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Let's answer this once and for all /jp/

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Congratulations. Not only are you shitposting on /jp/ but you have managed to find a way to shitpost successfully on a polling site.

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This is the worst poll I have ever seen.

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oh my, 7 way tie

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Go old hag!

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Don't forget to vote for me, anon!

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No one votes for Reimu? You dissapoint me /jp/

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No secondaries here.

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Poor Koshi and Ran no one votes for them.

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Vote them faggot

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"no one votes for me"

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Probably because ran is fucking awful.

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You wouldn't fuck your mom.

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But I did..

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Those results make no sense. /jp/ prides itself on enjoying the young female form and yet and old hag with giant tits is in the lead.

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All the most voted 2hus have big breast and a more mature figure, otherwise suwako would be on lead.

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Tenshi and Slutnae? Why

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worst 2hu suddenly catches up? It must be a samefag with a proxy.

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Probably this

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bt eye want 2 fuk dem all!!!1!

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And the old hag ties for the lead!

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She has spilled so much cum, according to the poll.

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Yukari is popular amongst the Black/Mixed Europeans.

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Yeah, I guess if it was americans daytime it would be 80% Flandre and Cirno.

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Nah, I guess it would be probably Patchy since she is fat like them.

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I think when this thread dies I will screencap the results of the poll.

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No, it would not.

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i think when youre mom dies (probs not long because shes an old HAG lmao) ill stick my DICK IN HERE

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Ran is still the least popular, though her fluffy tails are so lewd.

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I wonder how much the poll results will cahnge once the americans wake up.

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/jp/ is NEETs. Nobody really has a set time for anything.

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Not whole /jp/ is like that, I would say most /jp/ goes to university.

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Old hag strong

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I wanted to vote but all the options looked like they have been written by some semi braindead memespewing retard trying too hard to fit into /jp/.

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Read the comments.

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Where the fuck is hina? This is a complete list of all the 2hus i would not fuck. Voting for hag to decrease poll integrity, faggots.

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OP here. Again, this poll is not fucking serious, if you want me to make a serious poll I can, though I can only fit 30 characters in this poll.

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slutnae suddenly got over 16 votes?
Too suspicious

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Not gonna vote because my waifu isn't there. Fuck you all.

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Whoa, chill man. No need for the harsh language. I'm just busting your chops; harshing your groove. Rustling your jimmies.

Hag or slut would probably still win anyway. shitori or fatchouli might come close, but im surprised there's no mention of okuu. I wouldn't vote for her, but I thought she was more popular in the fucking department.

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She is but there is no meme related to her, same goes for Remilia, sakuya and Satori.

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What about dumb crow?

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That's no meme. It's like adding momiji because she is a dumb dog

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Reisen is only pulling 9%? This is unacceptable.

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Suwako doesn't get enough love from /jp/

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I voted for her.

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wch 2hu wld ufq xDDDDDDDDDDDD

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>Griff me
Isn't it supposed to be "Grief" as in "Griefer"

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No memes related with those? where have you been? Does Charisma Break and PADDO not ring any bells?

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It's better this way. /jp/'s idea of "love" is pretty twisted most of the time.

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>voting for any of them

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You don't want sex with a Touhou? Gaaay.

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Who are you quoting?

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I'm far too beta to vote.

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/jp/ memes, have you seen yukari is an old hag posted anywhere else, or the aya pic with autism? What about the "why is Suwako eating a hamburger so cute" or Tenshi corndog. Faggot

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Why can't I vote for Tokiko?

OP, please add her.

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tokiko is not a real touhou

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Yes, I have.

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Also everyone else will want all their favourite Touhous added.

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266 votes, it's that all you got /jp/?

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I voted 31 times

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final poll results?

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