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Tell me about your dreams, /jp/. Not anything silly like hopes, but dreams you have after you fall asleep.

Do you have any persistent dream worlds that you keep revisiting? Any people that consistently appear in your dreams? What kind of situations do you find yourselves in?

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I had a dream where I was sent to minimum security prison a few nights ago
It was made especially for me and the 2 staff, a middle aged man and woman. It was like a litlle adobe house style concrete house, it was summer and they had a garden outside, along with the fact that it was in the middle of a huge sunflower field.
They served woody shaped containers of chocolate milk as long as my forearm with blue carrots in the cafeteria for some reason, but it was a very very nice place.

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I dream Im Accel, being able to throw buildings and change vectors, then spam /a/ to hell

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> Not anything silly like hopes
This clause was very depressing to read.

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Only repeat dream I can remember is one about flying around in some city park, that's about it.

Past that most of my dreams are by large a collection of incoherent events.

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Don't you mean "to HELL"?

But seriously, go back to wtH. You were better then.

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For me every night is a new adventure, every night a whole new world awaits me to be explored.
There is evil to be fend off and enemies to be slain, and sometimes I'm the evil.

Weirdly I rarely ever have nightmares.Every dream is awesome.The worst thing I dreamed about was when I thought that I have homework to do and I kept waking up thinking "shit, tomorrow after waking up I have to finish these homeworks" even though I'm out of school

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Having one, consistent world is better. It's like an MMORPG on steroids.

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I have several that I rotate randomly, but as new ones come up they get more and more exciting. Some of them are so intriguing I want to spend all the time I can in there.

I''ve also had dreams about the end of the world, but those are pretty cliche.

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>Not anything silly like hopes
>silly hopes
;__; I'm gonna go now...

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Medieval country sides seem to be a personal favorite.

My most recent dream was of me exploring my childhood home and discovering an entirely new area of the house I've never been before. The new area was filled with bookcases, paintings, and furniture that wouldn't look out of place in the 1930s. It was really gorgeous, but impossible due to the layout of the yard.

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It's for the best. Perhaps you should hang out on /r9k/ for a bit. Blog those silly hopes and dreams out of your head before you frequent /jp/.

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In my dreams, all the posts are blank. It's rather strange.

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I used to remember all my dreams pretty clearly, but now that I use an alarm clock I forget them immediately after waking up.

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I rarely ever remember my dreams

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That's a hint that you should get a pickaxe and shovel, and start building that secret area.

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Alarm clocks are shit-tier, you have to move to turn them off, and moving is what makes you forget your dreams.

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Don't worry I wouldn't bother /jp/ with my hopes and dreams nor would I any other board. I'm not going to burden anyone.

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Maybe. There are some woods behind the house that no one owns. Could always build in there, or under it rather.

Real life Dwarf Fortress.

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Whenever I recognize and analyze a persistent dream, it stops happening and the memory of the dream fades.

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I think I just made that deep by thinking too hard.

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I perma-fucked my dominant hand by punching an alarm clock. It's been a year now and it still isn't right, might have to go back to the doctor and get a referral to a surgeon.

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I rarely have recurring dreams, but I do have a couple themes that never stop popping up. The content is usually different every time but it goes something like this.

I'm in school again but I don't know what class I'm supposed to go to since I've never actually been to this place before. There's this lingering sense that I don't belong there. Sometimes I'm in the wrong classroom and more often than not I haven't actually been to class in so long I'm too far behind everyone to catch up. The last time I had this sort of dream everyone in the room left, but it was more like this sense that they had graduated from being there. Then new students came and I was still there confused and lost. The other students are never unkind to me, it's all this internal sense of guilt that I'm being left behind because I deserve it, as though there were some rotten quality about me that made me unworthy to progress along with everyone else.

The other kind of dream I have is rather gruesome. It's not as though there's anything really linking these besides visions of corpses and mutilations. Strikingly these are really anatomical and very realistic despite how little gore I've actually seen. The last one of those I had involved me being locked in my room and stuck on my bed. All my other things were missing and instead it was just piles of human corpses in various places. I couldn't do anything but sit at the corner of my bed and see this awful sight.

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I had a dream once that I was a a girl who was forcibly dragged down an elevator in my linen closet to an underground city where I was turned into a tree.

