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Which touhou would most likely be able to adapt if they suddenly lost all their powers, and which one would least likely be able to live with the change?

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by powers do you mean lose everything and become normal humans? because suika's power isn't her ability to drink, but if she became a normal human she'd die of alcohol poisoning within 24 hours.

i think komachi would be able to adapt pretty well without her powers, considering she never uses them. or does much of anything

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I'd feel really shitty for Patchy.

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Powers? Youkai are born with them, so isn't that like becoming a cripple? Cripple youkai. Crips, you know. Suddenly, crippled girl gangs in Gensokyo.

Anyway, does that include the ability to fly? What about fairies? Do they lose their wings? And what about humans themselves? Gensokyo humans have at least some ability to danmaku. What if they lost their powers as well?

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My sperm desire to swim down your esophagus and into your stomach.

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My fantasies revolve around touhous losing their powers and they have to depend on me, so I abuse their helplessness for unprotected sex. That way even if they somehow manage to learn how to live in this world, they're already my property.

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Does Rinnosuke even use his powers beyond just using it to get bitches in the human village?
(I know he doesn't do that but you know what i mean.)

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I wonder how depressed Yukari would get with no longer being able to just portal her way through everything, or stop herself from aging.

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I've been thinking that she's in a state that's neither alive or dead. It's a mystery what would happen if her power is lost. Probably she'd vanish as well.

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Worst: Cirno, Flandre, Letty, Lily, Alice, Mystia, Nue
Best: Meiling, Yuyuko, Yukari, Suika, Reisen, Hina, Kanako, Suwako, Yuugi, Utsuho, Murasa

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i have a fantasy along the same lines but the way you put it, it makes it sound so..... cruel...
i'll have to rethink my beliefs.

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Which world? Because I'm pretty sure all the Touhous except two live in Gensokyo.

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I think not being able to fly is pretty much a given, I can already imagine most of them complaining about having to walk everywhere.

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Worst: Marisa, Cirno, Flandre, Letty, Lily, Alice, Mystia, Nue, Maribel
Best: Meiling, Yuyuko, Yukari, Suika, Reisen, Hina, Kanako, Suwako, Yuugi, Utsuho, Murasa

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>Does Rinnosuke even use his powers beyond just...

beyond just telling what the fuck objects are used for? no. i don't think you can use such an odly specific power for anything other than running kourindou.

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If Mokou suddenly became mortal again, wouldn't that be something that she would wish to happen?

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Makes you wonder how they stay fit and loli. All that land to trek, they fly and not walk. Lazy lazy.

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So if two Touhous with lost powers would combat each other would it be a cripple fight?

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well, at least in reimu's case she doesn't have much to eat either. and i don't see marisa having a lot of food around in that forest of magic.
but maybe flying also burns calories?

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It's magic.

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It's not cruel. A man is meant to dominate a woman. I'll be feeding her lust by showing her how a real man will be the boss of her.

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Just think about how much Kaguya would be freaking out at the thought of dying, or getting fat, or injured, or other common mortal occurrences that she wouldn't be able to stop anymore.

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If you don't eat a lot, you won't get fat.

And most Touhous walk anyway.

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You sure are delusional, anonymous.

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When was immortality a power? Isn't that just a state?

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This one reason why I find Touhou to be interesting. It's basically a matriarchal society. If I threw you into Gensokyo and you tried to adapt to your life there, I'm sure it would be quite amusing.

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if you're one of those secondaries that thinks mokou is all "baaaww the burden of immortality. i wish i were deed."
then sure.

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The more you speak about this, the more you seem like a raging insecure faggott.

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The one who says secondary is the secondary.

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It'd be great to capture and subdue Flan and Remi if they become powerless. I could rip off their wings and treat them like dogs. Mostly I'd keep Remi locked away in a cupboard in my basement only opening it for an hour a day and feeding her dog food. I'd force Flan to abuse Remi during that hour.

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>the more you speak about this
How would you know how many times I've spoken about this?

And yes, I am actually terribly insecure and alone, that's why I masturbate to topics of myself being in control.

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> matriarchal

more like anarchy

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Except it's not. There are male Touhous. We just don't see them.

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Reimu's power is to not get fat, no joke. Well, among her other powers.

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I meant, the more you elaborate on your feitsh.
And I suspect you posted some other times about this kind of stuff, though that's obviously just speculation.
Doesn't matter anyway.

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Not to mention that now that Eirin wouldn't be able to access her vast knowledge of medicine, the best she would be able to do it give her a band aid and an aspirin and to call her in the morning.

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Humans can have extensive medical knowledge.

She'd probably just lose a lot of her intelligence, and end up merely being a genius by human standards.

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How? Being a medical genius isn't a power.

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> No longer being constantly attacked during her job
> can just walk around calmly, and take pics
> Still has an awesome pet bird

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She wouldn't be able to fly at radical speeds anymore, though.

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Having knowledge greater than a human is.

