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Revival thread #3
Copied from the last OP:

about GoS
/jp/ has discussed this game before, a rather long, difficult touhou rpg, translated. Awhile ago it received some updates that greatly improved stability and performance, the game was rather crashy with the English patch before these patches, so it's worth updating.

The whole game prepatched with the translation and game manual (5 parts)

If you already have the game it's most likely at version 2.06. You can get the 2.07 and 2.08 patches here: http://www.gensoukyou.org/bose02/game02/update.html
and the 2.09 patch here http://www.gensoukyou.org/bose02/update.html
After updating to 2.09 the game task bar will still read 2.08 for some reason.
The english files to copy over for 2.09 http://www.mediafire.com/?hwfe9kaur3d08c3
If you updated your game you'll need to run the exe in your save folder to convert your saved games to work with the new engine.

Previous threads:
#1: >>8704496
#2: >>8737026

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about DoD

>shamelessly borrowing from Pooshlmer

Base game:


1.01: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_101.exe
1.02: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_102.exe
1.03: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_103.exe
1.04: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_104.exe
1.05: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_105.exe
1.06: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_106.exe
1.07: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_107.exe
1.08: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_108.exe
1.09: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_109.exe
1.10: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_110.exe
1.11: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_111.exe
1.12: http://patch.hachikuma.net/maroku/patch_maroku_112.exe
1.12x: http://patch.hachikuma.net/maroku/patch_maroku_112x.exe (For patching from 1.00)

Manual: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/manual_maroku.lzh
Partially Translated Manual: http://www.mediafire.com/?2xr1cpwut878ucv (Thanks to Catharsis)

Japanese wiki: http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku
Google translated link: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku

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Drop/Learning mod for GoS 2.09: http://www.mediafire.com/?2e96axlmufyt31f
Rename the file to Game.pak and substitue the original one with it.

Japanese wiki for GoS: http://www26.atwiki.jp/touhou_souzin/

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>Drop/Learning mod for GoS 2.09: http://www.mediafire.com/?2e96axlmufyt31f
wuts this

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Tried to replay this, but the grinding doesn't help it.

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From the guy who made it (and released the translation patches as well):
>Drop rates are all over the place, since it changes per item or monster holding it. All of the drop rates were really really low. In general the rate was doubled. Of course this means changes from 2% to 4% or 4% to 8%. Lots of items dropped at .1% and are now .5% or more. I don't have a science for it, and I'm not too terribly happy about it. I didn't feel as good about increasing these as I did the learning
As for Learning, it boosts the learn chance of most spells for Satori; the lowest you'll get with it is 5% (15% with 25 points in her Learning tree). Fuck you 1% learn chance.

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Augh. Genbu swamp is far more annoying than it should be. There's tons of enemies and not a single one is interesting or really that dangerous; just really, really annoying.

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Heins and their resilience are quite infamous.

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The "swamp" sucked, but the encounter with the boss more than made up for it. This entire exchange had me in stitches, and the battle was very satisfying.

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There's absolutely no need to grind until the very final boss and at that point grinding is incredibly easy and nearly everything has a nice equipment drop.

What do people find about this game that is so grindy?

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Those eyeballs and unicorns are horrible if you have a magic team.

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There is nothing more refreshing than doing this.

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Why is Eientei so easy if you had a minimum of stability on the levels of your party on the first 8 levels?
The only one I had in really low level was nitori and now it's just use her as commander in one team and it's done, Sun flower garden was much harder IMO.

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>Drop/Learning mod

I downloaded the pre-patched mediafire link, does it have this?

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This is Genius of Sappheiros patched to 2.09 and on english already. You can just download this if you have problems installing or patching the game.

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No, it does not. You have to get the learning/drop patch for it.

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Oh geez, i didn't see that OP already posted that link...

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The wiki says that you can learn Elixir from this Dragon by using control on him, but he never has this spell in his arsenal when i control him. Do i have to control him later in the battle or is the wiki just wrong?

Potential spoiler because of my party members so it's a spoiler image.

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How about "only 6 characters, out of 12, get any experience"? And even if you'd switch the commander a lot, you'd be with 7 way too underleveled characters.
Just spend a few hours getting all those level1 up to 15, so that I actually have the option of using them, should I need one of them.

Anyway, some characters really do seem useless. For example, why has Satori no +IND in growth? She gets all those nice hitall status effects, but her shitty IND makes them useless. Lack of PATK and MATK hinder her using the offensive learned stuff as well. Even her last word fails because of that.

Also what's up with charm? My own people kill each other, but enemies still attack my group? Uh... especially nasty with those "paralyze all or physical attack -> death effect" guys in stage 5. Charm works, and then they still kill you. (Or make you run away..)

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Satori has 2 IND growth trees, one for permanent status effects and one for variety (atk up, def up, etc...), since the later is pretty much useless for satori since her variety spells are terrible compared to Sanae's you have to spend point in the first. Also the most important thing to do with satori is to give her 20 points in her learning tree.
Respecting to stage 5, use Sanae RES up and you shouldn´t haev any problems, assuming you give her something for upgrading her speed.

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Nah, I got through already, I was just training there with my secondary team. (Sakuya, Patchy, Alice, Byakuren, Satori and Nitori as commander) They needed to catch up levels.

Also I'm not sure if RES up would even do something.. given the atrocious values characters tend to have. (Or do those spells give a fixed value and not something like +50%? )

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Given how I never get paralyzed or charmed in stage 5 after using Sanae's RES spell, I guess it gives enough of a boost in that stat for it to make some difference.
As for the experience matter, it actually makes no difference - it scales with levels, so your weaker characters should be able to get pretty close to catching up with everyone else quite quickly. Anyway, the only things you really get by leveling are HP/MP and attacks, so grinding levels is not really as important as you think.
>upgrading her speed.
Once again, that's not necessary. 13 points in her buff growth tree doubles her speed when casting those spells, which pretty much guarantees she will always go first when casting them.

By the way, am I seeing things or is Satori kind of beastly when attacking things with spells they're weak to? 1000+ damage on those HDDs in stage 10 seems kind of exaggerated.

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Maybe I'm just used to easy RPGs, but this game seems quite difficult. The generic enemeis will require you to buff up or put a status on them and you'll have to keep leaving the dungeon to recharge MP and keep your items.

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I believe the main idea bahind being able to mess around with your party at any time is that you should go all out as much as you need, then if someone runs out of MP you can just switch them out. Also, most enemies will you only give you trouble the first time or until you figure out some strategy to beat them, so it's not really that hard.
Latter stages are another thing, though... you pretty much need to have Alice spamming her shield skills if you don't want to risk being wiped out.

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This is one of those games where status buffs and debuffs are actually incredibly useful. Like Shin Megami Tensei games. Attack buffs very notable increase your attack, defense buffs notably increase your survivability, resistance buffs turns those hit your party and status inflict on everyone spells to sometime gets one of your party members status inflicted, accuracy buffs turn those heavily inaccurate multi hit skills into every hit hits skills.

Sanae and Byakuren are incredibly useful due to this. The first has buffs up the ass and fantastic healing. The second has buffs up the ass as well as debuffs, status inflicts, and light and dark spells. Her multi target light and dark spells also notably inflict petrify and instant death as well.

Also your secondary party notably consists of some of the better characters.

Alice pretty much just makes life less tense in the later dungeons where chances of party wipes decrease significantly if she's around. She's also pretty much needed in the last dungeon as some mobs can and will very easily wipe your party otherwise.

Sakuya and Nitori are some of the better damage dealers when you craft their specific weapons. Sakuya has massive damage, and Nitori has great damage, elemental attacks, and fantastic party synergy with other elemental attackers and eventually physical attackers late game. Their specific weapons are also slayer heavy as well upping their damage incredibly against certain mob types.

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It's somewhat similar to Shin Megami Tensei. Random battles are actually a threat. Though of course your HP always heal after a battle, which I'd like all rpgs to do. Healing all MP would be nice as well. Makes you actually use your stuff and enemies actually dealing some serious damage.
Even in this game the whole "going back because of no more MP" sucks. If there was at least some MP-drop by monsters, like with bombs...
Enemies tend to not respawn, even if you go heal. And with the weird way items work, it encourages you even more to go back every now and then.


Leveling also gives some stats. But even though you are mostly right with the mp/hp thing, that's important enough. The exp scaling isn't very good either. Characters need to be REALLY underleveled to get some exp boost.
For stage 5 it's like this:
1-5: 150%
6-14: 100%
And on level6 characters will still have major problems staying alive in that stage. The exp scaling works better in a "you are strong enough now" way.

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>>8753231 continued.

I listed Byakuren's uses earlier, but she's also your hardiest caster if you craft her scrolls. She can heal, buff, debuff, inflict status, and use light and dark spells. She's also capable of getting IND very easily as well as buffing her own IND and giving herself and the whole party an ALL stats buff with her 25 point scrolls skill, and debuff the opponent's RES even after all that. Her commander skills are also the only way of regaining MP in dungeons and a very powerful attack skill that works on nearly anything that isn't a boss. You'd think the half HP skill probably has a success rate of like 10%. It's more like 70-90%.

Patchouli has the benefit of being able to become a decent physical attacker if you need her to be one. And a pretty good one at earlier levels. She also has the benefit of being the only caster in the game besides Satori to be able to cast spells of all elements though her light, dark, and mys spells are notably high cooldown spellcards. She sort of falls out of use with regular mobs however due to the fact optimally using her requires you to memorize what enemies are weak to what by checking them in the bestiary. Land manipulation is also notably not that great since you never really need to bother with it and the fact you can get an element's land power pretty easily with regular attack spells. She's very useful for certain bosses however.

Satori is as good as you're willing to grind enemy skills for her. She's capable of casting from all elements, physical attacks, healing, and status infliction. Her status infliction rate is actually quite high, especially if you up her permanents growth tree. Status inflicts are incredibly debilitating to enemies just as much as they are to you. You'd also be surprised to how few things are actually immune to anything.

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I already now what Alice is capable of. Or at least I think I know. I currently use Mokou in the center (Hakurei formation), because it's enough. Gives me way more damage. Alice can't deal damage, so as long as I'm fine without her.
Though most of my character's lack the most useful skills anyway. Byakuren is a good example. I think she's shit. Single target buffs aren't what I want (Sanae is better), single target permanent status effects are very situational and she only has one single hit dark and light spell.
Sakuya seems to be very situational as well. Has several death skills, but most is single target, so.. I prefer Mokou any day for physical damage. At least right now. Though I can see her potential, which might make her better later on. But so far Mokou hurts a lot more. And it takes a lot more to kill her as well. And I simply like Reimu (heal, heavy light nukes) and Aya (turn manipulation, hit all physical) more as her melee supporters.
I liked Patchy though, but decided to keep Marisa for now. Patchy, with a quick dagger (or whatever its name was.. got it as a drop, +25speed) was basically a better Marisa. If you can exploit elemental weaknesses, she hurts, but even her normal attack hurts, unlike Marisa's.

