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me on the right

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gay as HELL dude

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shitty violin playing general?

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Buy some shorts, faggot

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Violin thread?

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>lyrica's face when lunasa doesnt even know how to play violin

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How is playing music together gay? Fujoshis are so delusional.

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I've always expressed some interest in learning the violin. Next wednesday, I leave the comfort of my room to have my first class, and shortly after I'll probably buy one if I end up liking it.

Is it a difficult instrument to learn? The only instrument I've ever played and still play today are Taiko drums, and I've had literally no musical theory classes before.

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I've gotta finish Quartett someday.

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I don't play violin, but even i think that looks just wrong.

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Is this from the Quartett VN?
I don't remember this scene.

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It's abut of a challenge, but it's quick to pick up the basics.

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Worst Prismriver

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what do you know about playing the violin you lolipedofreak??

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This lolipedofreak has played viola since about age 12.

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2 years of playing the violin?


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I suppose I walked right in to that. Still even two years is more than nothing.

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Playing the violin with the opposite hands....lol

You're supposed to use the left hand to press the strings and the right to move the bow...also the freaking chin rest is on the wrong side...violinist fails lol