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Lunarians live the most boring lives imaginable.

Seriously, think about it. They are immortal, I bet average lunarian is like 1000 years old. And they live in one not that big city surrounded by nothing but peach trees and an empty ocean.

With all this crazy tech and magic it must be a paradise at first. They have the best food and drinks ever, and ultra sexy bunnies to fulfill all their needs.

But after few centuries? It's just the same stuff over, and over, and over again.

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maybe they have really nice television shows?
they might have internet connection too

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Sounds like /jp/'s ideal life!

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It's a small community.
Even if they had film/game makers how much stuff could they produce?

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It might be boring, but how much different is it from life at earth really? What's so fun about wars and economical problems and shit politicians anyway? Maybe it makes for a less interesting art scene or less variety in general, but I honestly wouldn't mind that sort of life too much. It's not too different from the life I live today.

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They might not have jobs that would be as time consuming. And considering their lifestyles, there would be a big demand for entertainment, and even creators would be desperate to engage themselves in something to pass the time.

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I can't help to think they fill their empty lives with loads of sex.

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Wishful thinking much?

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Just imagine lunarian sex accessories.

Vibrators that make you orgasm in 10 seconds at max setting. Pills that make you 10 times more sensitive. Spells that make you grow a dick that cums buckets and will never run out of cum.

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Rabbits man.

They fuck all the time.

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I bet they have some of those suicide booths from Futurama.

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I never understood this
How can you get fat from fruit? I know it contains sugar but wouldn't you have to constantly eat it in order to get fat from it?

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I think that's the point, she really loves peaches.

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Excess energy gets stored as fat. Simple sugars are carbohydrates which is basically energy.

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1 kg of peaches is worth about 450 kcal.

So yeah, you'd have to eat quite a few of them to end up fat.

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A civilization or rabbit rapists.

But it's okay since they are all cute girls.

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Maybe they find themselves something meaningful to do, like Eirin's research.

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It's worthy of note that life in Heaven is pretty much the same.

Except, instead of having a wide variety of food, they got peaches.

Man, if I was Tenshi, I would have done the same as her.

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Why are you people treating Lunarians as if they have the same minds as humans? They're above humans, remember? They probably love sinless lives that we would think to be very boring.

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Their tech won't stagnate. As long as something new is produced, they have something new to entertain themselves with.

As for scientists and whatnot wanting to create: They could always pick up a trade and create something else in their new field.

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Interesting concept. I guess most of them are like that.

Even so, there are some like Tenshi and Kaguya.

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Tenshi is living in heaven for hermits. People who reached enlightenment through meditation and abandoned mortal pleasures.

She simply ended in the wrong place.

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Well it's not like ordinary humans will understand it, it'd be like trying to get in the mind of an accountant.

But we don't get that much of a glimpse into their ordinary lives anyway, who knows what they get up to.

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How did Tenshi end up there anyways, she doesn't exactly seem to fit there. Then again neither does Suika, so the requirements to get to it aren't as high as we thought or gensokyo gets a loophole.

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Because all lunarians we saw so far act like humans?

Look at Kagua or Watatsukis.

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It's explained in her profile.

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It's in Tenshi's profile. Her whole family got admitted to Heaven for some service, a fucklong time ago.

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Kaguya has the excuse of living around humans long enough to pick habits up, watatsukis not so much unless you want to cop out saying making them act above humans in more than simple arrogance wouldn't make for entertaining characters

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Toyohime is just like Kaguya. And she never lived on earth.

They may be much smarter and think a bit differently because they lived so long, but deep down they are still humans.

They are lazy, they get drunk and they fuck for fun.

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>fuck for fun

Is it worth asking where you pulled that from?

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>they fuck for fun.

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source plz

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What a faggot.

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See >>8740044

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go to >>>/fic/

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using h-doujins as base to form any theory
eat shit and die

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I want to be Toyohime's living dildo.

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You are the secondary here dude

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Just look at this pathetic secondary.

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SSiB. Canon manga. Story by ZUN.

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they would be horny as hell,
first human male they counter is a rape target for breeding purpose and propably spend his life as a dick slave or at least they know that they are pregnant and maybe let him go, but i doubt that there is no turning back after a treatment they get from horny moon rabbits and people

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No primaries vs. secondaries in here it's evil and bad and messy.

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SSiB isn't an H-doujin though.

Still, implying that its something lewd is just as retarded as calling SSiB an H-doujin.

