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Which one would you want to be your mom?

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I don't know, but I want Yuka to be my dad

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All of them. Or Yuuka.

I want a force of nature to be my mother.

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Yukari, so while she's neglecting me Ran can be my mom.

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Considering that Eirin is the only human in that picture, probably her.

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I'd totally have Byakuren as my mom.

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Which is exactly why you need a new one. This one won't die of cirrhosis.

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All the good ones are to the right, so any from there.

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I'd never eat if it were Yuyuko, Yukari would abandon me, I'm indifferent to Byakuren, Kanako would force religion on me, and Yuuka would probably murder me in my sleep.

Erin is a nurse and coincidentally my mom is a nurse so let's go for free healthcare.

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Byakuren, no doubt

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moonmen aren't human fuckwit

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Eirin. You'd always be healthy, probably unnaturally so, and you could spend your days hanging out with rabbits and oogling the fanservice bunny.

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Probably Yuyuko or Kanako.

Yuuka definetely doesn't strike me as the kind who someone would want as a mom, or someone who would like to be a mom herself.

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Yuuka/Yukari/Kanako are too erotic, so they're out.

I'd go with Yuyuko since that would mean Youmu would be something like my sister.

Though going with Eirin for immortality and Tei is tempting too.

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Force religion? All she wants is faith, not religion. To believe in her.

Religion is just a set of rites, which might as well be secular, just how atheists can also participate in Christmas or go to a Mayan ruin to see the solstice.

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Well I'll consider Kanako if I can accidentally peek on Suwako changing.

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She's the kind of mom that would jerk me off to help me relieve sexual stress.. with her boobs...

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Eirin, because she would probably let me stay at home and be a NEET.
And if I ever got a booboo, she would kiss it to make it better.

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Yuyuko. Youmu would serve me and Yukari would stick around to educate me.

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she's flat dude.

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I'd choose Yuyuko, but honestly there would come a time where I'd be troubled with unpure desires regarding her.

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If I pick Kanako, do I get Sanae as my oneechan and Suwako as my imouto?

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Eirin. Eientei seems like a pretty laid back place without doing absolutely nothing like 90% of the households in Gensokyo. You'd have access to the widest range of characters, too. Besides, being associated with Yukari or Yuuka would make people avoid you like they avoid them.

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Even better!

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[X]Touch fluffy tail(s)

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Essentially all Touhous are flat by ZUN's art, so fuck that.
Also, nothing wrong with flat tit jobs.

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Can I have 3?

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you're making it sound like official art isn't canon.

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Do tell.

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get out right now

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Where's my Keine option? Keine as canonically the best breast milk.

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Could I have the program for that? I missed out when /jp/ first started playing around with it.

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Go ask >>>/a/
It's shit.

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I'm posting this just to spite that guy, not to help you.

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I'd figure it would still be fun to toy with for a few minutes. Always trying to find ways to whittle down time before sleeping.

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My dear Eirin, of course, without doubt

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Tell what, nigger?

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Worst mom ever

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I'll cut you.

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Eirin without a doubt

At least she would take good care of me and living in a peaceful place such as Eientei would be awesome

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No other choice.

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Also, being a half-deity must be pretty neat.

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Byakuren, or maybe Yuyuko.

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She looks so cute like this.

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Naizuri is so pointless.

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are you australian?

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Yuyoko would be a ditzy mom who isn't sy about opening the door while I'm still in the bathroom to make fun of me, nothing in a sexual way.

Yukari comes off as the type of mom that wouldn't really care what I do as long as I'm happy. She would be asleep most of the day and give me money instead of cooking dinner.

Kanako would want to be a strong and stern man, and would make sure I end up on a right path to become Übermensch, albeit a little less focus on my grades though, and more about morals.

Eirin would be the one who would berate me for not getting straight A's, or getting in the top university, and be a complete neat freak about things.

Byakuren would probably be a bad mother who tries her best to raise a kid, but wouldn't really know how. Then she would preach about religion and how I should accept her god in my life, and start crying if I say I don't really want to.

Yuuka would be an average mom that does mom things with nothing special.

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say that to my face fucker and not online and see what happens

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>Average mom

I don't think she would be average

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I made typos.

who isn't shy*
would want me* to be a strong

I would also pick Kanako, because I would want to be a strong man and make her happy, and I'm also not very smart and would disappoint Eirin.

