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Have you had tea yet today, /jp/?

紫 as HELL

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drinking tea isn't otaku culture. this isn't /jp/ - weeaboo culture

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Earl Grey in the morning, Earl Grey in the afternoon.

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That doesn't look delicious at all.
I bet it tastes of hot water with grass in.

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You might be right there... Though as on foreign site...

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Video Games aren't otaku culture either. And yet...

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Cute Patchy, and yes Dilmah peach tea.

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Do you even know what otaku means?
Hint, it doesn't mean weeaboo.

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I had my coffee today!

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actually video games are otaku culture you freaking idiot. you aren't even ready for /v/ or /a/. head back to /b/ or gaia.

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(・∀・) Are you ready to teach me how to catch Pokémon, grandpa?

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Fuck off, tea is always /jp/ related.

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do you drink your tea with your pinku bento and pocky, weeaboo?

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Chinese tea and asamushi are light in colour like this. It's only the deeper-steamed teas that have the emerald colour.

For the record, OP tea is Xu Fu Long Ya, from the 2012 February harvest in Sichuan.

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Nobody isn't talking about video games dear... Please constrain yourself.

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Try making a Deus Ex 3 thread and see what happens.

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I could show you Missingno instead

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>Nobody isn't talking

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are you mentally ill? the post i linked mentioned videos games.
there has actually been deus ex threads before which weren't deleted. the janitors opinion of what belongs on /jp/ doesn't change the definition of otaku culture. get their cock out of your brain. it's damaged it from them ear fucking you so badly.

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Well at least I'm not a nerd like you.

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Nobody hadn't saying nothing about nerds, nerd!

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I blame it on the browser.

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Yes, yes, animu and mangos are also otaku culture, you know.

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Ladies, no fighting please.

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I did. Nerd.

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Indeed. So are video-games. We should keep them japan related though.

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not my best photo, but it will do.

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The new supplier I've been looking at, has me wanting about half of their stock. That should tie up my budget for the next few months.

But right now, I need some new teaware, and I can't decide if I want to pick up another yixing pot or gamble on a celadon gaiwan.

You can't make tea threads this early in the day, or the off boarders get mad

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You mean, japan related.. animus?! You are a genius! Let's make some Meguca and Who Homu here threads!

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>Madoka is not the best

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I've made a cup of green tea today, and god, I fucked it badly. Worst cup of tea I've ever tasted.

This is what I get for making it in a hurry,

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Patchouli thread?

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reported for 2hu shit and trying to derail something /jp/ related with /v/ shit

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> 7. Submitting false reports or otherwise abusing the report system will result in a ban of indeterminate length. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported it or another post is also disallowed—please do not announce your reports.
> . Replying to a thread stating that you've reported it or another post is also disallowed—please do not announce your reports.

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I've only got shitty lipton bags, and for some reason the tea kettle is filled with bleach, I think someone's trying to kill me.

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I just woke up. I haven't drank anything yet. Thinking about making some Shou Mei.

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~5g for 3 minutes in ~10oz 175F water

I can't stop listening to steel band songs for whatever reason. Have a bump.

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I'm having white tea right now.

Very relaxing.

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I hope that shit makes your intestine burst.

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Why would that happen?

White tea is actually good for preventing colon cancer.

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hey janitard you seem to be missing this thread.

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Coffee is a lot better and feels a lot more special than tea!

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same m8 :)
everyday coffee

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Unflavored water is the best water!

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I really need to drink more tea

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Reported for not knowing tea and alcoholic beverage discussion is /jp/ related!

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OP you're definitely the person who made that tea thread in /ck/ a few days ago, aren't you?

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Do you ever just drink hot water? I do if I'm tired but not in the mood for tea.

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im drinking English breakfast.

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i do too. or i put a couple drops of honey and lemon in it.

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Puffy vulva!

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Definitely. Everyone loves tea threads, but I seem to be the only one who ever makes them

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> Everyone loves tea threads
I don't

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I know you're joking, but that seriously looks really good.

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Drinking my white tea with lychee right now, very classy and tastes like a piece of heaven

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Huh, I've got to try that.

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Ordered 3 bags of mugicha. This summer is going to be fucking awesome.

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I've since started brewing it a little bit hotter, and the colour is a shade or two darker.

If only one could see the taste of catechins and theanine.

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Mugicha crew.

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So I want to try something special tonight rather than my usual green tea and earl. Anyone want to recommend something light?

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Green tea's a pretty big category. You could try... Dong Ding oolong? It's light, sweet and inexpensive.

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You should be more specific. Green tea is almost a world unto itself, but since the only other thing you named was Earl Grey, could it be that you aren't very well versed in tea?

You could try Phoenix Mi Lan Xiang, if you want something that has flavor but isn't black.

Zairai Sencha (or most Sencha for that matter) is a sweet, light, Japanese green which might be closer to what you meant.

Or like >>8681199 san said, Ding Dong is very light. Though without the right teaware it might be hard to get much flavor at all from it, at least in my experience it's a rather finicky oolong.