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Her single target buffs are considerably better than Sanae's, actually, unless you're in a hurry to buff everyone (and I'm not sure if they both stack, although I doubt it). She can also endow a character's weapon with an element of your choice, so against bosses that have huge weakness to something she will make an enormous difference. And lastly, her debuffs/status infliction spells seem to hit more often than Satori's, possibly because she will almost always have a ton of IND.
Who cares about instant death, just beat things to death until they die. Her 2-handed sword growth tree gives her +90 PATK and reduces the resistance of enemies by two levels with enough points in it, so pretty much everything she hits will be severely hurt - and if she hits something her weapon has a slayer effect on, they WILL die.
I love how she's actually a decent physical attacker in this game, you can save a lot of MP by just whacking things when you don't need to spam magic. It's a pity that she doesn't get a single ACC boost in her growth trees, though.

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Marisa isn't meant to be used without wasting MP, she is the character with msot MP in the whole game for a reason and it's for using it, her starting ellemental spells cost only 3MP and do more normal damage than Patchouli Medium level spells that cost 16 MP also Patchouli MP is much more limited than Marisa around 60% and while her attacks do damage to all enemies Marisa is much better on the later dungeons where you get fewer powerful enemies than tons of weak enemies.

Marisa should be your main spell caster always, specially for bosses where her elemental attacks and her sparks normally roast the bosses.

The main use I have found for Patchouli is teaming her with Nitori or Reimu, with the first they attack twice thanks to chasers and with the second you can level light attacks a lot, most enemies are weak to light and very few resist it.

Sakuya should do much more damage than Mokou (normal attack) always, Mokou spells are pretty powerful and cheap, like honest's man, but Sakuya attacks can attack more than 1 enemy and most of the times will even if it says single target in the description. Though if I were to choose one it would be Mokou in the later game she becomes much more powerful with Fujiyama volcano and her tank capabilities are very useful.

Aya can be useful sometimes though her damage output is pretty poor, she can be used as a tank thanks to evassiveness but still I prefer Alice as a tank and Youmu as a damage dealer.

Finally Byakuren can be useful or not depending of the rest of the team, on the expansion you can break the game with her and Reisen but on the normal game she is replaceable with Satori or Sanae.

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Sakuya's death skills are incredibly pointless and nearly nobody ever bothers building her in anyway that supports them. Her special weapon tree is one of the best in the game. Every single sword besides her final one gives several slayers of some sort. They also have massive attack and the growth tree gives massive attack. She also makes some bosses a joke. She has the ability to wail freely on an enemy for 2 or 3 turns depending on if that growth tree is maxed out which is incredibly great for bosses when she's buffed heavily. It's all about the multi hit attacks with Sakuya. Multi hit attacks are capable of hitting enemies you didn't aim for past the first hit of it, which can be annoying if you're trying to hit an enemy in the back as most hits will then go to an enemy in the front. However, hits on an enemy will not go beyond what will kill them and if they go over, they simply go to another enemy. She also has a fairly cheap guaranteed 3 hit attack at the end of her 2h sword tree.

Byakuren is somewhat underpowered at lower levels, but when you get more skills, you start seeing her potential.

>> No.8753314

Try lowering its HP? I distinctly remember learning Elixir from that battle, but I don't remember how much I damaged it before I could use Comet/Elixir.

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you are probably in the section of the two party split. Apart from the Reisen riddle, it's indeed a breather.
But wait until you actually reach the Inner Eientei.

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I'm getting this bug where I cant see my stats or stuff like playtime or anything on the Records tab. Using Windows 7 with Japanese locale by default

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This is also the first time I am in need of a map. This shit is infuriating.

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Byakuren sucks even in late game. She's only good vs bosses if you have melee with you. Against normal enemies, her spells are to expensive and don't cover enough people. Her light/dark spells minus her bombs are extremely weak unless you're in endgame. Her status effect spells tend to not work against the enemies you want them to work on.

Nitori's chaser are weak even when paired with patchy. You're far better off just getting another attacker.

Sakuya's primary value is her slayer abilities. She doesn't have enough mp to spam skills which greatly weakens her overall dps.


Anyone works early game. Late game alice is many times better due to little legion. It's practically a free turn every time you use it.

>> No.8753478

>Byakuren sucks even in late game. She's only good vs bosses if you have melee with you.
isn't that the one thing which matters the most, almost breaks the game? One word, Reisen.

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Who'd have thought Kaguya would be vulnerable to Control. That's what she gets for being a slave to mass media, I guess. Delicious buffs were had.

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There's maps on the Japanese wiki. Which level do you mean? The one with the pipes?

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So. How the hell do I kill Heins?

>> No.8754596


chances are that level 1 character you got a few levels ago has an easy cheeze combo against whatever you are stuck on.

general rule of thumb.

>> No.8754605

I don't have any level 1 characters, and I haven't gotten a new character in five stages.

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before they can barrier change, nuke them (petrify works too I think). Ensure your initiative with the usual methods (Aya or Sonic Steam).
If they do barrier change... either whack them until they die, use Satori to detect the current weakness or run away.

>> No.8754618

What are they weak too initially?

>> No.8754641


Do you not the see the screenshot you're quoting? Nothing.

>> No.8754645

as you can see from my screenshot, nothing.

300 PDEF is much more than 100 MEF though. Unless you got some Trascendent slayer... well, brute force probably works anyway.

In my opinion, picking a fight with those guys is pretty pointless. That dagger doesn't seem to be particularly useful.

>> No.8754650

I can see that. I was referring to what does their barrier starts on.
They DO start with one, right? I couldn't even scratch them even before they did their barrier change thing.

>> No.8754654

They don't. -After- they use the barrier, they get high resistance to everything except one weakness.

>> No.8754653

Is there any reason to use knives period?

>> No.8754660

>what are they weak to* initially?

open the picture.
>25 res
status effects should rape them royally, petrify and death should be enough cheese, a high IND poison from satori with her +50% poison damage eye should do just as well if your Sakuya has mana issues or you gave up learning petrobreath for satori.
>100 Mdef
means any sort of magical damage will really hurt them...as in, NUKE THEM WITH SPELLS BEFORE THEY CAN CAST THE BARRIER.

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Maybe for status effects. I only used knifes in one postgame quest as an attack item, because Orichalcum Dagger inflicts silence.

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Ooooh, ok. Thanks, that's very helpful.

>> No.8754684

Mambele is pretty cool.

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I gotta say, crab Meiling looks pretty cool.

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What are those items that you sometimes get that don't do anything? For instance, when you talk to kagura with mokou in your party she gives you something.

>> No.8755129

Is there a good place to hunt giant oarfish?

>> No.8755138

There are far, far more formations than you'll ever need, but when you need them, it's nice to have them.

>> No.8755164


Kagura never gave me a new formation. I don't see it in my formation screen.

>> No.8755172

>There's absolutely no need to grind until the very final boss
Yeah, try to beat Remilia without grinding.
You can't.
Maybe if you are very lucky you can with last words.

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Remilia is one of the easiest bosses in the game. I beat hear at my first try without any grinding at all. If you fight all the enemys on the way to her you should easily beat her.

>> No.8755204

>If you fight all the enemys on the way to her you should easily beat her.
No not really. Try to do a speed run.
You have to fight enemies from other ways too.

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Kaguya gives you a four person formation. You can't see it if you have 5 people

>> No.8755229

That's not grinding, that's clearing the level. There's a big difference.

And what "other ways?" There's really not many twists and side paths in SDM.

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"If you fight all the enemys on the way to her" includes the enemys on the way to the switches of course. You have to get to those two switches to get to her so you will run into those enemys. If you run away from every fight and never fight any enemys at all then you might find it difficult to fight her and Nitori. Otherwise she really isn't that hard. Some bro in one of the older threads even beat her using Mokou solo.

>> No.8755247

Also, when Sakuya and Nitori join you, they are at level 1 and you have to grind them to so then, they follow your original party.

Saying you don't have to grind in this game is the same as saying you don't have to grind in MMORPGs.

>> No.8755270

Sakuya and Patchy do fine at level one in the forest. They'll die a bit, but so what? There's absolutely no reason to level them up in the mansion or anything; lower level characters get bonus experience in higher level areas anyway. Use the commander slot.

Are you SURE you know what grinding means?

>> No.8755275

Yes, I am sure.

>> No.8755284

I'm not sure if I believe you. Define grinding, because by my definition and as someone who's played through most of the game, I can say with absolute confidence that you do NOT need to grind in this game.

Except with Satori.

>> No.8755307

Not the guy who thinks the game is grindy, but I'm pretty sure the definition is fighting enemies extraneously beyond what you would normally encounter playing the game otherwise. Fighting enemies on the way to getting chests, switches, or bossfights is not grinding. Fighting enemies for no other reason than fighting enemies is grinding.

I played this game juking more than half the enemies I came across simply because I liked using the lowest leveled party members I had even though the team composition would be mediocre which meant even random encounters were hard most of the time. By the time I got to the Gorgon Barrier, nearly every character was getting triple experience. Everybody was still getting double experience by the time I beat Lithos.

Grinding isn't needed at all for this game.

>> No.8755381

>Grinding isn't needed at all for this game.
Oh really?
If I remember correctly, when I found Komachi and Medicine(?) I had to grind characters I didn't like/use to beat them.

Also, when I reached Eientei... I stopped at it, because it literally forced me to grind the characters I didn't use.

This game wouldn't be grindy if the characters you beat were at the same level of your party and if all your party members gained experience.

>> No.8755398

Marisa can also recover 6 MP per turn if you craft her any of her brooms and put enough points in her broom growth tree.
Try opening and closing the menu a few times, or going in and out of places and waiting until their name tags disappear until opening the menu again.
>her spells are to expensive
Get enough points in her scroll growth tree and she recovers 2 MP per turn. She also has a fuckton of MP which can go even higher thanks to her growth, so you can spam as much as you want with her.
Nitori's attacks all get considerably stronger with enough growth points as well.
They have some nice slayer effects, can inflict statuses most of the time, drain HP and have Dual Raid, so they're not really that bad. It's just that character-specific weapons are much better than the generic ones most of the time.
1. Use Sanae's RES buff.
2. Use Reimu's 2 bom spell.
3. Use whatever MP Reimu has left to spam more bombs or amulets at her.
And you're done. I don't know how dangerous Nitori can get, but when I last fought her she use Water Chaser four times in a row.
Put them in the back of a party, play a bit with their growth points and you can just start stage 3 without a single problem at all. If you want to save MP, build Patchouli for physical attacks, give her a knife and she will murder everything in that level. By the time you get to the monsters with area attacks, they will already be strong enough to be able to withstand a few hits.

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I don't know what you did, but it's likely you only have a "main cast" of 6 that you always used to plough through everything and needed no strategy to win at all. I kept all my characters evenly leveled because I knew from the first few boss fights that there is a lot of strategy, item/growth/skill juggling and tactics in this game.

Well of course you'd need to grind if your main cast unfortunately can't plough through a certain boss. You're an idiot. I bet all your main cast are physical touhous and you just quickbattle your way through everything.

You don't even appreciate the game for what it is.

