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Uncle Mugen appreciation thread?

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What if I tell you that Onions are far more safer than the usual legal substances people abuse regularly...

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No little girl... you are so very wrong... Marijuana is safe... even more safer than tobacco... but not as addictive...

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True... but it can kill cats...

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I don't want to become a druggie thx

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>more safer
Typical stoner.

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But Marijuana is "SAFE" and "NON ADDICTIVE"... it is not a drug but a "HERB"...

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you could say the same thing about having sex with children

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subhumans please go

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And you my friend... a typical non-informed brainwashed sheep by DUPONT and company... just google why Marijuana is illegal and be informed...

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>far more safer
This insults me.

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Expecting proper English from a SEA third worlding shita-ningen.

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Anyway... I'll be releasing a short Visual Novel where I Uncle Mugen will tell you why you should embrace Marijuana... Look forward to it this coming April 1...


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My sincerest apologies but Marijuana is indeed safer than most legal substances people regularly consume... just Google it and be informed...

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Such resources are being backed up by stoners. They are unreliable.

And if it isn't addictive, why don't you quit? For life?

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420 nukige where

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You do know that Marijuana is made illegal to protect the interests of the few despite Marijuana being a medicinal herb right?... It was long overdue for this to be corrected and reverse the false propaganda made by DUPONT, HEARST and ASLINGER...

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Nope... if you looked closely... the evidence in favor of Marijuana and the true reason why it was treated the way it is now is very well documented and cited in various non-stoner related sources...

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So why don't you just stop your marijuana induced shitposting addiction?

That's right, you can't, because you are an addict.

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Responding to a logical fallacy with another logical fallacy.

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☺♥~anime weed brofist~♥☺

weed is safe and even good for you sometimes

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You seem to be mildly upset my friend?... I'm just telling the truth and nothing but the truth... Is truth hurt that much?... I'm a tripfriend and you should have the option to filter me or report me if you feel like it... it's not like I'm the only thread in /jp/...

Also, you don't know nothing about Marijuana... it is NOT as addictive as you have learned from school... took me till college to get rid of tobacco but no such addiction in Marijuana...

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Quentin thread?

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Whoa calm down my friend... I'm not advocating Marijuana abuse... I'm more into rectifying Marijuana's undeserved reputation and hopefully make it legal for medicinal and research.

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File: 229 KB, 1280x720, [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes - 01 [1280x720 H264 OGG] [F3043661].mkv_snapshot_19.24_[2011.09.23_12.53.16].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i just mean good for u if your sick like it can releive pain

i dont drink or do drugs....

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Which milky holmes would you fuck?

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none of them
purity is important

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>i just mean good for u if your sick
that's great, since you have autism you can use it all the time

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None... because they seem to be too young and still have to experience life at it's fullest... I'll wait till they grow proper breasts and nice waist curves then I shall consider it...

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>Nothing wrong with marijuana

Sure thing faggot. Whatever you say.

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But if they want some dick, would you?

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Fuck yeah, Mugen, everyone's favourite poster is here!
The number one original content poster.
We love you Mugen.

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you dont know me very well at all
purity is important

i do not have autism

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I hope you get a harem of lolis if you make this.
This picture is really cute too

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It's almost like the Mexican criminal groups have such massive power with marijuana BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL

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This is the direct result of prohibition on Marijuana... you made illegal a substance that is not even narcotic... it's a herb... so you could protect the interests of the few... the truth has been out there for a long time but still no corrective measures have been done to rectify it... and you know this War on Drugs is just BS from the start... Legalize Marijuana and see violent gangs controlling the route and distribution fade away...

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Dude, you need to be a bit more subtle.

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Wouldn't happen if it was legal. Irrelevant if you grow your own or buy from someone who does.

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I don't particularily have to bother reading any of these "arguments". The issue is simple: it's your mind and you should be free to change it in any way you want.

Too bad in some countries they use drugs prohibition as an excuse to develop certain economies which shouldn't even be necessary (jobs for cops, higher profit for drug dealers and gangs, prison complex and things interconnected to that). Almost no sane moral system would deny someone the choice of making internal changes, unless those changes are provably harmful for a larger group - this argument can be made for certain drugs in certain contexts, but doesn't generalize well to most other drugs, which are nevertheless illegal in many places.

