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Why are you attracted to girls with child-like features anon?

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Because I'm a pedo. My brain tells me that what's attractive and what is not, it can't be helped.

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Because perfection.

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Because I'm a hipster, being a pedo is the peak of hipsterism.

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Because it imply the ability to bear my children.

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pedos are intimidated by grown women
socially awkward /jp/sies can't talk to real women, so they claim to prefer young children, u r all actually scared, i don't blame u though.

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I'm not though.

Well not more than to other types of girls.
I'm more of a personality + hairstyle type

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You are wrong though:
>pedos are intimidated by grown women
Not in my country, nobody gives a fuck.
>socially awkward /jp/sies can't talk to real women
I can but it's not a pleasant experience.
>so they claim to prefer young children
I do prefer them but not because of my inabilities towards other women it's because I like cute things getting sexualized.
>u r all actually scared

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Because forbidden fruit.

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I had a girlfriend for 2 years, so you are wrong. Now please kill yourself.

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Because they're 2D so who gives a fuck?

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why do u like tits Sion

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You know, 3d women spend years of their lives trying to get themselves looking younger, use make up and shave all their body hair off so they can look child-like.

We're just slightly less repressed about it. It's natural to want your dick in something young and pure.

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Are we talking about 2D or 3D?

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Because your question is vague and the girl could be anywhere from 4 to 18, 2D or 3D.

I myself am attracted to young girls from 14 to 18 in animu because of their innocence, earnestness, captivating beauty and interesting personalities.

I feel nothing for 3D schoolgirls, who frankly only annoy me with their latest rants on facebook and vacuous celebrities. (that's why fiction exists, because real people are annoying)

Thank you anon, what would we ever do without personal projections ?

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What if the girl is mentally like eight years old, but physically, she's like 17-18?

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Because it is normal. Youth is seen as better, more attractive. Before modern times, the lifespan of the average female was not that long. 30-40 years or so, varying place to place, and by social class. And on top of that, infant mortality was pretty high. If you marry a woman that is 25 years old back then, who is to say you would have enough children with her? Who would even raise those children when chances are she is going to die within the next 20 years?

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Then you're taking advantage of an asspie and that isn't nice.

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Tao's not an asspie though.

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What if the girl IS only like 7 years old but physically like 17-18?

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midgets are perfectly legal

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But she's cannonicaly 14.

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Cute >>>> Sexy

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Really? Huh. Not a very convincing 14 year-old.

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Because I'm attracted to perfection and deliciousness.

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Oh the experiments I would do with that alchemist

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That would describe a fully developed concept. Child-like is imperfect, it has yet to develop into adult-like.

Just be honest and say that you prefer imperfection.

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Say that to my face fucker

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>attractive imperfection
The entire concept behind nearly all types of moe is an attractive imperfection.

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Because lolis and girls with child-like features are perfect and best.

Being so, I don't settle for less.

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Probably because I think myself as a child (despite I'm 28) and put young girls on a pedestal. On a side note: I'm attracted to strong christmas cakes as well because my subconsciousness try to find a replacement mother for me.

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Please troll elsewhere.

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the implication that child-like is imperfect but adult-like is perfect is arbitrary.

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Dude christmas cakes are around the same age you are.

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I love little girls.

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True perfection is a state that can only be achieved when a state that treads the line between flawed (young child) and imperfect (adults) happens. Loli is such a state.

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It's cute, for one thing.

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I think it's strictly semantic. Like imperfect tense and perfect tense, you know?

Some faggots will say "overripe fruit" or some other homo shit. Fuck them.

Pic related, perfect woman with perfect personality.

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Imperfect, flawed, and disgusting.

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Sanae like that is fanon.

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How much did the implant operation cost?

I don't mind large breasts but there's a limit, and that looks terrible

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Yes, but as I said above I think myself as a child so they like a my young mother for me.

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disgusting what the fuck? look at those tits she's not even DFC.

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One thing that is certain is how that is not cute at all.

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They're cute.

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I mostly like older, from like 16 - 40. But I do sometimes like the more older girls in comic LO, like that girl in the latest Ootsuka Reika work, she looks 11 - 12. Also middleschoolers are nice, like Kirino and the younger [email protected] girls. If I had to narrow my favorite age group it would be 16 - 21.