>> No.8755416

>1. Use Sanae's RES buff.
>2. Use Reimu's 2 bom spell.
>3. Use whatever MP Reimu has left to spam more bombs or amulets at her.
Already done that, if Remilia uses her charm ability then you are fucked.
Obiviously, you can grind Reimu to prevent that.

>> No.8755432

>characters I didn't like/use
You know, one of the things this game is most famous for is forcing you to use every character in your party. If you stuck to six and found yourself in situations where you needed someone you didn't care about, then... too bad for you.
Also, level 1 characters are not an issue at all, because (except for Sakuya and Patchouli, which do well enough at level 1 for the point you get them anyway), you only get one character at a time, and there's that neat little commander spot. It IS kind of a problem in the post game though, but there you have Lithos and Aging Drizzle to kill anything in one hit, so grinding in level 21 is hilariously easy.
>if all your party members gained experience.
They get power points (although at a lower rate, 1/2 or 1/3), which is enough for me.
I'm pretty sure Remilia will never use her Charm spell in the first turn, so there's no excuse to not use the RES spell.
Also, Reimu's barriers never seemed useful enough for me.

>> No.8755434

"Strategy" is not grinding.
>You're an idiot. I bet all your main cast are physical touhous and you just quickbattle your way through everything.
You are the idiot here because I also used non physical oriented characters.

>> No.8755453

Yeah, except you can't win Remilia in the first turn.

>> No.8755460
File: 69 KB, 593x600, 1332439451563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big whoop so you arranged a group of nuke characters who only do damage and maybe sanae to buff them.

That's not supposed to be the height of strategy in this game. "my party is balanced with 1 tank, 2 dps 2 heelz why can't I wipe the floor with everything"

Obviously I can't argue that this isn't a grinding game now that you've dug yourself a hole so deep that the only way out is to grind out. So yeah, the game is a grind now. Because of how you played it. It's your fault. I'm glad you quit it before you even got very far. Just stay there and whine.

>> No.8755464

However, Sanae's RES buff is more than enough to ensure that at least two or three characters will survive Red Magic, which is enough to finish that fight.
Also, remember than whacking someone who's charmed (or controlled/berserker) has a pretty high chance to cure them, so give it a try if you really need to.
If the RES buff isn't doing anything, once again, try using a few more growth points.

>> No.8755498

So what?
Put most of Sanae's POW in her buff tree, cast her RES buff on the first turn. Most, if not all of Remilia's charm will be blocked. Have her heal the rest of the time; her group heal and single target will vastly outheal Remilia's attacks.
Put most of Reimu's POW in her spirit sign tree and have her dump her last word on Remilia on the first turn. Have Marisa do the same with the biggest spark you can afford.
Put Aya's POW in whatever tree you want; all she needs to do is smack Remilia around and keep Nitori asleep with sleep beak.

After your first two bigs attacks from Reimu and Marisa, have them tear Remilia apart with light and mystic attacks. This won't take long. Once Remilia dies, you've pretty much won. Nitori isn't much of a threat on her own, especially with Aya constantly putting her to sleep.

Unless you've been skipping fights left and right, it should not be hard at all.

>> No.8755501
File: 178 KB, 931x1392, 1327064782501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I recruit Cirno? I want her so badly. I want her even if she's weak, dumb and useless.

>> No.8755506

Cirno is post-game. So are Reisen, Yuugi, Remilia, and Lithos.
I'm sorry.

>> No.8755510

>That's not supposed to be the height of strategy in this game. "my party is balanced with 1 tank, 2 dps 2 heelz why can't I wipe the floor with everything"
First of, I didn't even use a tank, second, how this game use dps's? Maybe you are saying some other thing.
You right about the healers but Reimu also served for other things.
>Obviously I can't argue that this isn't a grinding game now that you've dug yourself a hole so deep that the only(...)
As I said, this game wouldn't be grindy if the characters you beat were at the same level of your party and if all your party members gained experience.

>> No.8755511
File: 251 KB, 500x500, 1331248460797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8755516
File: 307 KB, 594x736, remiliabunny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously, you should probably play something else if you can't even beat Remilia. The game won't get any easier.

>> No.8755521
File: 129 KB, 542x453, 1332115467257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remelias face wen i beat her as w/ out even dying 1nce

>> No.8755522


Maybe the grind is lower now, because I played GoS when it was realised.

>> No.8755531

Is it just me or does item drop rates increase dramatically after you clear the boss of a dungeon? Also what affects the strength of sanae's buffs? I know it doesn't increase stats by a set percentage since the res buff is useful and most of my chars have no base res.

>> No.8755540

Growth skills?

>> No.8755556
File: 529 KB, 800x600, hijiri running.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The walktrough on the wiki says that high IND makes your buffs stronger, since it says somewhere to buff Hijiri's IND before using her other buffs. I don't know if that is true though.

>> No.8755551

Well, it doesn't work like that, but that's ok, because even when it does it's not grindy if you put some thought into things.
You can mix and match your first two sets of characters pretty easily, and the game's easy enough early on that even level one characters can do fine in the forest and stuff. By the time you get to Alice your party should be somewhat even.
From then on, every time you get a new character, you can just toss her in the commander slot and she should catch up with your party from just progressing through the game. By the time she's in fighting condition, you should have another new recruit to stick in the commander slot.
It's fine if your characters are a little underleveled; it just means you'll have to play a little more intelegently. Hit weakness whenever you can, use status effects, bring out Alice to tank for a bit, etc.

I'm currently on stage 17 and I've had to grind for levels exactly once; Byakuren was only level 34 when I got to Tensh, and I wanted her at 35 for dark sword...although that was mostly me being intimidated by Tenshi, who turned out to be really, REALLY easy.

>> No.8755563

>I played GoS when it was realised.
This might be a good point. Was there ever a difficulty/experience adjusting patch or anything?

>> No.8755569

And as we've been saying, that's just a minor inconvenience. You are even free to change the members of your party at any point during a dungeon, so if someone isn't performing well enough or lost all their lives, you can just switch them out for someone else. If someone's dying in one hit but you need them to work, there are plenty of formations for you to work with, as well. If all else fails, just have Alice be their personal guard.
The only reasons to grind in this game are getting enough materials to craft some things (KUSANAGI I HATE YOU) and getting enough levels to get a new skill for a character, or if you hate yourself to get enough power points for another level.
I'm pretty sure the expansion rebalanced the game.

>> No.8755574

>However, Sanae's RES buff is more than enough to ensure that at least two or three characters will survive Red Magic
Not really.
>Put most of Sanae's POW in her buff tree, cast her RES buff on the first turn.
Did that, etc.
I only beat Remilia because of Marisa and Aya last words.

>> No.8755578

...just how many random mooks did you skip?

>> No.8755588

>From then on, every time you get a new character, you can just toss her in the commander slot and she should catch up with your party from just progressing through the game. By the time she's in fighting condition, you should have another new recruit to stick in the commander slot.
That's right, but I don't how the game makes the experience points the same for everyone.
Leveling up a level 1 character takes almost the same time as a 6-7 one on the forest, at least for me.

>> No.8755595

I don't understand. Could you repeat that?

>> No.8755604

>*I don't like how

>> No.8755708

Are the light and dark web spells from the second Genji fight worth learning?

>> No.8755721

I don't know what some of you guys are arguing about, not having your characters gain atleast SOME exp when they aren't in your active party, is a dated and shitty mechanism of rpgs.

>> No.8755730

But they do, characters who are not in your active party get either half or one third of the power points (which are at least as important as normal experience points) your main party gets, and new characters always get the average of your power level worth of power points when they join you.

In DoD, however, new characters join you at level 1, there's no growth system, no commander slot and enemies love sniping the characters on the back. Also, there are far less formations. Good luck grinding that Yama.

>> No.8755748

>In DoD, however, new characters join you at level 1, there's no growth system, no commander slot and enemies love sniping the characters on the back. Also, there are far less formations. Good luck grinding that Yama.
Wow. That sounds awful. No growth system, no commanders? Why?

>> No.8755774

The shikigami system is pretty much the only thing that game has, but at least it works pretty well.
Playable characters are pretty much just masses of stats, and anyone can be set to do anything.

>> No.8755793

Is there some way to tell how often a shield may activate? Also does Patchy's book growth saying half shield activation means it actually lowers the chance of the shield working?

>> No.8755813

>Playable characters are pretty much just masses of stats, and anyone can be set to do anything.
That sounds stupid, and like an excuse to just use your favorite Touhous for whatever and whenever you want.

>> No.8755825


By the evade rate.

>> No.8755831

I still don't get how shields work, but for stuff like the thing with Patchy, it usually means that it applies to the enemy. So if you take that skill, enemies will use their shield less.

>> No.8755848

>Is there some way to tell how often a shield may activate?
The EVA of a shield is the exact percentage that shield might block something. So, 20 EVA = 20% to block something it can block, etc etc.
>Also does Patchy's book growth saying half shield activation means it actually lowers the chance of the shield working?
I believe that refers to her targets.
Yeah, I don't like it much either... we finally get playable Kogasa and Shikieiki in a fangame, and they're pretty much just a magical tank and an awesome mage. They don't learn any skills related to themselves, either, only based on the weapons they use (and it works pretty much like the SaGa series, apparently, so it's a random chance to learn them as well). Even though they do get Last Words like Master Spark and Last Judgment, they're about as random as they are in GoS.

>> No.8755867


How does the circle and triangles on shields affect its proc rate?

>> No.8755889

From the translated manual:
>The attributes like [●Fire] [▲Water] on shields have no effect on resistance.
>● indicates that the shield is effective at blocking that element.[●Fire] would block fire attacks at a high rate.
>▲ indicates that the shield is poor at blocking that element.[▲Water] would rarely block water attacks.
>Although it's poor at blocking those attacks, it's still better than not having that type listed and not being able to block it at all.

>> No.8755893


Thanks, but i kind of wanted to know the exact numbers. A lot of shields have circles and triangles.

>> No.8755949

Does Byakuren's all stats down spell reduce stats as much as her regular stat downs?

>> No.8755986

Also, Vortex is the most irritating fucking spell in the game. Please, PLEASE tell me it doesn't stick around.

>> No.8755987

The translated manual should have the percents, or the english wiki.

>> No.8756015

I haven't tested, but my guess is that it doesn't.
It seems to activate at a much lower chance as well.
It doesn't thankfully, but that doesn't stop it from being so fucking annoying indeed.

>> No.8756087

No kidding; Byakuren dumped almost all her bombs on in in the last boss fight and it didn't stick even once. Guess I can forget about that spell.

Incredibly fun battle (it must be the music) aside, Lakebed Temple time. Scary...

So, how am I gonna do this? Are the routes sectioned off like in Eientei? Magic guys go here, physical guys go there, etc? I've only got two tanks...

>> No.8756095

Also, how exactly does marionette parrar work? Does Alice block attacks on allies, or do allies become more likely to block attacks? How much more likely?

>> No.8756104

WTF this is so fucking weird, I've wiped on Alice twice now and each time it's because the triangle dolls she pulls out WERE supposed to be super weak to elemental attacks but said attacks only do like single digit numbers on them.