Law != a proper moral theory
Law = inconsistent ad-hoc social convention which may have been useful (not always) to those that adopted it

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it should not be illegal for a person to smoke what he wants
that's fascist
i can smoke things that are way more harmful than marijuana, like bleach, but they are not prohibited? it's a lie they care about "public safety"
the truth is the oppressors don't want people to have fun and take it easy together
it is a drug that is against "work until you die, slave" philosophy, that is why it is prohibited
it is funny that most work places have coffee machines with free or super cheap coffee. it is a bad drug, but it makes you work harder so it is encouraged
your overlords tell you what drugs are allowed, to make your life miserable...

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Just immagine the horror in the faces of Pharmaceutical companies when Marijuana is legalized for consumption and Study... since they cannot patent a naturally growing substance... same goes for the Tobacco companies who will see people move to a far more safer alternative than Tobacco

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>Legalize Marijuana and see violent gangs controlling the route and distribution fade away.
Hah, no. Maybe a decade ago, too late now. It's gotten so bad and they have gotten so much power because of it that legalizing it at this point wouldn't make it all magically disappear.

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Are you gay or something?

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Good lord you potheads are fucking retarded.

It takes large amounts of alcohol to get drunk.
it takes a few puffs of marijuana to be out of your mind.

Both drunks and marijuana users are a fucking liability. The difference is that one can drink a fine wine with your steak, but smoking marijuana could get people killed more easily.

Why is this so fucking hard to understand? You potheads are such irresponsible and selfish motherfuckers.

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Keeping it illegal certainly isn't going to help. Legalizing would at least make a gradual decrease possible.

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>far more safer alternative than Tobacco
You can't smoke marijuana casually like you smoke tobacco, you fucking idiot.
Use your ``herb'' rotten brain.

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>it takes a few puffs of marijuana to be out of your mind.
That's like saying a few glasses of wine will have you blackout drunk.

>> No.8767683

Perhaps... but I'm still optimistic for the future... Who knows... perhaps the future generation will correct the mistakes of the past...

The least thing I can do is spread awareness campaign and the truth about Marijuana and why it should have been legalized...

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are you niggas 4 real?

>> No.8767687

Or you could use vapor...

>> No.8767688

>Just immagine the horror in the faces of Pharmaceutical companies when Marijuana is legalized for consumption and Study... since they cannot patent a naturally growing substance... same goes for the Tobacco companies [etc]

What wonderfully consistent logic.
Tobacco is a naturally growing substance, in case you're not aware.

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>Who knows...
Good thing your third worlder mentality will never work on my people.

>> No.8767696

True... but it's still far more harmful than Good Ol' Marijuana...

Also, did you know that virtually every type of fabric can be synthesized with Marijuana?...

>> No.8767697

Your argument about consumption levels is arbitrary and subjective.

>> No.8767699

stop tyring to derail mugen senpais thread

>> No.8767700

Stop acting like an idiot. You can smoke as much tobacco as you want, whenever you want.

Can't say that about marijuana, because this "naturally growing and safe herb" makes you fly.

>> No.8767716

So? Stating your arbitrary criteria doesn't mean anything. You'll need to demonstrate why a more potent substance is necessarily more wrong to use than a less potent substance.

>> No.8767720

No it doesn't... are you sure you are smoking Marijuana?... Marijuana and the so called high it supposed to have is NON EXISTENT!... While it does calm you down it is not even close to the effect of the weakest narcotic... I don't think you don't have first hand knowledge about Marijuana my friend...

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I think marijuana should be legal for a number of reasons, but this thread is highly silly.

>> No.8767725

Fuck off, mugen.

>> No.8767728

Lol... True but it still is good to have a thread about Marijuana once in a while and spread some awareness...

>> No.8767730

Tobacco has no effects on your mind, no matter how old you are, how much you weight or any other physical criteria.

Marijuana does have effects depending on people, doesn't matter if it calms you down or not, it alters your behaviour.

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This is silly. You must use your reasoning when doing something.
If you're going to use a drug which impedes your judgement, you better do it somewhere safe or where you're under some supervision. This applies to most drugs, including most legal ones or prescription ones.

If you go driving and decide to go jug a few bottles of vodka, you increase your probability that you'll end up in some accident. This is elementary shit. The problem here is people being irresponsible idiots, not that drugs can fuck with your mind.

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I just cited a kid the other day for possession. You can continue the whole "oh it's from the earth, it's natural, it's harmless alcohol is worse you should be spending your time fighting real crime" but the fact is it's against the law, leads to other drug usage, crime and more. Deal with it your fucking liberal and idealist little shits.

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Why do you care about legalization?

