is a holding cell for end-of-the-line, terminal NEETS and rejects waiting for the portal to Gensokyo.

Maybe I'm speaking for too much of /jp/ here (sadly), but I don't believe your attitude and viewpoints to be contiguous with the core values of this board, and would prefer if you took it elsewhere. Nothing more and nothing less than that.

>> No.8843406

You cannot talk about individuals in the context of evolution. An individual does not evolve. A non-reproducing individual will certainly not pass on his or her genetic material personally, but more copies of his or her genes may be passed on as a result.

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Because these types of asses are pig disgusting

>> No.8843419

I'll keep coming here. Nothing's going to stop me. Just because a few of you have taken a joke too far and are living that joke doesn't mean the board has to reflect that.

>All things otaku welcome!
>This is the appropriate board for the discussion of Japanese visual and light novels. Western visual novels should be posted to /vg/, and translated visual novels are fine on either board.

If all you have is childish insults and catchphrases to hurl at me, why bother responding?

>> No.8843432

>people actually thinking producing kids
Tell that to my friend who's brother killed both their parents. Kids are fucking crazy and autism is on the rise everywhere. Enjoy the end of your life when you have kids.

>> No.8843435

>I'll keep coming here. Nothing's going to stop me.
That's great, you can get in line behind all the other shitty posters that nobody wants around but nevertheless refuse to go away. If it's recognition you want, though, you'll have to make a lot more shitty posts than you are now.

>If all you have is childish insults and catchphrases to hurl at me, why bother responding?
My assessment of you is that you are either a complete retard or a very good troll, but probably the former, and I felt like sharing this assessment with others.

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But that's an obese black woman. Of course it would be disgusting.

>> No.8843443

Hibiki is another example of a great small tight butt.

>> No.8843444

Technically those butts are still nice and tight. I just don't like big nigger butts.

>> No.8843448

Hibiki's butt isn't small!!
Fuck off.

>> No.8843465


I'm trying to suggest that it'd probably work better for everyone if you used another board to discuss what you want to discuss (asses, evidently) you might find more like-minded individuals more sympathetic with your viewpoints. If you want to keep coming here, there's nothing anyone could really do about it, but you're just going to keep getting embroiled in petty arguments like this.

I really wish you'd just leave.

>> No.8843468

/jp/ isn't what you want it to be. It's simply a place to discuss things not covered on some other boards. It's not a place to be proud about who the biggest failure is. The one-upmaship of who can be the biggest loser is one of the worst parts of the board. You're just a shitposter plain and simple. There's no way around it.

More childish insults that contribute nothing to the debate.

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Say that to my face and not online and see what happens.

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I love this. Chihaya's butt looks so good here.

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small tight butt crew unite

>> No.8843481

I never posted in this thread about asses. Why are you making assumptions?

>> No.8843495

Nobody actually cares what you think about /jp/, so you can stop ranting now, especially because it had nothing to do with the post you actually replied to. Maybe you should get a blog for this kind of thing.

You're certainly a troll, but whether you're actually retarded or pretending to be retarded is still in doubt. I understand that you feel very accomplished by flamebaiting suckers into the current idiotic exchange, but please.

>> No.8843490

I really enjoy the soft, quite shapeless yet subtly feminine butts of tiny Japanese girls.

>> No.8843492

Yeah it is, you don't know what you are talking about

>> No.8843496

I like boobs more maybe it's because I have a decent ass on myself I could grab anytime I wanted.

>> No.8843503

This. If I wanted ass, I have my own.

Granted I have mantits too, but they're presumably not as good as bishojotits.

>> No.8843504


>Why are you making assumptions?

I hope this is rhetoric, as it's fairly obvious if you've been around for very long that it's extremely easy to lose track of individual posters on an anonymous imageboard. I was merely assuming that you were the person who I had originally responded to.

>> No.8843513

>Nobody actually cares what you think about /jp/
The same goes for you actually.
>Maybe you should get a blog for this kind of thing.
Same goes for you.
>You're certainly a troll, but whether you're actually retarded or pretending to be retarded is still in doubt. I understand that you feel very accomplished by flamebaiting suckers into the current idiotic exchange, but please.
More childish insults.

