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Who here still plays?

Network: BakaNetplay
Pass: Baka

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What is the I.P?

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Doesn´t work

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Why are you such a faggot?

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Dude, the fuck? You don't even play touhou do you? Get the fuck out of this board you fucking faggot.

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Fuck you nigga, I play this shit all the time. My friends bitch about their shitty connections and won't play me anymore.

Someone else do the network thingie and I'll join.

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>>8741657 Here, was meant to respond to >>8741648

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i kno dat feel op, my friend and I used to play hisoutensoku all the time, but he got a fucking macbook after his old laptop broke and we can't game together anymore because he can't play games.

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OP your desktop looks like shit, get rid of icons you never use bro.

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shit ain't workin oop, are you perhaps on a port other than 10800?

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>>No.8741725 wut, my desktop isn't even half covered with icons. How does it look like shit?

>>No.8741739 It's half because I took a desperate move and just clicked "Create Network"...and then expected everything to go cool afterwards.

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Get a load of this horse's ass.

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OP, what's ur rank on PO? Us /jp/ers are all in the top 200, you better watch your back if u see us.

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I can GUARENTEE you never use Microsoft Office - 2010(who the fuck doesn't pick word/excel/etc from the start menu?), Norton antivirus(sits in tray), skype(runs at startup), rpg maker 2000 (unless you actually make games), logmein hamachi (runs at startup, sits in tray).

You also just leave folders on your desktop, go put them somewhere else and hide and disable your recycling bin.

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Stop being a sperglord about this.

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I'll play in here, but I'm not going to install fucking Hamachi.

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anyone want to actually play some hisoutensoku?

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>Shitty wallpaper from badly upscaled sprites
>1366x768 resolution
>desktop icons
>Internet Explorer

Get out of /jp/ faggot.

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Why would you leave icons on your desktop you will NEVER use? Maybe I'm just OCD about it but it seems really pointless and unaesthetically pleasing.

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who gives a shite? My destop is in a constat state of chaos, could you be MOER autsismal about this?

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This is a den of assholes. You may not like it here if you expect people to be civil. You should also advertise your skill level and location if you think anybody might actually be interested.

The only time I ever look at my desktop is for a few seconds when coming off a fresh restart, which is whenever I need to change my system locale or something implodes.

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You took a screenshot of your desktop which looked like hell and then uploaded it to start a thread.

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It's really none of your business and you shouldn't pop a blood vessel over this.
I mean, of all things, getting upset over the desktop of some random dude on the internet?

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US west/central, continental divide. Normal/Hard AI tier. (´・ω・`)

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I'm a lower tier player on Smogon and other servers, but I'm IP banned on Beta for causing a riot. I'm top percentile in lower tier battling though. Fuck OU.

I use RPGMaker2000 at least every other day. I mean, it's not like I have a shit ton of fucking unnecessary Anti-Virus programs, IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, a shit ton of games, and porn on the desktop.

You gonna write me a ticket Desktop Officer?

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>If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately.

Your spelling and grammar shows that you probably violate Global Rule #2.


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Look at these soku peasants.

irc.mizuumi.net, #IaMP
Come play a real game.

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>iTunes aka "Please Rape My Ass, Apple"
>Microsoft I Hate Freedom 2010
>Norton "I'm Deluded Enough to Believe That Windows Can Be Secure"
>Skype "Look How Normal I Am!"
>I have folders on my desktop because I'm a stupid fuck
>Fuck-huge taskbar
>Stretched wallpaper
>Microshaft Niggernet Exploder
>12-hour clock
>23th month
It would've have been easier to list what's NOT wrong with your desktop.

Also, who am I quoting?

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im 18 u homo

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>Also, who am I quoting?
Probably /g/. I can't imagine anyone else giving a fuck.

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I'm not angry just curious why you would leave icons on your desktop which you don't use since forever due to those programs being installed near time the operating system was installed. He obviously cares about his desktop since he changed the wallpaper, why not take the two seconds to remove silly icons?