It doesn't matter. It's illegal in my state, but I grow it in my closet. I'm a complete shut-in and I even ordered the seeds over the internet.

I've done this for years and no one cares. It's illegal, but no one cares enough to enforce it so it might as well be. Just keep it yourself and no one will bother you.

>> No.8767741

But Tobacco wrecks your Lungs and other body parts while Marijuana's effects are temporary... there are no single death resulting in direct (I repeat DIRECT) use of Marijuana... Tobacco on the other hand...

>> No.8767747

It should stay illegal because it's against the law. Flawless logic.

>> No.8767748

No effects? It's a stimulant.

Effects matter for the user personally. No effects should be prohibited. What should be prohibited is people being idiots and operating machinery they shouldn't while being temporarily insane (such as cars or other heavy machinery).

>> No.8767749

And why was it made illegal?... Don't you think it's about high time to amend this mistake?

>> No.8767750

Just because it's illegal doesn't make it immoral or wrong. Suck the establishment's cock harder, dude.

>> No.8767752

Legalise, tax, use the money to fix the damn roads.

>> No.8767760

Just yesterday I was more frustrated about shitposters than I had been for any time in the past year or so, and today, this.

Fuck of, you piece of shit.

>> No.8767761

Because it prevents Marijuana from realizing it's full potential... just think of the good things it will contribute to mankind if it wasn't wrongly criminalized...

>> No.8767763

Nobody cares about what others do with their health.

You say that tobacco companies will lose clients because of marijuana, which is completely idiotic.

>> No.8767766

This is the smartest post in the thread so far. Taxation of legalized marijuana = $.

>> No.8767767

Education has such a lack of money that there are schools literally going over to 4-day weeks because they don't have any budget. Place is fucked.

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first thing, you can get much sicker much faster using liquor
but i'm not against liquor
second, if people want to be "out of their mind", let them be. it's their lives, not yours.... why do you insist on controlling the life of others? they only live once and they are not your property
also please do not pretend you care about them, you actually loathe and envy them, that's why you want them to stop having fun and be like you. it is very sad
would you enjoy it if i forced you to do what i want(?)
please reconsider your attitude before the freedom of others

ps i don't even smoke

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What potential for making the world a better place does marijuana have? Oh please, lay it all on me.

>> No.8767773

So not only would we have drunks drivers, we would also have potheads returning from a Marijuana Cafe to watch out for when we are returning home at night.

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

>> No.8767774

Oh yes it will... slowly, gradually... that's why they are one of the biggest contributors to the lobbyist for anti-legalization of Marijuana...

>> No.8767775

And what will it tell our kids? That doing drugs is alright? Hey, Cocaine is derived from the earth lets legalize that too.

>> No.8767777

If you're seriously participating in this thread you should either head to /pol/ or kill yourself.

>> No.8767780

Stop taking mugen seriously, he doesn't know what a civilized world is.

>> No.8767783

How about hundreds of thousands of non-violent offenders not being put in jail. Think about all the lives and careers that wouldn't be ruined by having that on their record. Not to mention all the money saved from housing all of these people.

>> No.8767784


This. Marijuana causes impairments. The last thing I want is a bunch of you fucking idiots on the road putting yourselves and other peoples lives at risk.

But who cares about that because marijuana is a harmless drug am I right?

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Why bother with marijuana when legal drugs are much more potent and enjoyable?

Mix benzos and stimulants for a happy, confident, euphoria that you would never get from weed.

>> No.8767786

No, scratch "seriously."

>> No.8767787

But Marijuana is not even THAT addictive nor causes something even close to being DRUNK... besides... why only focus on the consumption side when Marijuana is far more widely used back then as Food, Medicine even Fabrics and rope...

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Weed makes my niggas less violent. Peace

>> No.8767792

They made the choice to smoke the shit, they knew it was illegal, don't even try to use that as an excuse.

>> No.8767793

You tell them to learn the full effects of any drug, legal or not that they will use. Only upon a complete understanding, they should decide if they want to alter their subjective experience and behavior in some particular way, if they understand the risks and have taken the proper steps to ensure their safety and safety of others.

You teach your kids to think for themselves and be responsible, nothing more is needed. Drugs aren't right or wrong, nor are their effects magical - they are merely making it easier to do things your brain can already do to a certain extent.

>> No.8767795


You're right. Because Billy who is selling the shit at his high school is clearly an example of a human being who is meant to do great things in our society. It doesn't matter. Buying drugs is illegal. Want me to say it again?

