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It's that time of the year. Pollen fills the air, the trees sway with an indulgent fragrance that plugs the sinuses and fills the soul. The fragrant cherry blossoms waft on the cold updraughts, spiralling away into the sky above.
You stroll along a rough path in the forest, winding around the curves of a foothill. The trees are dense, but they have grown to avoid the path, arching forward to create a darkly mottled pattern on the path. The smooth river rocks feel cool under your bare feet. Your adolescent youkai body is wreathed in a blue cloak, not too stifling and not too revealing. You forgot to put on your bra today, but no one will notice. After all, it's the Forest of Magic.
You happen across a small pond. It ripples as light pink leaves alight upon its surface, the tension holding them steady until they become sodden and sink. A small stone bench is by the waters' edge, and a few young youkai play in the pool a few feet away, shimmering underwater like a mirage. Along with the youkai is Lily White, she sits with her hands gripping her frilled dress, so as to not get her clothing wet. She smiles endearingly as she observes the young youkai at play. As you take in this peaceful scene, she looks up at you.
Do you:
A. Get in the water
B. Engage Lily in conversation
C. Go back the way you came
D. Scream for Sanae
E. ?

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E. Abandon thread; read Anon's Nice Day.

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B. Engage Lily in conversation

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Roleplaying threads were one of the first threads specifically banned by the mods back in the day. Sorry but reported.

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But this is storytelling!


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[X] Genuflect

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E. Rape the Maids

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E. Attack Lilly

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E: Head to the icy North, Spring is the worst season

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D. Scream for Sanae like I always do.

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E. Make a bad impression on Lily, hop in the water and try to look under her skirt. Hope that this will lead to a interesting conclusion that'll result in multiple girls chasing after you.

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E. Steal her silly hat.

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[E] Make a bad impression on Lily, hop in the water and try to look under her skirt. Hope that this will lead to a interesting conclusion that'll result in multiple girls chasing after you.

You disrobe quickly, and slip into the water largely unnoticed. Lily assumes that you are going to play with the youkai, and directs her attention somewhere else. You glide through the water towards her, and pop your head up out of the water under her dress, treading water softly so as not to alert her. You can't see anything except panties. The water warms you, so you slip under and out of Lily's private zone. You surface. She's giving you the freaking death glare. Suddenly, her glare turns into a passive-aggressive smile. She disrobes and gets into the water with you. Several incredulous youkai who witnessed your act of lewdness look on from about 10 feet away.
Do you:
A. Try to explain what you've done and get out
B. Sink underwater to try to escape the coming of spring
C. Stay where you are and try to stare her down
D. Scream for Sanae
E. ?

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C. Stay where you are and try to stare her down

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make longer posts. when it's short like this it reads like shit


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C. Stay where you are and try to stare her down.

The E. would be a random act? or it needs to be specified?

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2hus dont make it /jp/ related.

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I regret linking that now.


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Different board, different time, different people, different mod.
Nobody cares now.

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[C] Stay where you are and try to stare her down.

You furiously tread water, the currents swishing through your legs angrily, your muscles biting with stiffened cramping stemming from fear. You lock eyes with her, her stone cold eyes, she looks past your pupils right into your mind. As she draws closer, you must summon your will to simply glance at her face. Yet, she falters. Her eyes slip off your visage and off into the distance. She treads closer in the water, the ripples flopping against your naked chest at a hurried rate. The young youkai are getting out of the pond quickly, stumbling over themselves to pick up their clothes and dash butt-naked into the woods. It's you and Lily now, and she's up in your face. You can feel the gradual warmth of her body as she coasts to a stop in front of you. She has an even more pissed look on her face now that you've gone and made her get her dress wet. It bogs her down, slows her advance, so she wiggles out of it, now only in a sarashi and the aforementioned panties. You find yourself backing up in the water, out into the deeper part of the pond where you cannot touch the bottom with your feet anymore. Your toes yearn for the cool river rocks, for that one modicum of support that kept you sane in the face of Lily's anger. The oddly cold depths are the only thing that support you now, other than your flailing arms and legs. A small fish darts between your toes, tickling them and alarming you.