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Look at this retarded hipster. He thinks his outdated unplayable shite is actually good.

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you forgot


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>why not take the two seconds to remove silly icons?
It takes about ten seconds.

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--> Post for Touhou Hisoutensoku players
--> Get rapped on about desktop
/jp/ is worse than my mother

Location: Mid..er...Ohio bitches.
I play Lunatic style. Nothing else.

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Stop talking to them and play with me, then. >>8741801

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Hold down "Ctrl", click each icon, hit "Delete" spank your Enter/Return key.

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What the fuck is that supposed to mean, retard? First time on 4chan?

CTRL+A and SHIFT+DELETE afterwards.

>> No.8741851

That takes about ten seconds. Don't try to pull a fast one on me.

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>Hold down "Ctrl", click each icon
Haha, wow, look at this guy.

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I have recycling bin turned off so It's just "Delete" for me.

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>I play Lunatic style. Nothing else.
So, extremely stupid and exploitable?

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Nice desktop, not a single complaint.

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It's just a fucking picture (and an ugly one of one of the worst tuhuz at that). What's the fucking point of the desktop then?

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None. I always have windows open over it, and rarely view it. Still, it's there.

Having icons, ricey indicators and what not has no purpose.

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The desktop is probably the most useless feature in windows. Keep your files in a place easily acessible by an application launcher like "Launchy" or "Windows Key+R"

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dekstopp thread!

>> No.8741907

Meant to add on to this that if you use any program enough that it deserves a spot on your desktop, place it on the taskbar in stead if you own windows 7.

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OP, that's not the right picture to start a desktop thread with.

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My own so others can criticize me if they want to.

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My own so others can criticize me if they want to, had to scale it down for /jp/ resolution limits.

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What's this network and pass for? Hamachi? I still play Hisoutensoku OP.

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Been watching T and BakaKloud go at it for the last 30 minutes or so.

Shame on you BakaKloud for that flowchart infinite blockstring Suwako

>> No.8741977

Taskbar too wide, 3 character button labels suck.

>> No.8741980

Hosting IaMP
Central US
I don't even play this game

>> No.8741987


I actually never played with anyone other than the AI, it's not like I know many people. You guys really rate players with Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic?

That's really cool.

Maybe I'd try on Normal, assuming I interpreted this right. Beating the AI a billion times makes you kinda confident, but I won't take my chances against real people going straight to Hard. Also, I play Utsuho. Fuck.

>> No.8741988

Thanks for the games, OP.

Oh no, how embarrassing.

>> No.8742003

>You guys really rate players with Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic?
They used to, sorta. But not really.

I just said "Normal/Hard AI tier" because I'm a dick. People on /jp/ never play with me if I say "middle IRC tier". The AI is complete shit on all difficulties.

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I was never good enough at button mashers to enjoy them. I wish I could, though. ;_;

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Rehosting. >>8741801

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Ah, i'm outmatched, but that lag is unplayable. Sorry to put you through that.

>> No.8742043

Usually I feel like I'm the one that's causing latency issues, so it's no problem. Plus, my roommate just came home right before you connected, so that might have been part of it. Thanks for the game.

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>> No.8742058

GGs, too bad IaMP is kind of dead or I'd try to learn a bit more.

>> No.8742062


Connection failed.

I'm guessing you had your match and is done. That's ok. ;_;

>> No.8742077

I can rerehost for you, Anonymous.

>> No.8742101


Oh god, that lag. I could watch the match frame by frame.

My internet isn't even bad. I must have something configured wrong. I'm sorry Anon; thanks for your kindness and time.

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Oh god, Hisoutensoku slideshow. Thanks for the game, Sirnak. Where in the world are you?

If you're talking about spectating and it being slow, that would be Sirnak's internet. Rererehosting. >>8741801

>> No.8742113


I'm Sirnak, and I'm >>8742101.
Maybe location is indeed a problem. I'm down in South America.

>> No.8742117

Oh, I see. Location might have something to do with it, but that was Australia-tier there. Not sure what to say, then. Sorry it didn't work out~

Why does literally everybody from South America that I've played with use Utsuho and/or Remilia.