Buying and distributing drugs is illegal.

>> No.8767796

Kill yourselves out of /jp/, you little shits.

>> No.8767798

Nobody takes this subhuman onion smuggler seriously. People are here for shitposting only.

>> No.8767802

Nope... tell your kids the truth... That Marijuana is a herb... a medicinal and scientifically valuable herb... tell them the history why Marijuana is made illegal to protect the interests of the powerful few...

>> No.8767803

>It's okay because it's shitposting.
Fuck off and kill yourself.

>> No.8767808

> You're right. Because Billy who is selling the shit at his high school is clearly an example of a human being who is meant to do great things in our society. It doesn't matter. Buying chocolate is illegal. Want me to say it again?

> Buying and distributing chocolate is illegal.

This is a stupid argument and you should know why.
Why are people caring about these stupid arguments, are you so retarded that you can't even formulate a proper moral theory?

>> No.8767812

So we go back to the question... why was Marijuana made illegal...

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File: 488 KB, 1000x1000, 1327301782844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do a bunch of shut-in schizoids have such a problem with something being illegal?

I don't care about weed, but I'm genuinely confused about this. As a hikki none of us are really members of society, but you respect their arbitrary rules?

"POT IS WRONG BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL" is the kind of thinking I would expect to hear from a normalfag. I feel ashamed of you, /jp/.

>> No.8767815

chocolate isn't illegal, and never was.
You however, are a retard, and always will be with that mentality.

>> No.8767816

why was pedophilia made illegal?

>> No.8767817


It's a drug that causes impairment, is sold and manufactured without regulation in the United States Of America and outside the jurisdiction of the law. Therefore it is against the law.

>> No.8767818

Nah, I just hate stoners/hippies and both cultures more than most other cultures in existence, therefore I enjoy them being inconvenienced in whatever way is possible.

>> No.8767819

I can't believe you fucking retards are still trolling this thread / being trolled by the other fucking retards trolling this thread.

>> No.8767821

Who gives a shit, shitposting in a shitposting thread is fun.

>> No.8767823

This is one of the larger bouts of shitposting I've seen out of you /jp/. Are you sure you're ok?

>> No.8767831

And I hope you know that Marijuana is already scientifically, historically proven as a harmless herb and the reason why it was made illegal is due to the false propaganda that Aslinger, DUPONT and HEARST spread to protect their interests... also pharmaceutical companies since they won't make a fortune on something they cannot patent... which is Marijuana... a naturally growing substance...

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I'm surprised that /jp/ is so against marijuana.

Aren't most of you alcoholics?

>> No.8767833

So is dumping scat pornography in every other thread, but nobody does that because it's a fucking eyesore.

>> No.8767835

Keep fighting the good fight brotha.

>> No.8767836

Chocolate may very well be illegal in some alternate world (it can be addictive, it's a super stimuli, thus the argument could be made in the same line of the arguments that make some drugs illegal). The point is that it doesn't matter. You need to think really hard what makes an action right or wrong. Caching what other said or saying that something is wrong because it's illegal is plain unintelligent. Only when you can formulate a proper moral theory will you understand why something is right or wrong, the difference between an 'ought' and an 'is' and how they are derived. Without it, you'll merely be an ununderstanding tool that just serves the current circulating memes in society. If society told you that sacrificing your firstborn is required, you would do it, because everyone does it. There is such a thing as morality, but if you don't understand that, you're left caching the values of your cultures instead of deriving the correct values from scratch.

>> No.8767838

Witch marijonh wud u suk?

>> No.8767839
File: 378 KB, 899x838, ran_h_apr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we make this the alternative-value-system ultra-conservativism fetish fandom thread? I mean I see people getting pretty gung-ho in here.

>> No.8767841

It's threads like these that make me wish I actually had a stash on hand.

>> No.8767842

>they won't make a fortune on something they cannot patent
Because if you can't patent something, you can't make money out of it? Like tobacco. Right, my dear subhuman tripfriend?

>> No.8767843


I don't like weed because of the fox and grapes and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Whether or not it's healthy or legal is irrelevant to me, my liver is probably already fucked. I have no way to obtain it though because I never go outside, so hearing about pot is just another reminder of something that would improve my shitty life, but I can't obtain because I'm socially inept.

>> No.8767844

Must be some influx of shitposters, I doubt many of our residents are so stupid. You don't have to consume any drugs to understand why it's wrong to take a prohibitionist stance against them - /jp/ should understand anyway, given how escapist we are.