Lily follows you with ease. Her passive-aggressive smile has given way to unbridled sadistic glee, and she paddles ever faster to keep up with your retreat. She pulls something out of the side of her sarashi. It's a knife.
You pee yourself a little bit, tainting the water around your legs with warmth.
Do you:
A. Dive under
B. Attack Lily
C. In desperation, tickle Lily
D. Scream for Kanako

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D. Scream for the only good Touhou
Please I want to see Kanako.

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C. In desperation, tickle Lily

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C. In desperation, tickle Lily

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Good times. That fucking lake though...

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F. Report for role playing /a/ shit

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Why does a fairy have a knife

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[D] You scream at the top of your lungs for Kanako. Birds fly out of the trees from the force of your yell. Lily looks at you like you've gone batshit insane, but continues her pursuit. You whimper slightly and a few tears roll down your cheek. Kanako will not come for a little youkai like you.

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[C] In desperation, tickle Lily.
After a sudden realization of the only thing you could do to save your fleeting life, you inhale deeply and dive down into the abyss. Small green fish flick by, and an eel darts in front of you, riding your water displacement like a pilot fish. Your eyes sting from the silt you've kicked up, so you flop towards the surface as fast as you can. You breach the surface, gasping desperately, flailing to wipe your eyes while staying afloat. You surfaced right behind Lily, and she's having trouble turning around in the water. You strike.
You wrap your fingers around her sarashi, and unravel the wet cloth clumsily, all the while latching onto her waist with your legs to prevent her from reaching you. The sarashi sinks into the water and spirals down into the depths like an excited water moccasin. You drag your wet fingers up and down her ribcage, teasing her flat stomach and under her breasts, but you do not dare touch her breasts directly. She snorts a bit, then has to let out a few giggles as she writhes under your body in the water. You lean backward to draw her body out of the water more, and then start rubbing her quivering tummy with gentle dragging fingertips and nails.
All the while, she is stabbing at your thighs unsuccessfully with her knife. Finally, she nicks you and you gasp in pain, and with an adrenaline-fueled strength, cast the knife from her hand to the shore, where it lands against a rock with a clank. Lily is defenseless now, so you let her turn around to face you while you try to staunch the blood coming from your thigh. She's got an even more sadistic smile on now, and grabs your shoulders with a grip no mortal could muster. You feel your muscles weaken... (cont)

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...Spring is the season of fertility...
You wake up with a start, and find yourself in a small wooden enclosure. A slight breeze wafts in from the cracked door, and a morning light shines in, directly on your eyes. The room is minimal, with a mortar and pestle and a few herbs in the corner, along with a wooden bowl and a pitcher of water. There is one stool in the other corner, which has Lily's dress draped over it, assumingly to dry. You put your hand down to your thigh, and find a thick bandage where she gouged out your flesh. Your face drains of blood when you see that very knife hanging from a hook near the door. It still has your blood on it, the lustrous blade tainted with your dirty blood.
Do you:
A. Lie there until Lily comes back
B. Get up and go see what herbs there are
C. Go out the door, taking the knife
D. Scream for Lily
E. ?

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I work hard for you, /jp/ and you make me sad.

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But kanako is mai waifu ;_;

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Please, don't give up. ;_;
D. Scream for Lilly

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Lie there until Lily comes back

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[D] Scream for Lily.
Your lungs ache, but you inhale deeply yet again and let out a shrill cry for Lily. You hear fluttering outside, which you assume is the bird flock rustling again due to your racket. After your good morning yell, you shift out of your blanket, sit up with a great deal of pain from your wound, and stand up. The arches of your feet ache as you set your weight on them for the first time in a while. Your back cracks. It's as if you've aged a year in a day.