>> No.8756105

Pretty much, but it's a bit more complicated in there. I suggest taking a look at the wiki to get an idea of how things are like in there: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/The_Genius_of_Sappheiros/Walkthrough/Stage_18
Alice uses her shield to block attacks directed at everyone else, so if you're using something like a Dakimakura it will barely ever work. Also, I don't really know how much better it gets if she's in the same column as whoever she's protecting.

>> No.8756113


It doesn't give the number for shields. I only says a circle lowers x damage by 75% but doesn't say how much a circle increase shield proc chance.

>> No.8756108

If I'm not mistaken, they are weak to elemental PHYSICAL attacks, so your best bet against them is Nitori.

>> No.8756114

Shikieiki was a possible party member in the Labyrinth of Touhou expansion. just saying

>> No.8756121


But their records list them having 0 mdef, argh wtf.

>> No.8756127


Alice's shield defense is applied to all allies. This effect can happen x times and increase if you put more points into her tree. This is why marionette parrar+line formation is so effective, but it's weak against consecutive aoes. If you think you're going to get hit by a bunch of aoes, use little legion which covers everyone or use reimu's barriers.

>> No.8756284

What's the point of Aya's reporting? (besides needing to do it for a formation) The wikia says she comments on the enemy but I don't see where you can read said comment.

>> No.8756306

They're in your bestiary, press X to see them.
They're pretty useless though, mostly just flavor text.

>> No.8756331

Where is the orchalcum shard in the sea of clouds? I could never find it, even with the picture on the wiki.

>> No.8757121

I don't remember much of that dungeon, but... as you can see in the wiki, it's in the map 三層-I. Most likely one of the side sections.
By the way, wow, Satori's magic is kind of powerful. Maybe it didn't seem so before because I forgot to put enough points in her growth tree.

>> No.8757206
File: 472 KB, 639x478, learning.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'll never have the raw power that Marisa and Patchy's stuff has, but Satori's versatility means that if the enemy has a weakness, she's hitting it. Also status effects.
Satori's probably one of my favorite characters to use in the game. I love those moments when I get hit by some big, painful spell and think "Whoa. Can I get that?"
Learning is pretty painful, though. At least the drop rate patch helps with that.

>> No.8757224


I looked at that post, thought "well, how does that help?" Then I paused, ran to a dungeon, opened the menu, and put my head in my hands.
47 hours of playtime and I never once noticed that it says which section you're in. Aaaaaugh.

>> No.8757228

The same number is used, it just modifies the shields eva (which is the activation rate) by the percent. So a shield with that symbol with activate 75% more if struck by the marked elements. No symbol just used the base eva as a rate. It'll never block something that isn't listed.

>> No.8757355
File: 194 KB, 638x480, kaguya the hatless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After not having much trouble against the moonpeople even though Kaguya insisted in curing her control status, I think I can see how it's possible to defeat them without Byakuren. All you need is someone to dispel their defense buff, Alice tanking everyone in Poison Shield as usual, Nitori to abuse her slayer effects, and if you have it, Satori to use Lunatic Voice in order to stop Kaguya from rebuffing every turn.

>> No.8757379

I usually applied things in the order of number of stats it affects. Had no real problem landing things on bosses that weren't immune.
All up (Byakuren) -> P/MDef down -> Both Def Down (Satori?) -> All down. Which altogether basically makes Reisen or Yuugi able to hit the damage cap easily, or most other characters doing about half the cap.
You can use half res on your Commander to help it stick if the boss is really bad.

>> No.8757455


You can kill eirin with patchy and marisa nuking with full elemental land and field buffs + sanae.

>> No.8757552

So, just beat stage 6's boss. And I'm kind of disappointed. How exactly does Youmu work? The only thing she did was going in a stance in her first turn. Then she just counter-attacked. Or at least she never really did something except slashing one person for minimal damage.
Of course she wasn't alone, but that wasn't a problem either. And even the cheap end-move was survived by Mokou (well, she has that anti-death thingy equipped + RES buff from Sanae.. so I guess I got lucky. The other 4 died)
Basically just buffed my characters with RES -> PDEF -> PATK -> ACC and won. Though it kind of feels like I broke Youmu. Isn't she supposed to do some flashy stuff and go into her stance more than just in her first turn? I never disabled her, though Aya's def-down Axe skill worked once. But that was relatively late already. (Mokou's Axe All down never worked, go figure. But it was great damage) Battle lasted maybe 10 turns. Had to refresh RES once, PDEF went away as well, but then it was already over.

>> No.8757557

who did you defeat first?
If Youmu falls, Yuyuko's EVA skyrockets and she spams death (thankfully with a low chance).
If Yuyuko falls, Youmu turns the rape on.
The best method is to kill both on the same turn.

>> No.8757588


Youmu. Yuyuko evaded a few times, but probably only because that "perfect evade". I had ACC up, so it was mostly no problem.
There was also no death spam. The most dangerous stuff from her was when she used some magic attack which hit up to three units for fourty-something damage. Which is actually not a whole lot. Random encounters can do hit all shit which hits for the same damage.
Of course, there was her dying-move, but, like I said, Mokou survived it.

My question is just, what does Youmu do normally? I never saw her use anything special. She probably never did anything after going in her stance once. Except doing weak counter attacks. Yuyuko was probably "normal", but might've just failed horribly because of Sanae's RES up. I don't know. Didn't get more dangerous after Youmu went down either.

>> No.8757594

She usually uses her stance and keeps repeatedly attacking the character closest to her, along with their entire column or circle depending on her stance.
My last fight against them was really quick as well, thanks to Nitori, some accuracy buffs and enough points in her gun growth tree to ignore Yuyu's perfect flee.

>> No.8757604

Youmu's gimmick is setting up a stance then unleashing powerful techniques, her more powerful with pretty high cooldowns. This makes her damage far more burst based. Which is incredibly useful when combined with buffs. She also gets skills later on where she can maker her next attack a critical hit as well as a skill that increases their strength as well. Having Byakuren and Sanae buff the fuck out of Youmu is basically how you beat the final boss.

>> No.8757625


Guess I broke her then. She only hit one character. And also never ones that didn't physically attack her first. Maybe there is a bug that doesn't allow her to attack after counter attacking. I have no idea. This battle was ridiculously easy though. Provided you have the luck at the end. I mean, if Yuyuko doesn't evade, she takes a ton of damage. And she tends to not evade. Maybe without Acc+ it's worse, I don't know.


Enemy Youmu.

>> No.8757895
File: 209 KB, 640x480, 120326_capture002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That shroom... kind of froze there. Actually, on closer inspection it turns out that it doesn't exist and I can walk through it.

>> No.8758072
File: 75 KB, 646x511, odd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone help me with this game? It frequently crashes for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I think it has to do with me missing a font or something.

Pic taken from the game.

>> No.8758092


Are you using the fully patched version?

Also I just beat the three maids. By far the hardest fight so far, but that's probably because almost everyone in my team was under lvl 40. It was enjoyable though.

>> No.8758111

I got it just now from this thread (the prepatched one).

I already set my non-unicode language to Japanese.

Strangely, when I play the game without the translation, it's perfectly normal.

>> No.8758827
File: 87 KB, 700x700, eiki table.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She was also one of the best party members in that game. Last Judgement was probably the best attack in the game dealing unblockable damage that uses 666% of her ATK stat and not draining all of her MP in the process

>> No.8759256

Fuck, I still can't beat the last boss

With no mishaps, I can beat the first phase with no casualties using Alice, Nitori, Sanae, Marisa and Patchy with Satori as the commander and hitonori skydance

Then on the second phase, I absolutely have to switch parties or I can't deal enough damage before they cast the spell

The on the third phase, shit hits the fan and I can't keep up, the boss keeps dispelling youmu's buffs and everyone keeps dieing. I'm using Mokou, Reimu, Sakuya, Youmu and Byakuren, with aya as the commander and the Wall of Faith formation (so reimu can heal everyone)
Sure, you deals quite nice damage with Paschal Moon-Reflecting Satellite Slash, but she needs to have both Dark Sword and the Stance on her (I'm using Manussya stance), and it keeps getting dispelled.
Sakuya doesn't do crap on the third phase, but at least she helps a bit on the second phase with the timestop trick.

Anyone got any tips?

>> No.8759451

try nuking her like this.

It probably can be done without the Kusanagi, with just the Doujigiri Yasutsuna, but, you see, I was so angry at that boss...

Generally, I would say that Reimu is better for the first part and Sanae for the two following phases.

>> No.8759646 [SPOILER] 
File: 212 KB, 646x508, Victory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used Aya, Mokou, Reimu, Satori, and Marisa for the first phase and Alice, Youmu, Sanae, Byakuren, and Patchouli for the second one. I beat the final boss the very first time I got to the second and third stages of it.

Beat first phase in about 3 loops by using Mokou's Fujiyamas on Lithos. Used a leftover fujiyama upon starting phase 2 then switched parties. You need Alice to tank the third stage and Patchouli to make sure the final boss doesn't use her drain element move. Simply buff Youmu with Dark Sword, PATK buff, and Amplifying scroll for uber damage. Also I used Asura stance, not sure if that's better.

Also looking through my screenshots of various games. Did that endurance platformer involving sheep ever get found?

>> No.8759672

Funnily enough, Last Judgment in DoD deals 666 fixed damage, which is more than pretty much anyone will do. Even Yukkuri take lake 80 damage from it. It's also a Last Word and thus, unreliable as fuck.
Against bosses it deals half damage though.
I had Aya (evatanking), Sakuya, Reimu, Mokou and Marisa in the first party; and Alice (tank), Sanae, Byakuren, Youmu and Patchouli in the other party, with the commanders being respectively Satori and Nitori, both parties with Poison Shield as their formation. First phase wasn't that hard, and Sakuya (with a Mambele) really shined in the second phase. Switched parties, reset the land with Patchu, buffed Youmu, killed them, and the last phase was just a matter of keeping everyone alive with Sanae's spells while buffing everything as much as possible. The boss managed to insta-kill Alice when she was low on health, but thankfully enough Youmu could end the fight before it turned into a disaster.

>> No.8760141

I can't find leaf shield. Help.

>> No.8760265

Ok, nevermind, I found leaf shield, but I can't get the fairy to cast it on me. All it does while charmed is attack its buddies; it opens with leaf shield on the cockatrice behind it, and uses it on the same cockatrice immediately after charm wears off, but otherwise nothing.

>> No.8760293

You need to interrupt it. The sword fairy only ever casts leaf shield out of an AI decision made when the enemy in the center doesn't have it and is uncharmed.

When charmed it only ever uses random skills from a list that doesn't include leaf shield. Therefore on a turn where the sword fairy is going to cast leaf shield, you must charm it on that turn and before it acts. Then it will cast leaf shield on somebody in your party randomly.

>> No.8760316

Leaf shield has VERY high priority. I think it outpaced marionette parrar. Will Aya be able to outpace it?

>> No.8760338

Probably. Even if she doesn't, you can try using Papparazzi or that one other spell to make everyone go first.