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I had a dream that started with huge ass mechas fighting to the death
then in the middle I waltzed off to a field of flying pigs, some of them purple and one fuckhuge one with the face of a hipster in the middle, that was purple. their wings were angel wings, and it was outside a mansion.
After a chat with the big one I went inside the mansion to find a masquerade party. It was a VERY high class event, and thats all I remember

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Don't worry, /r9k/ is used to that. You might even like it there.

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Too much misanthropy and self-hatred for one post.

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I'm not going to disagree with you. I wish I didn't feel this way.

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I want to make live action movies.

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I never really had lucid dreams until I read about how you should spin if you do get in one. It really helped for some reason, now I have them once in a while. I don't remember much, but just the feeling is nice. I noticed that I can't do much, though. You have to learn to do everything again.

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Man, you guys have way cooler dreams than me. I usually only remember the bad ones because I wake up in the middle. There's always someone or something after me and I'm on the run. Sometimes it's cops or feds some kind of military unit after me but they're always just a step behind and I can never seem to shake them. The dreams usually end with me crashing my car or being immobilized in some way where I can't escape.

What's funny is my dreams used to be so mundane. I'd go through an entire day of school with no abnormal events whatsoever. Then it would really suck to have the alarm go off and I'd have to do it all over again for real.

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I didn't see any misanthropy in that post.

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The only thing I consistently dream about is being dressed like a girl and people finding out and being disappointing in me. Another notable, but not consistent things include having a relationship with my cousin.

In general, my dreams usually turn out well and play out more like a video game where I see in third-person or may not even be in the dream. In the event of eminent death, I can usually will myself to having super powers. They are usually pretty enjoyable.

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I had a weird dream yesterday I was sitting behind my computer as usual then someone came up behind me and started throwing kittens at me, before I knew it I was surrounded by kittens of all sizes and patterns. It was the best dream I had in a long time.
what could this mean?

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You need someone to hug you for hours.

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Nope, just random stuff that I hardly ever remember in the following day. Except for those dreams where I explored some cool places, like an underground forest or some cliffside ruins, for some reason.

Maybe I should try starting a dream diary. vomitsuki.jpg

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I wonder if meido saw this thread and decided to leave it or he didn't notice it.

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I had a dream where I was training to be an airplane pilot. My peers decided to prank me and tie me with a rope and throw me outside the plane while aflight. They were laughing all the time while I was screaming for my life. Then Hatsune Miku's ass flew into my face out of nowhere. Eventually they reeled me back in.

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>Maybe I should try starting a dream diary.

I hear that this really helps to remember dreams. I've wanted to do it, but simply can't get the motivation to write things down after just waking up. This is especially true when dreams aren't always easy to put into words.

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>that cat pic

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I keep dreaming that I fall into the sky. It happens since I'm old enough to remember my dreams. As a direct consequence (I guess) I have a slight panic to be in wide, open spaces (like farm land, etc).

Pic related. Even looking at it gives me creeps.

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Forgot the pic.

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I had a pretty cool dream tonight, but I can't remember it very well.
It involved me practicing falling from a rooftop to avoid some pursuers. They finally broke in the house I was in and I decided not to fell from the rooftop because I had to carry a bag and help some friends escape. I cannot remember these people, but they were very important to me.
My pursuers were like some mafia guys and my hot boss from work shouting angry as fuck, she looked like she was going to die, she couldn't shout any louder and she was hysterical.
A lot of stuff happened, I think they wanted to do experiment with us and I was a girl. There were loads of plot.
Then everything changed. I was myself again, and I was in my usual gym, but the lights were out. It was nighttime, but the doors were wide open and I could see the street. I thought I saw the gym owner on the outside and I said to myself "cool, I had to talk with him". I walked towards the entrance and then remembered that I went to sleep at 5 am, and that was 30 minutes ago (how did I kept track of the time while asleep, I don't know).
(pic not related

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I always have dreams where people I care about are murdered by someone that they know; sometimes myself. I have these dreams every night; I am an insomniac as a result.

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Today I dreamt I went fishing.

That's really strange, since the one and only time I ever went fishing was, oh, 12 years ago? And I never dreamt about it since.

The water was calm and opaque, and I caught some kind of carp, or maybe it was a catfish.

It was a moderately pleasant dream, though the place I was fishing at was bleak and destitute.