You hobble over to the mortar and pestle, and peer inside. A foul-smelling, grey, smushy substance lies smeared on the inside of the bowl. This substance is also present in the wooden bowl, diluted with water. You pick up the bowl and sniff it. Have a taste. It tastes like toilet water, but with an odd hint of... magic?
You hear a board creak in the distance. Instantly filled with adrenaline, you hobble quickly back over to the bed and attempt to quickly jump under the covers and go incognito before someone discovers that you're awake.
Someone walks into the room with that annoying sort of clicky high heels that school administrators wear. You consciously go limp, but cannot help but jump when someone puts their hand on your forehead to feel for a fever.
You eyes shoot open, your disguise trashed. You jump from what you see.
Eirin and Lily stand in the room beside you, Lily kneeling and peering at you with the curiosity of a child. Eirin's face is obscured by her breasts as she leans over you to get something from the other side of the bed. You can smell something akin to a mixture of cherry blossoms and gunpowder emanating from Eirin.
Lily cocks her head, almost alluringly childish, but you know from experience that the childish ruse is such a lie.
Do you:
A. Panic and smash your head into Eirin's boobs
B. Try to roll out of bed
C. Stay the fuck put
D. Scream for Sanae
E. ?

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[A] Panic and smash your head into Eirin's boobs.

Lily stares into your soul with her cold, dead eyes. You panic. Your back muscles contract, and you shoot up out of bed. A warm slap follows as your forehead decides to connect violently with Eirin's soft, rude breasts. They reverberate for a second, and then there is pure silence. You draw back, and Eirin trades glances with Lily. There's an unspoken agreement, and Eirin sits on the bed along with Lily. She reaches over and touches you lightly on the head, and you are overwhelmed with the crying voices of a million dead youkai, a deafness spell! You see Eirin and Lily converse for quite some time while you try to fight off insanity from the pitiful wails of youkai from past times. Finally, Eirin touches your forehead again, and just as soon as it started, it stopped.
Eirin swings her legs over onto the bed, straddling you. Lily inches closer with her all-too-familiar sadistic glee.
Eirin lifts off the blanket covering your tender body, and starts tickling your soft skin and breasts like no tomorrow. You succumb to her, fighting her sensory rape, but she bears down more and brings you to the brink of death due to laughing and squirming.
Do you:
A. Resist more
B. Bite Eirin's arm
C. Try to get away
D. Scream for Sanae
E. ?
Guys I have to go to sleep now ;_; i'll be back tomorrow, don't let the thread die

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E. Make it super awkward and scream "I love you" to Eirin.

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What, only one hit? This dial-a-combo sucks.

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This thread is an insult to my dear sweet Lily.

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[E] Make it super awkward and scream "I love you" to Eirin
With your mouth muffled by the blanket, you manage to scream those fateful words with all your might. Lily bursts into tears laughing and Eirin blushes slightly. She puts her finger to your lip. "All will be over in due time, child," she whispers, leaning over you, her breasts casting an odd shadow on the wall. She then shifts her weight off of you, only to grab your hands from under you and flip you over with a thump onto your stomach. You hear some shuffling and muffled voices, and a laugh or two.
Someone quite a bit lighter climbs onto your back, and nimble little fingers trace lines up and down your back. Lily's going to get her revenge.
Do you:
A. Wriggle out from underneath Lily
B. Submit to Lily
C. Let out a huge fart and ruin everyone's day
D. Scream for Reimu
E. ?

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[x] Jump into the lake

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Start with A, but end with B
I'm probably too late, but whatever

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>>8810671 It's never too late to join Axu's party
[A] Wriggle out from underneath Lily
You attempt to squirm out from under Lily, but Eirin holds you fast, tying your hands quickly with a rope. You kick your legs on Lily's back, but that just makes her angry, and she slaps the small of your back. The trauma smarts, and she starts wailing on your upper and lower back with an alternating mix of hits and tickles, much like a cat who hurt its owner and then licks the wound. She giggles with unbridled glee at your painful whimpers.
[B] Submit to Lily
After the torment starts to wane a bit, and you have several bruises on your back, some bleeding, you decide to end the pain. You go into a submissive gesture of sorts, your butt lifting slightly and your torso pressed into the bed.
Lily gets the message, and leans over onto your back, lifting up your butt. She tickles your soft, exposed stomach, with her face in your hair, smelling.
"She's a playful one," Eirin remarks, all the while tying your ankles to the bedposts.
Do you:
A. Squirm like there's no tomorrow
B. Utter corny pleas for mercy
C. Try to shake Lily off
D. Get unexpectedly aroused
E. ?

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E. Let Eirin take you

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thread invalidated secondary, 2hu's wear bloomers and Lily considering her outfit is pagan in design probably wouldn't even wear those.

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