>> No.8742125


No idea. I only know four people around here that know about Touhou, and they like Marisa (x2), Mokou and Youmu. It's probably a coincidence.

>> No.8742162

fuckjing fag ass scrub fight me without lag and see what hippos

>> No.8742166

>I only know four people around here that know about Touhou, and they like Marisa (x2), Mokou and Youmu.

Oh you. Thanks for the games, Pdee.

Why aren't you on IRC.

>> No.8742170


Oh, I meant favorites. Except for the Youmu guy, they're not really into it to play the games and all that. What would anyone expect.

>> No.8742403

Thanks for the games, stranger. I didn't even make a post that I was hosting, since I was about to change my mind, but you snagged me right before I closed it. It was fun, but I hope I didn't bore you since I exert absolutely no pressure.

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go to IRC, you press buttons a lot but apparently they're the right ones.

>> No.8742468

>go to IRC
I used to, in late 2010 and early 2011, maybe.

>you press buttons a lot but apparently they're the right ones.
And then I left because of this. I'm incapable of learning how to play properly, so I don't want to waste anybody's time. I don't feel as bad on /jp/ since they never seem to have anyone to host.

>> No.8742493

This is going to sound silly, but I've never actually played online before. How do I find out my port number so I can play with you guys by hosting? Or is just my IP sufficient?

Also, does anyone use sokucaster? Is it any good?

>> No.8742516

Your port number is whatever you set it to when you set up port forwarding.

>> No.8742535

hosting from the north american west coast, already tried playing with yuropeens and fuck that ping

>> No.8742593

Wow. I figured I'd get my ass kicked. The people I play suck really bad, so I guess I got used to using the same shit over and over on them because...well...they are that bad...I'll keep this up for later use! My email should be posted, I'd really like to keep playing against good players, it'd help me adjust.

Also, my desktop isn't Suwako anymore. It's Komachi with Shikei--whatever in the distant background.

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After a bit of googling, I think I may have figured it out. Let's give this a shot

>> No.8742605


Oh yeah, west coast USA here btw

>> No.8742620

learn your combos to make those buttons scary. IRC i assume is in the same situation that you put in /jp/. everyone good left.

>> No.8742632


Samefag here. Going to namefag so as to reduce confusion

No one's joined yet, so I'm going to connect to >>8742535 instead. If anyone was unable to connect, could you tell me? I're bad at computers

>> No.8742641

Anybody midwest?

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A-are you there, Anon?

>> No.8742688


My current would-be opponent seems to have suffered a sudden heart attack, or so I choose to believe so as to explain his sudden absence. Would you like to try a game with me? As mentioned, I'm west coast USA

>> No.8742707

``Connection failed.''

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Sorry. ;_;

I'm back up again, I just left to take care of something real quick.

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How do I know if my port 10800 is open?

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Oh dear. Hmm.. Well, I'm too incompetent to figure out my hosting issues at the moment


Connecting and now spectating!

>> No.8742781


What I did was go and run to Start, Run, cdm, netstat -an. According to google, any port listed as "listening" is an open one

>> No.8742790


Oh, er, I forgot to say, but this is on XP. If you're 7, I'm not sure, but probably something similar

>> No.8742809

Thanks. I still can't figure it out though... And yes, I am on Windows 7. I enter netstat and get a long list of connections that are either "listening," "established," or "time_wait." I don't see 10800 in any of them. I can't figure out how to check specifically for that port.

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That was pretty funny

>> No.8742823


Well, I'm out of ideas, then. Sorry

>> No.8742830

It's okay. Thanks for trying.

>> No.8742896

Good games, though a bit laggy.

Haha, yeah, I was like "Eh, what the hell, let's see what happens."

>> No.8742897


Well, delay didn't look like it was going down after a little bit, and I'm done anyways, but it was fun playing with you. You're much better than me, sadly, I can only really play Reisen and Sakuya.