>> No.8760413

At last, the might leaf shield is mine! I can't wait to try this thing ou-

...wait, 5 turn cooldown?

>> No.8760414

Is Satori worth using and prepping up for?

>> No.8760421

Yes, because blue magic is always fun.

>> No.8760928

You can knock it down to 2 or so, 1 from the Learning tree and 2 from the Third Eye tree I believe.
It's a bit annoying to get a ton of skills with her, but it looks like just the basic single target spells are enough if you're feeling lazy. Thankfully, there's that learn/drop patch that makes her considerably easier (or less tiresome) to use.

>> No.8761070

Holy shit, Underlake Temple is ridiculous. No matter how you approach it, you're going to end up being unprepared.

>> No.8761179


I beat it with most of my guys under lvl 40. You can clear it with one team.

>> No.8761197

What, like clearing out the routes one at a time? Fuck that.

>> No.8761238

Another guy here who insisted on equally leveling his characters throughout the game.

I pretty much mastered two arts.

The art of juking and the art of recognizing what monsters will destroy the party I currently have so I know when to run away.

I remember at the start of that dungeon I didn't have Fujiyama Volcano on Mokou which seemed necessary for one of the bosses. I think that may have been one of the few things that caused me to grind because I'm not sure I had it by the time I got to the maids either.

Juking stuff in this dungeon was sort of hellish due to the obscuring architecture though for the lower floor.

>> No.8761245

Oh yeah, just remembered a juking trick to mention.

In multi party dungeons, you can switch parties, enemies will then reset so you can use this to lose enemies that are trapping you or surrounding you. I think. In the places where it's possible to get more than one party in, the enemies return to their normal wandering cycle even with the party you're not controlling standing right there.

>> No.8761301


If you use the healing circles you never need to leave and can clear it all in one run.

>> No.8761313

No, I mean having one party do all the fighting and taking the weaker Touhous through to stand on the switches and stuff.
No. I'm not doing that.

>> No.8761342
File: 198 KB, 640x479, diamond.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8761349


You should have ran the moment you got it.

>> No.8761484

I KNOW. I've done that for every other notable drop in the game, but noooo, I decided to stick around this time. It's not like this dungeon is incredibly difficult or anything.

>> No.8761556

I remember doing it all in pretty much one go, somehow with no deaths and plenty of drops, which given how unstable 2.06 was and how bad that game used to perform here back then almost made me have a few heart attacks when I finally got out of there and the game was taking like one minute between every screen, running at 5 FPS and other amazing stuff.
At least I cleared it all with three different parties, killing most of the things in the way. It wasn't THAT hard, you just have to prepare yourself for the kind of shit that can happen to you on each route (such as status fuckery on the left one, enemies weak to light/dark on the right one, and dragons and other strong shit on the middle).
It was unnerving, but god it felt good when it was all over.
then again I am the guy who took about 14 hours to clear great temple and decided to do it all in one sitting so maybe I'm just weird
Well, the fact that monsters there have an insane respwan speed doesn't help much.

>> No.8761580

I sure do love Alice occasionally forgetting how her shield works and getting the whole party killed.

Yeah, but there are just so many bases to cover that...well, I can't cover them all. Left and middle are doing fine, but right's having a rough time of things.

>> No.8761592

The main problem with that route, which was adorably omitted in the revision of the wiki I used back then, was how those enemies weak to dark/light all love spamming moves that cause Great Confusion. So much for your spellcasters!

>> No.8761699

I'm positive I missed a crucial treasure chest or two or something stupid like that, and Aya's team spent most of their time running like hell, but I'm finally at the end.
If the trend I've been seeing holds true, the bosses shouldn't be to tough compared to the hellish maze it took to get to them.
...except, you know, I'm that special little shit that absolutely NEEDS to get hyper fang crush, no matter how not worth it is.

/jp/, can I cry on your shoulder for a minute?

>> No.8761707

You know, doing things all in one run may be a collosal pain in the ass, but it's all worth it when you look at those four solid pages of loot. Mmmmm~
Still only have 19 iron, though, and there's only what, 2 stages left after this one? I could grab my Kusanagi right now if I spent most of other materials on the iron conversion thing, but then I wouldn't have anything left for everyone else...

>> No.8761709
File: 53 KB, 300x300, 1332586937424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/jp/ please help.

For some reason whenever I use skills with lots of graphics it sometimes slows down and becomes an ugly slideshow. But sometimes it runs just fine. I don't have any other framerate problems in the game and my computer is sufficient, so I'm guessing it's something else.

>> No.8761715
File: 107 KB, 200x200, KagamiLaugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if it's any consolation - in the case you don't know yet, if you enter with the right party, you fight Kagami first.

you don't need anything else. Kusanagi for life.

>> No.8761727

I actually lied. I'm two bamboo short, of all things.
I'm going to end up grinding iron either way, really. I've obviously got the drop rate patch, so it shouldn't be TO bad. What drops it often?

If you tell me to grind for it in Lakebed I will reach through my computer screen and strangle you.

>> No.8761732

I went to Genbu Swamp, to those centaurs. But I guess elsewhere is faster because less resistance.

>> No.8761769

Sounds like your computer isn't sufficient.

>> No.8762319

Just use Doujigiri. You can farm stuff faster in the postgame by abusing quests.

>> No.8762509

i downloaded the whole 5 parts thing but am having problems extracing it when it comes to avi.pak
can someone help me please?

>> No.8762662

And then Dead Princess' Band fails when nothing can do anything to Alice and I'm unable to flee from the battle twice in a row. Oh god damn it, RNG, I hate you too.

>> No.8762673

How do you get new weapon recipes? Half of my team can't use their unique weapon because it is so bad now compared to the common weapons.

>> No.8762683

Talk to Akyu after beating most bosses.

>> No.8762688


Where is she?

>> No.8762692


Fuck nevermind.

>> No.8763306

Do late game enemies have better drop rates of materials than earlier ones? I remember it being mentioned somewhere that the iron rats in Eientei dropped iron a lot.

>> No.8763361

Keeps crashing. I must have failed. I can't even get the game to start up

>> No.8763395

Were you in Japanese local when you downloaded it? When you extracted and installed it?
Do you have direct X 9? Not 10, not 11, 9.

>> No.8763397

Play on japanese locale
Convert your save files

>> No.8763507
File: 174 KB, 1366x768, Yukkuri Sisters Geto!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup. Makes my Yuuka tank with Alice and Momiji even better. Also got, The Armor of the World Tree, that 50 HP Regen Accessory and Comp[osite Plate Armor Shield equipped, with Ultima Weapon for extra High-Octane Lolz.
>mfw the final boss in Lunatic can't kill her.

>> No.8763510

Onlt thing that can kill me is Status Effect and I plan to recruit the Metal King Yukkuri to fix that, got any combos you guys want to mention?

>> No.8765196

I just found out it's kind of hard to beat Kanako/Suwako without relying on their weakness to instant death and petrify if you want to use Youmu, because her Katana growth tree kind of gives her a chance to kill Kanako... oh well. And I was 2/3 done! Suwako died quickly, so all I had to do was set Colosseo World up and beat Kanako with Satori and Byakuren!

>> No.8765579
File: 464 KB, 838x524, 無題.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let me see your Yuuka, ``please.''

>> No.8765701

Mother of fuck, I just died for the first time against them and the first post I read says that they have such a stupid weakness. Thanks, Anon. I guess I'll try to win without Death or Petrify.

>> No.8765750

If it's any consolation, the characters hint at the weaknesses when you lose. Sorta.

>> No.8766058 [SPOILER] 
File: 461 KB, 640x480, hyper fang crush.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I cannot even begin to imagine how horrible it must have been to try to do this without the drop rate patch.

>> No.8766366

Are breath attacks from hydra's physical or magical?

>> No.8766377 [DELETED] 

Breaths are all physical attacks AFAIK. But you should prevent them with Aya anyway. (Reimu's skill has a cooldown and costs a bomb)

>> No.8766451 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 600x598, saneyy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kinda dumb that Sanae's "physical spells" don't work with slayer weapons. Mambele looks good on her. What could have been...

>> No.8766551

How do you get past the 4 red eye room in the second to last dungeon in GOS?

>> No.8766571 [DELETED] 

>the few rooms around this section also have face panels - they turn on (eyes become red) if you take the door in front of them, and turn off if you take the door away from them. All the face panels around must be turned on for the one in the main room to turn on. Once you dispel the second door, going forward will yield a healing circle, signalling a boss fight.

I found it out by chance. If you don't feel like cleaning out the hordes of enemies in those rooms, juke like you mean it.

>> No.8767265
File: 407 KB, 638x480, whoopdefuckingdoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow it's fucking nothing.jpg
Two 120s and this on three consecutive Flying Fantasticas. Okay, game, you win, I'm not going to grind anything else today.

>> No.8767492

Satori's eyes seem kind of useless, unless you really want some IND or that one buff. For magic, they're inferior in every way to staves (unless self-hypnotism raises MATK by a fuckton); and for physical attacks, spears seem to do the most damage out all options (possibly because of that -1 stab resistance from the growth tree), unless you want a slayer effect from a dagger. And there's how the -1 cooldown for physical skills, further down the growth tree, works for learned skills as well.
The only problem is the MP consumption, which can kind of be solved by using a MESSE Dagger (preferably the upgraded version) and draining MP with every attack or by using physical attacks with a staff that has 20 points on its growth tree for that MP drain, I guess. It's a shame that the damage of this last option is so horrible, though.

tl;dr physical Satori can work but it's a pain to get her working, so I don't think I'll bother.

>> No.8768279
File: 65 KB, 213x215, satorigrin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Satori in general is kind of a mixed bag. She's like just there to stimulate your collection need. Good that I don't succumb to her charm of collecting every useless shit skill in the game for collection's sake.

I like using her simply because of this sprite, though.

By the way guys, what's your favorite sprite? Another one I like is joyful Sanae after a battle.

>> No.8768283

WTF am i supposed to go in the bamboo forest?! am totaly lost

>> No.8768293

Konami code

>> No.8768303

sakuyas pre-fight pose.
Love me some poses.

>> No.8768315

That Youmu and Yuyuko battle was tough. The characters tell me I need death resisting items when I lose, but at this point I haven't got enough materials to make any. I've only got a rare one or two from monster drops too, and there are a limited amount in chests. I had to raise Sakuya's skill trees for death resistance and hope she survived Yuyuko's final attack, because Youmu was doing almost enough damage to 1-hit my characters if my defence buff wears off, so I beat her first.
Looks like it only gets more difficult from here on out, maybe I'm just too bad for this game.

>> No.8768455

Is there a list of formulas out there for skills and such? Are breath attacks better with more or less hp?

>> No.8768476

you mean Satori's skills? It's on the english wiki.

Breath Attacks... I say Petro Breath is the only worthwhile one anyway. The others rely on PATK, and as that poster above pointed out, Satori doesn't shine in that aspect.

>> No.8768825

You should've picked up an accessory with resist death from a chest somewhere in the stage.

