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/r/ing that one picture of bkub chen where the caption reads "how about i fuck your shit, nigger?"

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One sec i'll ask my girlfriend on Facebook for it.

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thanks bro

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Almost got it

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better than be a moon sugar junkie

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don't talk shit about caius you nigger

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He did one too many benchpresses and smoked one too many rocks and passed on man..
Caius Cosades was buried exactly the way he wanted: Shirtless with a Skooma pipe in one hand and a lockpick in the other.
He will always be my eternal friend.
Some people made Hlaalu manor their home, others that one house in Vivec.
Not me, I slept in Caius Cosades house every time.
He was always there, watching over me like a shirtless stoned batman.

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I knew I could count on my N'wahs to back me up

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>watching over me like a shirtless stoned batman.

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Smelly dumb N'wah scum.

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/jp/ - Shitposts and gangsta morrowind culture general

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You got a problem Imperial cracker?

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City of Vivec

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Fucking subhuman Redguard walked by me today. He said something in his unintelligible Hammerfell-babble. I lost it and called him what he was, a worthless milk drinker. Told that fucker. I hate Redguards so god damn much.

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Smelly dumb Redguard scum.

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go back to le /r/ :l

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