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Konichiwa /jp/

I saw a pic with a cute thing going honk honk honk in /fa/ a while back so I'm here to ask what is the sauce of it?

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A Touhou doujin.

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Well, at least this is a new approach to trolling.

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Not really trolling. Just wanna know the source.

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Holy shit.

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Thanks. That thing is cute.

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Needs to be an ED meme article, just for Lulz

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Hold it right there, criminal scum!

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I hate you so much it physically hurts.

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how' the HELL did that end up there?

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Why is it so surprising that Touhou would end up in /fa/? What's the single-most important thing to a Touhoe?

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Their danmaku.

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I am an old ED user, back when the only thing we cared about was ridiculous LJDrama related crap.

I'm so ashamed of how things turned out. Fucking /b/ even stole our word, saying "lulz" used to meant that you were an elitist Dramacrat asshole, now it means you're part of the ANONYMOUS LEGION.

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Not quite!

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that doesn't make you not a faggot.

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Seriously, /b/ ruined our shit starting with the Habbo coverage crap. I don't like it that the majority of 4chan thinks ED is killing 4chan when, in fact, you killed ED in the first place.

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ED may've once been good, but what does that matter now? /b/ was good once too. Unfortunately we can't live in the past (believe me I've tried, RIP nightshift /a/) and the reality is that in the present /b/ and ED are more or less the two worst things on the internet. /b/ provides ED with content and ED helps preserve and spread the cancer. They work together to ruin the entire internet. It's working really well so far.

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go back to gaia

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