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Highest Judge of Paradise vs Moon Sisters of the Lunar Capital

Who wins?

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Oh great, a powerlevels thread.


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Lunarians beat everything


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I'm confused. Am I supposed to read it from left to right or from right to left?

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They are annoyed and pissed off that she showed up, not scared or worried.

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But the Highest Judge of Paradise can just send you to hell if she wants to!

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Right to left
It's because they asked for "Yamadabadoo" to come.

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No. It is not what she wants. It is your sins or good deeds that send you to yout iltimate fate.

The Judge of Hell cannot be muddle by petty things like emotions or opinions.

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Makes sense. So, going by your theory, only if the Moon Sisters did a lot of bad things, Shikieiki would be able to defeat them, right?

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Let them have sex already.

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Given how easily they defeat Remilia, and that Yukari is clearly no match in a fight, I highly doubt that Eiki would stand much of a chance. She can't send people to hell just because she wants to, although she might be able to exert some influence over the judgement if it could go either way when their time comes.

I generally assume that all endgame bosses are approximately equal in terms of power, so I personally don't go with this whole "Eiki is stronger than Reimu, Yukari and Yuyuko" thing.

That's just my interpretation though. So little is clearly explained in canon that these things are almost always only opinions.

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No, not "can," but "will."

She has the ultimate power, the judge of everything. She'd defeat them quite easily.

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Does the moon have the same heaven

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>I highly doubt that Eiki would stand much of a chance

More reasoning for this? Because it's pretty doubtless that aliens can overrule the highest judge of creation.

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They can't overrule her, but she would need to have some grounds to condemn them. In other words they can only be sent to hell/defeated if they deserve it. I have no idea if they deserve it, but I'm assuming not.

Anyway, isn't Eiki only the yama of Gensokyo? The moon isn't Gensokyo, so I don't know if she would even have the power to act there.

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I'm betting on Yamaxanadu
Never liked those lunar bastards

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I thought i was the only one.

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Isn't Eiki usually on Hell or Higan? Why would Eiki even fight against them if she's usually doing her job? It's not like the Lunarians will go after her to do anything. And isn't Eiki immortal? If we assume that, if she has any kind of power outside of being able to judge people, she could just fight until they are tired.

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A team of Yukari, Mokou, Erin, Reisen, Tenshi and Reimu could probably defeat the lunarians if they wanted to.

But I doubt they'd ever team up just for that

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She'll always exist until the end of time, that's how Yama work. It's kind of like Saint Peter if you know Catholic's version of Heaven.

But it's nothing like it. But it's kind of like it. You know?

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Have you read SSiB? Sakuya, Remilia, Marisa and Reimu got their asses handed to them by these cheating whores.

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>Why would Eiki even fight against them if she's usually doing her job?

She wouldn't, this is a hypothetical scenario. I really can't see anything leading to Eiki meeting the Lunarians except a friendly visit (which is never out of the question) or Eiki being sent to judge them, in which case she would easily defeat them. But as I just said, I'm not sure if Lunarians fall within her jurisdiction.

>And isn't Eiki immortal?

Yeah, I think so. But does that mean that she will never die from natural causes, or that she is truly indestructible? I've always assumed that Kaguya and Mokou were unique in being completely unkillable.

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> But does that mean that she will never die from natural causes

Are you serious? I-I mean I mean, are you serious right,

are you serious right now?

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I always assumed the Yama only had complete dominion over the dead but not yet sorted. Lunarians aren't technically immortal, so I guess Eiki would have control over them once they were dead.

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why are they such cunts

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EVERYONE falls under her jurisdiction, thus why Komachi threatens/warns Tenshi about her faux/undeserved immortality. Yes, even Celestials do not escape her.

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Why is Yukari no match in a fight? She surrendered in Silent Sinner just so she could be a distraction and there's no account of the first invasion other than it failed.

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So you're saying that Eiki is not the Yama of Gensokyo, but of the moon too? But isn't canonically known that Eiki is the Yama of Gensokyo?

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That's what I figured too. As a natural embodiment of justice or something. But then there's that conversation about overpowering the Yama, and the fact that it's a position, not a single being, to contradict me. Shiki wasn't always the Yama, and there will probably be others after her.

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Yes, I know she will never die from that.

But I don't know if she's capable of dying from being cut in half or something.

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Shikieki is a judge, appointed by what I can only brand as the Ineffable or ultimate being. I agree that she is simply an embodiment of justice, but as long as whatever powers her up is permanent and strong enough, she will keep judging souls, regardless of where they are from.

I cathegorize "Creation" as the Universe itself, not just the Earth.

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I know in the Chinese version of things she'd occupy a specific spot in the cosmic bureaucracy, but I'm not sure how Japan integrates the concept.

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Yamaxanadu wins, of course. Haven't you read the rest of bkub's comics?

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Wasn't it a Heroic Sacrifice, though? She charged into their moonship with her Highest Judge of Paradise (HJP) Mecha.

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And they also seem to like her very much.

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Yamaxanadu has the best hat of the touhous

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So true.

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She sure has.

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and cute at the same time

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You're lucky they didn't put Shikieiki in a fighting game.

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Enjoy (sexualize) characters, disregard powerlevels.

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>Eiki in Hisoutensoku.

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Wouldn't Shikieiki give them a handicap like the Anitpsiral and beat them on their own level? I mean, she would be too OP for anything, including Ryujin.

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Both Watatsukis at the same time? Eiki gets her ass kicked.

1 vs 1? Tie.

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Naawww nigga, a trillion moonbitches still wouldn't beat her.

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