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She's acting as a drill sergeant, meaning she's talking about actual physical exercise. Nothing lewd in that.

But you knew that already, didn't you?

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Are you implying that page wasn't intentionally lewd?

And if you read SSiB and CiLR you would know Toyohime never exercise with LDC.

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you are either thinking too much in to it or thinking very wishfully, probably a combination of both..

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It was intentionally made to make readers think about rabbit fucking. Don't even try to deny that.

CiLR clearly state that Toyohime never do any physical exercises and never make rabbits do any. Never. And that's why rabbits love her so much. And Yorihime know it too.

Now read >>8740044 with that in mind.

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Cute. But what the heck is going on in the top-right quadrant I am confused.

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Filthy secondary trash.

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Explanation of Toyo's power?

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>A civilization of rabbit rapists.

Only on /jp/ will you find a line like that. This is why I come here.

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I really hope moonbitches will be in some game.

Hopefully fighter.

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>A civilization of rabbit rapists.

Only on /jp/ will you find a line like that. This is why I come here.

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I sometimes wonder if they just say those things to get you riled up or if they're serious. Guess we'll never know.

I'm not too familiar with the manga series, thanks for explaining. One of these days I'll get around to reading them.

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There won't be any more games, though.

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>Their tech won't stagnate.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Which is why cultures constantly at war innovate really quick and cultures at peace go stagnant, quick.

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Or maybe they are just having some innocent fun. Ever though about that?

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>implying his wife isn't into Touhou
>implying his wife doesn't sit around doodling up silly outfits
>implying his wife isn't ten times the 'artist' he is and won't contribute glorious quality art

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Oh wait, maybe they have stuff like holodeck?

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Innocent fun will make her burn a ton of calories?

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I expect someone will have made a M.U.G.E.N character. But besides fighting games what else could you do with them?

If true, it still gets annoying. Poor Sanae...

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Peaches aren't exactly high energy food as was previously stated, anything above complete sedentary would be enough to keep you from gaining weight, of course somewhat depending on your metabolism.

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Now that you mention it, it seems Lunarians are getting afraid of the possibility of big human invasion.

And are probably getting ready for war.

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"Don't even try to deny that."

Treating your theory as canon just because of something like that, and then saying something like this. How arrogant.

I thought the whole point of their discussion on that page was that Toyohime didn't exercise, so she needs to watch her weight a bit more? In other words, there's reason for her to start exercising, if only a little.

Do you think that the only way for them to exercise is to either to have sex or to really do a lot of rigorous work? That's ridiculous. They could play some game, or whatever. It could be anything.

She could also just be giving an excuse.

I don't even see how you could think of that scene that way. I guess you just really want to think that, simply because they're rabbit youkai, they're automatically sex-crazed? Despite the fact that they're actually not rabbits anymore? Just because of your fantasies, you start trying to warp canon on your own because you want to feel like you aren't defiling it.

Without love, it cannot be seen? That's wrong. Because of love, you end up seeing things that don't even exist.

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Or you know, the joke was "who're we kidding, you wouldn't think to put the rabbits to work."

>> No.8740378

I was talking about this:
>I sometimes wonder if they just say those things to get you riled up or if they're serious. Guess we'll never know.

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Watosato should do more nice things.

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You are underestimating her.

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I think you mean lust. Which would also be understandable, those Lunarians are pretty.

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Don't tell me you're taking a comedic 4koma seriously. Know what exaggeration means?

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Are you fucking high? The Lunarians, that put a bitter end to manned moon missions? That brought manned space exploration to an end? The "people" that killed the golden era of space exploration? That took from us the age of huge fucking space-rockets bearing heroes to the stars and encouraging us to forget our petty local differences and instead focus on the glorious future of mankind as a whole, exploring the vast expanses of space?

Who undoubtedly did this to ensure we'd remain divided, at each others throats? Who have encouraged perpetual cycles of warfare by carefully timed gifts used to destabilize regions and empires? Who's actions have made Earth run knee-deep in blood, all for the sake of preserving their sterile "perfection" on the moon?



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What are YOU smoking? Go to bed already, you likely need sleep.

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Inaba is an official work, and a good one. But it's not the kind that you can take seriously.

Agreed, absolutely.

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Watatsukis should get more doujins.

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They love spreading legs for shoots moon rabbits and you know it.

You would do the same in their place.

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They love spreading legs for shota moon rabbits and you know it.

