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Which Touhou character(s) would make the best villain(s)?

Also, what kind of mystery would R07 have made if ZUN had allowed him to make a Touhou VN?

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Reimu's feet.

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R07 would probably insert Rinnosuke and a bunch of other males into the story and have something like a mix of Sealed the Conclusion and Umineko.


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>Not Concealed


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>Touhou VN

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Why not?

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deadly enemy

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Well first of all this is operating under the assumption that by "Letting ZUN have R07 create a VN" you mean that said VN would be canon.

One of the nicest parts about Touhou imo is the fact the relatively small amount of actual canon dialogue/writing. Much is left for the imagination.

To create a VN would involve adding more flesh to the touhouverse than I would ever want to see, and after seeing where R07 took Umineko I would gouge my eyes out before reading such an atrocity.

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I made a thread about an idea with something like that, with Yukari and Maribel being like Yasu and Beatrice. But didn't get to read any replies since I left after that and didn't return to /jp/ for 2-3 days. Maybe I'll post the idea again if they think it's an interesting theory.

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Are reimu's feet stinky?

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Higurashi had a better ending

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It already exists.
[spoilers]It was Alice.[/spoiler]

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The VN would be Sakuya rewinding time over and over again because everyone keeps dying. The killer would be Sanae

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Yes, yes I am. In fact you might say I'm terrified of R07's "change"

If he agreed to add no male characters and no ridiculous plot asspulls then I might not fear it so much but at that point he might as well not even write it.

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Are you serious?!

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To take the city by force, the Crusaders first needed to cross the Bosphorus. About 200 ships, horse transports and galleys would undertake to deliver the crusading army across the narrow strait, where Alexius III had lined up the Byzantine army in battle formation along the shore, north of the suburb of Galata. The Crusaders' knights charged straight out of the horse transports, and the Byzantine army fled south. The Crusaders followed south, and attacked the Tower of Galata, which held one end of the chain that blocked access to the Golden Horn. As they laid siege to the Tower, the Greeks counterattacked with some initial success. However, when the Crusaders rallied and the Greeks retreated to the Tower, the Crusaders were able to follow the soldiers through the Gate, and the Tower surrendered. The Golden Horn now lay open to the Crusaders, and the Venetian fleet entered.

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That would make a good story. Why would Sanae be the culprit, however?

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Don't you think that sharpened sense from long ago has dulled with such a peaceful lifestyle?
Don't you want to hear the bustle of the city once again? Don't you miss the fortune and prosperity?
I ended up in a group of theives with everyone, like the old days, despite wanting to fix my life. Upon finishing my job, I started preparing breakfast and waited for the dawn.
>Don't you want to hear the bustle of the city once again?
>Killer comfirmed for city sect.
>Killer confirmed to be Alice.

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Because, Sanae is a slut

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They're all villains

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When's the next KKHA episode coming?

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I wanna read it, where can I get it

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Seeing as even the fighters are canon, I don't see why it wouldn't be.

And OP, Yuuka is already a villain.

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To obvious. It's gotta be someone unpredictable.