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Slutty 3D Patchy.

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Crosseyed retard patchy cosplayer with a greasy face.

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She's not even brown tanned. And a terrible figure either way.

Real people are so disappointing when they try so hard to imitate 2d.

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Flabby waist (look at the left of the pic, gross) and disgusting copt out pantyhose. Not nearly enough boobs and the thong is running inside the cunt. Where are the tatoos?
3/10 for the effort, but doesn't even come close, which is hard and understandeable because not even most pornstars have a body like the original.
I am interested in seeing what /cgl/ thinks about this, anyone wants to cross post it?

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>the thong is running inside the cunt
(What I meant is that the thong is NOT running inside the cunt)

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non-symmetric ass is non-symmetric.

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Meh, I'd hit it.

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I know right?
I just dislike cosplay in general, no matter how close they get it just looks fake and stupid

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Meh? What are you? A sheep? Who says she would hit you? Shut the fuck up.

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what the fuck is up with her face

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What? I see nothing wrong, it's an ok face.

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