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I thought it was weird as fuck that the gym would be open at 5:30 am... and also, I was sleeping, why the fuck am I at the gym??? the only logical conclusion was: I was dreaming. Lucid dreaming mode kicked in, and I started to walk a couple steps in the dream, really happy and floating a bit, looking at my feet. But then when I tried to raise my head and look forward, I was looking at the ceiling of my room ;_;. This always happens to me when I'm lucid dreaming, I try to open my eyes more in the dream and end up opening them IRL screwing the picture and waking up.
I only half-woke up though. It felt like my bed was floating over the sea and I was waving my arms around making S shapes, like in those silly animes. I also could hear footsteps close, they had a lot of echo and for some reason they felt good. It wasn't like something was there, but more like someone was testing some sfx.
I decided that I had to avoid moving, and then maybe I could get back into the dream land because I was almost there. But after a minute or so I decided to breath with my mouth in addition to my nose and I went in the opposite direction, waking up more until I was awake.
It was indeed 5:30 am! I felt asleep again and woke up at 10 am.
That was my night! pic not related

To answer OP's post, I have a pretty distinct dream world. I live in a dream city that has all the places my real city has, but everything is distorted and different, and there's also lots of new stuff, with everything shuffled around. But everything is persistent, and for some reason I can tell where an area connects with a different one. There are some more cities around, wilderness (mountains are fucking scary sometimes), with roads, secret bases and stuff... and I can make a weird mental map of all of it.

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I just had a cool dream.
I was one of the potential candidates for a game show and each candidate had to introduce themself.
There was this one lady who was wearing a Yuyuko costume and I hated her guts.
I think during the breaks I went outside and played with a cute little cat.
Then when all candidates gathered in the toilets to prepare to go on stage again for the final vote I really had to shit but all toilets were occupied or broken.
I was damn angry.
And in the end neither me nor that guy I liked were chosen.
I wasn't even in the top 5.

I always have funny dreams while leaving the tv on to listen to it.
The sounds of the real world flowing into my dreams is cool
>>8716426 here by the way

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I have a recurring dream that I have a daughter. Everyone says I need to pay more attention to her and my reaction is usually along the lines of "I don't even know this kid!". I'm pretty sure she resents me and I begrudgingly take her with me wherever I'm going in my dreams. I never find out who her mother is, if she's adopted, or what the fuck.

Maybe she's symbolic and she's supposed to represent my responsibilities or some shit.

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Large, strange insects commonly show up in my dreams. For some reason I'm never afraid of them, and I always tell myself "I'll kill them later," but I never do.

Apathy in general is common in my dreams. Things that would probably scare me in real life just don't bother me in the slightest. Falling, drowning, being chased, getting beaten, stabbed, shot; I just feel completely at peace while it happens.

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There are places weird as fuck, like some weird chessboard patterned dimension in black and white that I can reach through a weird machine tunnel. But the tunnel access is in a centric square, where all buses stop. It's always dark there, and mostly empty, even though the adjacent street is super busy. There is an official building on that square too, a bit like a museum inside. Bus lines are pretty weird, but are quite convenient when going to places. They end up leaving me at random places thought, so I have to take a lot of them to reach where I want and usually get sidetracked.
The world works a bit like Yume Nikki, except there is no central hub. There are certain spots that lead to other places.
There are a lot of awesome places. The nearby city has a beach and a floating theme park over the sea. The theme park is a bit weird thought. It has a super huuuuuuuuge city square full of colorful banners and people and some candy stores and stuff. You can reach it via floating bridges. After it, it's the actual theme park. It's a maze of walls made of tires. You can also climb the tires and there are like balconies on the tires. There is also a residential area somewhere in the theme park, only for employees. But it's full of punks with their cars at night, and the garden park there is pretty scary, a damp place with up and downs. You can climb down a hole there and there's a huge facilitie where I had to fight velocirraptors once in an aliens like robot worker suit.

Well, I'm not sure antyhing of what I'm writing here is actually readable, but it helps me reminisce about my dream world and that's great. I revisit a lot of places, and new places beetwen the old.

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I never tried fishing. Was it fun?

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I had a dream where I killed the neighbor's dog by kicking it into a tree

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I continually have dreams about licking a loli between the legs. She never performs oral sex on me, and there is never any penetration. It's just me licking her. I've posted about this numerous times before.

I've recently begun having more and more dreams about being my current age and back in elementary school with everyone else being much younger than me.

My favorite dreams are ones where I'm alone in some large and beautiful setting. Usually always a desert, a rural farming town, or a grass field. There are almost always lakes in those dreams.

