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so /jp/ i am not trolling i don't know were to go about this and i wanted your opinion
i feel strong sexual attraction to 2d girls i still find beauty in nature in real life and am still sexual attracted to real women but much more so to 2d girls so those of you who feel this way how do you cope with the realization that your dreams can never be realized?

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That sure is a sentence.

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Who the fuck keeps using my *whips out dick* images? I have 5 of them and they're all in use and not one was posted by me.

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Nice dubs, Sion.

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Dumb faggots on /jp/ don't know that you have to add a tiny black dot somewhere to the image.

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That's me, sorry.

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Reported for stealing intellectual property.

I'm also going to stab you.

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>i feel strong sexual attraction to 2d girls
Oh well then...
>still sexual attracted to real women
... I think you missed the important point here.

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you have no idea how much you made me laugh

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>Seriously responding to a troll thread


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dem titties be bangin

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Best thread on /jp/.

Submitted to the archive, please upvote the submission guys.

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my intention was not to troll i thought that the /jp/ community would be more receptive of me than other boards

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suck my dick

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i am not sure if you are joking or you want this to be archived to make fun of it/jp

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> Do not respond !
>Every thread must be replied to.jpg

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welp... i have obviously made a grave miscalculation in assuming that /jp/ would be the best place to post this

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Considering your dream appears to include a world populated by tall, busty, lesbian soccer players, I really hate to inform you that the number of dimensions is your by far smallest obstacle to overcome here.

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Neither. I'm trolling

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Suck it.

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trolling and joking are essentially the same thing but you seemed more sarcastic than trolling

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i am sorry if i dont understand what the fuck you are mad about

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I'm just being ironic.

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Who's mad?

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pretty much everyone i think? i was kind of depressed so i tried to ask a question but i phrased it wrong. now people are accusing me of trolling and not taking me seriously. so i am going to go to bed and hope i feel better tomorrow.

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Lol, OP is a fucking nerdlord.

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How many anon's lost?

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The fuck? Are we living in 3rd conutry or some shit?

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OP you are literally the biggest weeaboo I've come across on 4chan


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