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Your face when the janitor is leaving off-topic and outright rule-breaking posts to spite one person.

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happens a lot
when i say
shouldnt this be deleted?
it stays
janitors are going to keep abusing power, what can we do?..

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dat butthurt
dem anger tears

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I think he just can't admit he was wrong or had to be told how to do his job. People like that shouldn't be hired in the first place.

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All I see is a very upset poster bumping threads that were already dying, ban evading attention whores like moetron getting deleted at every turn, and a lot of shitposting in the archive but not the boards.

I don't get what you're so butthurt about, this is nothing compared to old meido.

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suck my cock janitor

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Old meido did his job. He didn't pick favorite threads like Ar Tonelico threads where every tangentially meta or negative post has to be removed. Plus he understood that some off-beat threads are fine rather than just deleting them instantly. He also encouraged thread condensing, something moot told you faggots the very first day.

As a result, this board is just another /r9k/ with a few video game threads.

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retarded nigger, consider the following:

this is now rule 34 on yotsuba thread

Yours tired
Jim Profit

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You don't care because you don't have your threads constantly deleted.
Like the tea thread, where the mod had to step in and confirm that tea threads were allowed.

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Pretty much everything in your post is a load of shit.

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That's nice.

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science is better than god europe murrica ebox live gold acccount pl0x applefags linux

is this the raid board, dear anonymous?

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Well, as long as you acknowledge it, I guess there's no problem.

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Then mail moot, don't bother the whole board by bumping any unrelated thread you can find.
I agree on the blog threads overtaking the board, but lately I've noticed he's encouraging to keep them condensed.
What else, the meta and derailing posts getting deleted? I don't see what's wrong in trying to keep threads clean instead of going off in another AT belongs in /vg/ and tripfag circlejerk tangent.

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chocolate milk is what comes out of my ass

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Why has the Jim Profit moniker became popular, anyway? He was the Naruto avatarfag who got banned, right?
Is he a /b/ hero or something now?

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Sure are mad bro, you are no different from literally hundreds before you.

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He's become a bit of a 4,c,h,o,n, celebrity.

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is that person me..
he deletes my posts alot :(

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Is that one person you?

Are you sure you don't have it coming?

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pi = 3

post ending in 1 - 99 gets me banned for gods vagina

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That feel when Mo3tron posts on /jp/


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I am going to drive up to Yorkshire and tickle your belly.

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make a shit thread, shit thread is deleted, make another thread complaining about that deletion, it gets deleted too

remind me why we're supposed to care.

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It happens to the best of us, don't let it get to you.

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remind me you need to suck my dick

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shit thead = what janitor thinks is shit

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dont please im really tickleish

we have to stick together right? meido just tagets me sometimes

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You are literally bleeding from the butt

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I don't go that way, I thought you we're a girl. >>>/hm/

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ITT:rectum genocide and blood tears

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My are you deleting my blog threads? I had depression threads get to autosage without any problems before, whats going on?

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>Rules are to be enforced as written. Janitors enforce site policy only. Personal motives should never influence deletion.

Now check your archives for recently deleted threads. Then check the threads people have been complaining about him leaving.

If you changed the Touhou pictures, you would be forgiven for thinking this is /r9k/. One day I'll mock up a typical day on /jp/ and change nothing but the board name to /r9k/ or /v/ and the OP images to something thread appropriate. Should be interesting.

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more liek
janitor trying to defend himself with: umad umad umad

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Stop it meido! Why can't we just stay friends?

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He finally read this post from four years ago:

Funny how we've gone from deleting/banning over idol/blog/Gust threads, now we're actively encouraging them. They don't have to be condensed any more.

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Keep them condensed already. NEET threads are fine, but we don't need so many pages of them. Look for an ongoing depression thread and post there

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if meido cared about board quality he would delete this thread, but no.. he just hates certain posters like me so he just deletes my posts.. its horrible
i heard a rumour the meido was wtH or tokiko but since me and wtH were on good terms i think its tokiko maybe and he hates me for when he confessed to me i said no

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not my face OP

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fug u

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