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Last night I had a dream. It's in bits and pieces but I remember very distinctly a moment filled with bliss.
I was cuddling with Saber from behind and she was absurdly soft and delicate. I could not even believe how fragile and supple her body was. I realized at this moment that I would be OK with keeping her closely just like this, protecting her, forever.
As I was holding her tightly and massaging her skin and breasts, I achieved an erection I didn't think possible in what seemed to be 5 seconds flat. I feel like I could die now, feeling completely fulfilled, having felt such ecstasy just once.

Now for the slightly stranger but still relevant part that is even more chopped up. I was chasing manic depressive Sparky around all over the place to get my debit card back that she stole.
In the end, I even had to exorcise her because that bitch was fucking CRAZY.
I wish I could remember more details, but it can't be helped.

Now that I have shared my dreams, how about /jp/ tell of their dreams?
Feel free to discuss experiences with lucid dreaming, and even experimentation's with certain drugs that you have found to be effective in inducing dreams, as well.

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You were dreaming of your life in Avalon.

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i had a dream where wtH died i hope i t didnt come true

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>Last night I had a dream. It's in bits and pieces but I remember very distinctly a moment filled with bliss.
I was cuddling with Saber from behind and she was absurdly soft and delicate. I could not even believe how fragile and supple her body was. I realized at this moment that I would be OK with keeping her closely just like this, protecting her, forever.
As I was holding her tightly and massaging her skin and breasts, I achieved an erection I didn't think possible in what seemed to be 5 seconds flat. I feel like I could die now, feeling completely fulfilled, having felt such ecstasy just once.
I have dreams like this almost twice a year. They're quite nice.

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Someone tell her the bad news?

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I had a dream where I inherited an absolutely enormous mansion and, for some reason, an enormous warehouse that was beside it.

I decided to live in the warehouse because I always wanted a bedroom that was 100,000 sqft. I spent all night arranging the contents and setting my room up, even setting up this area with 10 or so projectors and giant screens, to display fap material on. Then I woke up.

Oh well.

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he went to HELL

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Thank you for reminding me about those dreams.

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cyber bullied to suicide

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That's not even funny to joke about.

I sincerely doubt it anyway. He had way more fans than detractors.

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Never Forget

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i agree its not funny
i think he just got a job or something

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>That's not even funny to joke about
Fucking seriously?

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"I had a dream.

A dream of people living innocently, without knowing the meaning of peace.

I had a dream.

A dream of people risking their lives and living for the sake of protecting something.

I think...only God knows which it was.

But I still ask myself...was there something I could've done?

I wonder, was that why I came to this world in the first place?

If this was my unavoidable destiny, then what exactly was I to this world?

Sad partings...the fate of humanity...and my own...

I still wonder if I could've changed them.

If I'd had a strong will to protect what I was meant to protect...from the start...

Then maybe there was something only I could've done.

I think there was.

So...so... At the very least...I'll live on...and try to protect everything.

I want to survive and protect this planet everyone gave up on.

I think I can do that.

The people left behind...the feelings left behind...the people I love...

I'll protect them all with my life.

I should be able to do something.

There must be something. Humanity won't lose.

I'll never lose.

Because...I'm here...

Because...I'm...still here..."

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wtH was really cool. Probably the coolest on /jp/, even.

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>tell of their dreams?
I was in an aquarium like structure with a bunch of people on the outside trying to help me. I was up to a 'window' on the side (just a hole in the glass that the water wasn't pouring out of) talking to them, telling them what I needed. Something was going to get me - unless I did something, and I was asking for things that would let me macgyver something up to win.

They were all excited for me and curious about what I wanted to do with the stuff I was asking for, I was confident in me and so were they, no one thought that I would actually get caught by whatever was after me. I was asking for things (like a brown paper bag full of oxygen) and was constantly being interrupted by people wanting to talk to me -- and I would indulge when they did.

It got so chaotic and disorganized the one handing me the stuff told me to just start over and write everything down on a piece of paper with a pencil. I fucked up the first item on the list (written typo) and tried to write over it and it looked like shit, and then things got so hectic with everyone there I never wrote anything else - and even though before I was a sure win, whatever was going to get me was close and just about to get me, and then I woke up.

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I didn't have a lucid dream yesterday ;_;
My last dream was some simple exploration/adventuring one and chaotic enough that I didn't bother remembering all the details. I hope I do better today, I've been looking forward to lucid dreams a lot more lately once I found out how to make them more vivid.