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I had a Pokemon dream of all things. I haven't played Pokemon for years, which is weird.

I'm in Celadon city's Gym battling the Leader. Their are plants and flowers everywhere, and I'm allergic to them. I can feel the itching sensation on my scalp, eyes, arms and the burning in my eyes and I can feel the need to sneeze. I ended up winning against her with my godly Koffing and then got the badge. She congratulated me and started talking and then I ran outside without the badge for fresh air and threw up. I looked at my reflection through the front door of the gym and my eyes were blood red and I was blinded by the sun momentarily. I looked up at the clouds and a bird shit on my face and then I woke up.

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It's cruel to the fish and I am scared of hooks.

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I had a dream a while back that freaked me the fuck out. Can't remember the specifics but some purple haired youkai girl was going to kill me and eat me. I woke up thinking it was real and I was panicking for the next 3 hours. Then while eating breakfast and thinking of what to do I was just like "Wait...that shit never even happened. It was a fucking dream!" and life went on just fine................................................................................................

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I think it's okay if you eat them after.

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I do have some misanthropic tendencies. I don't have ill will for anyone though. I feel really estranged from most of society. If anything I probably just resent that I can't really join in with the rest of them and still be true to myself.

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I have long seasons of seeing dreams whenever asleep followed by about as long without dreams at all. Generally they are weird as fuck, it's almost as if my brain took things that I thought or heard during day, shuffles in completely random items, places etc. and produces a sub-b-grade movie.

One of the somewhat recurring elements seems to be monstertrucks, even though I've never seen one live and I think I've only seen some poster about there being show held close to capital city. Underwater adventure? I'm driving a fucking monstertruck at the bottom of sea. Zombie onslaught? I arrive in a monstertruck that literally dismantles itself in front of old mansion. Cliche romantic comedy-like meeting, guess how either I or someone else comes to scene.

Thankfully it's still only about 1/10th of the time, I also see the same dream or just get a very intense deja-vu once in a while, usually it's the ending that changes depending on state of mind.

Another example that I can recall about random things ending up combined in dream is skateboarding through jungle... while wielding a goddamn lance and wearing only briefs.

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Zombie apocalypse or shit hitting the fan.
The strange thing is that the zombies aren't the biggest problem, but they are simply one of the many challenges my group has to overcome. I have never been bitten or caught by one of them.

I frequently dream I'm back in China and quitting my internship. At the moment, I'm working as a 'home security guard'. Once I dreamt of studying Judo while working in Japan for a medical conglomerate.

Once I dreamt I was in NGE during instrumentality, but I had been rejected from the LCL that comprised all life. I've been suicidal for the past three months, and was hospitalised after Christmas. I had a relapse last week, and I'm trying to get my shit together.

My dreams are boring. All they tell me is that I'm being crushed by pressure that I can manage if I have the resources at my disposal. I'm trying to get those resources now without making too much retrograde progress.

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It depends on what has been going on, really.

A recent one, after having made a fairly large mistake, I had a dream where the actions I took within the scenario that unfolded lead to the death or worse of everyone I hold dear, as well as countless other uninvolved people. Towards the end of that dream, I thought I woke up, but that ended up being a transition to another dream with my mother asking me why I looked so tired, and I explained I had been having some fairly bad dreams recently so I was avoiding sleeping to not have to deal with that. She then proceeded to say "Well, that's only natural, after all there's no rest for the wicked." After that a bunch of people streamed into the house all of which, along with my mother began chanting "No rest for the wicked." getting louder and louder with each repetition.
I woke up screaming.
I think I have guilt issues.

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I have this repeating dream that occurs frequently since childhood.
I go to this school and there are two split choses that appears, up and down. The upper one is a bright platformer-like stage, and the lower one is a down staircase that lead to the "basement" and it's pitch dark. I always end up going to the down and I feel really scared since I kept on hallucinating voices and I just run for it until I either wake up or fall and cry.
It's weird because I hear hallucinated voices everyday.

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I have many dreams that are long detailed, and many times I will have Continuation Dreams that are on different nights but I will tell a wet dream that is /jp/ oriented.I was in another country studying abroad I was suddenly pulled into a hostage situation that broke out in the school.This not so unreal since the country actually has the 2nd highest international kidnappings.I had taken action by ripping of a pipe on the cealing and viciously killed the kidnapers out of self defence.I then took the guns of the few dead men guarding us to only hunt down the other ones through out the school.I was awarded and seen on a national level by the forgien country.Then all of a sudden my dream turned into a VN format and I made several choices where I became part of an international task force for the U.N because of what I hadone. I couldn't read what each text the person was saying, but thier vocies I heard. In the end I was on a squad of all women and they looked like anime, we had VN moments, in "game play" outside

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Last night I dreamt that I was playing some sort of 3D Space Station 13. I was trying to rig up some sort of trap involving a grenade, a mouse trap, and a briefcase. I miss that game.