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Only one answer.

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My mom never did stuff like this for me.
Just yell and hit me.

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I want Ran to take care of me ・‿・✿

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upvote this comment if you read this from right to left xD

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Kanako so I could be a demigod or something. She also seems like the kind of mom who would pull strings to make sure her child succeeds.

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kanako but only if we get to stay at the shrine

otherwise i would choose eirin

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Yukari would be an awesome mom, she probably wouldn't bother being strict. You'd also have Ran to take care of you and Chen to play with. All the interesting things and magic you'd learn living with in the Yakumo house would be amazing.

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Does anyone have that pic of touhous in fashionable outfits, I think there's 9 of them, with Marisa, Reimu, and Sanae on the left, Reisen, Kaguya and Tewi on the right, and some people I can't remember in the middle? Post that please.

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Yukari would be an ideal mom. She wouldn't apply too much pressure on you to succeed and would want you to have fun. She'd enjoy teasing and playing games with you and would take you on trips around the world. If you misbehaved, she would think up inventive ways to punish you like gapping you to the human world to perform stand up comedy.

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Eirin would be a cross between Yukari and Byakuren, I'm sure. You'd get a bunch of cool shit, and she would be a good mother, but she'd probably be working a lot, leaving you in the care of the Moon Princess and the bunnies, but you have a lot of potential fuck-friends when you mature. Oh yeah, and leaving her house will only get you lost and killed.

Yuuka would probably be a nurturing, but strict, mother. Depending on which Yuuka we're using (I'm gonna use PofV Yuuka), you're gonna get a different house. While you'll be relatively close to the human village, you'll be living in a fucking sunflower field. Yuuka would probably teach you magic and shit, though, and she knows some pretty high-level magic.

The best mom, however, would probably have to be Satori. You'd have a lot of friends (who could turn into potential wives or fuck buddies), you'd be close to civilization (with all of the Oni that moved underground), and you'd get an awesome mom. Oh yeah, and Koishi would be the best Aunt ever.

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If I lived with Yuyuko, Youmu would be sort of a sister, and who doesn't want someone like her as a sister? As for Yuyuko herself, she would probably neglect me, leaving Youmu to take care of me until I'm old enough to do so myself.

Yukari would probably do the same as Yuyuko, except she would bring you shit from the outside world, and you could have Ran AND Chen as sisters.

Byakuren would force you into a life of celibacy, most likely, but she would be a fantastic and nurturing mother. Still, you're gonna have Shou, Nazrin, and several other residents at her temple tempt you with their lewd bodies, yet you would never be able to have them.

Kanako would be a decent mother, and you would get to live with a full set of parents, between Suwako and Kanako, and assuming you're born at the same time, Sanae would be your sister. Have fun living on a mountain with several murderous youkai living between you and the nearest civilization, though.

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Of course you all would probably be girls if some Touhou character was your mom.

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I don't think anyone here has a problem with that.

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If only Yuuka had sex hair in OP's pic. Messy haired Yuuka is bets Yuuka.

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I like how Yuka is drawn as the sluttiest Amagami.

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Let me help you with that.

>".erugif rethaf emosewe na eb dluow akuuY"
>MP02:8 ,ayM fo th16, suomynonA -
>" a 'stahW ?yannij-av"
>gnikcuf ouy erA !?DIPUTS
>elbirroh ouY .dlich
>gnorw 'stahW ?ouy htiw
>yloH .kcuF

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Help who?
Reading backwards is hard.

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Whichever would make me the strongest.

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Meant for >>8801525

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Kanako then.

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the depraved lady

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Yuuka, because her hair is green.

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Yuuka because shes a very loving mom.

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Yuuka because she's the only hag i wud not fuck.

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Having Youmu as your oneechan would be amazing. She's very dutiful, so she'd take pride in being the best oneechan for you and work hard taking care of you and protecting you, while also respecting you. She might mess up once in a while due to having no experience with children, but she would always do her best for you and be really proud of her otouto.

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All of them. They can raise me communally.

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But would you desire Yuuka to bring you to your first screaming orgasm, ignoring any lack of consent or claims that it hurts?

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I am content with my mother.

>> No.8801686

Assertive is great. Rape, even reverse rape, no thanks.

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Definitely the best Mother and family. We could ask Yukari to gap us a Daytona USA cab, too.