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Firm smooth skin, no pubic hair which I find to be unattractive. I hate mosts breasts with the exception of very few. Younger girls are more playful, fun and teasey. Bald pussy just drives me wild, no ugly lips and massive clits hanging out. Firm smooth skin, they smell delicious. Insides are all squeaky clean, no damaged organs from abuse over the years.

Listening to a younger girl describe how good it feels for her when I sexually stimulate them also would drive me wild.

Holding them in my arms and sleeping together would feel like heaven, soft fine hair, pure eyes..

There's something fucking wrong with you if you don't like little girls..I prefer them around 11ish.

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You know, shaved pubic hair doesn't reduce the form of clitorides or labia at all...

Also, I think you could probably be arrested for this post. /jp/'s a safe for work board, anyway. Can you please spoiler lewd words or replace them with more innocuous ones?

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But, I'm not.

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Reika's loli are of the 11/12 kind of lolis. Such lolis are the true perfection type, being right in-between young loli with no feminine features and early teen with excessive feminine features.

For me, these kind of lolis are what I prefer.

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Congratulations, you're a pedophile.

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Older women still get peroids. And the bumpy skin from shaving looks like shit. No thanks.

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How couldn't you be though.

Though the 3DPD rule still applies, I've had to deal with real children enough to be annoyed by them, they irritate me more than anything.

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Breasts and asses, man. It's good stuff.

Lolis just don't have anything interesting going on.

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Oh really?

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Lolis can still have cute butts. It depends on the artist, really.

Also, why do you keep posting those /v/ pics?

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He's a healthy anon with a true gentlemen taste, not a pedo. Please know the difference.

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I'm okay with breasts to a certain size, and ass just plain sickens me.

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I'd consider myself pretty normal, at least I don't like the little kids like 6 or 8, I think 11 is a fair age. It's about 1 year or so before they start getting pubic hair. That is pretty much tier prime. I might stay attracted to them all the way until they're 16 or so but after that nope.

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You're wrong. Flat/small chest is the best kind of breasts. And most notable lolis have delicious, tight, and finely shaped asses.

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I mean, look at that shit, it's like a triangle poking out. Freakin' weird.

Plus their personalities are kinda annoying, usually.

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Tell me your dick doesn't twitch from this.

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You're worthless. I suggest going back to /v/.

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It's cute, but isn't arousing in the slightest.

>You're worthless.

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But they are Atheistically Pleasing.

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What about this?

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w-o-r-t-h-l-e-s-s, now out with you and your sickening fetishes.

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Not even slightly arousing.

It's adorable though.

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It's better, but she doesn't seem particularly loli. Arms are a bit long proportionally for her to be very young.

>> No.8766629

I'm for lolis (2D) but I don't find that too amazing though, step it up a notch, get to tinkle bell tier, anon.

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Delicious buds are delicious. Also, lrn2perspective.

Your lies are not amusing.

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God, what is up with the bottom one's belly? It's like bloated or something.

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Nana is borderline loli. You should know this.

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I don't watch your Chinese cartoons.

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It's just disappointing. There could be so much more to look at here.

>> No.8766646


Your taste is already awful and being new doesn't help you at all.

>> No.8766648

>being new
I've been here for multiple years. I don't watch anime or read manga. There's another board for that, one which I don't frequent.

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physical attraction is overrated.

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Well you see where I'm coming from now. It's understandable that I like younger girls right?

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There are ways to appreciate without being so overly-sexual about it anon

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I'm not. I like voluptuous breasts/asses and long, sexy legs. Lolis can have nices asses but oppai-lolis just look silly. And they always fail with the legs since they are basically little dwarf-women, that's just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

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Why is that? If you like how someone looks, you like how someone looks. A body can love a body, and so can a mind. Physical appearance is important. If you can't like how someone looks, you'll have problems appreciating the rest of them. The inverse is also true: if someone is quite attractive, you'll often overlook some of their bad traits.

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>multiple years
You have close to nil credibility. The chances of stumbling upon that series is too high.