>> No.8768859


In the very first screen of the dungeon (really, the FIRST), there is a chest with anti-death in it. (to the right I think) It helps together with Sanae's Res buff.

There are other ways as well. You could cover someone with Alice. Or find out if one of Reimu's barriers might work. (don't know if that attack counts as a status effect though..) You can also use Mokou's commander spell to survive that attack. (should work I think)

I personally found that battle quite easy which I wrote there:

Personally I just beat stage 8's boss. A relatively short and nice stage (thank god) after stage 7. The boss was also easy. Winning without any specific strategy is always nice. Though Youmu can be sick. Her last attack dealt 2900damage (a crit I think). Ouch.
Was lucky though, I think I defeated the wrong boss first. She applied venom to Mokou and Youmu later on. However it only was 2turns before Youmu blew her lights out. With a great flash and a nice 2900 showing up.

>> No.8769050


I like that sprite, Byakuren's victory sprite and Mokou's dead sprite. I too only throw Satori into the party every now and then because of her victory sprite.

>> No.8769082
File: 75 KB, 234x270, byakuren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Byakuren's victory sprite
so cute it should be forbidden. Perhaps she should be sealed for another millennium, or people with die from cuteness overload everywhere.

...holy crap, I just found out that you can spam her Last Spells. Sounds pretty exploitable.

>> No.8769622

If I endow an enemy with Byakuren and block that element with Alice, will it block most of the damage?

>> No.8769952


You can't endow enemies with Byakuren in the latest patch.

>> No.8769970

Can you dodge breath attacks with high enough evade?

>> No.8769983
File: 207 KB, 641x480, dark bat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes you can.

>> No.8770173


How the hell did you pull that kind of number at that point with Youmu. Wtf was her char and power lvl

>> No.8771138
File: 135 KB, 631x478, reimu is a dick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8771166
File: 249 KB, 641x480, harsh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I laughed harder than I should have.

Also, holy shit The Great/Divine Temple is awesome. Hard enemies, awesome design, music that gets you pumped for the finale, a convenient healing circle so you can plain let loose all the time...I love it!
I sure hope the boss can make up for her older sister's lackluster performance, though.

>> No.8771537


The eldest sister is the hardest one. However the last boss battle will rape you 50 times over. It's by far the hardest fight in the game.

>> No.8771551

We'll see about that.

>> No.8771552

Wait. Does the final boss cast Vortex?

>> No.8771559


Yes, sort of.

>> No.8771571
File: 228 KB, 640x479, poor satori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aaaaaaugggh. Nevermind about >>8771552, then.
Fucking Vortex. I've seen it half a dozen times and already hate it as much as Djinn Storm.

>> No.8771589
File: 255 KB, 550x923, 744bbb931c37ab0077a260109a694a3f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On the subject of the last boss battle...
I will rant here
wait let's remain calm about this.

Requires you to be about 20 levels higher than you would be at that point - check.
Bullshit debuffing mechanic - check.
Strong area spells of varying elements - check.
Superpowered physical/magical attacks which can floor even your meatiest tank - check.
Takes like 30% less damage from everything but like two specific weapons - check.
Can petrify - check.
Some other bullshit mechanic (Land Amp -> Drain element -> Void Gravitation) - check.

smoke less weed Strawberry Bose.

>> No.8771595


It's mostly harmless compared to everything else the boss does.

>> No.8771604
File: 496 KB, 656x518, youmu_stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Pic with her stats right after the battle. Asura stance, Sanae's ATK Buff. Front of Hakurei Type Formation.
Asura Stance maxed, 2 points in Manussya, 2 in Axe and 1 in Half Ghost. It was against Medicine. And, like I said, probably a crit. It was that 2bomb skill which works with any stance.

>> No.8771605


Cheat then. My team should have been able to do it, but it requires a bit of luck and I got tired after my tenth death or so. I gave youmu 9999 atk and she killed the first for in two hits. The last form died in one dark enchanted spellcard.

>> No.8771607


The boss has stupidly high evade too.

>> No.8771608

I didn't cheat when I beat her, but yeah, as the wiki words it " as long as you don't try to plya(sic) a war of attrition she's not all that tough."
This fight pretty much prompts you to play REAL dirty, which is why I somewhat dislike it. Cool theme though.

>> No.8771771

How do you play real dirty? I powerleveled to levels 60-70 from around level 50 and beat the second and third phases of the final boss on my first try and the first phase that time was the first time I was using a non terrible strategy to fight the first phase.

Simply had Aya, Mokou, Reimu, Satori, and Marisa take out the first phase and Alice, Youmu, Sanae, Byakuren, and Patchouli take out the second.

For the first phase, jack up Mokou's attack and fire power, get her cooldowns down enough so she can cast Fujiyama on consecutive turns and kill the first phase in three loops.

Buff the fuck out of Youmu with Doujigiri or Kusanagi and murderize the second and third phases. Even if a land power gets to max, you can just have Alice little legion and Sanae revive her the turn after with Nitori's commander ability to help cover you during that brief period of Alicelessness.

The first phase only lasts about 18 turns if you do it right. 12 possibly if Mokou gets a lot of double Fujiyamas.

>> No.8771779

what I meant with play dirty is abusing Private Square.

as seen here (pre patch nerfs)
(he shares my sentiment: CHEESE IT OUT LIKE CRAZY)

or here (did it with 2.06)
I'm sorry for the quality

>> No.8771804

That doesn't seem particularly cheesy, in fact it seemed that person was playing somewhat more complex than necessary really.

For one thing, not using Alice for the second half and no proper damage dealers for the first half.

The first half would've taken forever looking at whose left for it. Aya is perfectly capable of tanking it with support from Reimu and Satori.

Also, the person had Kusanagi, why didn't he just stick it on Youmu, looking at Youmu, it appeared she didn't have Doujigiri at least which is what I used.

Also I just used Patchy to make sure the land stayed neutral in the final phase, I got hit by a drain element since I entered the third phase with a gauge at full, but I used Alice to little legion not a single time after that did I have to get hit by another one.

The strategies this person used seems to indicate an ass long first phase which would've meant retries due to being wiped out in later phases were much more painful.

Overall the strategy used just seems unnecessarily dangerous near the end.

>> No.8771805

By the way, this is talking about the second video. Watching the first one now.

>> No.8771813
File: 120 KB, 235x394, mokou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I deliberately maxed out Fire and Thunder. The purpose was to strengthen Fujiyama Volcano and weaken their Stone Shower. Worked quite nicely, even if it was risky.
I did have the Youmu sword, but I missed buffing Dark Sword in time... sort of stupid of me. Comes with buffing two damagedealers at one time. As you said, just putting Kusanagi on Youmu (or even on Sakuya) would have been another option....

But fuck it. Mokou is the shit.

>> No.8771825

This guy in the first video is insane. I went back a video to see what he did for the first phase. He's grinded rare mini boss drops and used a single party for the entire battle. That's the most stupid thing I've ever seen.

And I still don't exactly understand what the point using Private Square is here. Pre nerf, did cooldowns go down during it?

Even if it had that, tanking with Alice accomplishes the same goal of passing time.

And now I just learn of how to properly farm particular enemies in this game now. I knew it was possible to encounter the same enemies twice, but I never bothered trying to abuse it.

>> No.8771831

How many sister loops did the first form take you?

A sister loop being 6 turns when each has had her round.

I can't imagine it going very fast with the characters you had left.

>> No.8771840

>used a single party for the entire battle. That's the most stupid thing I've ever seen.
he stated that he absolutely hated grinding every single character.
But then again he is angry enough to search for all those crazy stage 21 bosses. I don't get it quite myself.
About Private Square, if I get it right, you could use it continuously as long as Aya can provide the initiative.
Yes, the disadvantage of this setup is that the first phase is VERY long. But I got sick of Aya tanking and having my mages swept away by random Smashes and whatnot. Alice did a better job there... I think. I just wasn't sure how much of help Alice would be in the second phases, with all the shit flying around... so I put the second party in this Keystone formation to up their defences and that's it.

The more I write about it, the more I realize the whole thing WAS pretty unconventional... I'm definitely not the best tactician in this game.

>> No.8771859

To tank the first phase I simply always had a starlight barrier up when Ana came up. And had Reimu barrier Ana's second turn.

None of the other forms are capable of one shotting anybody in your party.

Lithos only ever uses status bombs as well and she always announces it so you're perfectly free to barrier.

Also Alice's benefit is little legion. Little Legion and hourai doll. The complete and utter ability to have the final boss focus entirely on her. And in the second party you have Sanae so you can simply revive her if she gets knocked out. She's the best tank in the game for a reason. Little legion saves your shit from anything.

I used Hinotori Skydance for both phases as well.

>> No.8771975

Thanks to these threads, I found seemingly an awesome game.
...Thanks to these threads, I actually feel afraid of starting it up, since it seems the game is really hard, and needs lot of knowledge how the mechanics work. I'm not used to that kind of RPG's, so I am sure I would just keep fucking it up...

>> No.8772288

Private Square + Remove Field to skip a turn? God, that was an amazing idea.
Ah yeah, and Mokou can use swords too... forgot about that. I think I rely too much on character-specific weapons.

>> No.8772843

Not really. You'll need to be pro for the end game, but thats a long way off.
We're helpful anyway, so if you're having any trouble you can just ask us.

>> No.8773237

I can't figure out the face puzzle in the great temple. There's these two on the left side that I can't get to stay on at the same time.

>> No.8773494

God damn, you were right. The middle sister was an absolute joke. I beat her on the first try with the same party that cleared out the face puzzle area; didn't even get them in their boss gear and formation and stuff. I was just trying to get a feel of what she does and see the cutscene before actually going in with a real party, but...wow.
I don't think I'm going to keep this save. That was just way, way to easy.

>> No.8774613 [DELETED] 
File: 147 KB, 639x482, biotopos sucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck it, I don't think I'm going to get a hard fight out of this wuss. How disappointing.
You guys better be right about that final fight.

>> No.8774636 [SPOILER] 
File: 147 KB, 639x482, biotopos sucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck it, I don't think I'm going to get a hard fight out of this wuss. How disappointing.
You guys better be right about that final fight.

>> No.8775146

What does the circle nine formation even do?

>> No.8775228



click formation and than bonuses i think.

>> No.8775323

Should I get Mad Thunder or Thunderclap from Iku? I think I'll going with the first, because the only other enemies capable of using it only appear in the post-game (and on the last level, but fuck that). Thundercrap is apparently used by someone on Great Temple, and although that place is bullshit it's 20% less bullshit that the final dungeon.

By the way, speaking of Iku - wow, she becomes hilariously easy with Aya as commander and Reimu spamming barriers. The cooldown on the status-resisting one even matches her instant kill attack!

>> No.8775359

I beat her by rolling barriers and little legions while earth-enchanted Sakuya tore her to pieces. She still gave me a harder time than Tenshi....not that that's saying much.
Get Thunderclap from Iku; it's a decent attack, and really easy to learn here. No idea if mad thunder is worth it, though.

>> No.8775422

Decided to go for Mad Thad Thunder in the end, 3 elec hits for 20 MP and 100 power/175 amp seems pretty good.