>> No.8767848

You are the shitposters.

>> No.8767854

You're basically saying, "It's illegal because its illegal."

>> No.8767857

Tell me then, how do you contribute to /jp/?

>> No.8767858

I think you don't understand... Tobacco companies make money via the brand... Pharmaceutical companies make money via the substance they patented... if Marijuana is legalized and used the way it is as a herb... pharmaceutical companies will lose a lot of money since people can and will grow Marijuana for their own medical needs...

>> No.8767861

I participate in on-topic threads and tell retards contributing to shitty /pol/ threads to fuck off.

>> No.8767864

this is flawed logic
the crime should be driving high. not being high. a high person could or could not drive. please inform yourself about the presumption of innocence
the law can not punish on hypothetical scenario
that is like banning 2D loli because it could make you a child molester
go away low intelligence human

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woohoo munch

>> No.8767871

It's not tobacco what wrecks your lungs, but rather the act of smoking tobacco. The tar of marijuana smoke can have the same effects in the lungs as tobacco in a heavy smoker. Yes, you can vaporise it, but so can you vaporise tobacco.

>> No.8767873
File: 132 KB, 393x424, 1329015307886.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Escapism and drug use have always been fundamental aspects to the culture of /jp/. Our drug of choice is alcohol, but personally I only use this because I can get it without hassle and I'm sure this is true for most of us.

I'm sure that marijuana would make me even happier with sitting here all day, never going outside, watching anime, and playing eroge. It's unfortunate that it isn't easier for me to acquire.

>> No.8767876

I do the same, but I'm compelled to respond to a thread filled with flawed reasoning, if only to correct it.

>> No.8767877

Thanks for the correction... yes you are indeed correct on that one...

>> No.8767879

Stop spouting nonsense.

Nothing prevents companies from branding their marijuana. Your "jews" argument is silly.

And you can also legalize marijuana and make it a state controlled business only.

>> No.8767881

I'm compelled to point out that by doing so, you are contributing to this shitty thread, and should fuck off.

>> No.8767890

>130 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.8767896

Typical troll thread. Mugen is good at this.

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File: 8 KB, 247x204, 88heil_hitlurr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can already get Marinol/Dronabinol (precription anti-motion-sickness pills based on cannabis) legally. /thread

>> No.8767899

But before you can do all that taxation and stuff you'd have to amend a LOT of laws and amending something that protects large and powerful entities since you can expect some form of opposition from them... also, what prevents people from growing their own Marijuana if it is legalized?... See the point?

>> No.8767900

Make alcohol and tobacco illegal. Keep marijuana illegal.

>> No.8767902


Does it make me feel happy?

>> No.8767909

Nicotine itself causes cancer cells to develop in vitro, no smoke involved.

>> No.8767914

Make self-modification a fundamental human right.
Any improper behavior resulting from self-modifcation is the user's responsibility and if he is an idiot who harms others while doing so, he deserves what the law throws at him.

>> No.8767915

If the prohibition thaught us anything, is that prohibiting alcohol is an even dumber idea than keeping it legal.

>> No.8767917

I never understood this argument because all it seems to suggest is that alcohol should be illegal as well

>> No.8767921

It should, it's the same fucking drug, just minus the rest of the plant and minus the bong.

>> No.8767924

OK... I'm gonna have to leave this thread since I have something to do... anyway, look forward to my upcoming VN "Marijuana - The Truth"... have a good day everyone!...


"POOF" (Disappears)

>> No.8767925

>Does it make me feel happy?

You potheads are so fucking depressing. You must be the emptiest people I know.

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Hey guys, what's going on in this thread *exhale*

>> No.8767931

Failing once doesn't mean it'll fail every time

And honestly I don't think laws should be determined by whether people break them or not, kind of missing the point

>> No.8767931,1 [INTERNAL] 

There's still not a valid reason to prohibit self-modification, not to mention it's utterly unenforceable and against human nature.

If you just want to control humans, you will have to either kill them all or make them into complete non-generally intelligent puppets (less than most mammals).

>> No.8767931,2 [INTERNAL] 

I didn't know mugen was a stoner.

Totally ruined the "uncle" image for me now.

>> No.8767931,3 [INTERNAL] 

How the fuck did you miss that?
Even if you're new and hadn't actually read any of his posts, surely you've seen his art?

>> No.8767931,4 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.8767931,5 [INTERNAL] 

Fuck you, Mugen's art is great.

Take this wonderful picture of a nice Arab girl, for example:

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