>> No.8742939

Experienced Mid-tier.

>> No.8742952

Is it time again, /jp/?

It's been long overdue. EC v. 1.10a

>> No.8743032
File: 346 KB, 947x928, alice jumpkick blueboard_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Going to try hosting again

Be warned, I nearly exclusively play Alice. I know playing vs the same character over and over annoys some people, but I'm really rusty and am still in the process of trying to perfect my Alice

>> No.8743049


Ugh, forgot to take off my noko+sage. Bumping for attention

>> No.8743086


Good games, anon. Taking a break now.

>> No.8743088

gg, you were like at least 2 steps ahead of me the whole time. Crushing self esteem everywhere.

I saved the Iku replay, thought it was a very interesting way to play her. Don't mind if you upload to youtube?

>> No.8743093

Certainly go ahead. It was a uh, troll deck haha, sorry I hit random so it gave me random decks, when I saw I had that deck I was certain I would lose, but I guess it takes a while getting used to the gimmick.

Speaking of youtube, my favorite moment ever.


>> No.8743111


Yeah caught me off guard.
I thought my main was Patchy but looks like it needs some work. My Marisa seems to have performed the best overall.

>> No.8743221
US California

Best of 5 games.
Luna ~ (Top rating: 2132)

Only US west/central please.

>> No.8743268 EC US.
^ rabbits

>> No.8743286

Thanks for the games Ganondorf. A bit laggy, but fun.

>> No.8743289

you're welcome
heh i did learn something

>> No.8743360

Anyone still up? Bumpity, bump...

>> No.8743451


>> No.8743455

ahaha GGs bob, you make me want to play this game again

>> No.8743460

Someone who knows me, uh? You must be one of those who originally played here ;_;

>> No.8743506

I know you too bob. ;_;

>> No.8743535

Everyone knows bob, haha.

...but really I'm from #hiso and don't use the same name here because this place is a dump

>> No.8743551

Every now and then I pop into IRC, either somebody takes pity on me and beats me up for twenty or thirty games in a row before getting bored, or nobody joins.

Probably because I only host at stupid hours.

>> No.8743565

Not even #hisouten plays this game anymore.

>> No.8743572

Well, I haven't been there for many months. I think I popped in not too long ago and they were playing something else.

>> No.8743779

Everyone is playing EFZ now.

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File: 426 KB, 1748x2480, alice FIGHT!_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good games, T! Sorry, but I'm done now. You kicked my ass pretty much endlessly. My knuckles are white and my pulse is racing from that last match, hah

Man, Alice is frustrating to play sometimes..

>> No.8743982

Welp, I still suck. Time to quit for another year. Thanks for the games, Honshu.

>> No.8743983

what? Does that even run under win7? I thought melty beads were the hot thing

>> No.8743989

>You kicked my ass pretty much endlessly.
Nah, the screen was full of dollfuck pretty much constantly, and I couldn't sneak in without eating 6A after the first handful of matches. I may have won more games total, but I'd still consider you the winner.

I have fun, though. I hope you did, too.

>> No.8743994


Oh stop being silly! I think I only won maybe.. 8 matches out of god knows how many hours worth

It took a lot of adjusting to online play, for me. I dropped so many combos it drove me nuts

I'm starting to wonder if I should sub out the default 22BC in my deck for the spear dolls alt 214BC. Every fight, I felt like I was completely on the defensive, and when you got me into a corner it was russian roulette to figure out how to get out without losing 4000-8000 health. Alice is pretty damn rough

You played quite the variety of characters! Which are your favorites?

>> No.8744010

>It took a lot of adjusting to online play, for me. I dropped so many combos it drove me nuts
Part of that might just be my internet. I'm not known for providing a nice, latency-free experience. I would get shit for it on both IRC and /jp/. Part of why I'm reluctant to play these days.

>Every fight, I felt like I was completely on the defensive, and when you got me into a corner it was russian roulette to figure out how to get out without losing 4000-8000 health.
Those are some pretty silly numbers. My pressure is garbage and full of gaps. I just had you scared. Play more with people, take risks, find out what works, and you'll get a feel for when you can dash out.