It's pretty easy to tell us apart. He's bumping with pictures. All my posts in this thread have been with same. All it takes is a little bit of critical thinking

>> No.8843523

Mantits aren't anything like women boobs.

>> No.8843526


This is obviously some kind of personality conflict for you. I'm not sure what you're trying to get out of beating someone from /jp/ in a "debate," and while I can't speak for anyone else, I'm not trying to argue with you - I just want you to leave.

>> No.8843530

I-I heard if you wear a bra long enough and drink enough milk, they turn into woman boobs...

>> No.8843532

>The same goes for you actually.
I guess we've both got to stop posting about how /jp/ has got to change, then. Truly tragic. Good thing this doesn't affect me in the slightest.

>Same goes for you.
You're ranting about /jp/ as a whole. My posts are directed towards you.

>More childish insults.
If you see pointing out that a retard is a retard is inherently childish behavior I guess it just can't be helped.

>> No.8843573

>You're ranting about /jp/ as a whole. My posts are directed towards you.
You honestly believe /jp/ as a whole has your mindset? You're delusional. Your "/jp/" a small vocal minority at best.

>I'm not sure what you're trying to get out of beating someone from /jp/ in a "debate,"
I'm just trying to convince you that your attitude is detrimental to the board, so I stop seeing your kind of self-righteous shitposting. I see that's not going to work because you've sunk so deep.

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>butt thread
>devolves into butthurt

everyday is just an asspained adventured on /jp/

>> No.8843619

>You honestly believe /jp/ as a whole has your mindset?
My mindset is that nobody actually cares about the particular problem you claim the board has; most people agree. I'd wager that in honesty, you don't actually care about it either and are just in it for the flaming.

>Your "/jp/" a small vocal minority at best.
Yeah, well, your /jp/ a shit.

>I'm just trying to convince you that your attitude is detrimental to the board, so I stop seeing your kind of self-righteous shitposting.
And I'm just curious to see how long you can carry out a retarded little shitfest of a conversation about absolutely nothing.

>> No.8843635

If you have nothing to say other than "you don't belong here!" wrapped up in insults and catchphrases, I'm going to go to my VNs. Out of curiosity, since you're the /jp/ expert, what's a good mystery VN?

>> No.8843647

Where are you Clammy, post more butts.

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Sorry, I had to go do some stuff.

>> No.8843663


Let's be real here for a second, this is my last reply. First, we're ALL shitposting right now. Second, here's how this discussion went. I said someone sounded like they liked 3D and questioned if they were on the right board. You came in on your high horse declaiming a joke that got "out of hand" and that nobody really likes 2D more than 3D. Basically, you like 3D and you want everyone to hold the same viewpoint as you on /jp/ - this isn't going to happen. In the real world we are the deviants, but here YOU are the deviant, and you should accept this and keep your attitudes to yourself or just move on. Boards are more complex than the simple headers moot puts under them; there is an established culture on /jp/ and you should respect it, conform to it, or simply get out. Nobody cares if you think "loser one-upmanship " is the worst part of this board - you are the minority and should act as such. You might think I'm overreacting, but normalcy has permeated every aspect of pretty much every other board on 4chan and I'm sufficiently butthurt about it to speak to it at length. You have your place, let us have ours.


>> No.8843673

>You came in on your high horse declaiming a joke that got "out of hand" and that nobody really likes 2D more than 3D
Wow, a few sentences in and you're already misrepresenting the opposition.

>> No.8843685
File: 186 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_The_Idolmaster_05_(1920x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[B44D48DF].mkv_snapshot_06.50_[2012.03.18_01.00.07].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.8843688

>you are the minority and should act as such
You know this isn't true, right?

>> No.8843705


>> No.8843698

Condense your shit.

>> No.8843709

Serious question. You don't honestly believe that, do you?

>> No.8843712




>> No.8843717

good thread op

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File: 136 KB, 1280x720, Buttshakenofriendssighsigh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP here

Why can't you all be like Clammy and be civil and just post butts? This shouldn't be a metathread about fucking shitposting and 2d/3d bawwwing and shitslinging.

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God I love butts

>> No.8843719

I'm too lazy to fish out the stop don't black hole macro so let's just pretend I did and call it a day.

>> No.8843732

Nice misinterpretation. Maybe if you read the post before it, you would have gotten the most out of it.

