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Just upgrade it, dude. I think it's at 11 now.

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Stop living in the past, anon.

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Oh right if you use GNU the way I install it is untar'ing it to /usr/local/firefox and then making a symlink from the firefox bin to /usr/local/bin/firefox. Should work for you.

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I'm using 11.0. How much is that in non-bullshit-inflated versioning?

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Tell that to Cudder amirite

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I'd say 5.0 or 6.0. Maybe a .5.
Fuck people who bring marketing into stupid shit like version numbers.

I blame Slackware.

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Cudder doesn't use a browser.

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Fuck off Cudder

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Pale moon, try it out OP

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I hear he sends mail to a daemon that curls pages and opens them in vi.

He would use wget and emacs, but those are too bloated and mainstream.

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What a stupid feature.

Guess it might be useful for some Web developers who can't manage their divs or something.

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Slackware had to jump from 4.0 to 7.0 to fit in with today's market.

Next you'll be mad with the Linux kernel switching from 2.6 to 3.0.

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>Guess it might be useful for some Web developers
Oh you think so?

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I just upgraded from 3 last month.

By the way, no, it is not faster. In fact, the startup time feels much slower.

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The only thing they're trying to make faster is Javascript processing. Bullshit, in other words.

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it's actually much fucking slower and 600% more retarded in some ways

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But that matters for my APPS.

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Is there even any real reason to upgrade yet? I upgraded past 3.6 a while ago and just ended up with memory leaks and an ugly as shit browser.

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none whatsoever, all upgrading does is get it to stop bitching at you and break a bunch of addons

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Software elitism is a part of otaku culture.

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UNIX philosophy is king.
Suck less because less is more.
GNU a shit.

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I don't get it, guys. Firefox 11 works fine for me. It basically never crashes. Sometimes, it freezes up for a few seconds, but it's not a big deal at all, and other than that it seems efficient. I'm not seeing those memory leaks you guys are mentioning either. And, the new interface is nice once you get used to it. All of my add-ons work, btw, so it's not breaking them.

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Well yeah, with 11 they finally decided to assume that addons worked by default instead of being retarded and disabling everything until the developer updates it.

Of course that has something to do with full version numbers being equivalent to a .1 in the old system.

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It's just FUD. The "memory leaks" most people speak of are Firefox's page caching mechanism--it caches recent pages/images to physical memory instead of to disk because it's faster to access. That's why if you hit the back button in Firefox, you're straight back to the page you were on. In WebKit browsers, it does something weird like basically reloading the last URL (that's why you can sometimes go back and see deleted threads in their pre-deleted state on Firefox, but not Chrome, for example).
If you're upset that 2GB of your 8GB of RAM is being used, about:config > browser.cache.memory.enable > false (I think there's an option in the Preferences dialog now too).

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>Bullshit, in other words.
What else is there to make faster than Javascript? Processing markup isn't exactly slow.

Startup time is admittedly slow as fuck but who closes their browser anyway.

If you're using Firefox 3 you might just as well be using IE from a web developer's view.

>break a bunch of addons
What. I'm using Nightly and the only addon I've used that has been broken since 4 is ProxySel, and that's because it hasn't been updated since.

Chrome is objectively speaking better though, but even webkit does some retarded things, like some overly paranoid xss detection and forcing certain css for <select> and <input> elements with saved data. Fucking why.

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I've got browser.cache.memory.enable on True, and it's still only using about 216 MB of RAM. I am seriously not seeing what the big deal is.

I'd like to know exactly how Chrome is objectively better... And btw, since you went out of your way to put "objectively" there, I'll be wanting factual statistics to back up your arguments.

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>I'll be wanting factual statistics to back up your arguments.
I lied.

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I don't update firefox anymore because the people who make the extensions I use stopped updating the to match all these new versions and I'm too lazy to edit them myself.

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Why would you need to edit them

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There's a thing you can add to about:config that turns off version checking, so your extensions will never break due to version limits.

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I don't know how people can say this. Are we using the same browser? Startup might be slower but the UI responsiveness is like night and day.

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I sincerely hope you aren't one of those "google botnet xD" kids.

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But it is. Not him by the way.

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Then there's no point reasoning with you, and since you aren't even the same person, even less so.

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If it were just that, it wouldn't be a problem. At least one thing doesn't work period.

4chanx or something probably has an equivalent for what it was, but I'm not casual enough to use those 4chan add ons. (I only have view quoted posts and youtube embedding extensions for 4chan specific stuff. Oh and that 4chan sounds thing everyone forgot about.)

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Why are you bragging about inconveniencing yourself?

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Confirmed for Google dev.

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How is doing the same thing I've been doing since 2003 inconveniencing myself? You going to call me a masochist because I don't use frames too?

