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Why is she so perfect?

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Because she's a fictional idealization of a real woman who was drawn that way by an artist on the internet.

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Her vagina probably smells awful because she doesn't shower.

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Go away Kaguya

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Her powers don't allow that. She's eternally pure.

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Such an angel cannot smell horrible.

How do I know this? well it should be obvious shouldn't it?

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Her vagina smells of dried cum.

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Do inmortal beings even secrete substances

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whc u fuq?
kaguya or mokou?

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Mokou is a hobo and kaguya is a neet. They both smell horrible. i would rather fuck my hand.

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e/b/in :-DDDD X:DDD

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>They both smell horrible.
This is my fetish. Licking all the dirt,sweat and filth until I reach their perfect skin below..

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Yeah especially from the armpits.

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Kaguya is the worst of all the touhous.

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flanshit is the worst

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nazrin and mystia are still worse

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don't forget shikieki

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fuck you
She has the best hat and legs.

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OP needs to start these with a different comment, it's looking too daily dosey.

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Yeah. Get out Kaguya, you useless piece of shit NEET.

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Whoop-dee-doo, so she has the best flesh-colored tubes.