You would do the same in their place.

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You're becoming less and less coherent.

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Stop projecting your filthy desires onto pure touhous.

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Not a shota kinda guy myself, sorry bro.

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Before SSiB happened I thought they have actual army and navy, commence mining operations across the whole solar system and send probes into far space. Stuff like hover tanks, mini-nukes and miniguns was mentioned earlier after all.

But it looks like they prefer drinking, eating peaches and "exercising" with rabbits.

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The only ones we ever saw were the Watatsukis and a few of their incompetent rabbits. We know next to nothing about the vast majority of Lunarians. I don't see why you think it disproves all of that.

The Watatsukis just happen to be the ones that manage the connection to Earth, and that's the reason why we see them instead of anyone else.

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>Stuff like hover tanks, mini-nukes and miniguns was mentioned earlier after all.

Where was it mentioned? I'd like to know more about that.

>But it looks like they prefer drinking, eating peaches and "exercising" with rabbits.

All we saw in SSiB was the elite's haven, the Forbidden Palace, Versailles. We didn't see their military might, the soldiers who do the dirty work - just the poor, flustered moon bunnies they use for cheap cannon fodder. No fucking wonder Reisen fled the Moon - she realized she was being used as a tool, and resented it.

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More like she got sick of being a toy.

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More like the toy just changed hands.

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That too.

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They're all waiting for the return of their queen.

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So that's why there's such cold intensity behind her eyes.

Hardened by pain.

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>Where was it mentioned?

It's scattered around PMiSS.

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It must be amazing having a harem of horny rabbit girls begging for you to get them pregnant. I would have to pace myself, so only one rabbit impregnated per day, the rest on that day will be fucked with contraception.

Lunarians live like real kings, Earthlings can only do so in their minds through porn.

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I told you to go to sleep already.

and no matter how fun, it will get boring after a while, and lunarians have a lot of time on their hands.

>> No.8740637

That was my first post in the thread though. How would you get bored of taking it easy and being lewd as HELL with cute girls?

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Awesome, thanks.


Not even the same guy. And dude, I'm posting from class. You.... you trolling?

On /jp/?

That's terrible.

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But I ain't even mad. Let's post Reisen, new friend!

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My favorite part of Cage in Lunatic Runagate and SSiB was the fresh perspective on Reisen. She can communicate with her fellow Moon Rabbits over the vast distance, but can never go home - and still fears what horrible tortures the Lunarians would visit upon her if she was ever captured.

And Tewi. Man, Tewi. She is of the Earth, certainly. And probably far older then she lets on. Ruler of the "Earth" rabbits, eh? Another tribe of youkai rabbits whom never left for the Moon, then? Or departed the moon for the Earth many aeons ago? Who can say. But for sure, Tewi is a hell of a lot more powerful and significant then she lets on.

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She has her own thread. >>>/jp/8721763

Leave this one for the Lunarians. It's not like they get a lot of love.

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Tewi is the White Hare of Inaba.

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Oh, that's fair enough. We DO need more Lunarian pictures, and I didn't know Reisen had a thread going already. Ta~

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fuck this thread
now I want to eat peaches so badly ;_;

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you're not helping...

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That's the point. But I'll stop tormenting you.

Also I prefer Toyohime over Yorihime, but they're both quite nice designs.

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I like Toyohime more too, she's really mind of girl. Curvy girls with wavy hair always end-up as my favorites somehow. I also like the color of her dress very much.

This is probably my favorite picture of her, it's so pretty.

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Apparently you are me as well.

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we can be us together

i mean

"good taste"

I also meant "my kind" and not "mind"
stupid merging words...

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I do so like the half-buttoned dresses.

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I have kind of thought that the Lunarians were Zuns parody of modern day Chinese Communists.

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I don't see it.

>> No.8742857

Fuck those Mary Sue moon whores. I respected their roles in the story of SSiB but I hated their characters. They even ruined the Inaba comic.

>> No.8743342


I don't really get the hate for them.

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You've caught the moon princess! What'll you do with her?

>> No.8743387

Release her, hand her a change of clothes (lots of frills), treat her to a nice dinner and never call her back.

>> No.8744610


Fuck the shit out of her.

Because it's obvious she let herself get caught on purpose.

>> No.8744619

I really hope ZUN will show us lunarian navy some day.

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You bumped to tell us THAT? Couldn't you have said something better or at least posted a nice picture?