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Hojofag detected. His MLX is grossly over-roasted and overpriced. I had the same problem with his Dong Ding too, which is why I've just ordered some of Teaspring's to try.

Have you tried the Tsukigase Zairai? Any good?

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we've had tea threads for ever. go whine elsewhere.

im currently drinking a nice oolong.

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Earl Grey is my favorite, but lately I've been more into coffee (mainly due to lack of time to sit and tea).

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Guess I'll just buy it online or head into the city. I really prefer light and flavorful though.

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Personally, I'm not really wild about any of his oolongs. The stuff I've got is from redblossom which is sweeter and more floral, but still rather overpriced.

Have you bought from teaspring before? What did you think of their stock, if so?

I picked some of his Tsukigase Zairai up awhile ago, but only becuase he was out of Hon Yama at the time. For something I picked up on a lark, I rather enjoy it. I've had better Sencha, but it has it's niche.
I don't know what else to say, worth picking up to try anyway.

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Teaspring is pretty decent from what I've tried so far. Most of their stuff isn't organic, and the few that are... are questionable, because they're certified by Chinese organic organizations.

Probably going to be getting my Chinese tea from them exclusively though, as Hojo's stuff might be grown without pesticide, but it's not anywhere near worth the premium price it commands.

Looking to get my Japanese shincha from Zencha and Ippodo this year.

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I want to buy some japanese tea. I'm a bit sick of chinese tea, even though it's good it's all I see around here.
I know a specialized shop that has some, I'll buy it soon... too bad I'm on a pretty hardcore medication right now and tea doesn't sit too well with it.

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No, but I bought some yesterday.

Seattle's international district is... very tempting to spend very large amounts of money in.

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If you want something light, maybe try an asamushi. The leaves are steamed lighter than even normal sencha. Perhaps some gyokuro?

I've had neither, so I can't really give any specifics. Maybe I'll get some for myself this year.

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All I have left right now is shitty English Breakfast (definitely not my favorite).
Anyone ever tried the teas from adagio.com? I've always wanted to, but I don't even know if they're worthwhile or not.

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I hope those aren't what I think they are.

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I haven't... Sorry.

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You're right, a jar is a far better brewing device.

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Apple tea.

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Teabags have their uses. They're worth it for brewing cold and/or sweetened tea, where the quality of the brew doesn't matter much. But if you're going to brew hot, then you'll taste everything in the tea.

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I love listening to this band while I sip tea. Their songs are great.

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The only tea.

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Today I learned that, while very low on the tea spectrum, the quart-size bottle of Trader Joe's green tea is an excellent natural laxative.

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Oh, wow. I'd be willing to look at teas for the opposite effect. I've been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis recently.

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Can't drink coffee anymore so tea intake is about to skyrocket. Was already pretty high before but diversification is now required.

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I bought some loose leaf for the first time (Mao Jian, Bai Mu Dan plus a free Longjing sample which I think is what I had when I was there) from a local cafe today. The owner was very friendly and informative, thinking of making visits a weekly thing.

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woot. No messing around, I ripped that package right open with my bear hands. Too bad it's so late otherwise I would make myself a cup... Definitely want to be able to fall asleep easily in a few hours.

That site (O-cha) does points so it was cheap. $8 after shipping.

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I need some good genmaicha as well. I used to hate it but the saltiness is so great. It's like a snack.

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O-Cha a shit. Enjoy your irradiated Shizuoka tea that was also processed on the irradiated equipment that O-Cha uses. Before they relocated to Uji, they were located in Fukushima...

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Deal with it

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I did. I buy my tea elsewhere now.

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Just made some bagged green tea with sugar and milk.

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I am trueley sorry for your lots.

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Weird, I just got done watching all of these.

Why does SA hate 4chan when there are much weirder websites?

>> No.8687045

Why does /jp/ hate /a/?

>> No.8687137

"All of these"?

I've missed something important, haven't I

>> No.8687197

Just some crappy flash animations.

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You leave Shmorky alone. He's the only non-LPer goon I don't hate. Unless you count Neil Cicierega.

>> No.8687315

>green tea
>sugar and milk

What the almighty transcendental fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.8687322

Read carefully, he wrote
>bagged green tea
That means that the end result is pretty much colored water, might as well add all the shit you want.

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I can't believe green tea lattes have become as popular as they are today.

>> No.8687404


Yeah, that's only okay with matcha. Matcha lattes own.

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What do you use to boil your water?

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And after posting this picture, I realize that I would love to have this exact one, pink with flower on it and all.

>> No.8689750


I believe the correct term for it is 'pinku'.

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>> No.8689813

Lipton vanilla caramel truffle tea, hmm~

>> No.8692620

Iced black tea will always be nostalgic to me. I might pick some lemons and freeze their juice so I can make Arnold Palmers in the summer.

>> No.8692674

Oolong, are you in here? Can't find you on Steam...

>> No.8694189

Goddammit this tripcancer

>> No.8694248

Tea threads are much nicer in /jp/ than in /ck/. I wonder why.

>> No.8694299

I had one of those water boilers but I returned it because the water had a weird plastic taste.

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