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Nothing wrong with it, but weakly trying to put yourself above those who use them is silly

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Before this shit starts, neither Chrome nor Firefox is better because the Web specifications have become so verbose and convoluted that they're each better at scattered and different things. WebKit may support more HTML5 tags, but Firefox is a hundred milliseconds faster at some JavaScript benchmark. Chrome might play more video formats, but Gecko can render this <div> more accurately. You're comparing chalk and cheese.

In short fuck the Web and there will never be a perfect implementation of a "Web browser" because groups like the W3C and WHATWG are going to keep changing things for centuries to come otherwise they're out of jobs. Plus they have millions of users and developers to keep happy with shiny things that don't belong on the Web in the first place. Fuck <canvas>, fuck localStorage, fuck AJAX, fuck the cloud, hell, fuck JavaScript. It's all shit and yes I am bitter and anally sore about all of it.

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Chrome will remain unusable for me until it gains DownThemAll's ability to download links matching a regex, N at a time per server with individual bandwidth throttling. I have found no combination of extensions and download managers that adequately reproduce it without spyware or money.

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I must agree with you on that, I keep firefox around on the occasion I need Downthemall for something

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It'll remain unusable for me until google stops logging everything you do.

Picture related

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Use Chromium and disable them then.

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>they have millions of users and developers to keep happy with shiny things that don't belong on the Web in the first place.
This. The Web wasn't made for SHINY ONLINE APPLICATIONS (or "Apps" as they love to call them). They should develop a separate protocol for this shit, so it doesn't infect the Web. Oh wait, it already is. Fuckers.

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There's stil the problem of the add-ons, though. i can't live without muh combonation of add block and noscript.

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Chromium works fine with them though, I know mine does.

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Fedora Air: You fly for free in an experimental jet with parts being manufactured by a large corporation. Not everything works properly and sometimes your chair will break. The corporate backer doesn't really care since you aren't a paying cutomer.

Debian Air: It's a smooth flight on an old plane. You've got the option of having a basic chair right away or building it yourself. You've got the choice of an attractive stewardess that will offer you suggestions, or a plain stewardess that will do what you say quickly, while reminding you of things you need. It doesn't work on new routes and airports, but it's got a wide array of destinations that many other airlines don't bother with.

Ubuntu Air: Uses the newer planes with a new paint job from Debian Air, which still experience a bit of turbulence. It's the busiest airport and is funded by a millionaire who used to work at Debian Air. You have a choice of an ditsy blond stewardess who just brings you what you ask for, or stewardesses just like Debian air had, but there are a lot more annoying teenagers on board.

Slackware Air: Gives you a nice, comfortable seat, but there's not a full time stewardess and she makes you get all of the parts yourself if you want to make changes. Doesn't utilize the turbo jets on newer airplanes, but it's fast enough that most passengers don't complain.

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Arch Air: Gives you a pile of parts and a stewardess to help you sort through them. Also, has a thick manual for any questions you have. Any time you want, you can update your seat to use the newest parts.

Gentoo Air: You are given a given a block of metal, an even thicker manual, and a blowtorch.

Mint Air: Similar to Ubuntu Air but the aircraft is styled differently. Also halfway through the flight a group of terrorist hijacks the plane and screams "ALLAH ACKBAR!" and demands the flight be diverted to Palestine. A struggle ensues between an undercover air marshal and one of the hijackers who happens to have a bomb strapped to his body. The bomb goes off accidentally, tearing the jet in half and suddenly you find yourself tumbling through the air. You wake up suddenly from your nightmare, realizing you're safe and sound on an Ubuntu Air flight. The stewardess serves you green tea and mints, winking.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "google botnet xD" so, probably not.

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I never really use extensions or userscripts (not a puritan, just very lazy and strange) so I like having these little updates that add trivial new things.
You can right-click plaintext URLs in Firefox now and it'll give you an option to go to the URL (previously it was just treated as if it were regular text). Really handy for 4chan, even if Linkificationer or 4chan X or whatever did the same thing better two years ago.

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Yeah, nah. I was using maybe 600-800mb of RAM with older Firefox versions, and now I barely use 350mb with Nightly 14.

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You should mention how empty Slackware Air is ;_;

Google Chrome OS Air: You can only look out the window during the flight. A camera watches you doing so.

Mac OS X Air: A lot like Mint Air, but everything has been moved around and you are chained to the seat and forced to pay the stewardess $100 every hour or two in order to remain on the airplane. Its advocates love it and proclaim it to be artistic and friendly because the outside is white and shiny, but to those who have been within know that it is much worse.

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I have Firefox ver. 3.6.28, I was actually thinking of finally updating it. Should I do it?

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Haha, very funny jokes, Tokiko! We'll print that out and put it on the fridge tomorrow :-)

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Thank you! :-)

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