>You played quite the variety of characters! Which are your favorites?
Uh, I can never really decide. Which is probably why I play so many. I should probably sit down and focus on getting good with only a few, but then I'd feel like I'm neglecting the other five. If I had to choose, I'd maybe say Yukari, Reimu, and Sanae, but those also happen to be the ones I'm not as good with. Oh well.

>> No.8744279

Available for a few hours.



Don't crush me too hard.

>> No.8744391

Nice fights dude, you are good with sakuya and Sanae, sorry I have got to leave now. If you will be connected later post.

>> No.8744404


Thanks, I had fun as well.

I think you won 5(?) out of 8 (?) or so matches, so you're the victor.

>> No.8744435

Still The lag was awful, so probably luck, my mains are Remi and Suika, they are the most broken too so it´s not like I were good.

>> No.8744485
File: 79 KB, 414x472, alice GET HIM YOU FOOL_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hi Techwire, thanks for the games. I couldn't stay too long because it's like 7am where I am, but it was fun playing. You're reminding me that I really need to improve my bullet game. I really let myself get handled by too many of your danmaku barrages

Sorry about only playing Alice, but she's by far my favorite character, so yeah

Take care!

>> No.8744502


You're a good Alice. You crushed me. I could only win one match against you and that was with Patchy (bullet problems). Don't worry about only playing her, as I like her too (I'm not too great with her though).

>> No.8744511

>Not taking Skype out of your start-up items
>not getting FREE Microsoft security essentials
>Not autisticly organizing your entire computer
>not pinning most used programs onto you taskbar
>not using Iron browser because IE and Chrome are a botnet

>> No.8744691

It was funny playing with you!
You beat me most of the time though

Let's do this again some day

>> No.8744693


I was fun for me as well. Hopefully sometime we can play again.

I've got to go now so see all you players around sometime!

>> No.8744824


>> No.8744901
US California

Best of 5 games.
Lunatic Tier

Only US west/central please.

>> No.8744913

Parseh, sorry. The delays too heavy - -
Hosting for an hour at max

>> No.8745133

How do I know what IP is my server port is obviously 10800 but I can´t figure out how to check my own IP since ipconfig on cmd doesn´t work for some reason.
If someone helps I can host.

>> No.8745163


>> No.8745171

>Not using greentext correctly

>> No.8745200

Thank you.
port 10800
Western Europe, though I don´t give a fuck about lag, so if you are american or australian connect anyway.

>> No.8745232

No one wants to play ;_;

>> No.8745253

I keep getting "connection failed" for that IP

>> No.8745265

Can you host then?

>> No.8745273

port 10800
Eastern Europe though my connection can be quite shitty sometimes sorry.

Let's try this

>> No.8745280

Connection failed.

>> No.8745305

East Coast

Radioactive pigeon tier.

>> No.8745361


wp wp.

>> No.8745421

GGs, ganon.

>> No.8745423


>> No.8746690
File: 137 KB, 256x256, alice sigil UNL_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello everyone. It is time, once again, to indulge in some touhou beatemup action

Hosting at
West coast USA
I pretty much exclusively play Alice, just so you know

>> No.8746733
US West
never played online before, not sure if connecting will work

>> No.8747196
File: 973 KB, 1000x1000, 78b20ea8e6aa7b29cc0d958b7f3a12fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the fun Ganondorf. I have a lot of respect for people who play as MANLING! She's such a badass, I wish I could play her as well as you

>> No.8747205

ah those matches were fun
thank you
but there are people who better with Meiling than me

>> No.8747700


>> No.8747840
File: 324 KB, 945x828, alice hnnng_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I wonder if there's even any people awake this time of night

Oh well, hosting again

>> No.8747893

It was fun getting my ass kicked by you Alice!