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Aya'd lose her speed and wind. She'd be devastated.
I don't like this thread...

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Aya was just a normal journalist who can access the Speed Force.

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All tengu know tengu kung-fu (dunno what it was called). You not know this? It's in lore. So she can still do awesome fighting.

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How does that work?
Knowledge greater than a human? What human?

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But still, Aya without her speed would be pretty sad I think.

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The majority of Touhou stripped of their powers would be sad.

That's the point of this fucking thread

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She would hardly be happy, but she'd probably get over it eventually.

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With the loss of her immortality Patchy would find herself extremely malnourished due to her habits of never eatings. Her body might also succumb to mercury poisoning and give out all together.

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If the humans caught wind that all of them suddenly lost their powers, who do you think would be the first victim of their retribution?

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Yeah but you got me wrong. The dude I quoted implied she would be fine with just her tengu aikido. That's clearly not the case.

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I think they'd be more concerned with the barrier collapsing on their heads.

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Wait, if they suddenly lost their powers, wouldn't that mean that the barrier would be down and they would be in the middle of the real world?

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It would less likely be a sudden collapse than them slowly fading into this plane of existence.

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Rumia beatdown delux edition.

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All of the people eaters would be fucked. They're generally weaker touhous in the first place but without powers they wouldn't last long.

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Marisa Kirisame is fine, she channels her talents into particle physics instead. Does some time for shoplifting.

Yuuka Kazami is unable to cope with not being able to kill everyone she meets with her bare hands. The thought unnerves her, leading to a nervous breakdown.

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Imagine Yuuka sitting in her home, there's a whole village of pissed off humans outside, trampling all over her flowers, calling out for her blood waving farming tools and torches and attempting to batter down the door. All she can do is sit it out and hope they get bored or find someone else stupid enough to get their attention, that is until she smells the smoke of her house going up in flames.

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I was gonna make a stupid joke about Yukari working at Borders but then I remembered they went out of business.

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She could work at the US-Mexico border. Keep illegal immigrants out.

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How appropriate, so would she.

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That's awful.

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It gets worse, in an attempt to get on their good side wriggle ratted her out in exchange for being left alive.

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Wouldn't Hina's life improve if she lost her powers?

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To be fair, ratting her out would consist mostly of "she lives in that big gaudy house with all the flowers right next to the flower field she spends all her time in"

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I doubt that Wriggle's bargain would be upheld. She'd probably be killed after they found Yuuka. If the police found her then she would probably just be held in prison.

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I meant Wriggle would be the one held in prison. Actually, they'd probably both get arrested, if they're lucky.

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Well she's a human cocksucker, so yeah.

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since when the fuck is patchy immortal? she's just a magician youkai.

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Alchemy is some whack shit yo.

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Akyuu's cancer powers would disappear?

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She can survive without food and doesn't physically age. It's not perfect Hourai immortality but it's immortality nonetheless.

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Holy fuck, this thread is terrible.

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Oh geez I wonder...

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Immortality is immortality. There is no in between.

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I think going easy on someone because he lost his power might be fatal.

Remember, even a normal girl can kill you if she really wants to

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funny. i just saw this doujin for the first time yesterday.
i hate it. i wish i was that guy

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There are different types of immortality as there are different shades of red. I don't wish to say that immortals are red and mortals are blue and Patchy is purple, on the contrary I simply wish to assert that she's another definition of immortal. Someone with the ability to not age alone would get them classified as an immortal in many other fictional worlds.

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He talks too much for my taste. How am I supposed to imprint over him when he has a contrary personality. Not bad overall, though. Nice to see a ring and whatnot

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Too loving and consensual for you?

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No, I like that sort of thing. Just differ on procedure. I'd prefer the 04u one, mainly because I can't tell explicitly what the guy's thinking

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>Living forever; never dying or decaying
>not subject to death
Unless your saying Patchouli was in the Norwegian black metal band "Immortal".

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That reminded me... Poor Futo.

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Oh god that's so cute.

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what doujin is this? google and image search have failed me.

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>Unless your saying Patchouli was in the Norwegian black metal band "Immortal".

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Obviously you have not searched very hard.
exhentai and gehentai have a reverse image search for doujins. I hope in the future you will utilize these to become more self reliant.

Anyway, the source is
[Yuki Kagerou] High and Mighty! Yuukarin! [ENG]

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Eirin would probably end up like the female version of House.

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You had to bring that up.

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And Hong Meiling stays Hong Meiling.

Or was her ability the power to make everyone forget her name? Morel like a curse.

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That was sweet and all, but...he DID kidnap her and stuff. I'm not sure if I can just let that slide.

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Ability to the extent of using Qi

No idea what that means, but I'm guessing she would lose her melee skills.

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I don't think "manipulating qi" means "knows and is good at martial arts."

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She hardly needs her ability in the first place.

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This one here would really be just a spider.

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>"knows and is good at magical chinese martial arts."
Smth like that I think.

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Chinese kung-fu is magical?