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ITT: touhous at critical mass

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Meido, would you mind cleaning up this mess?

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moar fatchouli please

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competing for title of softest?

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softest you say?

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worst thread on /jp/

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fatchouli as ordered

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fat sluts thread?

fat sluts thread

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My momiji may be fat, but she's definitely not a slut

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fat in all the right places

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These threads are disgusting.

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its surprising how very little fat yuyuko is out there

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Yuyuko pig delicious.

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Love this Yukari

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I will never understand fat fetish. It's like liking extra ugly people.

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It's liking extra and people, at least. Dunno about the ugly part though.

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DAY-UM Yukari got some back nigga.

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Aw fuck, did this guy delete his pixiv account again?

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I like this thread but please stop posting lewd fat Yukarin please I don't much like that Yuyuko is fine though

Kanako is usually drawn pretty plump and it looks good on her, I don't even like her but I agree with it.

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I like that first Remi with the hips and legs, but the others are garbage.

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it's all about the overwhelming softness

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This guy does an awful lot of tengu stuff. I wonder why.

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Fat only equates to ugly in the modern context. Obviously a lot of these are extreme examples, but certainly chubby Touhous are something a lot of people find genuinely attractive.

I also find weight gain art hilarious.

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One of my favourite ones is the one of Sanae with a load of Junk food, before and after. I think it could be a shoop of existing art since she seems to have the same face before and after. I just really like the way she's drawn fat, it's such an exaggeration of everything "Womanly", like she's really ballooning out. It's interesting to see how much FEEL some artists put into their fetish.

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I actually like this one a lot. Chubby Marisa is very cute. I know a plump Marisa cosplayer IRL and she's pretty cute too.

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was this ever found?

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I feel Mihai89's work is some of the best

I do wish he'd post more

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I like how that's just the right amount of chubbiness to give them ZUN faces.

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This one is so ridiculous.

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murrican touhous thread?

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Marisa is canonically fat.

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rip and tear

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Fucking corndogs.

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dat jiggly gut

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a force fed sakuya

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marisa finds confidence in everything

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I don't mind these threads. It's like I'm fapping on hard mode.

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I can only fap to fat touhous

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So is she going to explode or what? How would this work?

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This thread is too lewd.

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> 5. All boards that default to the Yotsuba B or Burichan (blue) theme are to be considered "work safe." Violators may be temporarily banned and their posts removed. Note: Spoilered pornography or other not safe for work content is NOT allowed.

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i love the comparison in this one

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Please stop, I don't want them to get harpooned.

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I'd give them my harpoon if you know what I mean

In before the copy pasta where sakuya fattens up remi

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This again? Get your thing over.
Nobody likes fat chicks.

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Speak for yourself, bring on the big girls!

Consider them sumo sized

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except for the people contributing to the thread it's time you download either 4chan x or 4chan + and hide the thread if you don't like it.

Also sorry if this one is too lewd I can remove it if need be

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Get in that ass

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Here it is my favourite.


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Sauce for sanae?

Also moar?

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I actually feel bad for Sanae in that one. Most of these are plain silliness where the Touhous are comedically shocked at worst at their sudden 300-pound frame, but that one's legit depressing.

Need less sad and more lighthearted moeblobs.

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Why would you post that. Why would you make me see that.

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there's a special charm to fatty wriggle and chubby chaser mystia

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Hey even if you are fat and like fat chicks because of it. It does not give you the right to make us indulge into this.

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this entire thread

I think I've developed a new fetish

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That's good

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the first fatty futo ever

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She looks pretty good

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that flat butt is a bit disturbing at her size

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man this guy loves his tengus

I wish he'd go back to doing more SDM stuff

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I believe that's what they call a "muffin top". Her ass would probably look more natural if she were to take off the constricting skirt and undies.

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I wish she would sit on my face with it

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even so, you'd still expect nitori to develop SOME back with a belly that big

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is this fat enough for a fat ooku thread?

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there are so many girls who have yet to be plushified

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This particular artist will more than likely get around to it

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fat girls dont even look like this this is like inflation or something

they are like blimps
full of hot air

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You had a fat thread without me, /jp/? I'm hurt.

Hahahaha. I like you, anon, you've got style.

Honestly, I find this one a little on the repulsive side. I'm not one to shy away from realistic fatties, but this one is almost grotesque. Mixing that with the identical idealized 2D face... I don't know, it's kind of sickening. I actually prefer the 'before' pic here, and that's not like me.

If you're only into this for the comedic potential of sudden fatties, then what's with the inflation pic? Are you suuuuuuure?

Anyway, I know what you mean, but nerizo's fat Touhous are all clean and round so I don't really find it depressing. And that weight graph is so, so, hot, in ways I don't fully understand and am kind of afraid of.

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Whoops, forgot my picture.

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what weight graph?

>> No.8718218

The one tacked on the wall behind Sanae. The one that puts her at about 202 pounds in the picture, the one which shows us about how heavy she was when she resolved to start losing weight, and just how far she's come since then.

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this thread


i love it

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don't die on me dammit

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Maybe you should actually say something instead of dumping the same pics over and over again.

Any idea why nerizo's gone dark? Not like I can read anything on his pixiv anyway. I miss his huge Aya.

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Magic-aided digestion?

That or she's kept at the brink of bursting 24/7. Hot.

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