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Which video game has the best Touhou mods /jp/?

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Which board on 4chan has the worst janitor?

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San Andreas

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Those games are too much fun and they quickly get updated everytime a new Touhou game comes out

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I tried playing the Another World/World Link ones, but they were just so glitchy and it bothered the hell out of me.

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Team Fortress 2

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I never had much trouble with glitches in World Link, except in the original area near the end of the game. Did you play one of the earlier versions?

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Warcraft three right? I guess the best one is probably the one that a lot of people play.

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Nah, last time I tried to play it was with the latest version of Another World (I have 1.51 right now).

They weren't awful game break glitches or anything like that. It was just stuff like the music cutting out constantly and NPCs suddenly changing into the wrong sprites.

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I've spend quite some time playing Touhou Pokemon games. The are pretty fun.

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Maybe it was the emulator I was using. I forget whether I was using VBA-M, 1.7.2, or 1.8.0. Which one are you guys using for Touhoumon?

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Someone made a pretty extensive Touhou mod for Red Alert 2, but I've never seen any talk about it at all.

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i was using 1.7.2 for >>8774576 and i never had any gamebreaking problems. I don't know about the music though, since i muted it for most of the game, because i always play at 600% speed. The games are just to slow at normal speed and grinding certain Touhous takes just too long.

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What is the name for this Diablo mod? I want to try it out.

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You never had any sprite glitches though?

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I was using Touhoumon World Link v1.42 Unedited Header.gba and i never ran into any problems, except for the final area. In that area NPCs would sometimes not appear or certain character actions could be repeated again and again. Been some time since i played it though, so maybe i'm forgetting something.

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Hm. Maybe the problem is unique to another world. I'll try messing around with the headers though, thanks.

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No clue. I can only hazard a guess that it is Median XL.

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lolo no

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It's not Median XL.

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Romancing Saga

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The yay leavin' Gensokyo

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Certainly not Diablo II.


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romaning SaGa with touhou mod?

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It's in the top right corner of the image.
Hard to read, but spoonfeeding is a sin.

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the Fourth Great Evil represents shitposting... who will it be?

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hey, just getting dubs makes me a shitposter?

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Just not any dubs, look.



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oh, guess I'm the Lord of Shitposting now. See you in Act 4.

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this seem to be the touhou diablo 2 mod

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Crusader kings. Where else could you inbreed Touhous?

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What! Never to be released? What?
Please a link, even to a beta, I beg you!

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I'm kinda surprised that no one mentioned Suika Fortress.... the Dwarf Fortress Touhou themed mod. It's currently updated to 0.34.06


It's actually still in development, though development has gone slowly due to "other things" going on with me ATM.

Current plan: work on sprites for new animals

Plans to follow: Add in new animals that aren't yukkuris (Mofujis, Sukusuku Hakutakus based on Rebecca's illustrations) Add in more actual Touhous using the new features of necromancer (Seiga, Orin Yuyuko[?]), zombies (jiyangshi, and Yoshika), werebeasts (Keine) and the like.

This is ....assuming I can make them work with the new system... I still need time to learn the new tags.

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Shit, this looks cool

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I remember when I tried this, I was really wary of the Alice down by the river due to their description but I ended up getting my ass handed to me due to Yukaris(?) running in early on and tearing my little suikas apart.

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I can't help but feel horrified ;_;

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You must be reffering to the yukkuri Yukkas (cause there's no Yukari based yukkruis). They have a tendency to wreck man made structures (statues, door and the like.)and flip out when ever they come near a Suika thus beginning a murderous rampage. I know I haven't tired it yet, but I'm kinda curious how it would be like attempt to tame a yukkuri Yukka. I might need to check to make sure.. especially with the new taming system.

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I'm not playing anything that features yukkuris.

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Oh hey, an another DF modder. Didnt know you frequent /jp/. Your mod need more work but since you upgraded to .34. I really am not in a position to talk haha. How's .34 going for you. I've always found the game very restrictive on building tinkering for a true conversion mod, wonder if .34 solved that.

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Yes, I'm quite aware it needs more work especially with the new things that were added in the 0.34.xx series. It's changed up a few things I need to look over.

As for 0.34.xx itself. I'm finding it quite amusing especially with the new interaction system. Cause if I looked at the mechanics behind the interaction tags, it may have opened up some possibilities of some things I wanted to experiment with. (special summon for necromancer types, specific behaviors for specific creature, maybe basic danmaku is the "fire rate" in the interaction tags are true). It's still far from being a complete conversion mod since it still very restricting, but on the plus side there are new things available.)

Until the day Okuu can launch gigantic fire balls and Marisa can blast through walls your Suika's fortress via Master Spark, my modding days for Suika Fortress will never be done.

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Is there a graphics only version that just makes the normal dwarf fortress look like that?

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You mean the graphics for the enviroment and stuff like that? My best bet would be to look into Mike Mayday's graphic mod. I'll admit that the graphics outside of most Touhou related stuff, some animals and a few items are mostly from Mike Mayday's graphic set.

Course most of the stuff graphics come from Mike's older version of graphic set, I heard he changed it a bit. But I don't know how much.. I still use the older version cause it works nicely and it served as my base template when I began working on Suika Fortress.

But anyways, here's Mike's graphic mod set.

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I've seen pics of this Civilization 4 mod floating around, but I never went after it.

Speaking of mods what about Touhou games mods? I've seen a few that aim to go beyond Lunatic level of difficulty but it'd be fun to see something creative and not only focused on making the game harder.

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Looking at this gave me an idea, how would /jp/ like a Fallout 2, or an Arcanum touhou mod?

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Going up.

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New fetish.

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You do realize that it's just a romance mod coupled touhou characters?
You could recreate this shit in like 5 minutes

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I've been wanting to try out Touhoumon for a while now, but there are a fuckton of versions out there and I don't know where to get the right one.

Anyone can help me out?

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That is something that is very easily googled. Also touhou wiki exists

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I would be interested, yes.

In case of an Arcanum mod, how do you picture the cast changing?

Something like this?
Virgil -> Marisa
Stennar -> Nitori
Elder Joachim -> Mima
Gilbert -> Rika
Nasrudin -> Yukari
Arronax -> Byakuren
Kerghan -> Shinki

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But which Touhou wiki is best?

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The Wikia one because it contains crucial material about fan works. Any true Touhou fan knows the whole point of Touhou is its fan works.

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The one that probably DOESN'T have Neko scarlet on it...

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Raven -> Aya
Zan'Alurin -> Orin
Min'Gorad -> Okuu
Kan'Hua -> Satori
Bane of Kree -> Kaguya
Torian Kel -> Mokou

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Torian Kel as Mokou is very fitting somehow.
Sogg -> Suika
Loghaire -> Yuugi
Gar -> Cirno
Chukka -> Meiling
Geoffrey -> Seiga

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Jesus christ, what's with the annoying voice?

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Somehow I immediately knew you were talking about the TF2 mod.

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I found a Yuuka mod for Fallout New Vegas. Here's the link if interested

Also password is: enyost

I tried it and i can't seem to find it in game. The readme says about find it at Doc Mitchel's house, but nothing is found

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Did anyone do any Touhou mods for Morrowind or Oblivion?

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More importantly: Is anyone making a touhou mod for Skyrim?

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This thread shows why touhou is such a fucking cancer.
Worse than poneyfags.

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So cute girls is worse than ugly fucking mutant animals?

Get the fuck out of here horsefucker.


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It's not that hard for this Izayoi costume. In fact, the way it's so easy to put it together is very strange.