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Yukari, so I could sleep all day and explore the nature of reality.

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do want

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Jesus Christ, Byakuren is religiously tolerant. Or are a fucking retard autist?

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>Or are a fucking retard autist?

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Baka baka!

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Why is anyone saying Yukari?

It's canon that she has beaten Ran physically for failing her. Anyone choosing her never had the shit kicked out of them by their parents when they were kids.

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Makes you do the stuff she needs and keeps you uninformed of everything aside of her "funny xD randum side"

Same as above except more work and less attention.

Force her ideas and doesn't give you any attention, live a life you didn't choose to else she doesn't accept you.

You have to whore yourself so she can still be a god.

Eh, not bad.

No friends and live only appreciating flowers.
Eh, could work.

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Seems like you're a bit influenced by fanon.

>> No.8802177

Yukari & Yuyuko are as of IN.

I just don't like byakuren

Kanako is all the whole life of Sanae from her arrival in MoF to her daily visits on W&H Hermit.

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What, too much of a martyr for your tastes?

>> No.8802230

Are we assuming we're in Gensokyo or our relm for this?

If Gensokyo


if Earth



[citation needed]

>> No.8802246

Aya's article in BAiJR, not that a journalist article should have much trust put on it.

>> No.8802260

"Let me describe a mary sue to you... you see there is this character on this game..."

>> No.8802262

I'm perfectly happy with my current one, but Kanako looks like her, though the hair and eye colors are different. Be jealous /jp.

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>implying mary sue

>> No.8802272


>be jealous /jp/

No, if she doesn't let you fuck her there's nothing to be jealous off

>> No.8802276

With purple hair and red eyes, I"d be surprised if your mom had the same colors.

>> No.8802279

Why jealous? I know her and she sucks my cock every night.


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I feel like Kanako would be a good mom. If a bit overbearing.

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Picture is from BAIJR
Yukari (on the article about her abusing Ran): "That isn't abuse, it's discipline"

page 40-41

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name: byakuren hijiri (hijiri means lotus bcus she is like buddha jesus i think =] )
age: 1000 y o
likes: everyone
hates: nothin
appearance: she has a hair that starts purple n then turns brown and she got a scroll that is colorful she also can summon divine powers and demonic powers also she has a lot of friends and is friend with a god she also has a lot of power and is a mage who also good at physical feats like speed and stuff she also has a temple and ppl go there more than reimu shrine and she has a taoism farm on her backyard cuz awesome

>> No.8802296

btw she get some pretty ancient demons as her allies cuz evryone is her friend (xcept the tao who hates her just cuz she is cool and help peaple)

>> No.8802298

>You have to whore yourself so she can still be a god.
Kanako confirmed for best mom. Imagine her forcing you to dress up as a miko while servicing a dozen of faceless men. And when you lie sobbing on the floor after being thoroughly abused, Sanae-neechan comes over and comforts you and promises to teach you all about pleasing men.

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See, this is where you just lost all eligibility. You don't expect people to read your shitty illiterate post, do you? Oh my fucking god you do.

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oh, i know of one mary sue.
1) he was inserted into a much older work, when they took it and wrote fanfiction continuation for it.
2) he's universally loved by everyone who's good, hated by the bad guys.
3) he's got super powers, and uses them all for good.
4) he was the epitome of good person without flaws.
5) he becomes a martyr.
6) eventually he becomes immortal.

his name is jesus christ

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You know there are Shinto priests, right? Not mikos, but whatever.

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Oh here we fucking go again.

>> No.8802329

Child != shikigami. Shikigami = slave. Child = heritor of one's being.

>> No.8802335 [DELETED] 

byakuren is totally touhou jesus guys, i saw it on le reddit and its soooo true XXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

>> No.8802336

>Shikigami = slave
citation needed

>> No.8802351

Shikigamis are servants bound to a master. It's a slave.
Rinnosuke says that computers are basically Shikigami.

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That's right!

>> No.8802358

A shikigami is to its master as what a computer is to you, difference being that a shikigami has an independent will, hence why we say "slave/servant"

>> No.8802361

Shikigami are bound to their master's will, can't leave, serve without payment, and have been compared to personal computers (objects, property)

>> No.8802363

Servant =/= Slave
It may not seems, but there is a difference.

