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I agree, so show us page 72.

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Cut his lines

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This seems mildly interesting, so I will request the source.

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page 68
You meet Nietzsche, who explains the concept of eternal return.
Turn to page 68.

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How bout I kick his old, nerd ass and show him who's boss?

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I'd like to ask if it's a valid defense in court.

"Sir, It was predetermined by the universe."

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"Well it was predetermined for you to go to jail, fuck you!"

*Pound hammer on desk circle*

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"This sentence is also predetermined by the universe. And the raping is also predetermined, there's nothing we can do about it"

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Please note that while this thread is nifty, it is still off-topic.

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Page 69 - REPPUKEN.

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Very interested in whether or not this text dates to a time when neuroscience was still in development, etc..

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Well, duh. Not that hard to figure it out by yourself. Wouldn't make any sense if it'd be otherwise.

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I agree janitor, "armchair philosophy" is what comes to mind when I think of "otaku culture" too!

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At what point does an "armchair" philosopher stop being one?

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cry more kid, it's more a joke on visual novels choice than anything

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Please, keep deleting my posts but leaving threads you know are rule breaking.

This sort of thing has happened before, and people have lost their janitor positions for it. I'd honestly rather you do this if it means you get fired faster.

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i read a goosebumps book that had that pick ur own ending in school

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No, it's a "funny picture i found on teh interwebs".

We have a board for those, and it's called /b/.

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why do people post but then delete them?

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The janitor is deleting them because he's on an aspie spree.
This post will be deleted for mentioning him.
The thread will remain.

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So you're breaking the rules by complaining about the moderation, and then complain some more when those posts are deleted.

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Yes, and the janitor is upholding THAT rule but none of the others, which the janitor application page explicitly states is wrong.

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every1 already knows hes/they're breaking the rules

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None of the others? Have you even seen the archive? If anything they're too heavy handed right now.

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tell me about kant please

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I will teach you about your boy cunt, its the nice wet hole you have back there for taking huge poz loads.

Come over here and let me give you the death fuk

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That was my original point. He's deleting threads about MMORPGs but leaving threads about JRPGs, for example. Or deleting anime threads but leaving shitpost/daily dose spam. All are wrong to an extent, but his priorities are warped. He'd rather go on a vendetta against a couple of people and delete threads he hates than do his job properly.

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Nice assumptions, sir. Won't fly

Also, there's quite a bit of spam going on at the moment if you didn't notice, one person can only do so much.

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If the janitor deletes the avatar roleplaying faggots then that is a good thing.

Arru hairu janitoru! keep up the good work!

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Mathematics in my comics? I got to read this shit.

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As long as he does it when the autistic k-ons are asleep I'm fine with it. The last meido didn't know how to deal with them and pretty much forced the /jp/ mansion threads to go elsewhere.

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FILTHY trips

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stop thats what i said originally stop stealing my things that i say its annoying

i dont want to die sorry

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/jp/ mansion threads don't belong here anyway.

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They're more on-topic (and fun) than WHY AM I MISERABLE /jp/??? ;___; or OMG GUST MADE A NEW JRPG!!!

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Wrong, even the kind of threads you mentioned are way better than fucking /jp/ mansion threads.

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so, what's the sauce?

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The place for intelligent discussions.

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Beer, Women and Bad Decisions.

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Is there a Manga Guide to Philosophy yet?

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Thought it was a gore pic from the thumbnail.

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