Funnily enough, just after that post Iku decided to stop using her instant kill combo and basically just spammed that area 1 Million Volts attack every turn. Not that it mattered, since Satori had Area Heal and everyone could heal her before any of Iku's attacks thanks to Aya anyway.
As for beating her, I just buffed Satori, Patchouli and Byakuren and spammed dark attacks. She was taking around 1.7k per Demon Shock, so it was pretty easy.

>> No.8775432

Can you scan Yukkuris? I tried but I god an... empty message. Just the blue bar. And after the battle the record entry still says "Has not been scanned".
Also, it seems there is no monster No.83?

>> No.8775524

I really wish the drop rates on the final stage minibosses were higher. It's pretty damn frustrating to spend so long tearing one down only for it to drop a whole lot of nothing.

>> No.8775580 [DELETED] 

it's too bad you see her awesome cut-in, like, two times in the entire game?

>> No.8775622

You can say that about pretty much every enemy with a cut in.
...augh, I should have screenshotted it. I should have been screenshoting all of them!

>> No.8775629

Ok, this final level is really cool and all, but randomly not being able to run away is just fucking stupid. There's no reason for it at all.

>> No.8775832 [DELETED] 

there was an image file in the shrinemaiden thread, I don't know if I still have it on my HD...

>> No.8775863
File: 48 KB, 414x313, aya GRNNRGH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate Vortex so fucking much.
I was all pumped up for the last gorgon sister, what with the rock music out of nowhere, the tripy stage, and the boss herself being hyped up ever since she was revealed. I'd shelled out and grabbed my Kusanagi. I was even starting to like her character, which I really wasn't up until she started being adorably contrary.
And we fought, she cast Vortex, and everything cool about this last session of gameplay got thrown out the fucking window.
The killer is that Vortex is the ONLY thing that makes that battle difficult at all. Without it she'd be a bigger wuss than most of the mini-bosses in the stage right before her; hell, she'd be easier than some of the random enemies in the temple.
But she does, and I thus this is a terrible fight. She doesn't do anything special, she doesn't have any big, painful attacks, she doesn't have any gimmicks. She just has Vortex; that's ONLY thing she has going for her.
I hate Vortex so fucking much.

PLEASE tell me this fight isn't part of the finale. I'm going to cry if I have to go through this bitch every time I fight the supposedly extremely difficult final boss. And >>8771559, elaborate on that "sort of." Try to keep the spoilers down, though. I don't know much about the final boss yet.

>> No.8775911 [DELETED] 
File: 614 KB, 623x481, lithos dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

without spoiling anything... I think with high enough RES you sometimes are not affected. But yeah, it's piss annoying. Interestingly, Satori can learn it. But it harms you more than the enemy.

I remember doing this fight with the weirdest formation. It's like begging her to hit me with Holy Zapper or something.

>> No.8776025
File: 29 KB, 414x312, aya is frustrated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am so fucking angry. I cannot believe, out of all the bosses in the game so far, THIS ONE is the hardest. Because of one stupid attack.

Does Lithos have some crippling weakness like Kaguya/Eirin Suwako/Kanako? Or...any weakness at all?

>> No.8776069 [DELETED] 

the three sisters complement each other with weaknesses / strengths.

Anastasis: mediocre PDEF low MDEF, strong to strike weak to slash and thunder
Bio: high PDEF mediocre MDEF, strong to pierce weak to strike and water (fire somewhat works too, Fujiyama volcano and all)
Lithos: low PDEF (but fucking high EVA and MDEF), strong to slash weak to pierce and fire. A Fujiyama Volcano or fire-enchanted Youmu with lances equipped should hurt her good.

What pisses me off that all the sisters have too high EVA to be hit by e.g. Turtlesmasher. Sometimes even Fujiyama Volcano (!) misses when you try to hit like that.

Regarding Lithos, I would just have Reimu block the heavy status effect spells while slowly (because no buffs) eating away at Lithos.

>> No.8776133

I wasn't really bothered by Litho's vortex much. She's not that difficult to kill even without buffs. If you can't handle her status bombs without a RES buff, just bring Reimu. And it's not like you can't just bring Byakuren along as well so you buff twice as fast. If you aren't using Youmu whose the only one who really needs a fuckton of buffs then vortex shouldn't be that annoying at all. In fact you should probably be using Mokou and Nitori.

This reminds me that I got incredibly lucky on the final boss fight amusingly, vortex wise, on the final phase, the boss used it twice. The first time it didn't affect Youmu at all, the second it took away one buff on her, her elemental resistance self buff while she was buffed with every single other buff that she could get.

>> No.8776214
File: 474 KB, 640x479, lithos sucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus. That was way, way to frustrating.
...I don't think I'm in the right mindset to approach the final boss right now.

Also, the cutscene immediately after Lithos was absolutely terrifying. I thought I really was going to have to fight right then and there. Thank god for small favors.

>> No.8776292 [DELETED] 

dude, I've never seen THIS formation used in a boss battle...

>> No.8776303

>Fence of Defense and Alice
>Youmu instead of Nitori
I am quoting the contents of the picture as it would be when described as a summary of its contents.

That fight is easier than the previous sisters. And the previous sisters are honestly fairly easy. And why the hell would you need to use Fence of Defense while using Alice.

Seriously, Nitori can enflame her own weapon and has a skill that is naturally fire elemental. Rage Eight is also nice, but requires an accuracy buff before hand.

Youmu is fucked over by vortex too easily since she needs her stances to even use a skill.

>> No.8776354

Fence of huh? That's red eyes or something. The anti-mind control and induction formation. I was trying lots of different formations and stuff, and this one apparently worked out pretty well; her mass charm was getting through Sanae's RES buff and my equipment resists quite a lot, and I needed Byakuren to debuff Lithos reliably and quickly.
Nitori w/ Byakuren cutting Lithos's evade was my next plan if that one didn't work. She was in my previous groups, but kept getting petrified or charmed, or just couldn't touch Lithos, or Lithos dispelled her enflame buff...I got fed up. I didn't even consider Sakuya; she misses enough on normal enemies.

>That fight is easier than the previous sisters.
I beg to differ. I absolutely steamrolled the other two; this was much harder.

>> No.8776371

Ah, I'm not entirely sure why I thought that was Fence of Defense. Oh wait, I was mistaking Gensokyo Barrier for Fence of Defense in my mind which I then confused for Red Eyes know that I check the formations, being the only other formation that clumps them so closely.

Did you also amplifying scroll to up everybody's stats too? Byakuren has an all stats buff with 25 points in her scroll tree which is rather convenient. Also keep in mind you can cure charm and petrify, just slap your better status resist accessories on Sanae and Byakuren. Byakuren gets Goddess Breath which cures permanents by level 55 which is minimal grinding if you're at Lithos. It even has wide spread so it would cure everybody in that formation you're using.

Well good luck on the final boss.

The final phase of the final boss knows vortex.

>> No.8776379 [DELETED] 

No, I've never used amplifying scroll.
I know you can cure charm and petrify, and did so several times. The trouble was that she'd do so so often that she'd gain to much momentum while I was curing them.
Well, whatever, she's dead.

>The final phase of the final boss knows vortex.
No it doesn't.

>> No.8776389

No, I've never used amplifying scroll.
I know you can cure charm and petrify, and did so several times. The trouble was that she'd do so so often that she'd gain to much momentum while I was curing them.
Well, whatever, she's dead.

>The final phase of the final boss knows vor-
Nnnnnope, didn't just read that. No sir.

>> No.8776458


You should have used magic. Magic never misses and does a ton of damage with maxed land elemental bar and an elemental field. I think my patchy and marisa was hitting 3k a pop and sometimes they double hit. The first sister was hard until I realized that I could stack aya's evade spellcard and sanae's evade buff. Between alice's little legion and aya's spellcard alternating, I killed her easily.

Why didn't you use the res formation and sanae's res buff? As long as everyone has some decent res or gear that resist charm/petrify it shouldn't have been hard.

>> No.8776926
File: 302 KB, 640x480, 120330_capture010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About four or five turns against Tenshi? I think I exaggerated a bit... but then again, it was most likely because that Jack the Ripper doublecasted and one of its hits was a crit.
Speaking about JtR, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who prefers that (along with all the power points you need to get rid of its cooldown) instead of Full Moon Revenge.

>> No.8776947 [DELETED] 
File: 369 KB, 634x479, satori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FMR (and 2h swords in general) can't hit for shit unless you pump ACC accessories and buffs like crazy. Or use Private Square.
Sakuya's other skills are quite popular actually. It's just that they don't hit for the full amount of hits sometimes...

I have to admit that I kind of neglected Sakuya from that Tenshi fight on and fully relied on Mokou/Youmu. She gets more chances in the expansion...

>> No.8777141

I absolutely love that fight, simply because the Durandal exists. Sadly, I only realized how hilarious it is to use her in the expansion - buffs, elemental endows, slayer effects and Aya are an amazing combination (made even better if you have Ripple, for added FAST).

>> No.8778061
File: 345 KB, 1000x1250, zombie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've skimmed over the picture a hundred times and never noticed it was referencing this game.
...how do you zombify a knocked out person?

>> No.8778071 [SPOILER] 
File: 485 KB, 800x800, beggars can't be choosers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It also inspired me to look for other GoS art, but pickings are of course pretty slim. It's a shame these OCs won't get much attention; they're pretty good, especially Matsuba here.

>> No.8778550

Why does Byakuren's three bomb commander skill never work?

>> No.8778614

Up her IND? It works a lot in the Gorgon Barrier which is about the only place I've ever used it.

>> No.8778667

Ugh. I am really not sure how to approach the first part of the final battle.

>> No.8778698

if you don't mind adhering to guides, we discussed it in the second half of the thread. If you're confident in Youmu's divine cutlery and don't mind using Mokou for the first phase, you could speed up things a bit.

>> No.8778736

No, no, I'm talking about the first part, where the goddesses are switching in and out and summoning stuff.
My current plan is (was?) to have a buffed up Youmu tear up the final form with the Kusangi, but Mokou's definitely in the first group. I'm assuming I'll need Alice to tank in the final part.

>> No.8778737

Still waiting for answers.

>> No.8778738

No, no, I'm talking about the first part, where the goddesses are switching in and out and summoning stuff.
My current plan is (was?) to have a buffed up Youmu tear up the final form with the Kusangi, but Mokou's definitely in the first group. I'm assuming I'll need Alice to tank in the final part.

>> No.8778763

Yeah, I think I know what you mean. I was that guy who nuked the final phase with the aforementioned cheesing, mainly because I wanted Alice in the first party.

Don't know about you. Unless you have fabulous equipment and angelic patience, I suggest you DON'T fight a war of attrition.