>> No.8802376

Still very different from one's child

>> No.8802375



looks legit to me, Yukari was in the right for disciplining Ran like that, she has a point, Ran should know better especially with Yukari as her mistress

>> No.8802397

I want Byakuren as my mom (growing up) because she's not as sketchy as the other women and she's a "good person," Zun said. And I'm content with that.

For male, I'd like to be raised by Konpaki Youki so I can become a legendary samurai and court Youmu.

>> No.8802455

I would probably choose Eirin

So, will this new okaamama trend be replacing the current waifu/husbando-thing?

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Yuyuko, of course.

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Yuukarin is my mama!

>> No.8802622

Yuuka. Let's do this.

>> No.8802634

Byakuren > Yukari > Yuyuko = Eirin > Kanako > My dick > Yuuka

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yuyuko mai mama do not steal

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I'm going to be the odd one out by not picking a hag and go with Okuu. Ever since this book I discovered a different side of her I didn't know existed. Motherly corvid love.

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I don't want Ran to be my mom because I'd constantly fantasize about having sex with her. She'd probably end up being my mom if I picked Yukari, so by that logic Yukari is out. The same thing goes for Eirin, I'm just too attracted to her.

I could work with any of the others though. They're all attractive but I could probably behave myself around the other four. Yuuka's got the worst friendship level with humans, so it would be a really bumpy start, but I like to think that nothing is impossible in Gensokyo. Best case scenario, I could help her hate humans less.

>> No.8802672

Yuuka would be bro-tier mother, Yuyuko would be a slob who needs you to take care of her.

>> No.8802680
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That's not very lovely

>> No.8802696


What's not lovely? Your picture?

>> No.8802697


So I can really say "My mommy can beat up your mommy!"

>> No.8802704

I think regurgitation is a bit more intimate than lactation. Not to say ones better than the other or anything

>> No.8802711


are you guys all plants or something?

>> No.8802712 [SPOILER] 
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>Yuyuko would be a slob who needs you to take care of her.

As if this is a bad thing

>> No.8802716

I don't like you

>> No.8802738

What, you aren't? Get out of /jp/. Didn't you see all those shitting on floor threads? We do it because we can't move.

/jp/ - Just Plants

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>> No.8802785

Kanako would be my mom.
Yuuka would be my dad.

>> No.8803197

You know, now I'm kind of reconsidering. Maybe I should go with Kanako instead of Yuyuko...

>> No.8803257

>Shikigami = slave. Child = heritor of one's being.

Even worse. As the inheritor to Yukari, she'd want to make sure you're good enough to take on the family name. Her son would probably have ir worse than Ran.

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Rude tits

>> No.8804251


I could get a chance of becoming immortal.
NEET it up with Kaguya maybe
Never sick

>> No.8804262

Being immortal would be boring.

>> No.8804273

better than dying in less than 70 years or so

>> No.8804278

Not in Touhou world where you just get reincarnated or live on as a ghost.

>> No.8804306
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Turn yourself Youkai like Alice, and supposedly Marisa (though this is just fan speculation, and I admit it), did. Youkai can live as long as no one kills them, and, depending on which mother you chose, I don't think many people would be able to kill you (you'd probably get the shit kicked out of you by the Magician and the Shrine Maidens, though).

>> No.8804307
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>Which one would you want to be your mom?
More like "Which Touhou would fulfill your Oedipus complex"

Now that this point is clear, Kanako.

>> No.8804392
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Enormous fun bags are a necessity for my Motheru. I want to fall asleep between them.

>> No.8804393


Maternal upbringing is going to have affect on an individual's basic values and tastes; because their input would create the chooser as output, personal preferences mean little in this question. Therefore, the person you would become after being raised is the real criteria one should look at.

Eirin would probably give you the best start in life because of her ability to provide an intellectually enriching environment and excellent personal care.

Kanako second because she'd be interested in developing self-discipline and strength.

Byakuren is neutral: if you like being completely okay with yourself as a person but being otherwise bland, it's the safe choice.

Yuyuko as a mom would be troublesome; aloof parenting isn't good parenting, but at least you get to have Youmu as a childhood friend.

Yukari would allow for a lot of individual freedoms, but also probably means being raised by Ran and ending up with a spoiled rich-brat personality; additionally, one would then have to deal with your equally-entitled mom (for the rest of existence, whenever she decides to gap on in).