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I dreamt about my left hand last night.
It wasn't attached to anything. Or... Severed. It was just there.
Floating around doing its business.

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I had a dream that me and my dad went to a Mexican restaurant. He ordered a burrito, but it was really shitty and he wanted his money back.

That's all I remember.

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I do not remember my drams except for one.

My younger sister was kidnapped by Dracula. Me, in true Castlevania fashion, set off to rescue her. When I arrived at Dracula's throne room, poor Vlad was begging my sister to get off his throne. The rest of the dream was about me and Dracula trying to convince my sister to return home.

I wonder what Dr Freud would say of this.

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>I wonder what Dr Freud would say of this.
That you secretly want to double penetrate your sister alongside Dracula.

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Sigh... Don't we all?

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I had a dream which ended with me being intimate with a woman.
There were police outside the window and I suggested "If we pretend to be intimate, they won't give a shit that we're in here"
And she replied with
"Why pretend?"
And then intimacies commenced.
Although, it's difficult to dream about something you've never experienced, so I woke up during this once my brain went 'wait shit this can't be real' and aborted sequence. Everything else in the dream was A-OK in terms of believability though.

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I've been having some pretty vivid dreams about a girl lately, which means much to me as I used to never remember my dreams.
This one was a bit different though, we were with a group of other friends hanging out at what seemed to be a shopping mall, though we weren't doing any shopping, just sort of standing around talking, and everything seemed all well and good until our friend started poking fun at her about the ways she would act sometimes. At first it bothered me somewhat because her 'quirks' are some of the things I love most about her, but the way he was saying it to her, it started getting worse and then the others (a group of girls, which is odd because we don't really have many female friends) got involved and started harassing her. I stepped in to try to tell them to chill, but one of them intervened while the others started to bring her outside.
I just remember yelling to her that I was going to stop this, and I can't forget the look on her face, a look I've never seen her have in real life as she told me to not go outside because she didn't want me to see what was going to happen. I was in a rage and simply yelled "two minutes, that's all you get and I'm out there". One of the people were left behind to watch the door, and I just remember staring her down as I counted to 120, proceeding to charge at her straight on... then I woke up.
I guess I should be glad I woke up when I did, as my unconscious/subconscious is really good at freaking me the fuck out with imagery, so I can barely imagine what I would have seen.

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I once dreamed that I was being chased by Nemesis(RE3) and for unknown reason I want to get away from him by riding a bicycle with flat tires. Shit is scary as fuck.

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I think most of you could relate to this.

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I had a dream where I was some kind of miko-like priestess sent in a weird straw boat onto a small river/stream that connected to a lake, to perform a holy ritual.

The ritual turned out to be repairing an inflatable liferaft floating on the lake. Don't ask me.

The lake was overlooked by an impressive collection of skyscrapers, that I recognized to be a city where my relatives lived that I visited often as a kid. Only, the real city isn't situated by a lake nor has it any skyscrapers.

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I had a dream a few nights ago that I was in the house of somebody I've had a crush on for about five years (who recently told me, after I admitted it [tho not the length of it]) that we wouldn't go together well.

First I was helping him with his homework, and then, for no apparent reason, he got a boner, and then we fucked.

Then I woke up, and was a bit sad. ^^;

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Get ouf of /jp/. Fucking normalfags.

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you're not ZUN stop using that emoticon

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Last night I had a dream that Nisa and I went on a quest against evil but it had a side mission of increasing Nisa's breast size. The only details from that dream that I remember was infiltrating a speak-easy to stop illegal booze runs, a shootout in a trainyard, and having to roll a dice to move across a gameboard that was hovering over a magma pool.

I woke up before the final battle, so Nisa had to face it alone ;_;

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Two days ago I had a dream which was somewhat a sequel to a previous dream.
In the previous one I basically found out one day that I had Psychokinesis powers and so I went out and rallied a group of others with similar powers and started to do as I wish.