>> No.8766660

I've heard of the series, but I haven't gone so far as to be able to recognize each individual character as well as have an estimate of their age. Because, as I have said, I am not particularly interested in anime or manga, especially not harem ones.

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Please do not post lewd images.
Think of the lolis.

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You don't like harem? What is wrong with you?

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What would you do if you saw this on your bed?

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Because they're usually hot, sexy, and cute all in one. They have have traits of innocence and purity, which draws out one's desire to protect, hug, and guide then as well as the urge to corrupt them. No other girls can be like them.

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Befriend her first, then give her all my love and wisdom. Rape her out of love afterwards.

>> No.8766688

I like lolis because they can be cute, but the thought of engaging in sexual activities with them is unsettling, I don't want to hurt them.

Too bad real little girls tend to be spoiled, even if not they're still nerve-racking

>> No.8766690

Why wouldn't you? You mean the rest of the world prefers old hags with saggy breasts, dry second hand roast beef bushy vaginas, cellulites, and wrinkles? Ewwww creepy.

>> No.8766693

>engaging in sexual activities with them is unsettling, I don't want to hurt them.
You're messed up, anon. You're quite sick to have inappropriate thoughts that would guilt you into thinking you're doing something wrong or bad. And worst, to think you're somehow hurting them by doing sexual activities? That's just...wrong.

>> No.8766695

>>if someone is quite attractive, you'll often overlook some of their bad traits.
i've dealt with a lifetime's worth of mentally unstable physically attractive women already. i don't care how someone looks as long as they're fun to be around and don't have 20 years of emotional baggage.

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You would make a good father.

>> No.8766698

Its not quite what you think, its that I wouldn't want to expose them to that sort of thing, they're better off being curious about other parts of life and just being cute than you be turned by such things.

>> No.8766699

End of thread.

No need for the six hundred and twenty four posts trying to rationalize sexual attraction.

>> No.8766700

I don't like girls of any age. I like boys. And I like them all ages.

>> No.8766701

But I'm a lolicon, not a pedo.

>> No.8766702

There's nothing wrong with getting a loli addicted to sex. It just means she'll be your personal cock-slave for life since she'll never learn that there are other ways of living.

>> No.8766703

If you take lolicon for the words it uses, doesn't it mean a person who's attracted to little girls who are already sexualizing themselves?

That hurts anon, that's disappointing.

>> No.8766704

If they become curious about sex, then it's only right to help them. It's possible to guide and teach them.

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lolicon is strictly 2D, anon.

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True, but it would go sour quick if you let your emotion get control of you.

I love cute things, its pretty much an obsession, I have an over-active protective instinct.

It has a strong connotation as being 2D, but it can still apply to the real world, however much less often.

>> No.8766713

2D, not 3D. Attraction of various kinds, not just sexual attraction. Complex, not a mental disorder. Defined by body, not defined by age.

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/jp/ - just pedo

>> No.8766719

How much time does he have to do?
Has that been announced yet?

>> No.8766723

Poor Mad Thadd. He was just trying to be funny.

>> No.8766724 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 12532481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This image blew my nutbladder clean off when I saw it, spoilered because I'm a prude like that.

There was some doujin that put it quite well, its seeing them just starting to develop that sets you off.

>> No.8766732

>During the Affiant's review, numerous images and videos of real children engaged in sexually explicit conduct including, but not limited to, the lascivious display of the genitals and pubic area of any person, were located in the following directories:
>\things\don't click
>\things\don't click\teens
>\things\don't click\cp
>\things\don't click\cp\cp

I'm not a fan of the US's fuckstupid laws about pizza, but carrying around an unencrypted flash drive with ceepee on it is pretty fucking dumb.

Also, naming your pizza directory "don't click" is not an acceptable security practice.

>> No.8766738

>claimed this post was a joke

this line is used way too often here

>> No.8766740

>real children

>> No.8766741


>Liking 3DPD at all

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File: 124 KB, 1280x720, [Zero-Raws] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II - 03 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_14.26_[2012.01.20_10.53.51].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know he was just trying to be funny but they still did find that lewd stuff on his computer :s
poor mad thad though

>> No.8766745

>US's fuckstupid laws about pizza
Wat. Did I missed something?