Yuuka would be both violently over-protective and meddling, making up lowest tier. If you ever manage to 'cut the umbilical cord' and make your own way into the world, it would be friendless, without any skills beyond gardening, and might have relationship problems later in life.

>> No.8804404

kanako, of course.

>> No.8804408

>Yuuka would be both violently over-protective and meddling, making up lowest tier. If you ever manage to 'cut the umbilical cord' and make your own way into the world, it would be friendless, without any skills beyond gardening, and might have relationship problems later in life.
Why does this sound so familiar?

>> No.8804409


You're acting as if Yuuka has no friends. She might not be popular, but she isn't as lonely as Mokou. Of course, by friends I mean several ancient, powerful, and godly youkai, Medicine, and Marisa (both seem to be on good terms with eachother, or at least Yuuka is on better terms with her than practically everyone else).

Still voting Satori for best mother. Tons of nurturing, intellectual stimulation, and social development. Plus, you get a rad aunt in Koishi. Koishi would be such a kickass aunt you wouldn't even who was phone.

>> No.8804418


It would sound familiar if your mom jewish gardener, or something.

>> No.8804421
File: 249 KB, 600x800, 326267c5e5ad5c2c93de47be3f21be009ece8fff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8804426

none. considering flandre is centuries older then i am, she would be technically old enough to be my mother. therefore, flandre scarlet would be my mother.

>> No.8804423
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>social development
>someone who lives only with animals as "friends"

>> No.8804431

Eirin seems to be the best choice for having a productive life.

>> No.8804430


Do you have any examples of Satori being motherly? I'm having a bit of difficulty imagining it.

>> No.8804432


>satori for best mother

Trying to explore, push boardaries, and discover yourself through the world when your mom can scry your heart would drive me crazy.

>> No.8804441

Teaching you how to conceal the size of your arms and how to open only one eye at all times.

>> No.8804444
File: 131 KB, 766x1000, 1320561340614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When someone says "Satori" and "married" the words "domestic abuse" appear in my mind.

>> No.8804446
File: 331 KB, 488x600, a9fd576ab9aec6d5bdaec9ceac53cd50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you mean adopted or will I actually share genes with her?

Either way it would be Eirin though
can't say no to all that pharmacy

>> No.8804456

Pets who can turn into quasi-humans, and also the other residents of the underground (Oni and other youkai). Besides living with Keine, there is no one else who could offer you such a wide range of friends and still be a good mother.

She took/takes care of her sister, and is also motherly towards her pets.

Yeah, her being able to read your thoughts is a little unsettling, but it's not like Eirin isn't smart enough to figure it out herself, and Yukari could just be spying on you 24/7. Besides, her being able to read your mind would help her raise you perfectly for the first few years of life.

>> No.8804461
File: 378 KB, 899x838, ran_h_apr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8804463

>>8804456 (part III)

I would only accept that if she would allow you to make the mistakes you would make anyway. If Satori were to use her powers to try to keep you on the right path all of the time, you'd never learn anything for yourself. How else can we find what's best in life without having stumbled through the bad?

>> No.8804464

>She took/takes care of her sister, and is also motherly towards her pets.

I meant picture examples.

>> No.8804466

Mind reading could cause some potential issues though.
Would she seek her child's affection no matter what?
Would she do anything to avoid being hated? I recognize it's something she's used to but it may be a different matter with her own flesh and blood.

These aren't necessarily bad traits for a mother but it might not lead to the most healthy upbringing.

Secondly, if you also could read minds you'd probably not be so good at talking to anyone but satori, depending on how much you socialize with the pets I suppose

>> No.8804474
File: 234 KB, 600x800, 325f60b4ca44553ae1d210d6744c1f70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8804480


If one parent is obese, there is a 50 percent chance that their children will also be obese.

>> No.8804489
File: 107 KB, 667x900, 1300421239842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually prefer my own mom

>> No.8804493
File: 160 KB, 600x600, 1331769918123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That lewdness isn't cute or sexually attractive. It's just silly.

>> No.8804496
File: 42 KB, 210x210, letty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how's this then

>> No.8804508

Looks retarded m8. >>8804493 is clearly the superior version.

>> No.8804519

I'd take any of them that can cook well and drive me to the dentist. Which touhou is the best cook?