>> No.8747895
File: 188 KB, 370x491, alice tasofro_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the games, Parseech. Sorry about the lag; it must've been pretty damn tough to cope with

What's your favorite character? You played quite the variety there

Anyway, fun playing with you. Take care. Still hosting in case anyone else is interested

>> No.8747899
File: 2 KB, 124x122, 1282810437987.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy jesus it's been a while since I've seen a soku thread on /jp/. Happy to see people are still playing.

>> No.8747915
File: 247 KB, 320x240, alice kicking_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Back when it was popular, I had really shitty internet, so I couldn't really play, only sit and gaze in wistful envy

Unfortunate that it has mostly died, but I suppose it can't be helped. I wonder if it's as dead in Japan as it is here? I remember that I used to follow tournament games on nicovideo

I have spent many years honing my autism that it may compete in the /jp/ arena!

>> No.8747956

Are you still here?

>> No.8747970

Western Europe, just some casual matches, I will be using all the characters even if I don´t know how to use them or I really use them backwards (alice).

>> No.8747971
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That's a shame. I had a goddamn blast playing friends on IRC, played double random with one guy all the time, we'd play for hours. Besides the customary oak/ IAMP trolling, Soku threads were always pretty friendly and entertaining from what I remember.

Never did get too good though, soku was my first and only fighter. Every time I felt like I was pro for being way above my friends I'd just go on the IRC and get stomped into the ground... remember playing Nameless for about an hour and didn't take a single match off him.

>> No.8747977

Thanks for the handful of games, Matt. The lag was a bit of a bother, but it was still fun

Don't be too afraid to be aggressive as Sakuya vs Alice, by the way. Sakuya's bullets absolutely tear up Alice's spacing, and Sakuya has a graze attack which really does a number on Alice if she's not very careful with her spacing

Take care! Still hosting for anyone who wants to put up with an Alice player

>> No.8747979

What version are you using? I can´t connect with you

>> No.8747982


USA Central

>> No.8747992


What? Very strange. Just default 1.10

Anyway, nice to see you again Parseech. Thanks for the few matches

>> No.8747995
Western Europe
midtier, but haven't played for a while.

>> No.8747996

I can't, neither with>>8747982
Wierd I played some matches with other people yesterday like

>> No.8748012
File: 468 KB, 800x794, 9301944fda1c34514514b304345509f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


eu west

i played 1 year ago against the cpu tier
in other words, i am the noobest noob

>> No.8748019

Use the 10800 port.

>> No.8748023

why? that's the port i have open in my router. are you having problems connecting?

>> No.8748027

Because everyone uses the 10800 port, but anyway yeah, I can't connect.

>> No.8748038

okay i changed it to
i was also mapping to the wrong computer
try again please

>> No.8748047

Can´t connect either, must be me.
Wait for someone else, I think we have different version I have 1.10a but for some reason I can´t connect with half of the people here.

>> No.8748068

i'm checking the port in a port check page and it says connection refused... i am frustrated ;_;
will try again later

>> No.8748073

>>8747995 here

Lots of GGs, thanks for the games.

>> No.8748084

Hosting now.
Try connecting with me, I'm using ver 1.10a
If you don't have 1.10 a and have 1.10 I recommend upgrading here are both the patch and the translation http://hisouten.koumakan.jp/

>> No.8748181

Fun games Kitaek! Your Patchouli is really vicious

>> No.8748183

midtierfag here. Thanks for the games. This was my first time playing against an Alice main so I wans't sure what I was going against.

>> No.8748193
File: 1.11 MB, 1500x1050, 1311665727282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's a lot like being attacked from three different angles at once, constantly, until you break down and die. Or, well, get her in a corner and just beat her face in

Anyway, done playing for the night. Thanks for the fun, /jp/

>> No.8748807
US California

Best of 5 games.
Lunatic Tier

Only US west/central please.

>> No.8750535
US West
using 1.10
never done online

>> No.8753948


>> No.8755110
US California

Best of 5 games.
Lunatic Tier

Only US west/central please.

>> No.8757151

This thread is Lunatic AI tier.

>> No.8758743


I'm better than the AI. I can chat with you.

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