>> No.8766746

He had real children?? Ugh what a freak. He needs to die.

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Don't forget the fact that he kept his name and address on the same drive. Clearly a mastermind on every level.

>> No.8766754

>Wat. Did I missed something?
Nope. I just think the law as it stands is too harsh, and that it's more a reflection of people's fears than a reflection of justice.

>> No.8766756

and what, he threw it at a police officer in rage loudly declaring all of its contents?

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I think he just found the idea of CP itself very funny. I'd even bet money that he didn't even find CP sexually arousing. Like how people treat it as a funny joke on 4chan, and he was somehow influenced by that. I think he simply wanted to do his own take on that joke and parody it himself "for the lulz". That's why he did it all in a very public place (so people could laugh at him) rather than in pure secrecy.

No way to know for sure though. But I feel 4chan taught me some stuff about how autists operate over the years.

>> No.8766762

Judging by the sheer amount of evidence they had against him, he might as well have. It couldn't possibly have made his situation any worse.

>> No.8766773


My theory is that Thadd was secretly homosexual, and had an intense prison rape, bitch, uke fetsh that was so strong, he was willing to be put away to so he could fulfill. Knowing that child sex offenders get "special treatment" by inmates, he downloaded CP, paraded around with it, flaunted it publicly, especially on facebook, knowing he'd be investigated.

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File: 337 KB, 270x255, 1312425217581.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds logical

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File: 76 KB, 1280x720, Milky Holmes6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully Mad Thad truly does have vast amounts of autism. It will be both his sword and shield in court.

But if he doesn't, then he's going to live in HELL (on Earth) like HELL.

>> No.8766782

Does his motive actually matter to them? Is his horrendous act of owning images worse if he happens to be aroused by them?

>> No.8766811

Friend of Thad here, he's almost definitely going to get 5+ years now.

>> No.8766813

He has friends?

>> No.8766857

I just want you guys to know, if I was a loli I would blow all of you.

>> No.8766873

That's nice to know. Hurry up and become one.

>> No.8766877

My penis is thick, so you'd probably have to lick it.

>> No.8766879

come nowhere near me, when I'm aroused I'm quite aroused, and I have little contact with humans, there would be little stopping me from jamming your face in to it.

>> No.8766887

I don't mind if you're a loli or not, as long as we can cuddle afterward.

>> No.8766894

Totori a shit.

>> No.8766919


>> No.8766920

The reason is is because certain features cause your child protection mind to kick in, your brain is designed to be attracted to babies.

>> No.8766936

Aww, that's sweet. I wish you were one.

>> No.8767077


Interestingly enough that video with the boy can still be found on video upload sites.

>> No.8767201


>> No.8767305

Shittiest thread on /jp/.

People will like what they like. There's no point arguing over sexuality.

>> No.8767318

Not in Japan.

>> No.8767400

congrats on the marriage

>> No.8767427

Is he still in jail or was let out on bond? He could probably try to flee the country. Not like he has anything left to lose.

>> No.8767485

His virginity.

>> No.8767498 [SPOILER] 
File: 516 KB, 1050x1100, 1321723689422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because deal with it, nerd. People have their own sets of likes and dislikes. Unlike the rest of the idiots on planet earth, /jp/ doesn't force its views and tastes upon everyone else.

>> No.8767534

I'm also attracted to boys with child-like features.

>> No.8767564

If a girl is ovulating, nature says she's ready to receive the dick. It's wrong not to sexualize her.
There's only one thing I like more than child-like features, and that thing is erect cocks.

>> No.8767961

>/jp/ doesn't force its views and tastes upon everyone else.
Don't lie to yourself.

>> No.8768086


What about child-like girls with erect cocks?

>> No.8768090

simply the best~

>> No.8768385

This isn't actually true. Some females can get pregnant at a point where the pregnancy will kill both the mother and child.

>> No.8770417

since the youngest pregnant woman ever was six, and she survived the delivery, this is not quite true either

>> No.8770641


There's just more risk involved. Obviously we should ban having sex with older premenopausal women too, becuase despite the fact that nature says she can still breed, we don't want to risk more autism babies now do we?

>> No.8776001

It doesn't cause autism.

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