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outside of VN gameplay I we were issued missions and it was in the Shoot Em Up gameplay format.Each mission we had to take down or capture a world terroist and they were always women.Now I could only have sex with and choose a different interaction paths with limited women characters who were on my combat task force BUT ON EACH SHOOT EM UP LEVEL there were hidden target pannels with other women characters that I couldn't normally have any interaction paths with like women terroists or my women supeirors or the nurses or other women oficials ects in the game.When I found and shot the targets I unlocked story lines where I had sex with the women feathered on the secret target pannel. I had sex with every anime woman character in the game and it was not a simple sex picture like in other VNs,but I went through the motions as if I were having real sex and having orgaisms every time. I had this dream in continuation form for an entire week.

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I used to have horrible recurring nightmares each night. Now I mostly have neutral to shitty dreams, with only the occasional nightmare.

>> No.8718787

Recently I have had this recurring dream where I own a a pretty big house, that is pretty classy.

I still have trouble deciding how to arrange the rooms, so some rooms are perfecly clean and have almost no furniture and are tidy, whereas other room have a huge pile of accumulated stuff.

I also have a room on the 2nd floor that requires you to go down a small stairway to get inside, it only have checkered red/white tile flooring and some wooden furniture (that my mother actually currently own ). She helped me put them here when I moved in during the first dream.

Last night I complained that the kitchen is small and that I probably have to dispose of a good lot of my stuff, because eventhough I have the room for it, a good part is useless hoarding.

my bedroom is rectangular, almost empty except for a capet with a futon over it (maybe tatami mat in between, I'm not sure anymore) and some pillows.

my living room is a mess, with a two place red sofa, and one one place black leather sofa and a lot of random item. Though it have one of those big window, so there's dim light.

the room next to it is also filled with item, and the last room is almost totally empty.

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I usually dream about cross-dressing and sucking dicks. No joke.

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My last dream i was in a cave being interviewed in the Howard Stern show. I did not like Howard, so Mel Gibson became the host instead. He made me go on quests inside the cavern, world of warcraft style. The first part of the quest made me have to go and explore in the watery section at the bottom of the cave, where I stepped on a pressure plate that unlocked the main exit to the cave.
I walked by the exit, and then it closed in my face, starting the second part of the quest. I turned off the light switch, and a ghost dragon with two horns started to glow in the dark and attack Mel Gibson. For my quest I had to trap it and save the studio equipment. There was a small waterfall of very thick and goopy motor oil, which I splashed towards the dragon, which then turned into humanish form.

Mel Gibson as going to molest her, so I jumped on him and bit his neck off. Since the slightly chubby dragon girl with nice boobs was already weakened and trapped on the wall, I took her for myself and had goopy covered sex with her. Almost had a wet dream that time, but I woke up. I tried going back to sleep so I could continue holding her arms down and give her the pleasure of coming inside, but it didn't work.

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Are you me?

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I'm posting this just to let you know that I read your posts and that I care.

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Last night I had a dream that I was in the Human military and we at war with semi-intelligent mice. I shot several mice at point blank range and watched as their brains scattered across the courtyard. Then I learned that all but one of my buddies were killed and we had to escape. We got into an inflatable raft and dumped the heavy guns overboard so we could go faster. By the time we got to the middle of the lake we could see the smouldering ruins of cities surrounding us. Then I woke up.

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That's a pretty cool dream.

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Usually I just dream about sucking my own dick. It gets annoying when I 'm awake and I remember I can't do that.

Last night, however, I had a fucking awesome dream about fighting corrupt police as a masked hero reminiscent of a combination of V and Kamen Rider, using the principles of stage magic to my advantage. Got handcuffed? Slap another pair of handcuffs on yourself to escape, MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

>> No.8719562

I remember one where I was in a military helicopter with the teacher from Magic School Bus and some faggoty looking nerd. The teacher from Magic School Bus told me the faggoty nerd was "A devout floutist."