As for this one the furthest I remember is that I and my group were flying around and just sort of landed in a basketball court at night. Then I looked around and saw a bald adult and sort of just lifted him high up on a whim.
I was planning to drop him really close to the ground before stopping it but somehow he just went splat onto the ground. My group suddenly started to scream things like 'He killed him!' and stuff like that so I tried to play it as if I planned on it.
I proceeded to explain some weird theory of how if a person is turned inside out it would reverse and bring out his alternate existence from another dimension. Then I lifted up his body(corpse?) and tried to tear apart space and force him in and it was then I realized something was wrong.
I didn't have enough power to do so strangely. So I just settled with forcing his cells to heal but soon found out that I couldn't even do that.

As soon as the group saw that I failed to heal the guy they tried to leave.(I guess somewhere in the first dream they were already discontented.) The weakest guy in my group just ran and jumped onto the back of a car so I reached out to grab him with my mind and surprise!
I only managed to stop the slow moving car from moving. Nothing more. I was unable to even break his leg despite already grabbing onto him, much less drag the car towards me.

Seeing that I am losing the powers which made me their leader in the first place, the rest of the group swiftly disappeared leaving behind a few guys. I reluctantly let go my grip on the car and the weakest guy escaped.

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Then the next scene was me at the hospital with the guy who I threw into the air and went splat on the ground. I left him with the nurse and then for no reason at all started walking up the stairs with one other guy from my group.
When I reached the 4th floor I went through the double doors and there were two cops sitting just beside the doors.
One of them suddenly shoot up and casually shot at me with a gun.
Luckily for me there was a barrier on me so it didn't connect but since I didn't do that consciously and didn't know how to do it, I turned and ran like hell down the stairs.
On the way everyone seemed to be just staring at me and judging me with their eyes. A lot of other cops as well but none of them moved to stop me. Just giving me the evil eye, all of them.
Then I finally got out but realized I can no longer lift myself up into the air for more than a second or two. Then somehow ended up hiding with a black friend that I never had.

Who proceeded to preach to me the proper ways of using my powers and that I was too cruel and forceful and so even if I possessed the strongest powers of all, someday(I'm assuming now.) it will all turn on me and then I would be hunted by the World.

The dream ended with me reflecting on my actions and then being overjoyed when I am able to cut a kaya bread with my powers because then I bit into the bread and then realized it was a soft toy in reality.

But still losing what you used to have is scary. Especially when you pissed off the World when you had it.

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Someone's watched Bus Man too many times.

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I can't find any results on it.
What is the full title?

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Controlling how dreams go is rather easy if you're lucid, all you have to do is imagine how you want the situation to be - not "I am doing this" or "I am using my magical powers to do this in a convoluted way", merely imagine "Things are becoming like *this*" to directly change anything in a dream. Works, as long as you know what you want to do, but if you don't, you might get results that you don't want and have to adjust it until it matches exactly what you want.

I'm kind of afraid this is "cheating" to do so in a regular dream, but it's pretty nice for lucid dreams when you want to make a character or scene look exactly like you want, sort of like a mental photoshop.

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I constantly think about being Reagan.
If I could trade away 30 years of my life to get the charisma and social capacity Reagan had, I would do it faster than the speed of light.

Sage because off topic.
Day dreaming isn't dreaming.

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> continued
The distinction is basically between "I want this" to "it is this". If you just want something, it may or may not happen, but if you just imagine it being so, it just is.

It's also useful to double as a reality check - you can change reality by thinking it different, but you can change a dreamworld in any possible way this way.

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* you cannot change reality by

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Nah I enjoy dreams the way they are. It's like reading a book. I like how they bring me into situations that I otherwise wouldn't experience.

And of course the fact that emotions are very real in dreams. I also once dreamt about love but that's not important. Fear now makes up majority of my dreams and it's really refreshing compared to reality.

If I wanted a dream I could control, then I would just daydream. Which I do all the time. Having sleeping dreams is way harder and more enjoyable.

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Last night
I had a dream about you.
In this dream
I'm dancing right beside you.

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I go through many regular dreams and they're fine and enjoyable. I rarely experience genuine fear in my dreams, but maybe because my fears are not of the easily accessible kind. My biggest problem with regular dreams is not that I cannot control them, that's irrelevant, you can just be swept away by the random storyline, but that they are a lot less vivid than lucid ones where you can just make yourself pay attention to all details. The amazing images, colors and sensations you can experience while lucid dreaming are much rarer in regular dreams which for me tend to me either too abstract, or if they are vivid, they are very memorable, with nice visuals/sensation, but too short or lacking any "story". I kind of wish to strike a balance here with regular dreams, but I'm not sure how... yet.

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