>> No.8804522

From the style of dress she is wearing there is a lot of space to hide it. Don't forget that flatness was a desired trait many years ago so they would attempt to suppress their breasts with materials.

>> No.8804523
File: 431 KB, 750x1000, 1313628189712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8804525
File: 30 KB, 300x100, snb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, like, whatever, then, "m8"

There's a reason real Australians & similar aren't supposed to post on here and are fenced out by their government or whatever. You're an embarrassment and a bunch of you are pedos or whatever. Get back to picking the Queen's nationalized imperial cotton or sheering sheep or whatever you're supposed to be doing, "m8."

Piece of shit.

>> No.8804536


I don't know, but can speculate that would think Eirin would be good at that, given that alchemy is her forte. I do know that Yuyuko and Yukari don't cook for themselves on a daily basis, and Byakuren would be cooking vegan with no garlic/onions.

>> No.8804534
File: 149 KB, 328x328, 1333368051127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You cross, m8?

>> No.8804537


Can anyone help me with this?

>> No.8804557
File: 188 KB, 800x600, 002d03e93556e6b135d58b4c2d861e43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8804558
File: 544 KB, 850x525, 1303889551567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a strong mom

>> No.8804572


dat AC-130

>> No.8804588
File: 727 KB, 935x1327, 良妻空母 2_21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8804620

Eirin, I want to live forever and stuff.
Also she can help me study medicine, having heaps of trouble at uni..

>> No.8804640
File: 848 KB, 767x694, Kanako without makeup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, you're missing the point here. The real question is, independently from which one did you choose, who's the father?

>> No.8804637
File: 42 KB, 275x275, 74579m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why any of you haven't want Eiki to be your mom?

she'll discipline you to be a perfect man since she absolutely knew what's right, not mentioning you'll probably become her succesor as a supreme judge of hell and have Komachi as your sister/brother and underling

>> No.8804647

If Yuka was my dad things would be different around here.

>> No.8804660


being force-fed an ethical system sucks.

>> No.8804675

This! Do you not know the pain of being an oujousama?

>> No.8804697
File: 207 KB, 521x737, 68097c10c66da870eedd8b0f0cde3547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just have to be on guard and watch out that your charisma doesn't break

>> No.8805749

Yuyuko would be my mom and Yukari would be my dad.

>> No.8805903

Yuka isn't a hag unlike the other 5.

She's as tall as Reimu according to Akyuu/the guy that did the art for PMiSS.

>> No.8808460

Eirin cures my ailing (>ω<)

>> No.8808481

Rinnosuke will never raise you to be a aloof douchebag merchant just like him


>> No.8808489

I don't need Rinnosuke to be an aloof douchebag.

>> No.8808495

>equally-entitled mom (for the rest of existence, whenever she decides to gap on in).

Why does this reminds me of my mom?

>> No.8813494


If said youkai are our parents, do we inherit traits from them?
Say, if Yuyuko, then i'd be some portion of a ghost, or full ghost?

>> No.8813508

Yuyuko is dead. Whatever method was used to give birth it must be unholy. Either that, or the body given to her by the Yama must be very good.

At any rate your would not be simply half ghost, but something more sinister.

>> No.8813534
File: 733 KB, 770x1050, 1291353223906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Motheru Byakuren .

>> No.8813792
File: 279 KB, 650x800, Yuukamama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


How could we forget this?

I'd get to be a overpowered youkai with flower-gimmick bonus for free in the packet. Assuming powers are inheritable.

>> No.8813811


Look how Marisa turned out.

>> No.8813828
File: 647 KB, 1200x911, c1ffa4d0721a971979bf51a88f07167e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She'll grow up to be a great nuclear scientist someday. Home schooled by her own mother.

>> No.8813831


Suddenly, Marisa, then manly tears.

>> No.8819245

Yuuka is mai maza

>> No.8819320
File: 144 KB, 800x797, 69ef73f4ab87477988a084111bc4778d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If Marisa was my dad, things would be different around here.

>> No.8820162


"What are you staring at, Anon? Never seen a man doing his job?"

My dad told this to me with the same face Marisa has in this fucking picture.

>> No.8820188

Shit, this is a hard question...

>> No.8821513

> Only human
Also the oldest of the group, by far.

>> No.8821549

have you decided yet

>> No.8821562

And Genji would be my father.
So I'll be half-turtle.
You know, like a kappa.
Yeah, that's cool.