>> No.8719613

For some reason I keep having dreams about going crazy. I either start hearing voices or reality stops making sense and I end up wondering what the hell is going on. Sometimes I spend what seems like an eternity in a dark room without a door or windows and just hallucinate all kinds of things.

>> No.8719632

How can I evade bans in SS13?

>> No.8719639

There's a guide out there if you google enough for it. I remember it being a real pain in the ass and the proxy made the game lag even worse than it usually did.

>> No.8719670

I don't dream very often because I don't sleep so well, but in my most recent dream I just had Madoka playing in my head. I could have sworn I was actually watching it.

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I have recurring dreams that I'm dressed in women's clothing.

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when i was young there was this dream world which was warmly colored with the pastillines I so loved. it was not a huge space but somewhere where you crawled under through a secret entrance to get into, a sort of secret castle.

they still sell these candies, though the tin design is new and modern--looking back at the semblance of the old tin and slowly sucking on each roundish-shaped drops, I feel as though I can conjure up the whole of my childhood: the snowy town I grew up in, the private Catholic school where everything and everyone seemed so close; the house I lived in seemed ridiculously big with its three stairwells, yet so secure in the warm alcove in the attic. I remember being terrible at sports like table tennis and tennis proper and getting horrible scores on the mile run every year, going to the Y every week or more and eagerly looking forward to getting some snack from the vending machine after swimming lessons or laps or whatnot, playing air hockey or foosball in the game room with my little brother--all of this too then must be a dream, one with an almost-tangible clarity and crispness.

There was a spare-looking vietnamese place where my mother, brother and I always ordered fresh lemonade soda and some dish which I can't quite place. Latin class taught by the same teacher as math, the former which I always failed the tests and the latter which I always aced--a time when I was pretty finicky about getting a perfect 100, where even a 97 or 98 was upsetting.

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Normally I wouldn't mention LS on /jp/ but it is central to my best reoccurring dream, about once a week or so I will have a dream where I am Konata and am married to Kagami. There is usually a whole lot of other messed up stuff going on, somehow roping my family, friend (there is only one) and days events into the deranged fantasy. The whole thing is because I fried my brain on a crap ton of Konata X Kagami doujinshi and fanfic awhile back, I don't know why but just one of those things can put me in a good mood all day. Read a doujin in chemistry class, walked around for the rest of the day with a perpetual content grin on my face like a idiot.

>> No.8722831

That sounds rather nice.

My dreams are random, but on average they're pretty enjoyable. Sometimes vivid and colorful, other times abstract, other times musical, other times mathematical, other times just plain ero, other times adventuring, and other times just plain self-reflection with a very chaotic twist to it. Nightmares tend to be quite rare. Worst that happens to me is getting over-excited and waking up. There were cases where I "died" in a dream, but I usually just wake up into another dream or wake up for real or "teleport out" in the nick or time or whatever.

I can't remember most of what I dreamt last night. I somehow got my dream interrupted, remembered it, but wasn't sleepy to go back to sleep, so I just spent a few hours daydreaming continuations from the place where I woke up.

Dreamworld? It tends to be variable and they're rarely recurring. Sometimes it's just randomly generated, other times from familiar places, other times from fiction I've seen or read. The dream-world from the day before yesterday was some tower/mountain range connected with a city in some impossible way (not continuous space), sort of like climbing to the top of an "industrialized" mountain and then ending up to a city-scape area with a river by exiting through some foresty area at the top of the mountain. Dreams can be way too chaotic and inconsistent, although I suppose some videogame worlds make just about as little sense. The only reason I seem to remember this one was because an unpleasant event took place in that part of the dream - it seems that I only remember dreams if they were notable enough in some way, be it good or bad.

>> No.8722861

I very rarely remember my dreams and I'm not usually fond of them, so I make no effort to remember them. However, in looking for supplements to improve my memory I found that ginkgo biloba caused me to remember at least one dream every night that I took it. Now that I stopped taking it I went back to normal. If you enjoy your dreams, you might want to try it.

>> No.8723033

It is quite enjoyable. I daydream about it a lot after I have one of the dreams, especially now that the weather is getting nice and lazy.

Unfortunately because of a new med I am taking I am waking up with a mighty need to use the bathroom. Which is messing with my ability to remember dreams. Actually its just creating a whole boatload of unpleasantness, Megestrol Acetate is some messed up shit.

>> No.8723076

how can i experience a lucid dream anyone?

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