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Oh lord, I love that image. Mitsuru's butt looks so deliciously round. I want to put my face in it.

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I like Reimus ass.

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Kanako has a nice ass

>> No.8843751


Round Mitsuru butt in the face would be like discovering heaven in your backyard

>> No.8843753

Too lewd.

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>> No.8843769

The 3D is on the wrong screen dipshit

>> No.8843784

I just want to bury my face in those butts

>> No.8843792
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Was that directed at me?

>> No.8843816


Oh god, I love rozenweapon's butts.


Because Clammy drew it, right?

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Mikus ass is amazing.

>> No.8843854
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They're so fucking good.

>> No.8843895

Oh, no, it wasn't

>> No.8843890
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>> No.8843894

>/jp/, Butt Culture

>> No.8843897


>> No.8843905
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I want to put my nose in Patchy's butt crack and take a sniff.

>> No.8843953
File: 1.31 MB, 2000x1739, 23cb65b78170875112afacb094b46fab3b895c68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8844059


I wanna lay on that bed and take turns sniffing each of their asses

>> No.8844069

I'd rather let them take turns sniffing my ass

>> No.8844081
File: 404 KB, 1200x1600, ef635f95938fe1605e6c50f7941a721e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With or without their clothing on? I find the idea of sniffing their butts while they have their clothing on to be really erotic.

>> No.8844113


With-all the sweat and other delicious subtleties built from wearing their panties and clothes all day will create a delicious odor.

Then, off, to enjoy the increased intensity. It's a full-course butt sniffing dinner.

>> No.8844120
File: 281 KB, 600x800, fd123d267b9f133c1858ce87fde82335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You certainly know your stuff.

>> No.8844131
File: 992 KB, 3200x3700, 1324819593529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8844145
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What do you think Ran's butt smell like?

>> No.8844147


Probably a little bit sweatier; tangier and stronger than other butts, with a hint of hamster-cage smell; her tails make that area hotter and thus sweatier, and let's be honest-she probably has a hard time cleaning herself.

>> No.8844153
File: 2.25 MB, 1845x2700, a5f4f5f4b70868449c14589281dff074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hambahgah butt.

>> No.8844155 [SPOILER] 
File: 88 KB, 516x516, 47db7f0da6eb348f65f04fc2d6c7fb64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That sounds like the greatest smell ever. I want to worship Ran's sweaty butt.

>> No.8844167


I agree

>> No.8844179
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>> No.8844199

Iori never gets any love in these threads.

>> No.8844208
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>> No.8844210
File: 1.02 MB, 1393x2000, 1327466765514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8844218
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>> No.8844232
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>> No.8844328


>Smackin dat Iori butt

Awww yeah.

>> No.8844385
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>> No.8844389

homu homu

>> No.8844442
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>> No.8844446


>> No.8844495 [DELETED] 
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>> No.8844509
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>> No.8844545


>> No.8844547

which idol u want 2 take shit on ur face /jp/

>> No.8844559
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>> No.8844584



>> No.8844603
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Liking ass and anus isn't the same as liking scat or farts, so please don't connect the two and ruin this fetish.

>> No.8844614

I want to poke my index finger up her butthole and wiggle it around

>> No.8844859

But they are the same and they constantly overlap whether you like it or not. Whether you are aware of it or not.

>> No.8844877


Then hide the threads if you don't like it, faggot, and go back to jerking off to 2hus.

>> No.8844904
File: 336 KB, 1130x1600, ywTU2Cbk3t_05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

says you.
I like them huge and fat. what the fuck are you gonna do with a Skinny bony ass. this is why milfs are the best.

>> No.8844915

I am not the one who was complaining about farts.

>> No.8844921
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I cant get off if the women doesn't have a very large ass. even this ass is cutting it.

>> No.8844931


Nope. You're projecting. Not everyone is a freak like you.

>> No.8844938

Quit denying it like it simply does not happen.

>> No.8844950

Um no, your wrong.

>> No.8845013


It doesn't. Lots of normals have an ass fetish it's probably one of the most popular turn-ons in existence, but it doesn't imply that they like scat or farts. Fuck off.

>> No.8845465 [SPOILER] 
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Liking farts isn't the same as liking scat, so please don't connect the two and ruin this fetish.