>> No.8778782

no idea about the scanning. And yeah, I noticed mysterious missing #83 too. There's this note on the japanese wiki
NO.83 -- 名無しさん (2011-06-24 17:44:20)
NO.83がいないんだけど -- 名無しさん (2011-06-24 17:45:11)
NO.83がいないのは仕様か? 結構粘ったけど出ねぇ -- 名無しさん (2011-07-24 11:04:37)

>> No.8778814

Wait a second. The first phase seems to have a pretty strict pattern. Can I screw that up with Sakuya messing with turns? How badly?
If so, maybe I could sneak past Lithos's Vortex and thus get Sanae in the first group? But then, the group fighting the hardest part would only have Byakuren's buffs...but if it has Vortex too, would it matter? How liberal is it with the spell? Does it use lots of status effects?

>> No.8778906

Yes, I found those comments on the wiki too. Too bad nobody tried to explain what happened there.

>> No.8779060

Tank with Aya, abuse their elemental weaknesses, and spam Mokou with a Turtlesmasher equipped. You could also have Reimu protect you from random damage or Lithos's petrification, and give Sakuya a Mambele so she can slay gorgons, or have Satori help Marisa with abusing weaknesses.
I know there are other ways to go at this fight, but this is the only one that worked for me. Possibly because I remembered to only go into the third phase after using Patchouli to clear the land, but still...

>> No.8779071

Oh shit, the land influence sticks around from the second stage to the third?
Maybe I should have Patchy on the first team after all...assuming I can get through the last one fast enough.

>> No.8779081

I don't think it's possible, unless you cheese her like in some videos posted in this thread.
You could try dealing some damage to the Gorgons in the second phase, then switching parties when they're about to die, buff up Youmu, reset the land and wrap things up before the nine turn limit. That's why I liked having Sakuya in the first party.

>> No.8779109

Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss...
Even besides that, the axe you get right before Lithos is better anyway. And I don't have a Mambele, whatever that is. And wouldn't Nitori be better at abusing weaknesses? Satori is pretty weak when she can't abuse her status effects.

Oh, right, you can switch at any time. Derp.
I don't want to cheese it, but...if it's between grinding and cheesing, I know which one I'm doing.

>> No.8779153

Use Headshot Goggles. Actually, you don't even need those, because if I'm not mistaken Fujiyama Volcano can't miss. Mambele drops from THOSE fucking fairies in stage 20, and Nitori won't be too useful if she's changing elements every two turns. I don't think that just spamming her basic elemental skills is going to cut it, either. As for Satori, get 20 points in her Learning growth tree, around 16 in her Third Eye one, dump the rest in staff/INT, give her a few +MATK/+INT accessories if you have any spares, and she becomes a beast.

>> No.8779180
File: 601 KB, 641x480, 0.2%.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, Fujiyama Volcano can DEFINITELY miss.
I'll have to try Mokou with headshots. I hope I can pass around enough for both her and Sakuya...guess I'll have to go kill fairies, too. Maybe.

Also, squee~

>> No.8779211


Those are decently easy to get post game.

>> No.8779615

It's something which enemies can do, such as Orin. They gain 1 hp and attack your party.

>> No.8779647

I think he was doubting the concept itself. They're not dead, just knocked out; how do you zombify that?

>> No.8779706

My exact final boss strategy went as thus. Used Hinotori Skydance for bother formations.

First phase, bring Aya, Mokou, Reimu, Marisa, and Satori. Use the wiki to get an idea of what skills you should bring. I differentiated from the skills however by giving Satori fire arrow and plasma ball instead of her single target ice attack and thunderclap and giving Marisa Stardust Reverie and Passion Blaze instead of any of her ice skill. Other than that it was pretty much the same.

First turn, starlight barrier, physical barrier, have Aya use her EVA field skill. With that you should be fully protected from Ana. Have Marisa and Satori use thunder spells on Ana during the first two turns and don't let Reimu or Mokou waste their bombs on trivial things. Aya's only purpose is to just stand around and dodgetank. At this point, two enemies should have been summoned by now. If they're alligators or snakes then you're good to go. If they're anything else then you should restart.

When Biotopos comes around, fling fire spells now, don't use mach punch with Mokou because that chances hitting the summons. Biotopos really does nothing of note in this fight.

>> No.8779712

When Lithos comes around, have Mokou Fujiyama Volcano her. Marisa and Satori should continue using fire spells as well. It's ideal you get Mokou's reduced cooldowns so you can do it twice in a row. If Lithos doesn't use bomb reload then she's trivial. You should also have Aya reset the EVA field about now. If Lithos does use bomb reload then simply use Reimu's status barrier. However this makes Ana a bit unsafe. So have Satori use another starlight barrier if it's cooled down. If it hasn't then have Aya Illusionary Dominance when Ana comes up and have Satori do it then. Actually I don't recall how far low you can get Satori's cooldown to so she might not be able to cast it until Ana's 4th turn/the 8th turn of the fight. Hopefully Aya keeps Ana's attention during the first form.

As long as you do this, the sisters should be dead or near dead around the end of the 3rd loop/the 18th turn. The main meat of this strategy is using Reimu and Satori to keep your party safe during Ana and have Aya dodge tank the fight while Mokou blasts Lithos with her Fujiyamas. Marisa is there for added damage.

>> No.8779774

When the second phase starts, have Mokou use a leftover Fujiyama if she has one then switch parties.

Second party was Alice, Youmu, Sanae, Patchouli, and Byakuren with Nitori as commander. Have Alice little legion if it's the second turn of the second phase and hourai doll when they chant during the third turn. You should basically be spamming buffs on Youmu for the most part as she's pretty much all your damage. Consider giving her Asura Strength so she can make the first hit of Paschal a guaranteed crit as well. Make sure Youmu has the best equipment she can get.

Give Alice London dolls so she can still cover somebody while little legion is cooling down so she can always keep Sanae or Youmu covered as well. You might want to consider giving Alice and Youmu bomb accessories as well. The second phase should die to about one buffed paschal plus some enlightened swords and dark holes. Ideally you should have Patchy neutralize land just before you kill the second phase, however she's slow so don't have her do it on the turn you kill it. If you do and Patchy doesn't get it off, hope Alice has little legion up or you're going to get killed when the third phase starts. If Alice does, you can just revive her with Sanae and use Nitori's camouflage for cover.

>> No.8779821

Well, when they go down, they do lose a life. And there are Instant Death attacks, but not Instant Knockout attacks.

>> No.8779826

For the third phase, simply make sure Youmu is buffed as possible before she uses her paschals. Apparently cover protects against vortex, so you can continuously keep Youmu covered through use of little legion and london dolls. Have Patchy neutralize land whenever she can and cast attack spells to counteract the final phase's land amps. Hopefully everyone has decent MDEF as well since the final boss mainly uses spells here. If the boss bomb reloads and Alice doesn't have little legion ready, cover Sanae in hopes she can revive anybody that gets knocked out or in the case of status use Source of Rains. The final boss should go down in 3-4 buffed paschals. If you're lucky, Youmu will do them twice in a row.

The more MDEF everybody has, the easier it the final phase is. Byakuren's sixth scroll really helps for her, Patchouli should be chockful of MDEF already, Sanae should be equipped with decent MDEF gear, Alice should already be specced for decent MDEF as she certainly doesn't need much help with PDEF, and Youmu should use her elemental resistance skill if given the chance. As long as you don't get screwed over by a vortex, you're set.

>> No.8779850

>If they're anything else then you should restart.
Actually, Kagami is pretty easy to deal with as well - she can't really do much against you, and the only thing she can hit Aya with is that dark spell, so just put a DRK resistance accessory on her instead of one of the +EVA things.

>> No.8779941

Well, in my opinion anything that isn't Chihiro is managable, if a turtle comes out just replace aya's eva field for her first strike field and then they're useless and aya can still evade pretty well, and for akame's 1000 needles you can nullify it with starlight barrier/leaf shield.

But seriously, fuck chihiro and her octopus maelstrom, whenever she appeared i was like NOPE. I feared her more than...just about anything else...

>> No.8780056

God damn it, this is ridiculous. There's just so much that can go wrong with this fight.

>> No.8780514

I think I'm going to need that Mambele. She seems to be the weakest link in this battle, but I need her private square.
What room has the most unseely courts?

>> No.8780614

No, you don't need Sakuya's Private Square.

>> No.8780675

Do tell.

>> No.8780698 [DELETED] 

Well frankly, for one, most strategies for the final boss don't use her at all.

>> No.8780718

an alternative to eke out a win is Satori's Starlight Barrier or Nitori's commander bomb/camouflage.

But time stopping a goddess is pretty cool.

>> No.8780723

Well frankly, because most strategies don't even use Sakuya for the final battle.

You don't need to skip turns at all if you can tank properly. The strategies used by the people in >>8771779 are nowhere near the most optimal ones.

Hell there's a strategy a few posts right above that doesn't use Sakuya at all.

Sakuya is also nowhere near the best damage dealer. She's really not that great of an option for the final boss at all.

Alice's Little Legion is basically the same thing for keeping the enemy from doing anything, but in an on-off pattern while your party is still capable of acting. Private Square denies your party the ability to act and doesn't allow your characters cooldowns to go down.

>> No.8780739

Well, the best I've come up with so far does. It's still in the works, though.
So far the biggest issue I've had so far is Anastasis using Smash or just deciding to punch someone squishy and, to a lesser extent, Bitotopos using mad thunder at a bad time. Mokou can take a few hits, but the trouble is getting said hits to hit her instead of everyone else.

>> No.8780742
File: 16 KB, 113x127, hell ya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cooldowns? What cooldowns?

>> No.8780752

>if you can tank properly
There's the rub.
I did notice that strategy, but it looks like it'd be just the same thing, only this time Aya's the one demonstrating her lack of actual tanking abilities. Is her field really that good?

>> No.8780776

No idea, but with her +20 EVA fan, a +20 EVA armor, a fuckton of points in her aerial combat growth tree, three +EVA acessories and the +EVA field nothing could ever hit her.
Also, Poison Shield. Remember the Poison Shield.

>> No.8780918

I had convinced myself that Poison Shield wouldn't give me enough offensive formation bonuses to make anything happen. Apparently not, because I switched to it and immediately beat the first two stages.
Of course, the second stage Minused Alice on it's next-to-last turn. That attack seems pretty problematic; my second party has no way to rez, and they used it fairly often.

The final stage honestly looks pretty silly, but hurts as much as advertised. No idea if Alice is going to be able to handle all that AoE, especially with no buffs. Does it get two or three actions per turn? I couldn't tell.

>> No.8780931

We're autosaging again. Everybody loves GoS, though a lot of those posts are just me commenting on every single thing of note I find in the game.

>> No.8781732

I believe you can reduce its damage with MYS gear?
Same here, every now and then I bump the thread with some random comment on something I just did to prevent it for getting forgotten by everyone, or drowning on spam.
I don't think another thread is needed yet; thankfully /jp/ is still slower than your average popular board, so anyone who had interest in this one should be able to post whatever in it for the time being. Let it sink until page 10+ or so before making a new one.

>> No.8782011
File: 80 KB, 500x295, 1317342231459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Thread: >>8781996

>> No.8782014

That's usually how all touhou fangame threads go.

I remember doing that with the QuartetX game and the Aquastyle roguelike that will never get translated.

>> No.8782332

Where's the second golden door in the second forest of magic?