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What are some of your /jp/ related snacks?

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My grandma bought cupcakes last week... It was "da bomb" like you otaku mates say...lolol

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Fish sausages are disguting.
Well it does taste better than it smells.

I kinda want to try dried squid. I hope it doesn't taste that bad.

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What the HELL...?!

Where did my post go...?
Lol... Never mind reposting.
My grandma bought cupcakes last week... It was "da bomb" like you otaku mates say...lolol

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Stop deleting my post...!

Are you telling me cupcakes aren't Otaku related snacks?
Come on dude...!!

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Cupcakes are otaku food...!!

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Lol... I was just kidding about the cupcakes... My grandma actually bought me Pocky..

This is Otaku... right?
Now stop deleting my posts...!

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Oh HELL just stop already, I am the only one replying to this thread and I already changed my otaku food to Pocky. What's the problem now...?
You wanna fight...?!

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Is there some bullying going on in here??

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I just wanted to talk about cupcakes...


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I'd suck that sausage

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You should just link easymodo:

http://archive.easymodo.net/ lets you set a cookie for which archive it redirects to.

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All I do is eat homo sausages.

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stop bullying

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What the hell...?

That means no more Archive wars...Dang

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Shut the fuck up will you, easymodo was erased a long time ago.

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The archive wars were dumb. Everyone knows Bwaka was the best archive, and still is.

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>Homo sausage

I swear these japs are doing it on purpose.

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You know what...? I am going to see some anime while eating some REAL otaku food instead of talking about it...!

Hah, I win

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>Homo sausage
It sounds so wrong it's hilarious

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NSJ samefagging is pathetic

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I like the word ``astroturfing". It's cute.

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I don't care

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you're so cultured in imgboards archduke XD

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Thanks. I actually considered helping Jkid with his site until he blackmailed me, then I made my own. I mean, the guy has Asperger's. What's up with that?

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I am surprised you haven't advertised your site more at this point obnoxious cocksucker.

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Ew, homo means human, that means that sausage is made out of human meat. That's disgusting.

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he shut down his site though

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>homo means human
i ain't no homo

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I wish to suck on Homu's sausage.

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N-no.. I-its embarassing anon-kun..

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Fish ...sausage?

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It's called kamaboko.
It's awful.

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You BASTARD...!!

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